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#13. Corona - Baby Baby - 8.349

After 5: #6
After 10: #13
After 15: #16
After 20: #10
After 25: #12
After 30: #13
Final: #13

Highest: 10 x 9 (@iheartpoptarts, @roborovsky, @GhettoPrincess, @sfmartin, @idratherjack, @31entrance, @Sprockrooster, @ohnoitisnathan, @ThisIsRogue) 9.9 x 1 (@berserkboi) 9.5 x 1 (@Eric) 9.1 x 1 (@P Grandson)

Lowest: 5 x 2 (@Daniel_O, @CasuallyCrazed)

(Oh my god, you guys, it's a song nobody dislikes!)

Album: The Rhythm of the Night (1995)

Best Charts: #5 (UK), #57 (US), #7 (Australia), #13 (Austria), #4 (Denmark), #6 (Finland), #9 (France), #10 (Iceland), #8 (Ireland), #1 (Israel), #1 (Italy), #7 (Norway), #3 (Scotland), #2 (Spain), #10 (Sweden), #11 (Switzerland)

Producers: Checco & Soul Train (lots of Eurodance I wish I knew, and oh hey, one of them made a 'Barbie Girl' ripoff!)

Corona is fronted by Olga Maria de Souza, a Brazilian singer and model, and I've been co-hosting this rate long enough to know that whenever I see the word "model" I need to go find out who's actually doing the singing.

So yeah. There are two others credited as the vocalists of Corona - Jenny B and Sandra "Sandy" Chambers. I thought right! The former sang 'Rhythm of the Night', and the latter sang this. Oh, and they're also J.K. Both of them. At different times. There had to be a better way to coordinate things, no?

Anyway. If you like 'Baby Baby', these are totally the same person!

I think Sandy is her own Eurodance rapper. That's pretty awesome.

To be fair, apparently Olga can sing. Eurokdj says she proved it by singing the choruses to some Corona songs acapella while live on TV. It's suggested that the reason for all the lip syncing was that English pronunciation wasn't her strong point.

Corona rocketed to Eurodance fame, of course, with '(The) Rhythm of the Night'. (Does it have a "the"? Only in some markets, it seems.) We'll see you later with that one!

Then came 'Baby Baby', and I had no idea it was a cover until we got to this rate. Who are Joy & Joyce? They worked with the same producers and called it 'Babe Babe' despite singing 'Baby Baby' anyway.

It also got covered. If you can call it that. I mean, the Sandy featured here is the original singer.

In other randomness, I've read that Olga loves to be called the Brazilian Cinderella, which is fun. Everybody wants to be a Disney princess, right?

Baby Baby:

@GhettoPrincess (10) - Corona was such a dance floor QUEEN, seriously underrated.

@WowWowWowWow (9) - Oh, the joys of Eurodance. This is Corona? Are you sure? She has a totally different voice than she did on Rhythm of the Night........... I guess they thought we weren't paying attention (and it's not like we had Discogs or Wikipedia to know for sure). I like that this one is a tad clubbier than RotN, but it doesn't reach the same heights. It blew my mind when I found out that the Sandy from all those Benassi songs was the woman who sang on Baby Baby…

I love Wikipedia. Also, I've just discovered the Benassi Bros were cousins and not brothers. WHAT.

@berserkboi (9.9) - Classic for all the right reasons!

@sfmartin (10) - Another stormer! That instrumental breakdown is just magic.

The 'Rhythm of the Night' comparisons were inevitable...

@Seventeen Days (7.75) - Until now, I had actually never heard another Corona track! I can see they were no flash in the pan though - this is a stellar song.

@roborovsky (10) - A follow up that was almost as good as its predecessor.

Not to mention other comparisons...

@Empty Shoebox (8) - I may have become infected with the thing that@WowWowWowWow has for marking down covers. This seems too repetitive for me. Yes, you might think that's a silly thing to say in a rate like this, but I'm talking about this compared to the other songs in this rate.

@phily693 (9) - I actually didn’t know this song until Sunblock covered it and had that video with the topless girls on the rodeo bull thing. The 00s dance music videos were often very questionable. But this version is so much more fun!

And it may not have garnered a single 11, but it came close more than once!

@Sprockrooster (10) - That vocal performance is a total snatch everytime. Scream it out girl. An 11-contender because of it.

@ohnoitisnathan (10) - Now THIS is a 10, and a contender for my 11. Love the "cold chill down my spine" parts in particular. The original video is hilarious too.

No Baby No:

No haters, only 'Rhythm' stans!

@CasuallyCrazed (5) - Something about that chorus just doesn’t have the magic sauce Rhythm of the Night had.

@One Stop Candy Shop (6) - It’s no Rhythm Of The Night.

@Ray (6) - It’s not quite ‘Rhythm Of The Night’, is it.

Confession time: I like this one better.


Okay then. Let's chuck some more elevens.

Easy enough for you to say, considering you didn't give out any huh? The eleven(s) are coming tonight but as far as today's elimination, well it has the most 10s seen thus far.

I still cantgetover.mp3 how some of you are pining for Aqua and Vengaboys to leave, so let me instead get rid of one of my lowest scores..

Might as well finish off Italy since we started that process last night..

*evil laughter*

Yeah right, as if I'm going to have a victory with how this rate has gone so far. Some of you don't deserve to ride the Vengabus!


Vengaboys - We Like To Party - 8.408

After 5: #9
After 10: #17
After 15: #17
After 20: #16
After 25: #15
After 30: #15
Final: #12

Leaderboard Average: #15

Food for thought: There was a time when this was ahead of "Boom Boom Boom Boom" so it makes you wonder how far that one got, hmmm. Until late in the voting period this was behind the last three songs eliminated.

Highest: 10 x 14 (@WowWowWowWow, @Hudweiser, @berserkboi, @GhettoPrincess, @sfmartin, @idratherjack, @Eric, @LPMA, @One Stop Candy Shop, @phily693, @Remorque, @Conan, @Cutlery, @DJHazey) 9.5 x 2 (@Sprockrooster, @ohnoitisnathan)

Lowest: 2 (@Ray) 4.5 (@CasuallyCrazed) 5 x 2 (@soratami, @dancingwithmyself)

iheartpoptarts: 9

Album: The Party Album (1999) (also released on Up & Down - The Party Album in 1998)

Charts: #1 (Belgium) #2 (Australia, Netherlands, Scotland) #3 (Hungary, Ireland, UK) #4 (Germany, Switzerland) #6 (Austria) #7 (Canada) #9 (New Zealand) #12 (Italy) #18 (France) #26 (U.S.) #28 (Brazil) #56 (Sweden) Platinum (Australia) Gold (UK)

Producers: Danski and DJ Delmundo (Alice Deejay)

In many parts of the United States, this song is known as the "Six Flags Song" because of the advertising campaign that started in 2004. This is actually how my Dad and I became bigger fans of it. If he was voting in this rate, we would given this his 11 just barely over "The Sailor Song" (I had mentioned during that elimination how there was another song he would've given it to and here it is) The guy in the commercials was also a riot, so the experience is one of my biggest memories attached to any of the songs in the rate.

Because of this impact and its use in several TV shows and movies, it's easily the most well known song by the Vengaboys in America, where as it might be something else to people in other countries. It was the highest charting U.S. single back then for Vengaboys but had a revival of attention due its use in pop culture.

"We Like to Party" has been used as promotion for WB, MLB baseball team's homerun songs, professional wrestler introduction song, rugby matches, numerous samples in future songs, and various spots in television and film.

Here is a review from Billboard at the time of its release: "This wildly energetic foursome (two gals, two guys) from the Netherlands is pretty much a household name throughout Europe, where this infectious pop gem has been a constant on radio and in clubs. Already, "We Like To Party!" has gone platinum and double -platinum in Belgium and the act's homeland, respectively. Here, the song could meet a similar fate, especially since it features a sugar-soaked sing-along chorus that hangs out in your head until you beg for relief. That said, people who embraced Aqua's "Barbie Girl," Cleopatra's "Romeo And Juliet," and Los Del Rio's "Macarena" will be lining up for this latest slice of energetic pop. Are you listening, radio? (It's already hit No. 1 on the playlist of dance leader WKTU New York.) Conversely, this will be a no-brainer for club jocks, who continue to make major noise with the group's sweat-soaked debut, "Up And Down".

The music video features the iconic 'Vengabus' which was a 1930s Chevrolet Bus as they cruised around the Spanish Provinces of Barcelona, Piera and Gava. May I also mention how gorgeous Kim looks in the video, I must admit I could not keep my eyes off of her since it was the first seeing the video in many years when doing this rate. *melts into a puddle*

Happiness is just around the corner:

@WowWowWowWow (10) - Anytime I hear that opening horn, I just know I'm in for a few minutes of joy and amazingness. It stayed in people's consciousness a bit longer here in the USA when it was included in a commercial for the Six Flags amusement park, get those streaming coins however you can!

@Hudweiser (10) - A G-A-Y classic. The Klubbheadz remix is speed garage-tastic.

@berserkboi (10) - The iconic Vengabus gets full marks.

@GhettoPrincess (10) - I’m so glad Denise got her moment to shine in this song. It’s so good.

@One Stop Candy Shop (10) - Anthem of public transportation. Queen Denise gets some solo verses for a change.

Yes, but it's still all about Kim.

@geomixes (8) - Fond memories of living in Student Halls and all of us getting our absolute lives to this whenever it came on the Chart Show or TOTP

@sfmartin (10) - Is this their most iconic track? I think its my favourite. So many classic infectious melodies that will never ever leave you and then THAT break down. How many times have I been screaming "HEY NOW HEY NOW HEAR WHAT I SAW NOW" at some unclassy gay club in the early hours of the morning, it doesn't bare thinking about. A worthy overall winner if you ask me.

But you were asking for them to get an elimination.

@31entrance (9) - it's no Boom Boom Boom Boom but issa a bop that gets stuck in my head way too often and ironically the Vengabus looks more like a van.

It looks like a 60s hippie van a little bit, but apparently is a 1930s vehicle.

Let's go to the resident automotive expert..

@Empty Shoebox (8) - I'm not riding on that bus, there's no seatbelts. I'd rather have the red 106 near the start of the video. Damn good winter cars them. Just stick a decent set of Michelins on and they'll go almost anywhere. As for the song, I do like it, but as you can see, I've given it an eight, so there's others that I like more. It's got too many repetitions of 'We like to party' for me.

@Eric (10) - The chorus is just pure genius! And any song that features a bus so prominently in the lyrics has got to be a winner…

@Seventeen Days (8) - Honestly, I hated this song with a burning passion when it first came out. I thought it was cheesy AF, but I have come back around to it and realize that it’s actually a super fun track.

Amsterdam Syndrome.

@Sprockrooster (9.5) - My favourite track by them. So effortlessly easy on the ears and damn catchy to get stuck for many days. I love how they actually had a partybus called the Vengabus. Wish I would have taken it for a ride (do not think it is still in use sadly).

Hopefully it's a music hall of fame museum somewhere because it deserves to be.

@A$AP Robbie (8) - Even at the time I thought it was incredible that they could put out the exact same single twice (also Up and Down) with slightly changed words and have it just go off again. But it is a slightly improved version.

@ohnoitisnathan (9.5) - A guilty pleasure. Cheesy as hell, but it works.

@phily693 (10) - Who didn’t want to go on the Venga Bus? Absolute cheese that will live on forever at wedding discos.

I want this at my wedding.

@rav4boy (8) - Damned catchy, with some decent elements.

@Remorque (10) - Yes, I'm 10-ing this. I remember going to school parties and just random parties we used to have at someone's garage where we would dance our asses off to this, drinking cans of Coke and eating cheesy nibbles. Oh, the days…

@Cutlery (10) - This is so bomb and absolutely fun from the second I hear the iconic bus honking.

I've got somethin' to tell ya, I've got news for you:


@Ray (2) - Seriously? Car horn? Please die.