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iheartHazey's 90s EURODANCE PARTY: Wanna go for a rate? - THE END

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by iheartpoptarts, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. Justice for Dinah Nah!

    We are including Caramell in the second half?
  2. I want to because I'm like the biggest Caramell fan ever. "Caramelldansen" might scare people more than "Vad Heter Du?" so I was leaning towards the latter.

    I could've had the debut (which is equally amazing) be a part of this rate but the list was already huge and we were trying to limit foreign language acts.
  3. I think if you send the correct version of Caramelldansen and not the higher tempo one, it'll be fine.
  4. I had no connection to either Black Box or Dr. Alban coming into this rate and both songs were just okay to me. I love the tease going into "It's My Life" though @iheartpoptarts. The Caramell connection was fun to hear and also that Dr. Alban was really a dentist, really makes Dr. Bombay shook when he thinks about himself singing literally "Yes, I am the doctor"...well not really are you? HA!
  5. Oh God, I would never. The Speedy-cake thing is a disaster.
  6. For the “90s Eurodance Party: The B-List” rate, may I propose Dr. Alban and KIKKI

  7. It's My Life was also considered for my 11. Masterbopiece and the female vocals still give me life.
  8. S W E D E N A N D N O R W A Y R E C A P
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Regional Average: 6.506

    #27. Dr. Alban - It's My Life - 7.479
    #34. Reset - Blue - 7.186
    #47. E-Type - This Is The Way - 6.819
    #50. E-Type - Angels Crying - 6.728
    #52. Solid Base - Come'n Get Me - 6.547
    #53. Reset - Calling You - 6.522
    #60. Smile.dk - Butterfly - 6.400
    #62. Bambee - Typical Tropical - 6.303
    #66. Rednex - Cotton Eye Joe - 6.228
    #71. Smile.dk - Boys - 5.878
    #74. Solid Base - Come On Everybody - 5.472

    Voter Averages:

    @DJHazey - 9.182
    @Ana Raquel - 8.727
    @Eric - 8.545
    @iheartpoptarts - 8.500
    @rav4boy - 8.364
    @berserkboi - 8.255
    @Sprockrooster - 7.864
    @sfmartin - 7.455
    @A$AP Robbie - 7.364
    @OspreyQueen - 7.136
    @P Grandson - 7.127
    @31entrance - 7.000
    @Hudweiser - 6.955
    @Untouchable Ace - 6.936
    @dancingwithmyself - 6.909
    @WowWowWowWow - 6.818
    @Remorque - 6.682
    @Conan - 6.773
    @Seventeen Days - 6.614
    @phily693 - 6.545
    @One Stop Candy Shop - 6.455
    @roborovsky - 6.364
    @Daniel_O - 6.273
    @Empty Shoebox - 6.182
    @ohnoitisnathan - 6.136
    @GhettoPrincess - 6.091
    @Cutlery - 6.091
    @2014 - 5.864
    @ThisIsRogue - 5.591
    @Ray - 5.500
    @Aester - 5.227
    @idratherjack - 5.091
    @LPMA - 4.818
    @CasuallyCrazed - 3.045
    @soratami - 2.909
    @geomixes - 2.818

    Gold = Regional "Faction" Members
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  9. This placed at 66 with a 6+ average, is really only proving the evilness of this song.

    I had no idea Dr Alban's It's My life was this hated. But seeing it being called out so soon I figured it was this region out first considering I had this song as best from the region. Though it making top 10 would have been justice!
  10. One of the rap-segments in Strike It Up sounds like "naturally swinging your dick to the song..."

  11. Ha ha. In true Black Box-style, It's not technically 'my' video, though. I just saved it from when someone else uploaded it to YouTube, and uploaded it to Vimeo after seeing that the video had been removed (and was now blocked on YouTube).

    I read somewhere that the guy who appears in the 'Strike It Up' video is not the real rapper, either!
  12. My impression is that Gen Y/Millennials form the largest demographic on these forums, and they weren't really 'there' for the early 90s 'bops' like Black Box or Dr. Alban, who may well have been new to them in this rate. So Aqua or someone else from the late 90s will probably win this, just because.

  13. [​IMG]

    Haaazzzzeeeyyy, come on he's had our back on more than a few our favorites, been one of the most energetic voters, and was even the first to send in their scores. Help him out..


    C-A-L-L-I-N-G now, calling youuu, I'm calling you to the reveal stage now Berri.


    [​IMG] #26. Berri - Sunshine After The Rain - 7.500

    After 5: #24
    After 10: #28
    After 15: #26
    After 20: #24
    After 25: #22
    After 30: #29
    Final: #26

    Leaderboard Average: #26

    Doesn't get more consistent than that, never leaving the 20s once.

    Highest: 10 x 5 (@berserkboi, @Ana Raquel, @Ray, @Sprockrooster, @Cutlery) 9.5 (@ohnoitisnathan

    Lowest: 1 (@One Stop Candy Shop) 3 x 3 (@LPMA, @Seventeen Days, @Daniel_O

    My Score: 7

    iheartpoptarts: 8

    Album: About Time (1996)

    Charts: #4 (UK) #11 (Ireland, Iceland) #12 (Australia)

    Producers: Richard Lloyd and Neil Bowser

    Berri was a short-lived solo act born as Rebecca Sleight. She was best known for the hit song "Sunshine After the Rain" which is a cover of the 1968 song by Ellie Greenwich and covered by Elkie Brooks (UK #10) in 1977. It was first released in 1994 and reached #26 on the UK Charts, but was re-released a year later to promote the album About Time which made it go to #4. The first release was credited as 'New Atlantic/U4EA featuring Berri' and the re-release was just Berri. "Sunshine After the Rain" was the 45th highest selling song in the UK that year. The follow up single "Shine Like a Star" also was a Top 20 hit. In 1998 Berri's last real recognized contribution was being the vocalist on Hector's House song "Come and Get My Lovin". The other big characteristic about the song rated here is that it samples Donna Summer's song "I Feel Love".


    The sample definitely was noted and appreciated..

    @berserkboi (10) - Samples I Feel Love which is fantastic and also great in its own right (though not the total 11 I Feel Love would be! Disco rate next please @DJHazey!)

    Ha, I would be no expert about the disco era.

    @CasuallyCrazed (9) - Lovely discovery. That “I Feel Love” / “Light Years” / “Future Lovers” synth & bassline never gets old.

    @sfmartin (9) - Nothing that samples I Feel Love is ever bad. The chorus is insanely catchy, melodically and lyrically.

    @Cutlery (10) - Does the main synth sample Ms. Summer’s I Feel Love? Whatever the case, this could be released by the PC Music collective today just fine!

    @Empty Shoebox (9) - Always liked this one, but here? It's just not quite on the level of my tens.

    Looks like "Sexual" wins this battle between you and WowX4. Sorry!

    @Sprockrooster (10) - This is exceptionally gorgeous!

    @Ray (10) - This remains amazing! For once I remembered a song as being great AND it is great.

    @ohnoitisnathan (9) - For some reason this reminds me of doing needlework at school.

    Yeah for art classes that play bops. My high school art teacher played Enya all the time which was also fine.

    @phily693 (8) - Fab, high-energy chorus.

    @rav4boy (8.5) - A song that stands out amidst murky memories of school discos.


    @One Stop Candy Shop (1) - I don't like this one bit. This just so... uninspired. And that video looks a high school project.

    @Seventeen Days (3) - The best part of this is the “I Feel Love” sample, which says it all really. Not much else really going for it.

    @31entrance (6) - I didn't know Katy Perry did eurodance before switching to pop.

    @WowWowWowWow (7) - This was randomly on some dance hits supermix compilation I had once upon a time, I like it fine but I'm not running to check it out like I would some of these other songs.

    Calling for 7 to leave, oh yeah that's right this would be one of your lowest scores, ddd

    Tonight's elimination is a HUGE one and includes yet another 11. Stay tuned.
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  14. Hazeyyyyyyyy you make me smile.

    This is so unsurprising, like I don't know.

    I'm pretty sure we didn't get music in art class!
  15. If I may be so bold as to quote Our Lord & Saviour C-Penis:


    Eurodance is life, but there’s still 24 songs to cut before the winner... tough choices must be made.
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  16. A propos of nothing, here's a rare eurodance track with genderswapping roles (female rapping, male singing)

  17. So he only gave that a nine? Intéressant.
  18. Hazey's clearly trying to stir then. Surely a rivalry like this would be between songs we gave an equal score to.

    That's right folks. High Tension here in the eurodance rate.
  19. Let's have rivalries, it'll be fun. Hehe.
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