iheartHazey's 90s EURODANCE PARTY: Wanna go for a rate? - THE END


Sorry not sorry.


(Yes, I did just do that. *tongue out emoji*)
Also that intro was iconic, especially with your customary "fiiiiiiiiine" when you don't get your way. *tongue out emoji*

Oh, so I do that a lot? Hehe.

I almost gave my 11 to a different Real McCoy song (poor "One More Time," which never stood a chance), but "Another Night" really is an all-time classic to me. As a kid, I taped it off the radio and drove my parents insane by playing it on a loop. My dad was fond of imitating that "I tawk tawk, I tawk to you." An iconic moment, for sure.

I had them buy me the album for Christmas! *high five*

Another Night is awesome! And colour me shocked that Barbie Girl wasn’t @iheartpoptarts 11!

For what it's worth, I was super close to giving it to 'Lollipop'!

I actually had it pegged between this, Saturday Night, and another song yet to be eliminated.

Yeah, you know me.

And no @iheartpoptarts, I was too nervous to go do the karaoke myself.

And you know I'd go with you!

Hazey, that was an amazing post and I couldn't have done it better! Sad times.

Life is hard, etc.


Yes. Yes it is.


But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean—


Um, Poptarts? Wrong music video.

Life's about to get harder...


#9. Aqua - Doctor Jones - 8.682

After 5: #22
After 10: #12
After 15: #15
After 20: #12
After 25: #8
After 30: #8
Final: #9

Highest: 10 x 11 (@iheartpoptarts, @berserkboi, @roborovsky, @Daniel_O, @Empty Shoebox, @Eric, @Sprockrooster, @One Stop Candy Shop, @ohnoitisnathan, @Cutlery, @ThisIsRogue) 9.5 x 4 (@DJHazey, @phily693, @Aester, @Conan)

Lowest: 5 x 1 (@A$AP Robbie) 5.5 x 2 (@Hudweiser, @OspreyQueen)

Album: Aquarium (1997)

Best Charts: #1 (UK), #1 (Australia), #8 (Austria), #3 (Belgium), #1 (Denmark), #6 (Finland), #7 (Germany), #1 (Ireland), #1 (Italy), #3 (Netherlands), #2 (New Zealand), #1 (Scotland), #6 (Spain), #2 (Sweden)

Producers: Claus Norreen and Søren Rasted (of Aqua), Jam & Delgado (Daze, Ace of Base, Hit 'n' Hide)



Check me out in the jungle! A volcano's erupting in the background but nobody seems to mind much and I've got this lovely flower garland. Oh heyyyyyyy Doctor Jones, want one?


Sure! Okay, bye!


I've never felt more alone! Let me call you on my telegraph. At least I think that's what that is.


Baby I am missing you etc. etc.


Hang on a sec and I'll put on my safari outfit and go find you! Soren and Claus can drive my canoe.


I can't believe our voters just kicked out Aqua and Denmark! I'm going to bed.


Heeeeeeelp! We've been captured by guys with pointy sticks and it looks like they're about to eat us 'Bon Appetit' style!




Doctor Jones! Jones!


*wakes up now*


And then you save us and we all live happily ever after.


Woohoo! Dance party in the jungle!

All right, enough Aqua roleplay for the time being. So there we have 'Doctor Jones'. It's very obviously based off Indiana Jones, but my 90s kid self failed to catch on because, hey, that was an 80s thing, and it didn't click with me till a good ten years later. Like, oh.

It's Aqua's biggest non-'Barbie Girl' hit in a lot of places. Only in the US it's 'Lollipop'. So at the end of the day, we put in both, because it makes sense and we love them.

In other randomness, it's definitely the easiest Aqua song to do at karaoke. Just take my word for it. 'Cartoon Heroes' is the hardest because who can even sing that high. @DJHazey, I hope you're paying attention because one day when they invent plug.karaoke this is happening.

Oh, and some karaoke places like to mistranscribe the "ah yippee yi ooh" bits as "I piyaiiiiiiiioooooo" and I don't even know how.

The Metro Remix is also all kinds of euphoric and amazing and it will make your life better once you've already played the original 8745683475 times and you need something new to bop to. Trust me.

The Feeling Is Right:

Belgian TV had the right idea...

@One Stop Candy Shop (10) - Timeless. When this was a hit here in Belgium, a tv station had a fuck-up and played the video 6 times in a row. Now that was a good half hour of television!

As did generic American Christmas movies...

@WowWowWowWow (8) - Feel like Doctor Jones didn't really get an official push in the USA? (Although Wikipedia tells me that Jessica Biel sings it in I'll Be Home For Christmas?!?) My point being that this is fine enough, but it never cemented a place in my heart like the other songs did......

And @Sprockrooster's elementary school...

@Sprockrooster (10) - At elementary school we made a complete routine on this song for the farewell of one of our teachers. I absolutely adored that and instantly think of that listening to that.

And you guys, of course...

@Cutlery (10) - I adore how bubbly and cheerful the instrumental is

@berserkboi (10) - Awesome!

The verses may be the strong point here...

@CasuallyCrazed (8) - One of their catchiest songs ever, although there’s almost something too easy about that chorus.

@sfmartin (9) - The verses are perfect, as is apey aye ooh, the chorus isn't as good.

It's an Aqua fave for a lot of us...

@ohnoitisnathan (10) - Now this was by far their best song. So catchy, and deserving of its 7 week stint at the top in Oz. Any Australians reading this who don't want the song ruined, scroll past this: I can't un-hear "APIA" ooh ooh ah, though. APIA = the acronym of Australian Pensioner's Insurance Agency, who run annoying TV ads. It really sounds like Lene is singing that to me now.

@phily693 (9.5) - Definitely Aqua’s best song and it’s very much underappreciated/forgotten about it. It’s camp madness at its best.

@Seventeen Days (8.75) - This has always been my favorite Aqua track. Everything about it clicks for me - the cricket and synth intro, the pre-chorus call and response vocals between René and Lene, and that catchy-as-HELL chorus.

And so I take it there won't be too many complaints about the order of today's eliminations...

@Empty Shoebox (10) - Non Aqua fans will disagree here, but this is far superior to Barbie Girl. It comes with a melody that will rattle round your head for some time.

@rav4boy (8.5) - Superior to Barbie Girl

@Ray (7) - I prefer this to ‘Barbie Girl’, but if ‘Turn Back Time’ was in the rate it would have been my 11.

You're not alone there!

The Summer Is Gone:

@A$AP Robbie (5) - Its probably ridiculous to make this point in a Euro Bangers Rate, but man, Aqua's best song was Turn Back Time. Pretty unusual for me to favour a ballad over a banger, but here were are.

Hehe, one of these days we'll have an Aqua rate and I will fight you.


More because more:

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Okay so that roleplay section was better than anything I did with the "Barbie Girl" reveal. Just incredible. I knew this double-elimination was going to shock people and yes anyone would've expected "Barbie Girl" to outlast "Doctor Jones" by at least a few spots. Honestly I predicted like #15-#20 for "Doctor Jones" and Top 5 for "Barbie Girl". It's still all Eurodance classics left though, although half of them got scores in the 7-8 range from me so watching the leaderboard change was nerve-racking for me because I really hoped one of my 10s would win.

Just one reveal today and tomorrow (@iheartpoptarts is getting a break to do song contests stuff) then she'll do the only song on Saturday because I'm going to be busy with car repairs and other things.

Remember I said that nine of the Top 10 songs had at least one eleven? Well with Doctor Jones's departure that means every song left was at least someone's ultimate favorite. In fact today's elimination will have two of those.

It's also one of my 10s so.


Overall Average: 6.861

#9. Aqua - Doctor Jones - 8.682
#10. Aqua - Barbie Girl - 8.665
#29. Daze - Superhero - 7.428
#30. Aqua - Lollipop (Candyman) - 7.342
#42. Me & My - Dub-I-Dub - 7.053
#48. Toy-Box - The Sailor Song - 6.817
#54. Hit 'n' Hide - Space Invaders 6.497
#69. Toy-Box - Best Friend - 6.118
#70. Crispy - Licky Licky - 6.108
#73. Miss Papaya - Hero - 5.478
#75. Tiggy - Ring-a-Ling - 5.289

1. @iheartpoptarts - 9.818
2. @DJHazey - 9.364
3. @31entrance - 9.091

4. @berserkboi - 8.718
5. @One Stop Candy Shop - 8.636
6. @Cutlery - 8.127

7. @WowWowWowWow - 8.091
8. @Ana Raquel - 8.000
9. @Untouchable Ace - 7.991
10. @Sprockrooster - 7.864
11. @ohnoitisnathan - 7.500
11. @rav4boy - 7.500
13. @idratherjack - 7.455
14. @Aester - 7.182
15. @Remorque - 7.136
16. @P Grandson - 7.064
17. @Eric - 7.045
18. @sfmartin - 6.727
19. @Daniel_O - 6.636
20. @A$AP Robbie - 6.545
21. @dancingwithmyself - 6.364
22. @Seventeen Days - 6.295
23. @OspreyQueen - 6.273
24. @roborovsky - 6.182
25. @Conan - 6.136
26. @2014 - 6.045
27. @phily693 - 5.955
28. @ThisIsRogue - 5.818
29. @Hudweiser - 5.773
30. @Empty Shoebox - 5.455
31. @CasuallyCrazed - 5.409
32. @geomixes - 5.364
33. @LPMA - 5.182
34. @GhettoPrincess - 4.818
35. @soratami - 4.727
35. @Ray - 4.727
Aqua Recap

#9. Doctor Jones - 8.682
#10. Barbie Girl - 8.665
#30. Lollipop (Candyman) - 7.342

Highest: @Daniel_O (10.333) - @iheartpoptarts (10) - @One Stop Candy Shop (10) - @ThisIsRogue (10) - @DJHazey (9.833) - @berserkboi (9.7)

Lowest: @A$AP Robbie (4) - @Ray (5.333) - @GhettoPrincess (5.667)

Artist Ranking

Livin' Joy - 8.231
Aqua - 8.230
Amber 7.921
2 Unlimited - 7.763
Gala - 7.597
Berri - 7.500
Dr. Alban - 7.479
Black Box - 7.447
Daze - 7.428
Whigfield - 7.420
Mr. President - 7.272
Cappella - 7.180
Alex Party - 7.161
Ann Lee - 7.121
Paradisio - 7.108
Me & My - 7.053
Eiffel 65 - 6.983
Captain Hollywood Project - 6.929
Reset - 6.854
Koko - 6.808
E-Type - 6.774
Fun Factory - 6.628
Le Click - 6.617
Hit 'n' Hide - 6.497
Toy-Box - 6.467
DJ Bobo - 6.458
Emjay - 6.442
T-Spoon - 6.346
Bambee - 6.303
Twenty 4 Seven - 6.292
Maxx - 6.236
Technotronic - 6.228
Smile.dk - 6.139
Crispy - 6.108
Solid Base - 6.010
Capital Sound - 5.889
Miss Papaya - 5.478
Tiggy - 5.289​