I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

Anyone watching this this year?

I skipped last year but enjoying it so far, Boy George is very funny.

Shame about Olivia, my main reason for watching LOL.
There's been a nice chill energy to the first few episodes and I quite enjoy most of the cast even though there's nobody there I really can say that I would stan.

I may have to stop watching when Hancock turns up though, I'll feel icky if I'm complicit in any way with the rehabilitation of his public image.
This series has felt quite boring so far.

Like I'm not one for loving it when they are arguing all episode or there is someone being intentionally antagonistic or bullying someone.

But I need some kinda of drama or trepidation.

Be interested how Babatunde does in the challenge tonight considering it is heights and he bailed so quickly on the Focus building.

I hope it isn't like Danny Miller last year or a few people over previous years who bail or freak out on an early challenge and then get voted to do more so get air time but suddenly aren't scared anymore and are a hero.
So Owen thinks calling South Tottenham ‘SoTo’ is ‘bijou’ yet he says he doesn’t know who Matt Hancock is.


Also not ready for ITV trying to humanise Matt Hancock.
They/them, he/him
Its completley predictable, looking at how the British people vote in other reality TV shows and just vote in general...

This show is just so repetitive and boring to me now, every year its the same thing with the same kind of characters.

And and Dec have even started pointing out how repetitive the format is. Their introduction of the Dingo Dollars bit with Jill and Owen was a masterclass in subtle dragging.
I’m done with I’m A Celebrity this year.

I am so angry at Matt Hancock being there. They are letting him rehabilitate his image and aren’t even challenging him on anything that has happened.

The celebrities aren’t paid to grill a politician they didn’t know was coming onto the show. They’ve put all the celebs in such a bad position too by associating them with him. I bet there are a few who would never have signed up if they knew he would be a contestant.

I’d go as far to say that it has ruined the format of the show because Ant & Dec can’t even slag him in the same way as other campmates as they need to show impartiality due to broadcasting rules (although the Tories suspending the whip before he went on means they don’t need to give a Labour/SNP/Lib Dem equivalent airtime, how convenient).

This show has always been about escapism - Australia at this time of year with sun, living in the jungle and seeing some well-loved celebrities try their best to survive tough conditions. By bringing Matt Hancock in, they have only exacerbated the negative experiences we’ve all had over the last few years.
They’ve put all the celebs in such a bad position too by associating them with him.
I agree but there are a few questionable characters in there this year, who in my opinions are throwing stones in glass houses in terms of Matt.

Boy George shouldn’t be allowed to have a career after the awful things he did and went to prison for, pretty sure if it wasn’t an escort he did it to he’d never be on TV again.

Seann Walsh gaslit his ex to make her feel like, and I quote “a Psycho” when she had worries of an affair, that actually happened. All round not a nice person who tried to make his ex feel like she was losing her mind, almost a form of DV.

Chris Moyles is a bully… we all know why and the whole story.

Sue Cleaver was arrested for driving two times over the legal driving limit. No excuse for that, ever she could of killer someone!

Mike is associated with Prince Andrew.

So really, Matt Hancock is in good company of pretty awful zelebs!
I've only ever watch one series of this before - some of the petrified animals being haphazardly thrown at a bunch of C-listers is really cruel (to the critters).

I was sure I read this was some kind of All-Star season though?
I was sure I read this was some kind of All-Star season though?

They have pre recorded it in South Africa earlier in the year.

How that will work with trials and eliminations I have no idea. As if the celebrity's vote each other off it will either be cliquey or anyone who is interesting will go.

I understand that it was done incase they last minute couldn't do Australia this year.

So it will now air next year.

I am also checked out of this year's series.

Matt is doing all the trials until the public stop voting for them. And the public seem to be warming to him. And I've seen people criticising the other Celebs for bullying him for having any issues with him. Particularly Charlene, although that isn't a surprise considering she's a black woman and he is a straight white man.
The Charlene thing is wild to me. She’s mostly joining in nice conversations, singing and joking. But the minute she says something not the kindest, it’s ‘she’s SO miserable’. Why do we only ever recall the negative?