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iheartHazey's 90s EURODANCE PARTY: Wanna go for a rate? - THE END

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by iheartpoptarts, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. Oh hey there! @DJHazey is keeping me updated via PM and I love y'all.
  2. Fucking amazing.
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  3. The whole album is bulletproof really. We just decided to go with the two bigger charting singles, if we had decided for three Alice Deejay songs, this would have easily been the pick.

    My ultimate favorite is this album track:

  4. But Sash! doesn't seem too far away from Alice Deejay, for example, in my opinion. Just pointing it out, I don't care for Sash! and per se I don't mind we won't have to rate him.

    However....absolutely gobsmacked I won't be able to give my 11 to "Omen 3", one of my favourite songs ever.
  5. Feel free to send in an extra comment about artists you would've loved to have seen in the rate. Sadly we couldn't make sure everyone's absolute favorites were there. Unfortunately, that happens with any big compilation rate. I do agree that Alice Deejay definitely had the trance sound going for them much like Sash! did, but I think they (Alice Deejay) were too big on a global scale to leave out of a rate like this. They also mark a switch in the trend for Eurodance as we go from the late 90s into the 00s, as you will see more of the Belgium-driven 'eurotrance' sound when we have the 00s Eurodance rate.
  6. I agree, Alice Deejay (as much as I like them) were about 5 years after the majority of the other acts here and not what I would class as Eurodance. It's all subjective and their singles are great so it won't be a hardship rating them.

    Justice for Omen 3!
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  7. Really like I said. We just knew Alice Deejay is not an artist you're leaving out of eurodance rate and have it worth it's weight, especially since they had impact over here in the U.S. and Canada even. They would've fit in better with the 00s rendition of this rate but our hands were tied because the album came out in 1999. Stylistically they are a 00s eruodance rate act all the way. They just happened to come in right as the century turned over.
  8. Better Off Alone was one of my anthems of 1999 so I completely understand why Alice Deejay are in a 90s Eurodance rate. So many good dancefloor memories of another time and place.
  9. Any excuse to post these clips. I can't believe those darned producers got away with this level of recycling.

    I always used to get grumpy when my friends would say "how can you listen to that music, it all sounds the same!" well in this case..... ya right
  10. Another 11 contender not here (although anything by La Bouche is an 11 contender!)

    @WowWowWowWow - get your life with me too! :D
  11. Everyone always likes that version but I prefer the one that was our US single version!

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  12. Solid Base has an amazing You U Won't Forget Me as well.

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  13. Another huge one not here:

    Hopefully it will be in the One Hit Wonder one, ignore Carnival De Paris!
  14. This is now done. There were quite a few tracks I wasn't here for, surprisingly. Obviously due to the genre, some of the silly lyrics are forgiven!
  15. The Lonely One was my favourite Alice Deejay track - it was a little bit 'harder' than the others.

    I ran to this 2-hour 90s megamix this morning (27 minutes of it, anyway)

    It really is worth 120 minutes of your lives.
  16. Had this been included, it would’ve easily been my 11! You just can’t explain the happiness of it, it’s truly infectious.

    I’m quite surprised that JX weren’t included at all. Son Of A Gun and There’s Nothing I Won’t Do still go off today! Especially the latter, what a rush of a chorus!

  17. Haha, yeah I know. Like I said, we couldn't have everything, we targeted 75 songs total. Hearing everyone's personal favorites not making the cut is disappointing but hopefully there's enough good stuff on the actual song list for you all! xx

    @Hudweiser that megamix looks loaded for sure!

    Yes @berserkboi has indeed blessed us with our third voter already. Before I enter his scores in tonight I can say we had eight songs with at least a 10 average after two voters. One thing I do know about @berserkboi's scores is that they'll do their best about preventing ties which I appreciate.
  18. I am happy to confirm there is more than enough good stuff on the list!

    I can see myself having at least 20 songs with a score of 10.
  19. @WowWowWowWow sent a little capsule on a bunch of songs/artists that didn't make the cut that we're happy to post through the reveals.

    There were definitely artists that I left out too, which I'll be focusing on at some point as well.
  20. What I love about this rate is that it's made me realise just how many of my favourite artists were inspired by Eurodance, specifically the mighty Girls Aloud.

    I remember loving how much the intro to The Show reminded me of the opening synths of Ooh Aah Just a Little Bit, as well as being overjoyed when they just went full on 2 Unlimited with Something Kinda Ooh.
    I mean I still think the instrumental would fit with these other tracks.

    There's also the Tony Lamezma remix of Sexy...No No No which is probably my favourite remix of all time just because of it's Eurodance vibes.

    Long live Eurodance!
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