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iheartHazey's 90s EURODANCE PARTY: Wanna go for a rate? - THE END

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by iheartpoptarts, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. You're right. I mis-read its chart placings as #21 on the main Billboard Chart but it was actually the Hot Club/Dance Chart. That's odd because I swear I heard it on mainstream radio is a kid.
  2. I was aiming for most histrionic reaction to losing their 11. Do I win?
  3. I'd have probably given it a 6
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  4. Did I imagine it or is there going to be a part 2 to this rate?
  5. There is, but I have a solo rate I want to do after so the part 2 of this rate would go on the queue for after that. Not sure when it'll start. We have to finalize a song list for it too.

    Besides, we'd want a little break after this one anyway.
  6. Oh yay! Some of the lost classics might have their moment in the sun then!

    In other news, I walked past a stack of CDs outside someone's house the other day (only just prevented the dog from pissing on them), Alex Party single atop the lot and some 90s dance compilation - alas they were boxes only, no discs. But, y'know, 90s dance found rotting etc...
  7. Amber getting shunned out of the Top 10 like that...

  8. This top 15 is, btw:

    10 (x7)
  9. Another Night, Doctor Jones and Baby Baby could go before the top 10
  10. Me downgrading Amber's score to an 8 because I thought she would win the whole rate...

    Get these Vengaboys out of here, their novelty songs have no business in the top 10.
  11. You're aware that by Part 2 we mean the 00s version of the rate right?
  12. It'll be less songs this time, we're going to try to focus more on the big acts and most well-known songs this time around.
  13. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Yay! Baby Baby and Barbie Girl next please.
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  14. I flipped through my old Dance Zone CDs (Levels 1-6!) and found these, which I wish had made it... though we'd be going on forever.

    A.D.A.M. feat Amy: Zombie
    A.S.H.A.: JJ Tribute
    Anticappella: Move Your Body
    Atlantic Ocean: Body in Motion
    Bobby Brown: Two Can Play That Game
    BT: Loving You More
    The Bucketheads: The Bomb
    The Bucketheads: Got Myself Together
    Cappella: U Got 2 Know
    Cappella: U & Me
    Cappella: Move It Up
    Cappella: Tell Me the Way
    Candy Girls: Fee Fi Fo Fum
    Clock: Axel F
    Clock: Everybody
    Club House: Light My Fire
    Club House: Living in the Sunshine
    Corona: Try Me Out
    Corona: I Don't Wanna Be a Star
    DJ Bobo: Secrets of Love
    DJ Bobo: Freedom
    DJ Bobo: Pray
    DJ Miko: What's Up
    Doop: Doop
    Eurogroove: Dive to Paradise
    Felix: Don't You Want Me
    Nicki French: Total Eclipse of the Heart
    Gat Decor: Passion
    Grace: Not Over Yet
    Grace: Skin on Skin
    Grace: Down to Earth
    Gusto: Disco's Revenge
    Haddaway: Rock My Heart
    Happy Clappers: I Believe
    Hypoerlogic: Only Me
    Jam & Spoon: Right in the Night
    Jam & Spoon: Find Me
    Jinny: Keep Warm
    JX: Son of a Gun
    JX: There's Nothing I Won't Do
    Kadoc: The Nighttrain
    Ken Doh: I Need a Lover Tonight
    Klubbheadz: Lubbhopping
    Maxx: No More (I Can't Stand It)
    Motiv8: Rockin' for Myselfozaic: Sing It! (The Hallelujah Song)
    CB Milton: It's a Loving Thing
    N Trance: Set You Free
    N Trance: Stayin' Alive
    N Trance: Electronic Pleasure
    Nightcrawlers: Let's Push It
    OT Quartet: Hold That Sucker Down
    Perfecto Allstarz: Reach Up
    Reel 2 Real: I Like to Move It
    Reel 2 Real: Can You Feel It?
    Ruffneck: Everybody Be Somebody
    The Shamen: Phorever People
    Snap!: The First the Last Eternity
    Stretch & Vern: I'm Alive
    Strike: U Sure Do
    Supernova: Some Might Say
    Tatjana: Santa Maria
    The Time Frequency: Dreamscape
    The Time Frequency: The Ultimate High
    Tinman: 18 Strings
    Xpansions 95: Move Your Body
    2 Unlimited: Twilight Zone
    2 Unlimited: Tribal Dance
    2 Unlimited: Faces
    2 Unlimited: Wanna Get Up
  15. This whole list (and rate in general) takes me right back to my early clubbing days. What a time to be alive!
  16. It's all sadly a little before my time - it was '98/'99 I started going, so Vengaboys and Aqua are the biggest representations here.
  17. I was '94/'95 and dance music was amazing! I may be of a certain vintage now but I wouldn't change the music I grew up with for anything.
  18. I was just about old enough, but had nobody to go with at the time. Everyone was into indie so I always ended up dancing to shite like Ocean Colour Scene and Cast.

  19. Those Dance Zone albums are bloody amazing.

    "Zombie" is a masterpiece. If I ever heard it in a club (the proper Eternal Airplay Mix) I would explode.

    "Dive To Paradise" and "There's Nothing I Won't Do" are also well up there for me.
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