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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 2014, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. Jordan is my dream straight turned gay boyfriend (alongside Joel Dommett).
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  2. She gives big... Karen but hiding it well energy. Way too much, comes off very insincere.
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  3. Global are so weird. Like BBC didn't ignore Kemp coming 3rd last year, are they that petty? Makes me wish he had won now
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  4. Ughh...
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  5. Before Vernon was eliminated the votes were:

    Giovanna 39.45%
    Jordan 34.06%
    Vernon 26.5%

    Jordan then caught up a bit, presumably as some Vernon fans transferred their votes to him:

    Giovanna 50.27%
    Jordan 49.73%
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  6. It was the most boring series I have ever seen.
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  7. Wish I'd voted for Jordan now. I assumed she had won it by a landslide. Most boring reality show winner since Rachel Rice in BB9!
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  8. Jordan would have been just as boring a winner as Giovanna was.
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  9. I think Giovanna is a lovely person but Jordan would have made a way more exciting winner.
  10. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    There was nothing exciting about this series at all.
  11. Is anyone watching this?
    Any thoughts on Naughty Boy and Arlene's opinions about the other camp? I'm very surprised how personal they took such a decision, do they not know the game, really strange but maybe emotions are high.
  12. Yeah I'm watching it.

    I was so confused by the reaction to everything. They had got the meal and treat on the previous day. So it wasn't like they had gone without completly.

    And I didn't get why Naughty Boy was so upset they picked him for the trial after the challenge. All he had done was walk up and down some stairs.

    I also think Danny is completely fake too. As he has done a flip in just a day so I don't know what's going on with that.
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  13. Yeah it seemed pretty pathetic from them both, ‘there’s no love there’. Love, you didn’t do two trials in a day, it was a daily challenge, they haven’t put you through the ringer. They didn’t even choose the weakest opponent.

    It’s clear from them saying ‘with the intention of confronting them’…. That they didn’t actually confront them at all. I bet main camp is blissfully unaware of it all unless Madeley has stuck his boot in his mouth.

    Snoochie was my best bet for an early out but is coming across excellently. In fact it is looking quite a difficult field for our Frankie. I would expect Arlene, Naughty Boy and (at this point) Louise and Kadeena may go before her, but anything can change. Smashed the first trial though, was so happy for her.
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  14. They all seem miserable in the Clink, I know it’s not fun but I’m glad their in the main camp as I couldn’t take another episode of Arlene and Naughty Boy being sad, taking everything personally and acting like babies!
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  15. Frankie is coming across as the warm, kind, beautiful and lovely person that she actually is. So proud of her. We need to vote for her. She smashed the first challenge.
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  16. Matty Lee is pretty much flying under the radar. He barely has any screen time. I like the guy, and have followed him on social media for a while now, but he is definitely at risk of being voted out if the public don't get to see some more of him.
  17. Shirtless Ginola... pfff
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  18. Richard Madeley has been taken to hospital after falling ill following his trial.
  19. How is Danny Miller coming across?
  20. Naughty Boy is… definitely not neurotypical. I think this is going to be rough for him.
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