I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

I like Josie and Sam. I didn’t know Nella before this but she seems like she’ll be fun. I always get a bit bored of this after the first week.
Speaking of deserved, the show’s ratings collapsed. Can’t imagine advertisers and thus ITV will be thrilled. Guess that’s what you get for casting a hate-filled bigot who was instrumental in the horrific political direction this country has taken

The problem is, 6.95 million is still a huge figure for live TV nowadays. It's higher than the amount that tuned into Strictly's launch this year for instance.

It's incredibly stale but they have nothing to replace it which will attract anywhere near 7 million.
I stopped watching this show years ago, but 7 million viewers is nothing to scoff about these days. I’ve seen people on Twitter attempting to drag the figure all day but…is there anything that still manages to pull that kind of viewing figure before catch-up is included? It may be the lowest rated premiere since the first year, but advertisers aren’t going to be too bothered when it’s pulling in figures above pretty much everything else on TV.


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The cast is fine bar Nigel obvs, it's a shame he's going to steal the limelight when all Danielle/Fred/Josie/Marvin deserve.
Only watching for Nella and she is absolutely delivering. God forbid she'll befriend that man though - they're already putting their names together.
Jamie Lynn doesn’t seem mentally well. It’s actually quite disturbing, especially hearing about her life. She seems like she’s on a downward spiral. Between Jamie and Nigel, this series is depressing.