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☁️Imagine A Rate Like That☁️ - The Ariana Grande Rate: a double winner makes it a hat-trick!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by savilizabeths, Jan 27, 2020.


What's your favourite Ariana Grande album?

  1. Yours Truly

  2. My Everything

  3. Dangerous Woman

  4. Sweetener

  5. thank u, next

  6. positions

  1. Those who want Break Free out before the Top 10 (5 really) need their ears checked!
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  2. ‘Break Free’ is great fun but it’s not even in her Top 20 tracks for me.
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  3. "Break Free" is cute, but cute next to gorgeous.

  4. Rocket #9 take off to the planet...

    To the planet...

    T̵͉͐̀o̴̡̳͙͔͉͌̉̌͗͂̉͝ ̶̧̦̺̲̱͙͖̘̹͉̌̑̑̑͒̎̕͘͠ț̵̡͈͙̼͔̺̘̃̓̾̅̈́̌͊̐͒̓͛̀͝h̶̦̻͓͎̱͊̀͂͛e̷̜̘͍̳̲̻̘͚͆͊͑̌̈́̐͆͐͋̕ ̷̟̌̈́̎̓̈́̍̅̄̑̑̔́̃͝p̴͖̤̱̮̈́̽́̈́l̸̬͉̬̼͙̹͓̤̝̰̭͑͂ͅä̵̙͓̲̻̪̙̩̦̖͖̠͕͉́̉́͝ṋ̶̦͔̲̟̠̯̟̳̼̄́͂̅͂̉̀́̒̑̿̆̀̕͜͝ͅe̶̝̯̼͛́̊̐́͗͂̚͝͠ţ̵̳̳͉͗̎͑͊̂͌̇̾̄͋̔͑̎̒



    ☁️ NASA ☁️

    Average: 8.74

    You don't wanna leave me but I'm tryna self discover
    Keep me in your orbit and you know you'll drag me under

    High: 10x25 (@dylanaber @savilizabeths @GimmeWork @RMK @boombazookajoe @Vitamin @Espeon @Mushroom @ufint @aux @aaronhansome @TwistedInnocence @RUNAWAY @Sanctuary @slaybellz @138Prince @Petty Mayonnaise @ysev @Laurence @Endothelium @superultra @japanbonustrack @sapnu puas @Mirwais Ahmadzaï and Yours Truly) 9.5x5 (chrismoyer @junkos @Holly Something @daninternational @Music Is Death)
    Low: 4.5x1 (@Hurricane Drunk) 6x2 (@CorgiCorgiCorgi @Serg.) 6.75x1 (@Vixen) 7x5 (@Sprockrooster @soratami @andrewdarwitan @elektroxx @blaze_dave)

    Total Points: 638
    My Score: 10/10
    Host's Score: 10/10

    Mmmm so I can picture Ariana thinking about how she just did that when coming up with the titular hook and then she and her team developed the rest of the song. She was right, as NASA is filled to the brim with extensive comparisons between Ari and far off solar systems while her lover is the next advanced Earth-sized telescope trying to get as close as to finding where humans will colonize next. And it's always a beautiful thing to talk about space, isn't it? After all, everyone is here today because our ancestors looked up to the stars and learned from them, from constellations, the night sky, worshipped them as religious means, and so forth. So while placing trust in referencing the US space exploration agency, NASA represents universal sentiments of looking as far outwards as possible for people in order for them to reach some conclusions inwards about what they really want and where they will go.

    Brilliant couplets are found through the track, such as the one I've highlighted, in no small part due to the potential mishearing of "orbit" as "armpit" (cc: Better Off). They manage to expand and fill the width of the topic without fail, and to me it's one of the great achievements of her songwriting as a whole. I mean, t
    he song comes directly contrasting Needy, coming off the back of it, and gives so much dimension to Ariana's relationships through the album. She finds some balance in these facets of romance and it comes off very naturally and delivered in a neat, tight pop package for us to feast on.

    Oh and the production? She flows like a moodboard of purple-tinted Hubble images, ice clouds in Mars, a woman taking the time for her own discovery in a path she makes for herself. Those synths in the final stretch of the outro, YES GOD. She fits the spacey brief and exceeds expectations with Shangela immersing us with her monologue broadcast live as soon as she sets foot in Europa or some other of Jupiter's 23934 moons. W*g.

    Some people tried to be cute and clever but the joke just didn't land (trust me, I would know about it), and @reputation. (8) is here to demonstrate: "O-V-E-R-R-A-T-E-D. Is it a great bop? Yes absolutely. But y’all overrate it so much." Sure thing. @Milotic (7.5) may not be reaching Venus anytime soon, but they brought mostly compliments: "100% relate to the lyrics on this one. As an introvert, I need my recharge time!! That aside, this is good, but not one of my favorites." Okay, you're forgiven. And @Crisp X (8) decides to namedrop some of the greats, not sure which song is ringing a bell though: "This sounds really similar to a Mýa or Ashanti song that I haven’t in mind right now. This lacks just something to upgrade it to the top tier of the album."

    @DJHazey (8) and everyone else reading this should not forget to Start Now and listen or relisten to the elusive six albums for the 2020 BPG Rate, opening Dec 1st: "Didn't think anything about it when I first listened to the album but the BPG rate showed me its catchiness and I'm kind of on-board." Looks like you still have some work to do!

    Sometimes less needs to be said, as @daninternational (9.5) simply states: "Clever and a bop". And chrismoyer (9.5) similarly says: "What a cool song!".

    Some of you remain upset that this fan-favorite, which elicited a NASA font-themed merch drop from the ponytail-clad songstress and a graffiti cameo in the 7 R*ngs video, was not a single. Case in point, @superultra, @GimmeWork and @RUNAWAY (10): "SHOULD. HAVE. BEEN. A. SINGLE. #JUSTICEFORNASA", "Still upset this mega bop didn’t become a single!" and "Fuck, this song is ICONIC. This entire first part of the album was INCREDIBLE, and yet NOTHING was picked as a single….girl what?! This song should have absolutely been released over 7 rings.", respectively. I think the fact the first half of album tracks being mostly the highlights and two of the three singles being shit makes the era a bit iconic in its own right. Not a hint of taste was found!

  5. Yeah, you guys are out of your minds.
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  6. This lives in my mind rent-free:

  7. Break Free just didn't age well. It would have been considered one of her top 10 songs back in the day but not so much anymore.

    Also NASA deserved better!
  8. The absolute classics never age.
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  9. NASA is great, one of my thank u, next favourites.
  10. Welp, one of my faves missed the top 15.

    Also, I'm a mess, this was supposed to be up like 5 days ago. Your boy's been busier then usual these days.



    ☁️ BLOODLINE ☁️

    Average: 8.75

    No, we won't be talking the next day
    I ain't got nothin' to say (Hell nah)
    I ain't lookin' for my one true love
    Yeah, that ship sailed away

    High: 23x10s (@2014 @soratami @GimmeWork @DJHazey @RMK @junkos @Espeon @ufint @aux @Serg. @Milotic @elektroxx @TwistedInnocence @Ana Raquel @Slice of Life @Wired Life @138Prince @Vixen @SlowGinFizzzz @ysev @Laurence @Music Is Death @OspreyQueen) 8x9.5s (@dylanaber @savilizabeths @Dangerous Maknae @stoicist @Holly Something @daninternational @VitaminBee @Endothelium) 6x9s (@pop3blow2 @lemonsqueezyy @maikos87 @Laura Vanderbooben @Robsolete @Remorque)
    Low: 1x5 (@BreatheBox) 2x6s (@Aester @fatyoshi) 3x7s (@andrewdarwitan @myblood @CorgiCorgiCorgi)
    Total Points: 638.75
    Host's Score: 9.5
    My Score: 10

    Poor bloodline dddd. I really was hoping this would make top 15. I guess the material is just too damn strong, but there are a few songs I would've been okay with leaving before this. Oh well.

    I'm going to start by just sharing the commentary I wrote for the song: Is it a Side To Side rip-off? No. Not really. I’ve never heard it. It is another amazing song from her though. That pre-chorus alone sets it apart from the aforementioned song. Anyway, the melody throughout is insanely catchy. The lyrics are also kind of amazing and iconic, especially considering everything. I will always and forever get my life to this bop. God, actually this song is still depressingly sad, despite trying to disguise itself as a bop for the “sex-only” kings and queens. Like, the lyrics and her vocals make me wanna cry in some parts. Ugh. I love her when she does stuff like this. And yeah, this pretty much all holds up today. The only thing it has in common with Side To Side is that both are reggae pop-esque songs, but overall the production on both is different. I don't really feel like getting into the specific differences, but the most obvious one is the horns here instead of the guitar in Side To Side. But to be honest, I think this song is better nn. Both 10s! I just relate to this more, which gives it an edge. On first listen, this is just another fun little sex bop from Ari, but it becomes clear overtime that it covers similar themes to "bad idea". Wanting to have casual sex with no attachments is completely respectable, but there's a layer of sadness on this song, as much as she tries to hold it back. It's easy to understand where this sadness comes from - she had recently called off an engagement after the passing of someone who she had loved deeply. Honestly, I don't think anyone could blame her in wanting to indulge in hook-ups. But you get the sense that she's doing this not just for fun, but as a way to avoid healing and getting past what she had gone through. She's ignoring her pain, because she's at a point of simply not caring. It's not expressed clearly on this song, but later in the album. That said, there are hints of it here. The first line is "Even though you're bad for me I know...". She's acknowledging that this guy is bad for her, but it's not just the guy. It's the situation, what she's doing that's bad for her, and she knows it, and she doesn;t care cause she's gonna do it anyway, cause for just a little bit, it has her "feeling so incredible". And "Get it like you love me but you don't, boy it's just for show." She won't admit it, but she craves the opposite of that - she wants the intimacy of being with someone she loves, and she knows they're both just pretending when she's with this guy. In the second verse, she tells us "I ain't looking for my one true love. Yeah, that ship sailed away." This is already devesating as a lyric, knowing what she had recently lost, but there's something in her voice on "away" that makes me want to burst into tears. Her vocal delivery in general is interesting on the song. Even though it's about having casual sex without wanting them to stay with you forever, she isn't enjoying herself. She's not having fun. She doesn't sound happy at any point in this song, despite the subject matter usually being something to celebrate and own in a positive way, for the most part. And I think that adds to everything about how she knows she shouldn't be doing this, and it isn't healthy but again, she dpoesn't care. Not right now. She just wants to numb the pain - which she'll say explicitly later on the album. Now I said I could relate to this, but for reasons that I actually explain in my "bad idea" commentary, so I'm not going to go into it here. So stay tuned if you're interested in my personal self-destructive tendencies dddd. Besides the production, a really fun part of the song, is of course the spoken intro from Ari's grandma Marjorie, who had actually been talking about a hearing aid, but Ari cut it down to make it seem like she was talking about sex. She said she included it because her grandma os the "matriarch of the bloodline". At the end of the intro, Ari gives a little giggle that is absolutely adorable and always makes me smile.

    Speaking of smiling, I wonder how many of you will be doing that when you see this result. I only have positive comments to share with y'all today, so let's start with everyone who mentioned Side To Side. @superultra (8) simply remarks: Outsold “Side to Side.” which I think is a good thing? I'm finishing this at 6 AM so I might be dumber than usual. If that is a good thing, I don't think she would agree with @reputation. (8), who said: Absoute BAWP! I overplayed it a lot last year. Side To Side aged better though. Now, I don't think they sound alike, and I still think both sound great in 2020, so I guess I don't agree with you ddd. I do agree about it being a bawp though. And finally, I have someone who agrees with me in @Milotic (10): Bop bop bop bop. I was hooked from the first listen. Honestly, I don't understand the Side to Side comparisons at all, as I think this stands on its own just fine. But, an all around great hoe anthem. Yes, exactly. I don't get it either. Moving on, Mr. Guy From Twitter @chrismoyer (8) continues to remind us that he got to see Ari live: I’ve listened to it so much, but damn still, What a bop! It’s sassy and fun as hell, and seeing this in concert was a moment! I'd give my left pinkie to see her in concert. It's not like I need it anyway. @pop3blow2 (9) simply states: Further proving there’s not many styles of songs she can’t handle well. An icon who can do any style of music, that's her. And I'm left wondering what @Sprockrooster's (8) score would've been when the album came out: This strongly grew upon me in time. Glad you saw the light sis. Like me, @RUNAWAY (8.5) enjoys her grandma in the intro: Love the instrumentation in this song, and her grandma’s sample was ICONIC. It's amazing, and the production is done so well for sure, naturally considering who did it. However, I don't think @daninternational (9.5) would agree, and is also maybe the one who needs a hearing aid?: The guys voice at the start is so annoying but the song is great. How does she always pull off the reggae twist? Ddd I hope this write-up helped explain the spoken intro, and because she's a queen, that's how. A few of you did include the word "reggae" in your commentary, so maybe I should lump you together. @Crisp X (8.5) reveals: Reggae pop is always my jam. which is extremely valid, even if it's not your only jam, and finally @DJHazey (10) probably wishes this was in the top 10: Actually, based on how many plays I had in 2019 for it, gotta say it's one of my all-time favorite Ariana songs. It's got an effortlessly reggae thing going on that I simply cannot get enough of, when the song starts I'm in the freakin' zone. It's such a fantastic bop at the gym and also a killer sing-along track as well. The full package. I 've listened to it 19 times total while working on this write-up, and I can't stop myself from singing along every time. I sometimes mess up the pre-chorus still though.

  11. dddd that's her grandma?
  12. Ha, right. bloodline eats title-track for lunch, I don't know what everyone hears with that one. Single effect, something.This is absurd!

    Oh and the "Side to Side" comparisons never make much sense, it's like whenever there's a female pop punk song, it's automatically an Avril Lavigne/Paramore rip-off.
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  13. Good song, but never expected it to go top 20.
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  14. Bloodline is the only album track on thank you next that I actually care about. Oh well.
  15. That hurts. Bloodline – Bad Idea – Ghostin' is my trinity from that album (in no particular order).
  16. This is unquestionably the truth.
  17. #17 (tie)



    Average: 8.777

    And you gave me the key to all your love and all your pleasure
    Boy, I'm a treasure

    High: 11x1 (@Vitamin) 10x29 (@dylanaber chrismoyer @boombazookajoe @lemonsqueezyy @myblood @BreatheBox @Mushroom @Ugly Beauty @CorgiCorgiCorgi @ufint @aux @aaronhansome @elektroxx @TwistedInnocence @Robsolete @RUNAWAY @Sanctuary @slaybellz @Crisp X @Slice of Life @Wired Life @Petty Mayonnaise @ysev @Laurence @superultra @Music Is Death @OspreyQueen @Blond and Yours Truly) 9.5x4 (@Dijah. @junkos @stoicist @sapnu puas)
    Low: 3x1 (@WhatKindOfKylie?) 6x3 (@GimmeWork @fatyoshi @VitaminBee) 6.5x1 (@andrewdarwitan)

    Total Points: 640.75
    My Score: 10/10
    Host's Score: 8/10

    MMMmmm so next up we have an Act of Transition in the form of going from the closure of one romantic relationship and entering a new one. This 1-2 punch comes in the form of a send-off to Big Sean and an ode to the newfound love with Ricky Alvarez. I won't bore you lot with the details surrounding those relationships, when I don't know them myself, but know that 'Knew Better / Forever Boy' is a stunning piece of music. Maybe it's some bias or something because when pop girls do a two-part song, it more often than not results in some of their finest work and this is no exception! Produced by the Mr. Franks / TBHits duo which would be responsible for blockbuster singles 'Thank U, Next' and '7 R***s'.

    'Knew Better' has been mentioned before, thanks to Part II/its extended mix version as performed while touring the album and was much later uploaded to Soundcloud, which left the rate at #42. It starts with a fuzzy electronic soundscape, much like driving at 2 am past the muffled music coming from within the walls of the clubs downtown. Ariana starts soon enough taking absolutely no shit from her ex, coming with facts and truths about what drove them apart and cockily affirming that her dedication to cultivating her relationships makes are too much for him. She is better off either on her own or with someone who can really be willing to give as much as she does. In this case, the beat and the more lo-fi chill vibes work perfectly in what is one of her more well-rounded R&B efforts, as she ends this man with utmost class.

    The transition into 'Forever Boy' presents us with a crystal-clear sound that has that EDM influence present in multiple tracks across the latter half of Dangerous Woman. Proof of the way this production that, while of its time (maybe even late by a couple years if we're being real), it still holds up today, is that we're collectively rating it so highly even after all the music Ari has released ever since. All in all, the instrumental is still soft and welcoming, not so much blasting remixes on the floor as much as reflecting back when you're alone at home and it's Sunday morning. Now we have some lyrics were Grande is a little saccharine, a little earnest, but above anything she's honest in this love that doesn't even need to be romantic. She can be talking about one of her best friends, whom she sees sharing the most important moments of her life. If this is really about Ricky, it makes sense as he's still part of Ariana's creative team and they remain good friends.

    I feel like now's the time to lend the mic to the audience and hear y'all gush about this double track. @DJHazey (7) will be denied at the gates, however: "Definitely prefer the 'Forever Boy' half, but honestly I hardly play this one anymore because so many other songs tower over it on Dangerous Woman, I know this opinion isn't a shared one at all.". Guess I can see your point as we still have, what, five Dangerous Woman songs here? But still, a 10 is a 10 no matter how much time has passed or how many other 10s there are in the (excellent) album! @Milotic (7) might find themselves rowing in the same boat: "I enjoy the sort of warped production this one has, and the fact that it's basically 2 songs in 1. Not my favorite, but I like it!". You'll get there eventually.

    @CorgiCorgiCorgi (10) showcases massive growth: "I used to hate this song but it's grown on me.". Optimist @pop3blow2 (8) has no idea what the hell she was saying, but girl they were more-less living: "Kinda sonically weird & interesting, even if not’s a song I think of much. It’s creative. Maybe a tad too long.". And @daninternational (9) asks: "How do you rate two songs in one? I love Forever Boy". I think she's a really interesting song.

    The transition had us ascending, and @RUNAWAY (10) knows it: "Now this is a fucking moment. The fact she wasted this on the deluxe edition is absolutely criminal. The change from Know Better into Forever Boy gives me chills down my spine every time. It’s so iconic.". @reputation. (10) rhetorically asks: "Can we take a moment to appreciate the flawless transition between two excellent songs?". Yes girl, we can take 5 minutes... or 10, why not play the song twice? @Crisp X (10) also adds to the praise: "I remember the switch up catching me off guard on my first listen, making it an immediate standout at the time. The production is just… so exquisite and the way it shifts from an alternative R&B jam to a straight up pop banger is genius. She’s pretty much reaching perfection with her vocals, and the harmonies in particular, in the Forever Boy section.". Mmmmmm yes, she did that. The dynamics of the track are so great as is, and it would be lost if they were two separate songs.

    Current R&B supreme 'Nashe came up a few times in the comments. @superultra (10) reminisces that: "This song stopped me in my tracks when I first heard it. It reminds me of Tinashe in all its assertiveness.". Remember when we were hoping for a collab in positions? I'm still hoping for it and we WILL manifest it for the next album. @Blond (10) keeps the high praise: "One of my 11 contenders. The production is amazing and it gives me all of the Tinashe vibes I need.".

    I leave the longest comment, by Twitter extraordinaire @chrismoyer (10), for last: "Masterpiece number two! For the longest time, this was always my favorite song ever by her, I love both parts of this song, Knew Better is sassy and fun as hell to sing and rap! (KB Part II!) and Forever Boy is just gorgeous and I sing it so loud. The best part though of this whole song is by FAR the transition in the middle. WOW! Leading into Forever Boy, the beat and sound are just so modern and futuristic, I can’t explain it, it just makes me wanna go far away, travel far and wide, it’s an absolutely AMAZING transition and so seamless.". Yas, the excitement this one ellicits. It's destined to be a very well-regarded deep cut and such is the life of a Dangerous Woman album track!

  18. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    @savilizabeths explain this shocking display of tastelessness!!! I can't believe you didn't give this a 10.
  19. Knew Better/Forever Boy is such a career highlight. Lush, clever, elegant production, fun, sassy, the transition is heavenly and she kills it live aswell. My 11 was between this and in my head.

    I guess taste has also been in lockdown.
  20. Happy this made it as high in the rate as it did. It’s an IMMACULATE song.
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