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iheartHazey's 90s EURODANCE PARTY: Wanna go for a rate? - THE END

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by iheartpoptarts, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. OH MY GOD!

    SO. MANY. 10s.

    I adore Eurodance, one of my favourite musical genres and so many 90s classics here. The real tricky thing will be narrowing this down to my 11.
  2. Oh my god, the nostalgia of that song list! I will definitely try to do this. I'm already bopping along to "Another Night" and "Better Off Alone" in my mind.
  3. I now have a spreadsheet up and running, all scores are welcome!
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  4. I listened through most of it yesterday - some cool new finds amongst stuff I've loved for a gazillion years, and I'd forgotten how much of a treadmill bop Reset's Blue is.
  5. I think I have about 90% of this in my iTunes already, it will make for a killer playlist!

    I'm really looking forward to discovering a few new bops too.
  6. My bussy just exploded looking at this list, this is the stuff I grew up with as well. Colour me perchedT to take part in this, looking forward to hearing some I've never heard before.. but no Sash!?
  7. I love Sash! but strangely don't put him in with these type of acts either. Eurodance kinda stalled in '96 as Britpop reigned supreme, and Sash!'s heavier, trancier sound almost existed on its own amongst Darude, Wamdue Project and various other one-hit acts.

    I hate to use the term 'handbag' but that's how much of what's in this rate was pigeonholed.
  8. Yeah I don't include Sash! with the mid 90s Eurodance acts like Culture Beat, Cappella, Corona, Real McCoy et al. That was a different harder trance sound in the late 90s.

    There are a few obvious omissions like Magic Affair, Ice MC and E-rotic but I guess lines had to be drawn somewhere. It's just a shame I can't give a well deserved 10 to the timeless classic that is Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex!
  9. OMG Ice MC!!! I forgot this. A definite 10 for Think About the Way if it were here.

    I made a workout playlist for a friend once and put Max... on it (as we had a friend named Max), she fell off the treadmill when it came on apparently.
  10. Think About The Way would have been a strong contender for my 11!

    You can't beat a bit of E-rotic I always say. Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex, Fred Come To Bed, Fritz Love My Tits, Help Me Dr Dick, Willy Use A Billy, Oh Nick Please Not So Quick, the list goes on!
  11. Yas, someone recognizing the amazingness of Reset!
  12. Also, please send in little write-ups for acts that missed out on the rate, with your commentary if you'd like them have a spotlight. We'd be happy to post it along the way for you.
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  13. Ok I will get around to this but after 2 more rates to listen though.
  14. I'd do this but it would be cutting into my potential PJOPs submissions...
  15. I'm getting my life to this Spotify playlist.

    However this is the version of Rhythm Of The Night that I will be scoring and probably giving my 11.

  16. Strike's U Sure Do is another gaping hole!
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  17. I'm not sure if this was ever a hit anywhere but I discovered it last year and feel this is the thread where it will be appreciated! You want yodelling Eurodance? You got it!

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  18. This is one of my favourites to run to:

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  19. Thanks to @Hudweiser we now have two voters. We'll need to get a few more ballots before providing any leaderboard tea though.
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  20. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    waaaa I've just realised this isn't in the songlist

    will most probably still send in some votes though!
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