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I'm bringing ...back

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Dazzle, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. Following on from the amazing announcement that Wispa Golds are returning to save us all from our bubbly caramelly needs, what other discontinued products would you like to see return?

    Top of my list would be this:


    I loved them so much as a kid!
  2. I only want one thing to be brought back from my childhood:


  3. Is that like crystal meth but for the masses?
  4. Hahaha... sure seemed like it. For all those people who love the taste of Pepsi but just hate the colour brown I suppose?
  5. I've never come across anyone who has complained about the colour of pepsi before. I feel I am missing out!
  6. Well there must not have been that many complainers, since it only was out here in the States for a year! Marketing fail!

    Didn't mean to derail the thread on a Pepsi tangent... who else has delicious memories to share?
  7. It was caffeine free! I love the idea of somebody creating a completely new product just because they were really passionate about their dislike of the colour brown, though. Awesome.

    I wish they'd bring Fox's Chocolate Sports biscuits back. I remember that I once my friend once sat and ate two entire packets of them in one day. Delicious and vomit-filled memories.
  8. Oh, I also want Strawberry Trios back. They were delicious. SO DELICIOUS.

    Triiiiiiio! Triiiiiiiiiiiio! I want a Trio and I want. one. now.
  9. Charley

    Charley Staff Member


    Just because.
  10. What the hell is that? It looks like someone has sneezed in a bottle of ketchup. Though strangely I want to try it!
  11. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    It is, quite simply, green ketchup.

    No different taste or anything. Just green ketchup.
  12. Urgh, coloured ketchup was so wrong. I didn't really understand the idea behind it. I mean, I know it was meant to "make vegetables fun", but the sauce itself as so high in salt that in enticing kids to eat vegetables with bright colours it probably endangered their health.

    Stupid parents.

    Edit: Apologies to your parents.
  13. Did they make an orange version of that as well? Maybe i just dreamt that up.
  14. I think I can see why it may not have been as successful as standard red ketchup, to be honest.

    Another marketing fail!
  15. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    Haha, no problem Twat Snacks!

    I don't see how it would make your vegetables more fun, though?

    Well, except for the 'OMGZ RANDOM!!1!' factor.
  16. I'd say 'apology accepted' except that my parents would never let me eat anything that horrendous.

    That clear Pepsi reminds me of Tab Clear. Does that still exist anywhere?
  17. potatosalad

    potatosalad Guest

    The green ketchup tasted exactly the same except the colour of it made you heave and put you off your dinner.

    The sight of green ketchup on a bacon sandwich made me feel so sick.
  18. Kunzel Cakes! The most beautiful tasting cakes in the history of the world.
  19. I think it's the novelty. They did it in orange, green and blue and so the children were meant to be all "MY CARROTS ARE BLUE! HAHAHHAHAHAH! BLUE CARROTS! AWESOME!" and then they shoved them in their stupid little mouths.

    Of course, what Heinz failed to realise is that children can look past the colour and realise that vegetables are just gross, no matter what colour they are.
  20. [​IMG]

    I'm not sure if these have actually been discontinued, but i haven't seen them in a while.
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