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iheartHazey's 90s EURODANCE PARTY: Wanna go for a rate? - THE END

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by iheartpoptarts, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. The worst and only really bad thing about 'Life' is the jarring "YEAH! YEAH!" female vocal in the chorus.

    The "everybody needs somebody to love" bits are love.
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  2. Trashy it may be, but I love this. I discovered it via a 'Maquina Total' megamix that aired on a community radio station here at the time:

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  3. I'm shocked Saturday Night is out already, I really thought it would be in the top 10 for sure. Really didn't expect it to get all those low scores.
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  4. @DJHazey don't stop.

    Wait, which of these songs was on ChuckleVision?
  5. Don't stop what? Eliminating your 10s? I'm sorry, I cannot oblige.

    Actually let's get rid one of your least favorite remaining, because I'm nice like that.


    [​IMG] #16. 2 Unlimited - No Limit - 8.200

    After 5: #29
    After 10: #19
    After 15: #13
    After 20: #20
    After 25: #17
    After 30: #16
    Final: #16

    Leaderboard Average: #19

    It actually started out behind "Get Ready For This", but that quickly changed and it was always among the last group of Top 20 songs.

    Highest: 11 (@Sprockrooster) 10 x 11 (@GhettoPrincess, @Ana Raquel, @2014, @geomixes, @sfmartin, @31entrance, @LPMA, @A$AP Robbie, @ohnoitisnathan, @phily693, @Remorque) 9.5 x 2 (@Conan, @rav4boy)

    Lowest: 1 (@soratami) 3 (@Empty Shoebox) 3.5 (@Hudweiser)

    My Score: 9

    iheartpoptarts: 6

    Album: No Limits (1993)

    Charts: #1 (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK) #2 (Canada, Germany, Greece) #4 (Iceland) #7 (Australia) #8 (Italy) #16 (Zimbabwe) #21 (U.S.) #40 (New Zealand) Platinum (Netherlands, Switzerland) Gold (Australia, Austria, France, Germany)

    We all know what this is. Easily the most successful Eurodance song globally that we've eliminated thus far and possibly in the whole rate. It's still one of the most recognized songs for the genre today. It has sold more than 2.8 million copies of the single and was the best selling song in Europe for 1993. It's the highest charting song from 2 Unlimited in the U.S. with Billboard commenting, "After several weeks at the top of Britain's pop charts, European rave duo is ready tackle the U.S. radio market with a bright ditty that melds techno, hi-NRG, and rap elements. The hook is irresistable, and the pace is heart-racing. Will please fans of last year's hit, "Twilight Zone," while reeling in newcomers." As far as the 'rap element' from Raymond Slijngaard, you wouldn't have heard them on the UK version of the song. For most 2 Unlimited singles released in the UK, the rap was always taken out. The only thing left in the UK single of "No Limit" was the word "Techno" repeated in the middle of the song to add an extra vocal hook.

    With Rap:

    UK Without:

    There is really nothing else to add except me being random with this cover. One of my favorite bubblegum pop/dance acts beFour did "No Limit" in 2009, check it out:

    Let me hear you say yeah:

    @WowWowWowWow (9) - Love this, love the beat, love the rap, except I don't know about anyone else, but I just feel like they don't use the word 'no' enough times in this song, and if there really was no limit, I think they should make that clearer. You lucky ducks that had this as a #1 single in your country.

    Our country's tragic taste in music.

    @berserkboi (8.4) - Very good, the girl’s bits are best in this one

    This is Popjustice.com after all.

    @roborovsky (8) - This might be their defining song, but the most impressive thing about 2 Unlimited is how many songs they released after this that were better: The Real Thing, No One, Let The Beat Control Your Body… All incredible songs that defined part of my childhood.

    Okay let's pick one:

    @GhettoPrincess (10) - Such a bop, I swear I danced to this as a kid a crazy amount and it still gets me on the dance floor. “No no limits we reach for the sky!” is my fave moment.

    Right after that "no valley too deep, no mountain too high" is mine.

    @CasuallyCrazed (7.5) - It's certainly no "Tribal Dance" and I hate those low pounding sinister synths, but its countered by a fantastic vocal and uplifting chorus.

    @Ana Raquel (10) - they are my favorite eurodance group for a reason. i probably would give a 10 for all of their singles. these two are my favorites so great choice!!!!!

    @sfmartin (10) - Such a monster. Its influenced so many of my favourite songs. I hear Something Kinda Oooh and Scheiße among many others. It just goes so hard, I adore it. And it if if never existed then perhaps some of my favourite ever songs would have never been inspired by it. I remember being at my first ever proper disco probably about 8 or 9 years old, a next door neighbours birthday party and dancing so energetically to this I got a stitch. I was frantically out of breath but loving every minute...nothing much has changed.

    Interesting modern day comparisons.

    @31entrance (10) - Anitta(is that her name??) getting her life with the kinda awkward background action going is my mood when listening to this song.

    Anita with one T.

    @Seventeen Days (7) - A solid jam - this one works for me. This makes me want to put on some Guess jeans and hit the club.

    @Ray (8) - A beautiful cover version of Björk’s live only performance.

    Correction from our next commenter..

    @One Stop Candy Shop (7) - Such an iconic classic, but not among my favourite songs of the rate. I like Björk’s drunken cover of this in a French bar ten years ago.

    @A$AP Robbie (10) - Its the first song I can remember, which I really liked and it annoyed the hell out of my parents, so always quite special for me.

    @ohnoitisnathan (10) - I wish the "there's no lyrics" parody from (I think) Spitting Image was on YouTube. I read about it in a copy of UK Smash Hits I got that the time, but have never heard or seen it. It sounds amazing.

    That sounds hilarious.

    @phily693 (10) - When I was a baby (like under 1), when my sisters would play this I apparently would rock violently back and forth in my baby chair/bouncer to the beat of the chorus so much so that my mum thought I would knock it off balance and it would topple over. Clearly I always had great taste even from a very young age.

    Iconic! Babies literally raised on Eurodance.

    @rav4boy (9.5) - Takes me back to high school discos when I was sporting the ‘curtains’ hairstyle, dressed head to toe in an awful brand called ‘Eclipse’ and generally looked like a complete show. Awesome song though and one I still count as a guilty pleasure.

    @Remorque (10) - If Get Ready for This is a classic, then this is a step above that. There's only a handful of songs that, 25 years after it was initially released, are still so ingrained in everybody's brain, because it's so fucking lodged inside pop culture (even if most of that culture is straight nonses, but I don't care).

    It doesn't feel right to see it at #16 honestly.

    No no, no no no no no:

    @Empty Shoebox (3) - Never grabbed me at all this one, even before the purists in the press started to attack it back in the day. It's just sort of...there. And when you don't have an emotional attachment to a song, you start looking at it more objectively, and this song will never stand up to that.

    Fair enough.

    @Hudweiser (3.5) - I never liked this much, it was all about Twilight Zone and Tribal Dance for me.


    Soo soon after losing his 'other 11' in Gala we have to say goodbye to his actual 11. I'm sorry.

    @Sprockrooster - Call it Dutch chauvinism for throwing an 11 at my own country, but well it is this good I am ready to fight for my right (TO PARTYYY). At 90's parties an easy dancefloor anthem. I love how they make a superextended version of this live. There is no limit or ending to the song and neither would I want to. It simply does not get old!

    2 Unlimited Recap

    31. Get Ready For This - 7.325
    16. No Limit - 8.200

    Highest: @Ana Raquel (10) - @Sprockrooster (10) - @ohnoitisnathan (10) - @Remorque (10)

    Lowest: @soratami (2) - @Empty Shoebox (3.5) - @iheartpoptarts (5) - @Aester (5)

    Artist Ranking

    2 Unlimited - 7.763
    Gala - 7.597
    Berri - 7.500
    Dr. Alban - 7.479
    Black Box - 7.447
    Daze - 7.428
    Whigfield - 7.420
    Mr. President - 7.272
    Cappella - 7.180
    Alex Party - 7.161
    Ann Lee - 7.121
    Paradisio - 7.108
    Me & My - 7.053
    Eiffel 65 - 6.983
    Captain Hollywood Project - 6.929
    Reset - 6.854
    Koko - 6.808
    E-Type - 6.774
    Fun Factory - 6.628
    Le Click - 6.617
    Hit 'n' Hide - 6.497
    Toy-Box - 6.467
    DJ Bobo - 6.458
    Emjay - 6.442
    T-Spoon - 6.346
    Bambee - 6.303
    Twenty 4 Seven - 6.292
    Maxx - 6.236
    Technotronic - 6.228
    Smile.dk - 6.139
    Crispy - 6.108
    Solid Base - 6.010
    Capital Sound - 5.889
    Miss Papaya - 5.478
    Tiggy - 5.289

  6. No no, no no no no, no no no no, no no this should be top 5!
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  7. If you thought that was shocking, you haven't seen anything yet. #15 might be the biggest travesty in rate history and takes out not one, not two, but three 11s with it. @iheartpoptarts will be back to deliver that enormous reveal later tonight.
  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    NOoooooo No Limit is iconic!!!
  9. Bye Barbie?


    I bet it's Gina so I'm going to comfort eat in preparation.
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  10. I am once again appalled in this rate. I do not get how some of you can call yourself fans of the eurodance genre.

    I have no idea what to root for more anymore. Also because I am completely clueless what is still in this as the results have been anything but logic.
  11. I love myself some 2 Unlimited but... just not that. I was perplexed at its popularity even in 1993. I'd actually rank it as their worst single, with the possible exception of The Real Thing.
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  12. Same. Chicken pie is in the oven ready.
  13. I’m truly shocked. I thought this was guaranteed in the top 10
  14. Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone
    Vengaboys - We Like To Party
    Vengaboys - Boom Boom Boom Boom
    Corona - Rhythm Of The Night
    Corona - Baby Baby
    Amber - This Is Your Night
    Culture Beat - Mr. Vain
    Haddaway - What Is Love
    La Bouche - Be My Lover
    Real McCoy - Another Night
    Snap! - Rhythm Is A Dancer
    Gina G - Ooh Aah… Just a Little Bit
    Livin' Joy - Dreamer
    Aqua - Barbie Girl
    Aqua - Doctor Jones
  15. Oh my, every single elimination (bar Haddaway and Real McCoy) is going to hurt from here on in.

    I am deeply fearful for my 11...
  16. No Limit should be Top 10.
  17. It would be nice if we could get rid of all the second entries for each artists in a timely fashion.

    Not likely, but nice.
  18. These need to be Top 10
  19. Snap! Is going next isn't it?
  20. A classic but glad that's out before a few others. With @DJHazey's hint, I am worried for Doctor Jones & Boom Boom Boom Boom...
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