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iheartHazey's 90s EURODANCE PARTY: Wanna go for a rate? - THE END

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by iheartpoptarts, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. It’s like a weird hybrid of the Electric Slide and the Macarena with some Thriller-ish moves...
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  2. Has anyone made a gif of this before?

  3. Can Vengaboys and their party leave now? It's my remaining lowest score, and I have no idea how it has made it to the top 20.
  4. The Vengabus is coming all the way to the top 10!
  5. Wait, can’t we just stop here and let them all be winners? I can’t cope with these eliminations already. It’s like watching someone jump all over your favourite childhood toy.
  6. Sorry, it doesn't work that way. In fact, #18 is coming soon, is our last song under an 8 point average, and has yet another 11!
  7. I've heard a couple people say this next song is like the only blemish in an otherwise perfect Top 20, so I'm here to fix the issue..


    [​IMG] #18. Haddaway - Life - 7.800

    After 5: #38
    After 10: #26
    After 15: #20
    After 20: #18
    After 25: #21
    After 30: #20
    Final: #18

    Leaderboard Average: #24

    Rocky start for it, but "Life" quickly became a fringe Top 20 song and stayed right around this area of the leaderboard for most of the voting period. Personally it was a first time listen for me and...wasn't quite what I was expecting and not a patch on "What is Love" but still a mild bop.

    Highest: 11 (@31entrance) 10 x 7 (@geomixes, @sfmartin, @Empty Shoebox, @ohnoitisnathan, @phily693, @Remorque, @Conan) 9.5 (@CasuallyCrazed)

    Lowest: 3 (@Ray) 4 (@Aester) 5 x 2 (@Daniel_O, @ThisIsRogue)

    My Score: 8

    iheartpoptarts: 7

    Album: The Album (1993)

    Charts: #1 (Finland, Greece, Israel, Spain, Sweden) #2 (Austria, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Switzerland) #3 (Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway) #4 (Iceland) #5 (France) #6 (UK) #15 (Canada) #34 (Australia) #41 (U.S.) Platinum (Germany) Gold (Austria, Sweden)

    Producers: Dee Dee Halligan and Junior Torello

    Nestor Alexander Haddaway was born in Trinidad and Tobago, but grew up in Washington DC. At age 14 he learned to play the trumpet and formed his first group called the Chances in high school. In 1987, he moved to Cologne Germany and mostly worked in bars and also played American football for the Cologne Crocodiles. He also got into fashion, forming his own group called Energy which organized fashion shoots and shows.

    Haddaway got his break when began working with producers Dee Dee Halligan and Junior Torello, signing to Coconut Records. We'll dive into the explosion known as "What Is Love" at a later date but "Life" was certainly a capable second single; charting nearly as high worldwide. critics at the time discuss how they saw no drop off at all:

    Billboard - "Although there is no denying the stylistic similarity to Haddaway's huge "What Is Love," this single gains its own strength through a fun, sing-along chorus and warmly upbeat lyrics. Added pleasure comes from Haddaway's assured voice."

    Music & Media - "Variations on a theme have always been bona fide recording tricks and subsequently Life will be What Is Love? Part II"

    Gavin Report - "At a time when programmers are pleading for uptempo releases, Haddaway delivers an early Christmas present. "Life..." comes complete with a melody as compelling as his debut smash, "What Is Love"

    Network 40 - "Compared by many programmers to SNAP's "Rhythm Is A Dancer," this uptempo Dance track spices in Techno mixes to bring home the goods. Familiar in sound to his #1 worldwide hit, "What Is Love," "Life" is already receiving airplay at a handful of stations that were lucky enough to get the import early. This tune will research phenomenally, following in the heels of its predecessor. Another Morning Line "Best Bet"

    Getting Their Life:

    @31entrance (11) - I can't believe I'm saying this...but this might be slightly better than What Is Love?? scratch that, it's way better than the already-glorious What Is Love, the "everybody neeeds somebody to loooooove" part just keeps me going.

    And nearly another one..

    @Empty Shoebox (10) - This would have been my eleven if I had given one out. I just love it from start to finish. It's my favourite Haddaway song, but I only own his greatest hits album, so there may be more hidden that I like more. Why didn't I give it an eleven? Because I don't think it's a whole point better than the other tens. Kopf über herzen I'm afraid.

    @ohnoitisnathan (10) - Benefits from not being as overplayed as 'What Is Love'.

    @phily693 (10) - I know it’s the closest thing to a copy of What Is Love but I think it’s different enough to stand on its own. I think I enjoy it a bit more actually.

    @rav4boy (9) - An oddly prophetic song, I’ll admit to giving the song an extra point simply because of how hot the guy is in the video. Again, 90s videos RULED.

    This was a discovery for some..

    @CasuallyCrazed (9.5) - Never heard this one until now, what a discovery. Haddaway should have had an expansive mainstream career.

    @sfmartin (10) - I had never heard this before this rate but what a track! Its definitely one of my favourites. It might even be better than What Is Love? I can't decide which is quite an achievement. The second chorus and then the breakdown is just awesome. I get my life everytime this comes on, and it is delaying the scoring of the rest of the songs.

    What Is Life?:

    @One Stop Candy Shop (6.5) - No inspiration to write a comment, which is fitting because Haddaway had no inspiration when he wrote this. It's What Is Love 2.

    @Sprockrooster (7) - Probably not fair to compare this to 'What Is Love', cause not many songs come close to that level, but has no patch at all on their magnum opus. Perhaps a bit more female vocals would have helped.

    @Seventeen Days (7) - This track gets a bonus point for simply being a better track than “What Is Love”, teebs. And a bonus point for the hilariously odd video.

    @berserkboi (8.2) - Very good, nothing on What Is Love though

    @Hudweiser (7.5) - Rock My Heart was a better follow up, but this is solid.

    @WowWowWowWow (7) - Why mess with success? It's actually surprising how much of this sounds like What is Love. But they gave the female vocalist a little more to do so that was nice.

    Maybe In Another Life:

    @Ray (3) - The verses are acceptable, but this is one of the worst choruses ever.

  8. Random but whenever I read the song title I start singing E-Type's "Life" in my head instead.

  9. Finally, an elimination that doesn't make me want to cry! Cuts #24-20 were rough.
  10. A fantastic choice for an 11 @31entrance
    My favourite discovery of the whole rate.
  11. Nooooo! I don’t know I’m sad because it’s gone now or the fact @sfmartin @ed me and I clicked on the notification by accident

    I knew What Is Love would outlast it eventually, at least it made the top 20 when I was afraid it would’ve missed it
  12. Good morning flawless people! @DJHazey is gonna take care of the rate for a bit while I go on a journey to see Carly Rae Jepsen. Isn't he fantastic etc. etc.

    (Thank you Hazey xx)
  13. Freed From Desire is the El Dorado of misheard lyrics. (I myself used to think that instead "mind and senses purified" she was singing "my incense is purified"). I personally prefer Let A Boy Cry which is more of an actual song than while Freed From Desire is rather a vocal dance track.

    My mother when she first saw the music video for Life: "That black guy is gorgeous!"
  14. Now get ready for something special

    - A eurodance cover of Ultravox's Hymn (Italy, 1994)...
    - Performed on a TV show with onstage shirtless dancers and Christmas trees light effects...
    - With the singer Kristina Barth going barefoot and stripping away her jacket...
    - And Kristina herself leaving some comments on YouTube.

  15. Nice bop, but I've always stanned this version of the song.

  16. Let's continue to take songs away from acts that have been untouched up to this point..

    Honestly have no idea how it managed to get this far with some of the songs we've lost lately but here we are..


    [​IMG] #17. Livin' Joy - Don't Stop Movin' - 8.150

    After 5: #12
    After 10: #16
    After 15: #14
    After 20: #15
    After 25: #16
    After 30: #17
    Final: #17

    Leaderboard Average: #15

    Welp, I guess I can't argue too much since it was never lower than #17 but never higher than "Dreamer" either.

    Highest: 10 x 5 (@WowWowWowWow, @CasuallyCrazed, @sfmartin, @phily693, @Remorque) 9.5 (@Hudweiser) 9.4 (@P Grandson)

    Lowest: 3 (@One Stop Candy Shop) 5 x 2 (@DJHazey, @Daniel_O)

    iheartpoptarts: 9

    The fifth straight song I've had a mediocre score for, but unlike a few of those I knew nothing about this act going in. Wasn't too keen on "Dreamer" either compared to my favorite songs but it did better for me than this did.

    Album: Don't Stop Movin' (1996)

    Charts: #1 (Italy) #2 (Canada Dance) #5 (UK) #6 (Australia) #7 (Finland, Scotland) #8 (Sweden) #14 (Ireland) #15 (Iceland) #19 (Netherlands) #36 (Belgium) #67 (U.S.)

    There isn't much to go on with Livin' Joy. They were started by Italian brothers Paolo and Gianni Visnadi in England in 1993 where they met vocalist Janice Robinson and recorded the song "Dreamer" but when Janice left the group in 1994 Tameka Starr took her place for "Don't Stop Movin". So each song in this rate has a different vocalist and Tameka brought something to the group that Janice hadn't and that was choreography. Music & Media wrote about "Don't Stop Movin" saying, "Already generating very good club response, this bouncy number is ready for embrace by dance-slanted EHR formats. The ingredients: a pounding beat, assured female vocals (Tameka Star) and a strong chorus. Radio should take notice." They had a run of five straight Top 20 UK hits from the album Don't Stop Movin' but things went quiet until they attempted a comeback in 199 with the song "Just For the Sex of It" but the second album of the same name was never released.

    Kept on movin':

    @WowWowWowWow (10) - One of the few Eurodance groups where I legitimately can't pick the one that I prefer between their first two singles. Has there ever been more important advice than "You can be mystical, magical, physically phenomenal"? I believe in myself that I am at least one of those every day.

    @berserkboi (8.8) - Better than the other entry by them here

    @CasuallyCrazed (10) - The spitting verses are somehow even better than that lift-off chorus.

    @geomixes (8) - As a UK person, I only knew Berri, Gina & Livin Joy, a kii. The Shamen, The Prodigy & KLF found rotting

    Probably why I knew nothing about them.

    @sfmartin (10) - So empowering and uplifting.

    @Empty Shoebox (9) - It's not quite A Number One level, but I don't think there's anything about this track that I don't like. Unfortunately, there's just some songs here that 'click' with me a bit more.

    @Seventeen Days (7) - See my commentary on the last Livin’ Joy song. Some stellar vocals on this track.

    @Sprockrooster (7.5) - Scores are going mostly to that masterclass in vocal performance. Whew.

    @ohnoitisnathan (9) - Good.

    @phily693 (10) - Dripping in attitude and just all round fierceness! I always want to jump up and break out into a full on dance routine. I love the structure of this song, it jumps about so well and keeps it interesting, it’s not as straightforward as it seems. The production is incredibly 90s and I love it. When I went to see the film 120 Battements Par Minute the club scenes interspersed in the film reminded me so much of this song and that whole vibe.

    @rav4boy (7) - Marginally better, but personally their best track was Just For the Sex of It!

    Posted it above!

    @Cutlery (8.8) - Better than their other single. Her vocals do shine more here

    I'm sorry guys but "Dreamer" is quite better but even then I wouldn't mind if it goes soon as well.

    No longer movin':

    @Ray (6) - This isn’t as good as it was when it came out.

    @One Stop Candy Shop (3) - I find this a bore, sorry.

  17. Also I forgot to post the this after last night's reveal:

    Whigfield Recap

    39. Think of You - 7.100
    19. Saturday Night - 7.740

    Highest: @iheartpoptarts (10) - @idratherjack (10) - @Ray (10)

    Lowest: @geomixes (2.5) - @Hudweiser (3.75) - @Eric (3.75)

    Artist Ranking

    Gala - 7.597
    Berri - 7.500
    Dr. Alban - 7.479
    Black Box - 7.447
    Daze - 7.428
    Whigfield - 7.420
    Mr. President - 7.272
    Cappella - 7.180
    Alex Party - 7.161
    Ann Lee - 7.121
    Paradisio - 7.108
    Me & My - 7.053
    Eiffel 65 - 6.983
    Captain Hollywood Project - 6.929
    Reset - 6.854
    Koko - 6.808
    E-Type - 6.774
    Fun Factory - 6.628
    Le Click - 6.617
    Hit 'n' Hide - 6.497
    Toy-Box - 6.467
    DJ Bobo - 6.458
    Emjay - 6.442
    T-Spoon - 6.346
    Bambee - 6.303
    Twenty 4 Seven - 6.292
    Maxx - 6.236
    Technotronic - 6.228
    Smile.dk - 6.139
    Crispy - 6.108
    Solid Base - 6.010
    Capital Sound - 5.889
    Miss Papaya - 5.478
    Tiggy - 5.289​
  18. That elimination was rather low-key considering where we're at, just five 10s but not tomorrow's!

    We're talking eleven 10s and someone's 11 on top of that. Stay tuned.
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  19. I was at a wedding today and the bride was born in '93, so the vicar referenced Haddaway - he said the lyrics to "What is love" left him no wiser as to what love was.
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