iheartHazey's 90s EURODANCE PARTY: Wanna go for a rate? - THE END


Je téléphone à la Hazey...


Hiya Poptarts!


Hazeyyyyyyy! These people are making me say goodbye to my 11 just before we hit top ten. *cries*


Oh, come on, mine was #47.




#11. Real McCoy - Another Night - 8.492

After 5: #20
After 10: #10
After 15: #11
After 20: #11
After 25: #14
After 30: #11
Final: #11

Highest: 11 x 2 (@iheartpoptarts, @Aester) 10 x 9 (@berserkboi, @roborovsky, @dancingwithmyself, @CasuallyCrazed, @Ana Raquel, @2014, @phily693, @Remorque, @ThisIsRogue)

Lowest: 5 x 3 (@Hudweiser, @Daniel_O, @soratami)

DJHazey: 9.5

Album: Space Invaders (1994) / Another Night (1995)

Best Charts: #2 (UK), #3 (US), #1 (Australia), #5 (Belgium), #10 (Denmark), #6 (Finland), #6 (Ireland), #6 (Norway), #1 (Scotland), #1 (Zimbabwe)

(I had no idea Zimbabwe stanned Eurodance, but it seems to show up here quite a bit actually!)

Producers: Juergen Wind and Frank Hassas (and the Berman Brothers on some mixes, including the main radio one)

Awwwww, you guys. 'Another Night' just is Eurodance to me. I didn't send this one to Ultimate PJ but I later regretted it so much I ended up sending Real McCoy to the Ultimate Popstar Countdown to make up for it even though I don't even technically know all their songs.

Anyway. 'Another Night' was inspired by the seemingly random combination of the long-eliminated Captain Hollywood Project hit 'More and More', 80s bop 'Desire' by Roni Griffith, and the Coca-Coca jingle. I'm posting this one because I think I can safely assume you're already familiar with the others.

Like 'Run Away', there were two music videos, the second one filmed for the American release when they decided the space theme wasn't going to happen. Unlike 'Run Away', the US video actually came out.

The original European version, on the other hand, works the Space Invaders angle hard. It's all about that stereotypical 90s Eurodance future, only with bits and pieces of the 1920s in it. Huh?

I remember this remix being a thing, too. In addition to the usual vocals, it features some guy (or maybe it's just O-Jay again, you never know) asserting that reggae makes you dance in a rubber duck style. Or is it rub-a-dub? Anybody wanna take a guess a la Gala?

'Another Night' dominated US radio and the world was better off for it. When Billboard's Pop Songs airplay chart turned 25 last year, they put out an all-time top 100. 'Another Night' was #1.

No, really.

Look at all this spectacularly overplayed music. It beat it. All of it. No wonder I used to listen to the radio so much back then. For one brief shining moment in the 90s, they actually had it right.

You Feel Joy:

Bop with me, flawless people.

@CasuallyCrazed (10) - Pop perfection.

@phily693 (10) - What. An. Anthem. Probably the most pop chorus in this rate.

@berserkboi (10) - Another almost 11! Classic!

@Ana Raquel (10) - This song caught my attention recently tbh. I never thought of it as a bad song, but it kinda faded out compared to other songs in the eurodance playlist I listened to. However, when I listened to it on another playlist not eurodance-related, I could see how amazing this track was. For some reason, I find it relaxing, btw.

@roborovsky - (10) Takes me right back to secondary school where I dressed up as ‘MC Sar’ for a school talent show.

I like how you put 'MC Sar' in quote marks. Accurate.

@Empty Shoebox (9) - There's no real aspect of this song that's outstanding, but everything's very good and it's just a bit better than the sum of its parts.

@WowWowWowWow (9) - It must be said that without Real McCoy, there would probably be no Amber, so I feel as though I must be eternally grateful to them for that reason alone. This is memorable and classic, but Run Away is just a little more exciting and catchy for me.

O-Jay's rap skills got you guys talking. Or tawking. Or towking...

@sfmartin (8) - "I talk talk talk to you" is quite a moment.

@ohnoitisnathan (8.5) - Pretty good, but the male "I TAWK TAWK. I TAWK to you" - verses are not exactly... singing.

@Ray (8) - I toooowwwwkkk, toooowwwwwkkkkk to you!

@Cutlery (9.5) - Female vocals, nostalgic lyrics, and dare I say sensual male talking? were delivered

@Seventeen Days (8) - One of the staples on the soundtrack to my childhood. In the era where “random European dude rapping who shouldn’t be” was a prominent thing, this guy’s interesting accent really made them stand out.

And lastly, a prediction I wish had come true...

@rav4boy (8) - Probably the one that will win the rate. Never a favourite of mine.

You Feel Pain:

@Sprockrooster (6) - Average filler.

@One Stop Candy Shop (6.5) - Nice but doesn't grab my attention.


Want more remixes? Have a whole pile of them. Hey, Armand Van Helden is here!

I hope the rest of the results isn't people low balling what they think has a chance to win too much as a Eurodance Top 10 without Real McCoy & Amber is ridiculous! Imagine a top 5 without Vengaboys, Aqua or Alice Deejay - is that what we are getting?


I really should've given "Another Night" a 10 because @iheartpoptarts gave my 11 a perfect score. But yeah #47 vs. #11, I think you did much better in the end. I think we all knew this would be the top song for Real McCoy as the "perfect pop chorus" comments were right on target.

Also, yas Zimbabwe is iconic stanning for all this Eurodance.

We kick off the Top 10 in style, because the next elimination has a new high of fifteen 10s and another 11.
Also that intro was iconic, especially with your customary "fiiiiiiiiine" when you don't get your way. *tongue out emoji*

Also, another note. I just counted and there are exactly eighteen 11s left for the ten songs and they are spread out among nine of the songs which should add to the intrigue of how this is all going down.
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I almost gave my 11 to a different Real McCoy song (poor "One More Time," which never stood a chance), but "Another Night" really is an all-time classic to me. As a kid, I taped it off the radio and drove my parents insane by playing it on a loop. My dad was fond of imitating that "I tawk tawk, I tawk to you." An iconic moment, for sure.