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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Big Bang, Nov 9, 2014.

  1. A new era of K-Pop is upon us....



    iKON is a hip-hop group formed on survival show Mix & Match. The public voted for the 7 most relevant members out of 9, the two with the least votes had to pack their belongings and go home. The group comprises of the original 6 members of Team B from survival show WIN, for some reason they didn't win that show and nobody can remember who it was that beat them. iKON are the leaders of the next hallyu wave, crushing the relics of the past and rising to the top. Their new single is released in January and they will promote in both Korea and China.



    Leader/Rapper/Producer/Dancer. A legend in his own right, the new King is here.



    Rapper/Producer. As the winner of rapping survival show Show Me The Money 3, his rapping skills go unmatched. This US born star is coming.



    Vocal/dancer. if Taeyang and a cute fluffy kitten had a child, this would be the result. This is the member that cries the most.



    Vocal/dancer. Originally he just wanted to dance, little did he know he had these incredible vocals too. Without a doubt the most hilarious member.



    Adorable aspiring actor. Obsessed with lib balm. Also cries a lot.



    Vocal/dancer. Received praise from Taeyang and will therefore receive praise from me.



    Actor turned singer. The only new member to make it into iKON.

  2. Not for Chanwoo no
  3. Yes for Chanwoo!
  4. Chanwoo is precious and him making it into iKON was a no-brainer. He brings far more to the group than the other two would have.

    They're supporting Big Bang on their Japan tour now. Seeing iKON followed by Big Bang would be a dream come true, ugh..so jealous.
  5. They got their first scandal and B.I. finally has some (wall) street cred:

  6. Bobby's smile literally melts my heart. I didn't watch any of Mix & Match but I'm excited for another new hip-hop group! After feeling slightly let down by WINNER's debut, I'm hoping iKON will blow me away!

    I read about the scandal when it first surfaced but I don't see why people are saying B.I should be kicked out. It's something his father was involved in, not him. In fact it has nothing to do with music period. To me it makes no sense to criticize him.
  7. SOOOOOO here for Bobby, Hanbin, Junhoe, and Jinhwan. I'm uber excited for them to debut, I just hope it's not straight up hip-hop 'cause I need some dance beats incorporated. From what I've heard 'Sinosijak' is the kind of music I'd like.


    I like their image a lot. They come off genuine and have a bit of an edge to them. After stanning for so many "picture-perfect" groups, they're a nice change.
  8. Happy birthday to this man and this man alone.

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