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☁️Imagine A Rate Like That☁️ - The Ariana Grande Rate: a double winner makes it a hat-trick!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by savilizabeths, Jan 27, 2020.


What's your favourite Ariana Grande album?

  1. Yours Truly

  2. My Everything

  3. Dangerous Woman

  4. Sweetener

  5. thank u, next

  6. positions

  1. Remember when Be Alright received a 4(!?)
  2. Nooooo! What the fuck?? How did this fall 9 spots from the last rate. Maybe I should have given it my 11 again.

    Whoever gave this a 3 is delusional sorry.
  3. I'm with @savilizabeths, it's an 8 but nothing more. There are definitely better songs that were somehow eliminated before this one.
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  4. I genuinely can't imagine listening to "Knew Better / Forever Boy" and hearing a three. The lack of taste.
  5. Wow, I didn't expect it to leave yet but I'm good with it for sure.
  6. Can't lie and say this is one of my favourites. I get if other people like it, but just not for me.
  7. Finally managed to catch up on this rate. I'm quite pleased my 11 is still here, I actually expected it to have been eliminated by the time I reached the latest elimination.

    Also poor positions still at 0 in the poll one month and a half after having been released nn
  8. Well it seems a number of you







    (points for whoever gets this reference)

    #17 (tie)


    ☁️The Way (Feat. Mac Miller)☁️

    Average: 8.78
    I love the way you make me feel I love it, I love it

    High (AKA The Tasteful): 1x11: (@soratami)
    25x10s: (@savilizabeths, @WhatKindOfKylie?, @junkos, @andrewdarwitan, @Ugly Beauty, @aux, @Hurricane Drunk, @Laura Vanderbooben, @aaronhansome, @TwistedInnocence, @RUNAWAY, @Sanctuary, @slaybellz, @Slice of Life, @SophiaSophia, @Wired Life, @reputation., @Petty Mayonnaise, @ysev, @japanbonustrack, @sapnu puas, @Music Is Death, @citoig, @Sail On, @Blond)
    4x9.5s: (@Vitamin, @138Prince, @superultra, @Butterfly)

    Low (AKA The Tasteless): 3x6s: (@DJHazey, @Serg., @blaze_dave) 1x5.5: (@VitaminBee) 1x5:(@Espeon) 1x3.5: (@Laurence)

    Total Points: 640.75
    My Score: 10
    Hosts Score: 10

    I’m going to be honest I’m not usually a lady of prose except when I’m exceptionally riled up and today I’m exceptionally riled up. Just cruelly missing out on a place in the top 15 is The Way. Seriously only number 17 for the song that took Ariana from Nickelodeon Alumni to the worldwide mainstream consciousness. Not to mention the song that started her ascendency to big pop girl status. The disrespect is seriously real, Yours Truly as a whole deserved better in this rate because it was done so dirty and I’ll be forever salty regarding this injustice.

    This song without a doubt is emotional for me for a number of various reasons. Firstly whenever I revisit this song I’m just full of immense pride because I’m so fortunate to have been able to witness Ariana’s growth as an woman and artist. This was the song that introduced me to Ari and cemented me as a fan. Everything about it is just goals, vocals on point, rap on point, sample on point, dynamics on point, aesthetics on point, fashion on point and finally ponytail on point. Compared to Put Your Hearts Up this was a debut compared to that hot mess. Don’t get me wrong I love that hot pink mess of a monstrosity but it clearly wasn’t a debut. Pop revisionism we love her...

    Obviously I love the throwback nature courtesy of the Brenda Russell sample. Without a doubt The Way would have been on the same mixtape countless times had I heard this in the late 90s or the early 2000s instead of 2013 because it’s a bonafide timeless iconic bop. The Way has this cute, fun, precious and wholesome nature but with a understated flirty vibe too which I think sums up 2013 Ariana perfectly.

    I just want to briefly mention Mac I personally feel without his contribution to this song it would feel incomplete. I love the playful dynamic and the chemistry between Mac and Ariana in the song and the video. Nowadays I don’t listen to The Way as a stand-alone song as obsessively as I did in 2013 because I become a mixed bag of emotions everytime. But in terms of playing The Way as part of Yours Truly in full it is for certain a no skip.

    I’m going to let the commentary speak for itself because my added insight in this instance is simply not needed.

    @Dijah. (9) - This is one of the top 10 cutest songs ever made.

    @pop3blow2 (8.75) - One of the best little bops here. The rap is a little silly, but kinda fun.

    @RUNAWAY (10) - iconic. Still absolutely iconic. This is one of the most perfect debut, YES DEBUT, singles. EVER. It’s just one of those songs where it doesn’t even age, and I love every second of it. I even love Mac’s rap R.I.P. :’(

    @Cutlery (9) - Mac and Ari hold a lot of chemistry here, it's very understated while still being written really well and sounding like a lead single. Of course, it is a bit bittersweet to listen to it after Mac's passing, making the exercise even more... nostalgic.

    @Butterfly (9.5) - This one is tinged with sadness now, though it’s still a gorgeous song.

    @Crisp X (8.5) - The transitions, with what sounds like a Rhodes, are everything, and regularly pops up in my head.

    @Music Is Death (10) - An iconic debut single. The retro-ish production worked so fucking well back then, and works just as well now. It’s really weird to listen to this now. I mean, she sounds so…sweet and innocent and happy. I don’t know how anyone could help but sing along and smile with this. It’s just a great song, period. I don’t even wanna get into Mac and everything, but yes even though I had no interest in him, his music, or their relationship, I wanna cry for her during his verse. But yay! More happy chorus goodness!

    @superultra (9.5) - This still slaps, but I really can’t listen to this as much these days because knowing Mac Miller isn’t alive anymore makes me hella sad.

    @fatyoshi (9) - One of the happiest/most blissful songs in her discography. It's really sweet.

    @Blond (10) - This is her real debut single, and it’s one of the best 21st Century pop girl debut singles in my opinion.

    @Milotic (9) - I mean, who doesn't like this classic? It isn't my favorite on the album, but there's no denying it's charm. And I love Mac's addition to this track. (Plus, he namedrops Bruce Almighty, which is a guilty pleasure of mine.)

    @TwistedInnocence (10) - Always loved this song and its just as good now as it was in 2013. So poignant listening to it now after Macs premature and tragic passing. The video is super cute too!

    @daninternational (8.5) - I didn't follow this 'era', but saw her and Mac do this live, it's the kind of infectious happiness she does so well

    @Holly Something (9) - Really enjoy this.

    @chrismoyer (9) - A classic that got her on the map! A little sad to listen to though now, I miss Mac

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  9. Oh thank goodness, these last two eliminations have been perfecto!
  10. #17 is about the perfect ranking for this.
    The Way is just so sweet (and one of the few songs where a feature does work in its favor!), it’s a bit sad listening to it nowdays due to Mac’s sudden passing two years ago but it remains a solid debut.
  11. A great write-up and you definitely highlighted a lot of what makes the magic of The Way work @SophiaSophia ! I'm sad Yours Truly is her first album out R.I.P.
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  12. [​IMG]
  13. Good. This should've left a little while ago, teebs.
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  14. I’m kinda glad I didn’t end up participating because these results are fucking tragic. You all have terrible taste in her music.
  15. Thanks for the reminder nn.

    And what the fuck y'all? The Way not even in the top 10 or 15? What is wrong with you people?
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  16. The Way going out now kind of feels right. I love it and it was a perfect lead single for Ariana back in 2013. But she's come on such a long way since then in so many ways.
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  17. The Way being booted while Thank You, Next (song) is still here. A mess.
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  18. The Way still sounds fresh as hell, I still return to it a lot. Deserved better (like a lot of the songs in this rate).
  19. It really is great.
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