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iheartHazey's 90s EURODANCE PARTY: Wanna go for a rate? - THE END

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by iheartpoptarts, Jun 9, 2018.

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    Let me get my 10s (and possibly 11) ready for whatever Kate songs end up in the 2000s Eurodance Party rate.
  2. "BUT THEY DIDN'T REALLY DO IT IN THE END" was all we got as headlines here for the next two fucking months...
  3. Ezz


    Me too! Still haven't recovered from this revelation, they (were) such separate entities in my head!
  4. Ooh I forgot Kate Ryan would be in the 00s rate. She's definitely gonna be my highest rated artist.
  5. I was about to ask 'Who?' but googled her instead. She covers classics I have loved forever - the odds are definitely against her for me!
  6. Her covers are iconic though. Desenchantée, Libertine, Voyage Voyage, Ella Elle L'a... wig

    I actually knew her versions of Desenchantée and Libertine before I knew who Mylène Farmer was!
  7. I rarely like covers of songs I have grown loving if the main difference is a dance beat but we will see once the list is revealed!
  8. omg i loved this mess
  9. How quickly they forget...

  11. Indeed! I see my concerns are confirmed!
  12. We're about to lose an 11 from one of us...


    [​IMG] #38. Paradisio - Bailando - 7.108

    After 5: #27
    After 10: #33
    After 15: #30
    After 20: #22
    After 25: #34
    After 30: #30
    Final: #38

    Highest: 11 x 1 (@Remorque) 10 x 4 (@iheartpoptarts, @berserkboi, @P Grandson, @idratherjack)

    Lowest: 0 x 1 (@Cutlery) 1.5 x 1 (@CasuallyCrazed)

    Album: Paradisio (1997)

    Best Charts: #2 (Belgium), #1 (Denmark), #1 (Finland), #4 (France), #1 (Italy), #1 (Norway), #9 (Spain), #1 (Sweden)

    Producers: The Unity Mixers (Cartouche, Get Ready!)

    Tonight we say adios to 'Bailando', our lone non-English entry in the rate. We thought the list was long enough as it was, but made an exception for this one because I love it so much because the words aren't exactly hard to figure out. If I can understand it and I don't even speak Spanish, so can everybody else, I'm sure! We all know what "Tu y yo a la fiesta" means...

    Paradisio is famous for their beach party bops and original lead singer Marisa's collection of colourful wigs. Lazytown wishes. 'Lollipop (Candyman)' wishes. Except not, because it's still here, but you get the idea.

    You saw one version of the 'Bailando' video when you rated it. This is the other one, with slightly longer pink hair.

    'Bailando' achieved song-of-the-summer status throughout Europe, except apparently in the Netherlands, where it missed the top 20 but later got outperformed by this Yazoo-sampling Loona cover. Not the K-pop act obvs.

    Meanwhile, in Canada, we got 'Bailando' in both English and Spanish in a variety of different cover mixes. This is the freestyle one. (Hey Hazey, it says "I'm with the DJ" on it...)

    It appears Paradisio has attempted a number of comebacks over the years. They just get a different girl to wear the pink wig every now and then. That's actually so clever.


    @One Stop Candy Shop (8.5) - *Bops in Spanish.*​

    @31entrance (9) - better than that other Bailando! also can someone take me to Spain?

    Someone take me with you!

    @phily693 (8) - Oh this is a total bop, a little undiscovered gem for me.​

    @WowWowWowWow (9) - Another song that I lived much of my life without knowing, so I probably come to it with a little less baggage than the average voter. And finally my 5 years of high school and college Spanish pay off!

    I have one semester of Spanish, you win!

    @Hudweiser (7) - I feel like I've heard this before, but maybe that's the case with Eurodance in general. Fun though.

    @berserkboi (10) - Always get my life to this

    Some of you found favourite parts...

    @sfmartin (8) - I like the sultry whispered verses.

    @ohnoitisnathan (7.5) - Nice piano bits.

    Or, well, other parts...

    @rav4boy (6) - The video is pure filth- around the 1:19 mark you can clearly see some bone in the background.​

    No Bailando:

    (That's Spanish for "Not Dancing", right? Let's hope so.)

    @Seventeen Days (4.5) - Seems catchy, I guess? Like, I probably would have been hard into this if I was hitting the clubs in the 90s. Honestly not doing much for me now.

    @Sprockrooster (5) - I have not a big recollection of this? I am very sure to say that radio has not been nice to this as I also never heard it there I guess. Not a big discovery now either. Just a bit MOR.

    I guess it really did smash everywhere except the Netherlands!

    @Empty Shoebox (5) - Never been a fan of whispery vocals. Is this the same lady that did 'La Musica' from Melfest 2007? Otherwise, this song has no real effect on me.

    Doesn't look like it, but you're the expert!

    @CasuallyCrazed (1.5) - Absolutely grating nightmare vocal and somehow infuriatingly catchy, like a horrific flu.

    @Cutlery (0) - The fact this is in Spanish makes me personally fume. DELETE!!!

    Ooh, why, are they bad at it?


    @Remorque (11) - I wouldn't be mad if this one won, tbh. I'm listening to this on a loop and been brought back to the summer of 1996 when Spice Girls were riding high with Wannabe, Backstreet Boys were up-and-coming and this was the fucking soundtrack of the summer.

    *high five* 1996 was downright flawless.


    Other notable singles include 'Bandolero', which I believe is about a bandit, and 'Vamos a la Discoteca', which is about going to the disco.

    (If you listen to one Paradisio song that's not 'Bailando', I'd say make it this last one. Amazing.)​
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  13. Although I’m fairly sure this is mimed (as other performers on this program have mimed in the past), anyone who is still unconvinced that Sannie wasn’t the vocalist for “Saturday Night” can listen to how a version with Sannie’s vocals sound compared to the original one (spoiler alert: different!).

  14. Ok, you are starting to cut things that hurt now! Let me get my Keisha on!

    Vamos A La Discoteca is a bop too!!!! I forgot about it!! *Happy Times* hearing it here!!!
  15. Sia found taking notes.
  16. Here's an act we've been talking about lately...


    [​IMG] #37. Ann Lee - 2 Times - 7.121

    After 5: #71
    After 10: #68
    After 15: #59
    After 20: #56
    After 25: #48
    After 30: #43
    Final: #37

    Highest: 10 x 8 (@berserkboi, @Eric, @Sprockrooster, @Ray, @A$AP Robbie, @phily693, @Conan, @ThisIsRogue)

    (Likely the most 10s we've seen so far, and they almost all came from the later half of our voters. There's an underdog story for ya!)

    Lowest: 1 x 1 (@ohnoitisnathan) 2 x 3 (@Hudweiser, @GhettoPrincess, @Daniel_O)

    Album: Dreams (1999)

    Best Charts: #2 (UK), #4 (Australia), #3 (Austria), #1 (Belgium), #1 (Denmark), #9 (France), #5 (Germany), #10 (Hungary), #7 (Iceland), #2 (Ireland), #5 (Italy), #4 (Netherlands), #2 (New Zealand), #4 (Norway), #1 (Scotland)

    Producers: Marco Soncini and Larry Pignagnoli (J.K., Whigfield)

    Annerley Gordon entered the biz as a backing vocalist for Stock Aitken Waterman. Then she moved to Italy, and long before she made her "debut" as Ann Lee, she had an early 90s Eurobeat career there—and in Japan, apparently, where Eurobeat was arguably the biggest of all.

    During this time, she went by a number of aliases including Anne, Annalise, and many others that sound absolutely nothing like her name. I'm going to have the best PJOPS potentials list when I'm done here, let me tell you!

    Her career as a songwriter has also been quite extensive, and her contributions to this rate are more than you'd think at first. Her credits include Corona's 'Rhythm of the Night' (not to mention 'Try Me Out'), a whole pile of Whigfield songs (not just writing credits either *wink*), and of course, her own smash hit, '2 Times'.

    Unfortunately, Ann Lee became something of a one-hit wonder, as follow-up single 'Voices' never reached the same level of success. (Personally? It's just a little bit too whistly for me. Oh well!)

    More interestingly, in a true Eurodance rate crossover moment, she covered Anita Ward's 'Ring My Bell' with some help from Eiffel 65. Italy faction take note!

    Good Times:

    @Eric (10) - I'd totally forgotten about this song and screamed in delight when it first played. It's so laid back and melodic, and reminds me of that amazing optimistic period between 1998 and 2000 when I moved into later teenager years and discovered my identity and friendship group. (A bit deep for a rate maybe, I may have been at the vodka when writing this!)

    Good times indeed!

    @A$AP Robbie (10) - I have always dearly loved this.

    @phily693 (10) - I go in to full head-bobbing mode like a chicken when this comes on. Absolute tune! DO DO DO DO DO DO

    @berserkboi (10) - Whatever happened to Ann Lee? What a debut!

    Well, she did attempt a comeback with 2009's '2 People'. She said, "Without trying to sound really crap and American, I've grown up a bit as an artist." Iconic.

    @CasuallyCrazed (6.5) - Beautiful in its simplicity & doesn’t overstay its welcome.

    @geomixes (8) - Mystery surrounds the true age of Ann Lee, I like to think she was in her 40s having a mid life crisis and pretending to be a teen, see also Lollie

    @rav4boy (8) - Forgot how much I enjoyed this song.

    @One Stop Candy Shop (9) - It was the favourite song of one of my aunts. I also remember the follow up single Voices and her shrill version of Ring My Bell.

    The song's repetitive nature didn't go unnoticed...

    @WowWowWowWow (8) - Oh brother. I feel like this is one of those songs that becomes a hit and leaves other people going "this is why I hate dance music." I can see why someone might want more from a chorus than a woman sing-talking "2 times. 3 times. 2 times. 3 times." The instrumental parts of this song are pretty catchy though.

    @sfmartin (9) - This really annoyed me back when it was released but i'm and actually loving it all these years later. The repetition is kinda hypnotic.

    @Sprockrooster (10) - Let me play this two times. No wait three times. So addictive and I cann't get enough. Ann Lee humming the beat in her own song is actually magnificent.

    And we do appreciate a Eurodance act who can sing...

    @Cutlery (9.2) - Iconic, yet it doesn’t even have many lyrics. Her voice is whispery and almost insecure, which makes it stand out immediately and gives it lots of personality

    @Ray (10) - It’s not such an amazing song, but for some reason her voice sounds lovely – it sounds very unlikely for a track like this, and perhaps that’s where my weakness for it comes from.

    Bad Times:

    But not everyone agreed on the vocals...

    @Seventeen Days (3.25) - This poor girl. Her voice is rather thin-sounding to me. And that beat sounds like it was a preset on one of the machines in the studio.

    @Empty Shoebox (5) - I'm surprisingly okay with the vocal delivery here. The rest of the song? Well, there's really not much to it. Not much at all. So there's not much to like.

    Or most things, in fact!

    @Remorque (4.5) - Unpopular eurodance opinion alert: I never really liked this very much. From the production to her voice to the video to... well, everything about the campaign, really. All the points given here are out of nostalgia and because I was bopping a wee bit.

    @ohnoitisnathan (1) - 2 points? 3 points? Sorry, but I always found this one irritating.

    @Hudweiser (2) - My boyfriend's stepmother was named Ann Lee, so this always reminds me of her and vice versa.


    1 (Last) Time:

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  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    2 Times is so catchy but this was the right time for it to go now.
  18. That version of 'Ring My Bell' is...not to my taste.
  19. Ouch. Bailando and 2 Times were both among my favourites. I don't like this.
  20. I guess I'm not really into the 'beach anthems' side of 90s eurodance because the only one that got a high score was "Come On Everybody" which got torched by everyone else, so I'll just take my unique taste with me. I only gave Bailando a 6 and it was new to me but didn't do too much. It's hilarious that even when @iheartpoptarts doesn't mention a boy-band, one of the comments does.

    Ann Lee felt the least...eurodance to me. Just not something I'd be particularly looked for but it's also cute and harmless, only got a 6.5 from me though.
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