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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 2014, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. That explains Warren's very abrupt exit last week then!

    Bring on the jungle shower part 2!
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  2. Fiz has arrived.
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  3. Jungle shower cancelled.
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  4. "The actress bought tea shop Annie's in 2012, and co-owns the cafe with husband and chef Chris Farr. She marketed it as the world's first breastfeeding friendly tearoom.
    But the latest accounts for the star's company Fifth Floor, filed in June 2016, show the company was £197,551 in the red.
    A source told the website: 'As a big soap star, Jennie has managed to negotiate a big fee to go into camp.
    'She has always been determined to make Annie’s a success so it would be no surprise to see her put some more money into the business."

    More money into it?! I'd be paying the debts and shutting shop.
  5. Fizz is kindof a national treasure, but I really hope she's a total monster.
  6. She's good friends with Anthony Cotton so she'll almost certainly show herself up to be as nasty as him.
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  7. Isn't she also besties with Kim Marsh who was with Jamie Lomas? Potential...
  8. [​IMG]
    Not a great lineup. Hopefully Gemma goes in late and with a bit of luck Nana has been on the boat to Oz smoking to her hearts content for the last month.
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  9. That looks like potentially the worst line up they've ever had.

    This thread will be dead by episode 2, never mind the end of the first week like last time.
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  10. Also, I just remembered Danniella Westbrook quit the show aswell. Gemma, Daniella and Lad C iconic quitters of reality TV shows.
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  11. I remember the rumours that Antony Cotton and his Corrie clique hated Tupele Dorgu who used to play Kelly Crabtree and were no doubt responsible for her leaving.
  12. I've never read anything positive about his "gang" - which is a shame, as I believe that Katharine Kelly is a paid-up member and I quite like her... (it's that whole Cilla Black/Paul O'Grady conundrum again)
  13. I'm counting down the days til Boris Johnson's dad comes out with something problematic and is "removed".

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  14. Line-up is confirmed.
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  15. I know the line-up doesn't matter, it's how they interact etc etc but jeez that line-up is terrible!
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  16. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Not gonna lie I bet Jamie is a bit of a knob
  17. I hope they parachute Lady C in on Day 3.
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  18. The brother of a D-lister is a new low for the programme, but like idratherjack says it's all about how they get along (or not) as a group.
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  19. Jack Maynard is...a choice.
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  20. I hope it's not happy campers like last year. I'm not saying I want it as toxic as Big Brother has got but it was like watching paint dry! Give us something!
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