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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 2014, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. Jessica is coming across so well on this, she is the only female who has a shot at being in the final I reckon.
  2. Justice for Bev!
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  3. Are they providing Bev with alternate mains each night or is she living off rice and beans?

    My (vegan) BF read something allegedly from a friend of hers who said she made up her veganism so she didn't have to eat anything grim.
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  4. I like Bev too but she has faded into the background somewhat lately.

    Can't believe the vote offs start tonight already. Get Shane out!
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  5. This is exactly the kind of stunt I’d pull.
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  6. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    A power move.
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  7. At the moment of I'm saying either Shane or Giovanna will win.
    He has the Facebook/ EastEnders vote.
    And she seems to have the Twitter/ Mums vote
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  8. I'd lol so much of he got voted out first.

    Such a shady and domineering individual. He and Coleen probably split because they were too similar and clashed.

    Their spawn Shane Jr seems like an unbearable combination of them both.
  9. Which of their children did Colleen watch (or maybe listen) to having sex.
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  10. The Nolans using Shane’s appearance on I’m A Celeb to promote their new show seems... fitting.
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  11. MBE Hollie was the first out.

    I was surprised the "bottom 2" if the actual bottom 2 was her and Ruthie and not her and Victoria. Might give Ruthie's fans some fire to vote for her.

    No elimination tomorrow as it's another Love Island style best/unseen bits.
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  12. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Ddd she listened to Shane Jr have sex because he butt dialed her in the act. Mess.
  13. Coffin Notalent doing insta lives about Shane and I'm a Celeb is so shameless, They are both odious characters. My funniest claim to fame is being blocked on Twitter by Shane Junior for telling him to ask his Auntie Linda what happened in Frank Carson's dressing room.
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  14. I just can't believe Giovanna is one of the faves to win, seems a genuinely nice person but she hasn't brought much to the show.
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  15. My mum loves her. She enjoyed her and Tom's pregnancy announcements and her honesty about struggling to lose baby weight.

    She also likes her on the kids TV stuff that she's watched with my nephews. I expect her to be a very high phone vote type but perhaps not so much on the free app vote. (Although my mum loves the free app votes so who knows).
  16. Anyone (beyond the forum) who is shocked that someone who was married to COVID-19 Test Nolan for almost a decade is actually not a good person.... welcome to reality.
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  17. Well that was a bore, I feel for the trial team as they are obviously hampered by not being able to do massive set ups etc
    I think Giovanna has it won with the amount of sympathy she is getting for not getting a treat from home. The fact Jordan and aj didn't and all the attention is on her shows she has massive support.
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  18. I don’t get the hype for her? It’s just mums supporting her but Jess is also a young mum so I don’t really get it
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  19. She has a podcast and has done cbeebies as a kids presenter, but I agree her whole thing seems to be she is the "mum". I think the thing of her not getting a treat gives her the sympathy vote and it could help her in winning. It did for Jacqueline last year, the whole her partner was cheating on her seemed be a big reason why she got the votes
  20. True, I know about her but I don’t follow her because I’m not a mum so have no interest so I sort of get that!

    Call me heartless but I think Covid has changed my perception on things like celebs.

    I just think, they’ve been paid minimum fifty grand to sit in a castle for two and a half weeks when there are people who haven’t seen or spoken loved ones for months across the globe and your crying over something so small like chocolate and a gift tag not even a letter when you have people like poor Kate Garaway who has been going through hell for months. I just personally find things a bit insensitive when it comes to a lot of celebrities at the moment!
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