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☁️Imagine A Rate Like That☁️ - The Ariana Grande Rate: a double winner makes it a hat-trick!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by savilizabeths, Jan 27, 2020.


What's your favourite Ariana Grande album?

  1. Yours Truly

  2. My Everything

  3. Dangerous Woman

  4. Sweetener

  5. thank u, next

  6. positions

  1. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Let's return to an album that's had a bit of a breather recently.

    And, yes, this is the fourth elimination in a row of a song that received at least one 11.



    ☁️ EVERYTIME☁️

    Average: 8.836

    I keep giving people blank stares
    I'm so different when you're not there
    It's like something out of Shakespeare
    Because I'm really not here when you're not there

    High: 11x1 (@Aester), 10x28 (@dylanaber, @AllGagaLike, @chrismoyer, @savilizabeths, @GimmeWork, @WhatKindOfKylie?, @Dangerous Maknae, @lemonsqueezyy, @happiestgirl, @Vitamin, @Espeon, @CorgiCorgiCorgi, @aux, @elektroxx, @Sanctuary, @slaybellz, @Crisp X, @Slice of Life, @Wired Life, @138Prince, @SlowGinFizzzz, @Petty Mayonnaise, @Remorque, @ysev, @Cutlery, @superultra, @Music Is Death, @OspreyQueen)
    Low: 5.75x1 (@andrewdarwitan)
    Total Points: 645

    Sweetener takes another hit, leaving just Goodnight N Go, Breathin', No Tears Left To Cry and God Is A Woman in the running. How many of those songs will still be here by the time we reach the top 10?

    The Shakespeare line feels really clunky to me and the fact that it shares a name with a classic Britney single rather than being called Back To You is... an odd choice, but Insider.com insists that calling it Back To You "would have stripped it of some of its magic", and who am I to argue?

    @DJHazey (7) - Was charmed by the 'spacey' atmosphere and the repeated "back to you" part, but my love for it has cooled off a tad.

    @Music Is Death (10) - This is one of her best songs right? Like, we all agree on that? Cause if we don’t, I’m gonna have to start cutting some people. That chorus is everything, but those verses set it up perfectly. The only issue I ever have with this is that it is way too damn short, and deserved a bridge in middle-8. But it’s still amazing.

    @GimmeWork (10) - Before Thank U, Next erased all hope, I was rooting for this as the next single.

    @pop3blow2 (9) - Ariana is a mess sometimes (as I guess we all are) but I think one thing that finally started to ground me in her fandom… was that even at her messiest, was that she does seem to have a certain degree of self-awareness. Not always, of course, but enough for me to frustratingly sigh ‘oh Ariana’ in the times she becomes a bit much. Songs like ‘Everytime’ (and even more she songs like ‘ghostin’) so that she does have a level of self awareness in her failings that humanizes her some. I think this is another reason she is so popular.

    @superultra (10) - Should. Have. Been. A. Single.

    @Cutlery (10) - The quality really JUMPS in this section of the album! Just the fade-in intro alone has me floating in auditory bliss with Ariana’s repeated “back to you”’s. A classic trap beat sells the verses and the chorus + hook combination is super catchy. Her laugh is so pure. Honestly a perfectly-executed R&B/pop track and a palate cleanser for the next tracks.

    @Crisp X (10) - The single that got away. Probably one of my favorite hooks out of her entire discography, as this somehow makes me think of 00's Janet Jackson… or simply 00's R&B overall.

    @RUNAWAY (6.5) - idk this song just doesn’t do much for me. It doesn’t really go anywhere does it?

    @Milotic (8) - I mean, it's just not a bad song. It's not the best, but still good. A bit more R&B influenced to its benefit.

    @daninternational (9.75) - Relatable bop

    @chrismoyer (10) - One of my personal favorites and one of the best from the album! Since it’s not a Pharell production, many people said how this was one of the best songs on sweetener and it sounds more like an Ariana song. The high notes she added in the final chorus!!! LOVE IT!

    Last edited: Jan 3, 2021
  2. This is basically my favorite song on the album. Farewell, sister.

    The day you left the rate, an angel cried.
  3. So... what's left now? I lost count dd
  4. I was surprised that I wasn't one of the lowest scorers for "Greedy." I gave it a four. I've never been a fan of the track, tbh.

    Conversely, "everytime" is one of my favorite Ariana Grande tracks of all time. I considered giving it my eleven at one point before deciding to give it to "Quit" instead. "everytime" was sweetener's lost single, in my opinion.
  5. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    All of this:
    minus Everytime, Greedy, The Way, Knew Better/Forever Boy, Bloodline and NASA.
  6. I'm hoping that we lose these before the Top 10:

    • "One Last Time,"
    • "Break Free (featuring Zedd),"
    • "Touch It,"
    • "Goodnight n Go."
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  7. everytime, is sublime.
  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The Way and Side To Side can go.
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  9. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    The Way went already, sis. It was the elimination immediately before Greedy.
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  10. 2014

    2014 Staff Member


  11. Break Free is so out of its depth, I know it’s a cute electro bop but come on now. Side to Side probably outstaying it’s welcome too...
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  12. I'd like to see these outside of the Top 10

    Break Free (featuring Zedd)

    Side to Side (featuring Nicki Minaj)

    Thank U, Next
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  13. ghostin' leaving before the top 10?

  14. For fucks sake... First Greedy now Everytime? I guess i'm losing all my 10s before the top 10...
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  15. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Meanwhile @Music Is Death doesn’t have a single score below 10 in the top 19, and several other users have only one sub-10 score left to be eliminated.

  16. A goddamn mess.

    Thanks for reminding me I just lost five 10s (and Bloodline which i'm not that bothered about).
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  17. This, except replace One Last Time with Thinking Bout You.
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  18. Break Free and its stale-ass production has overstayed its welcome.
  19. Whew, the absolute quality of her music. When will your faves?

    That said, though I gave it a 10, Ari's "everytime" is simply not as amazing as Britney's.

    Kii at both not being spaced the way they technically should though ddd.
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  20. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Ms. Jackson found winning.

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