I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

Can’t claim to know anything about Neon Jungle, but Jess is not a singer is she

I mean are we really judging someone based on one performance, in the cold, after alcohol, having probably not warmed up her voice or sang in a long time?
Shane really thought he was going to win didn’t he

Yeah for someone who has critiqued people for not knowing how the show works. He looked so shocked there when he got it might be you'd. Surely you know at the Top 4 they do it to everyone.

The joy I felt at him being eliminated.
She was a bore and the famous friends all getting the same images/videos to vote for her on social got very boring. The show has had two very samey winners in a row now, which is never a good sign
The really missed the chance to freshen this show up with a change of location. Stash it away with winter love island as something that never happened for me anyway.
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