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iheartHazey's 90s EURODANCE PARTY: Wanna go for a rate? - THE END

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by iheartpoptarts, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. This is pretty much a perfect Eurodance record. And it's Japanese!

    Oddly, none of their tracks charted anywhere in Europe apart from the UK.

  2. And it came 9th in the last PJOPS!
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  3. yikes i'm glad i was out the past two days so i didn't see this tragedy live
  4. There are two eliminations coming today, mine is coming later than usual because of life, but another 11 comes with its reveal so beware!

    Also our plan tentatively is many days where there will only be one elimination and the finale day is targeted for next Wednesday.
  5. i hope it's not the 11 i don't want to see
  6. Better not be my 11.
  7. Okay guys this one is going to be short and sweet/bittersweet (depending on your opinion of the song) because I had one of my longest work days ever..

    The other songs by this act was a non-entity for me but this one at least had me going "oh yeah, I remember that!"

    Also, a reminder that another 11 is leaving us as well!


    [​IMG] #14. Livin' Joy - Dreamer - 8.311

    After 5: #10
    After 10: #14
    After 15: #10
    After 20: #13
    After 25: #13
    After 30: #12
    Final: #14

    Leaderboard Average: #12

    Can't get anymore consistent than that. You'll recall I mentioned a song that kept bouncing in and out of the Top 10, well this was the one. But as you can see, it was always in the #10 to #14 range and always stayed ahead of "Don't Stop Movin".

    Highest: 11 (@phily693) 10 x 10 (@iheartpoptarts, @WowWowWowWow, @Hudweiser, @roborovsky, @2014, @sfmartin, @idratherjack, @Empty Shoebox, @Eric, @Ray) 9.5 x 2 (@OspreyQueen, @Conan)

    Lowest: 4 (@31entrance) 4.5 (@One Stop Candy Shop) 5 (@Daniel_O)

    My Score: 7.5

    Album: Don't Stop Movin' (1996)

    Charts: #1 (UK) #72 (U.S.) Silver (UK)

    Producers: Paolo and Gianni Visnadi

    -Remember that Livin' Joy started out with Janice Robinson as vocalist for "Dreamer" before Tameka Starr took over by the time "Don't Stop Movin" came along. Though you will find Tameka's version on the Don't Stop Movin' album.

    -Paolo and Gianni had already been mainstays on the UK Charts because they were producers for Alex Party. They actually switched their focus from act to the other during this time.

    -In 2011, MTV Dance ranked "Dreamer" as the #15 on their 100 biggest 90s Dance Anthems list.

    Like I said shot and sweet and I apologize!


    @WowWowWowWow (10) - For a long time, there were only awful re-recordings of Livin' Joy songs on Spotify. Then randomly the correct version of Dreamer appeared on some single of other awful re-recordings. Thank the gods we have the full album on there now. Yet another example of the "Do you think my ears don't work, and I can't tell this singer is not the same singer as the others?" trickery. I always meant to get into Janice Robinson's solo stuff but I never got around to it. I was too busy going "Am I a dreamer, amiamiadreamer, am I a a dreamer, amiamiadreamer" at every possible opportunity.

    My biggest gripe with Spotify is them only have edited 'clean' versions of some of my favorite albums.

    @Hudweiser (10) - Another perfect dance record. It was on Dance Zone Level 3 from the first time it was out, then given a very slight remix which somehow made the world of difference and unleashed all over again.

    @berserkboi (7.8) - Pleasant enough

    @roborovsky (10) - This song sounds as good now as it did when it was first released.

    @sfmartin (10) - Sounds as good today as it did all these years ago. Perhaps thats because you'll never escape it. The quintessential go to song when you put on the 90s bangers at 3am. This better be top 10 at the very least. Could easily of been my 11.


    (Uh oh.)

    @Empty Shoebox (10) - The part where she sings very rapidly, that's the best part of this.

    @Eric (10) - One of the first Eurodance songs that I fell in love with (before I knew what the genre was). Flawless lyrics and an instantly catchy beat, very reminiscent of the mid 1990s and beginning to get obsessed with the Top 40.

    @Seventeen Days (7) - I’m a sucker for the Eurodance tracks that go in a more house direction, so this is right up my alley.

    @Ray (10) - This is just as good as it was when it came out.

    Seems to be a common theme.

    @ohnoitisnathan (8.5) - Uplifting chorus.

    @phily693 (11) - Choosing an 11 for this rate was so difficult as there was such a huge array of choices. But as soon as I saw this song on the list I knew it was very likely to be my 11. The spinning top feeling in the production is just amazing. This is essential 90s, it’s infectious. Everytime I hear it I always get the feeling of “I wonder what it would’ve been like to be in a gay club in the 90s when this came out and the DJ played it…” and I get goosebumps. It’s sounds so unapologetically gay and full of sass, attitude and danceability. It’s just fabulous! Maybe I’m the only person to think that but it just captures that whole 90s club vibe, or what I think it was like.

    Wide Awake:

    @rav4boy (6.5) - I NEVER understood the fuss about this song!

    @One Stop Candy Shop (4.5) - Could she be a little less?

    @Sprockrooster (6) - This definitely is lost in the big pool of brilliant tracks in this rate.

    @CasuallyCrazed (6.5) - There’s a strange disconnect between the melody and the backing track.. That rambling chorus is makes me bop though.

    Livin' Joy Recap

    17. Don't Stop Movin' - 8.150
    14. Dreamer - 8.311

    Highest: @phily693 (10.5) - @sfmartin (10) - @WowWowWowWow (10)

    Lowest: @One Stop Candy Shop (3.75) - @Daniel_O (5) - @31entrance (5.5)

    Amber Recap

    22. Sexual (Li Da Di) - 7.583
    15. This Is Your Night - 8.258

    Highest: @WowWowWowWow (1,000,000,000,000 10.5) @idratherjack (10.5) - @berserkboi (10)

    Lowest (aka on @WowWowWowWow's block list): @Untouchable Ace (5.05) - @GhettoPrincess (5.5) - @One Stop Candy Shop (5.75)

    Artist Ranking

    Livin' Joy - 8.231
    Amber 7.921

    2 Unlimited - 7.763
    Gala - 7.597
    Berri - 7.500
    Dr. Alban - 7.479
    Black Box - 7.447
    Daze - 7.428
    Whigfield - 7.420
    Mr. President - 7.272
    Cappella - 7.180
    Alex Party - 7.161
    Ann Lee - 7.121
    Paradisio - 7.108
    Me & My - 7.053
    Eiffel 65 - 6.983
    Captain Hollywood Project - 6.929
    Reset - 6.854
    Koko - 6.808
    E-Type - 6.774
    Fun Factory - 6.628
    Le Click - 6.617
    Hit 'n' Hide - 6.497
    Toy-Box - 6.467
    DJ Bobo - 6.458
    Emjay - 6.442
    T-Spoon - 6.346
    Bambee - 6.303
    Twenty 4 Seven - 6.292
    Maxx - 6.236
    Technotronic - 6.228
    Smile.dk - 6.139
    Crispy - 6.108
    Solid Base - 6.010
    Capital Sound - 5.889
    Miss Papaya - 5.478
    Tiggy - 5.289
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  9. I love in “Dreamer” when the instrumental part kicks in over “dreaming right where I belooooooooooooooooooooooooooong”— air keyboard always gets played.
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  10. Now I close my eeeeyes and...I'm clearly in a nightmare with this out so early.

    Clearly some people need more love, life and laughter.
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  11. I mean I feel like I should be offended that you compared me to a horse? But it’s Tony the Pony so I’m honored.
  12. I was expecting a certain Tiffany/New York gif in reply, not gonna lie..... but I'm happy that you love being compared to Tony the Pony.
  14. Team Big TTs (Taste & Talent!)
  15. Scold ha!
  16. The only Tiffany I am right now:

  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    WHAT - Barbie Girl beating this is insane. I’d love to do a proper lipsync to this song, what a fucking banger.
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  18. Awwww, I love 'Dreamer'. The fast singing bit is indeed the best part!

    I have some song contesting to do and then I'll kick the next one out late.
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  19. Deep cuts from Amber!

  20. I suddenly don't believe the This Is Your Night album is not in fact an artistic achievement.

    Anyway, see y'all in a sec...
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