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I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 2014, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. RJF


    I caught five minutes of this last night and it was literally just everyone saying what a great time they're having. Terrible television.
  2. I kind of love Martin.
  3. Oh my not one person posted in here for the Saturday night show.

    The decay.
  4. I can't be arsed with it anymore. I'm watching it but I'm playing Pokémon Sun at the same time. It's just the same few faces getting all of the screen time every night.
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  5. Cackling at Carol admitting she dumps her boyfriends before Christmas in time for party season. Go on Carol.
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  6. I'm screaming at this :

    Scarlet : Oh, it smells nice here.
    Ola : I literally just had a poo.
    Scarlet : Really?!
  7. Good to see Carol has got her groove back. That trial was great to watch.

    Jordan is so bland.
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  8. I must admit I am loving Martin now.
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  9. I've really enjoyed the past couple of episodes. We've seen most of the campmates do something of worth, there's been a good variety of trials, tasks and secret missions, and it's felt more like the programme I expected it to be. Hope it continues.

    Sorry Jordan, you seem like a nice guy but I can't say I'll miss you, mate.
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  10. Carol went? What the fuck.
  11. People like Sam and Wayne are nice, I get why you'd like them but they aren't that entertaining, at least Carol made me laugh. Shame she left.
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  12. I'm sick to death of Scarlett and Adam.

    I suddenly find myself on Team Martin.
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  13. The fact that Wayne doesn't know any of the albums The Saturdays have released and that he hasn't listened to any of them either is hilarious. Poor Frankie. Here's your next troll, love.
  14. I bet Ben and Una were sitting watching it together tonight and burst into an impromptu rendition of "Chasing Lights" in response.
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  15. Adam is revolting. Scarlet's a big fake. This series is just another casualty of 2016.
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  16. Adam is cute but his over the top fake laugh is grating. I wouldn't mind Scarlett so much if they hadn't been pushing her as the favourite from day one. Whenever something happens it's always her they cut to, in whatever the jungle equivalent of the diary room is called. I know she's from Gogglebox but it's too much.
  17. I'd say they do that more wth Joel, than Scarlett.
  18. I've found the editing on this infuriating this year in particular. Why they feel the need to constantly cut away to the diary room thing for comment on everything is so dumb.

    *Martin talks to Wayne about something*
    *cuts to diary room of Wayne telling the camera the exact thing that happened*
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  19. Yeah and it's taking up all of the time that would usually focus on those funny little campsite moments and arguments that we're missing out on this year.
  20. I'm glad Larry is gone.

    I'm guessing it's between Wayne and Sam for the next elimination. Then whoever is left between these two for the day after. Then, Martin I reckon. The top 3 will be : Scarlet, Adam and Joel.
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