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☁️Imagine A Rate Like That☁️ - The Ariana Grande Rate: a double winner makes it a hat-trick!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by savilizabeths, Jan 27, 2020.


What's your favourite Ariana Grande album?

  1. Yours Truly

  2. My Everything

  3. Dangerous Woman

  4. Sweetener

  5. thank u, next

  6. positions

  1. The Put Your Hearts Up hatred is expected but still you can all perish.

  2. Some of these opinions. I literally can't. I want to drag some of y'all, but the album that I gave the highest average to is Christmas & Chill, so maybe I can't talk.

    I regret not giving out more 0s, but I didn't feel like writing commentary, ddddd.
  3. I'm surprised to not see any calls for Pink Champagne. It's by far my lowest score in the rate.
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  4. I know that we love to drag Ariana for her trash taste in regards to her own music, but her hating "Put Your Hearts Up" is one of the few times that she got it right.
  5. That's cause you're tasteless.
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  6. I love you all for keeping this active until eliminations start. Which will be later this evening my time.

    Your guesses for what will be eliminated first are wonderfully chaotic.
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  7. This rate is gonna be a MESS, I just know it.

    Certain hated songs got really high scores from me. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for them to get the boot.

  8. Sorry I was unable to participate in this in the end - I had too much happening with an interstate trip, work being frantic, and then everything with Covid to devote time in March to listening to Christmas music, which were the songs here I wasn't familiar with. I guess I could've gone and randomly given all of those sixes and fives but I didn't want to troll or disrespect those that actually gave some proper consideration to their scores.

    Hoping "Into You" wins and that Yours Truly does well.
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  9. ☁️ HELLO LOVES ☁️

    Thank you all so much for your patience. Our spreadsheet is finished, our ranking is finalised and our first elimination is coming very very soon. Any last guesses as to what it will be? This particular song has been losing for almost the entire voting period, received a total of two 10s and two 0s.

    k bye for now
    (but not for long)
  10. aux


    If that trash MIKA song ain’t the first to go...
  11. OK but let’s not forget how terrible Successful is.
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  12. Some of these opinions and we haven't eliminated anything yet.
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  13. Oof you guys. I'm very nervous. But here. we. go....



    (ft. Nathan Sykes)

    Average: 4.821

    I'd like to say we gave it a try.
    I'd like to blame it all on life.
    Maybe we just weren't right.
    But that's a lie. That's a lie.

    High: 10x2 (@RUNAWAY @Music Is Life) 8.5x1 (@Slice of Life) 8x4 (@Holly Something @Vitamin @stoicist @boombazookajoe)
    Low: 0x2 (@DJHazey @Hurricane Drunk) 1x2 (@WhatKindOfKylie? @2014) 2x9 (@Aester @BreatheBox @happiestgirl @ufint @daninternational @Wired Life @Vixen @Laurence @Blond) 2.5x1 (@sapnu puas)
    Total Points: 352
    My Score: 5/10

    And it's finally time. We're here. It's taken almost two months to get to this point and it's been a wild ride for all of us. A lot has changed in our world lately and I hope this thread gives you something enjoyable in these really awful times. Anyway, enough sad shit. For most of the voting period, this song stayed firmly at the bottom of the ranking. It couldn't catch a damn break. The people have spoken. 'Almost is Never Enough' is the worst track Ariana Grande has put to her name (included in this rate at least).

    'Almost is Never Enough' is a duet that Ariana recorded with her former boyfriend Nathan Sykes (formerly of The Wanted fame). It was released as a promotional single for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. Remember? When fantasy/dystopian/magical type book was being adapted in an attempt to find the next big craze. Turns out The Mortal Instruments wasn't it, though it did become a successful television show Shadowhunters for awhile there. What did come out of that film, however, was this soulful duet. The two sing about a love that almost was, with plenty of belting and vocal acrobatics. The song was later remastered for Yours Truly, which also saw the length being increased from 3:30 to 5:28. Like...shit, that's a jump.

    Perhaps that's the biggest problem with 'Almost is Never Enough'. I enjoy the soundtrack version quite a bit. It's succinct, not overstaying its welcome. The instrumentation is pretty, Ariana sounds beautiful and Nathan almost keeps up. The full length version is the textbook definition of overstaying its welcome. It feels like it never ends, making it an absolute chore to get through. Instead of having vocal chemistry, it just feels like two people trying to see how many vocal runs they can do in five minutes. Except there is a difference between them. Ariana knows how to keep it delicate and understated where needed. She coo's the first verse, sounding soft, airy and emotive. There's nothing too flashy. I was always taught in vocal lessons to build as you go. Never show all of your vocal cards at once so that there's a dynamic. Ariana demonstrates that quite well here. The second Nathan comes in he begins doing the absolute most. Runs, over singing, and simply trying way too hard.

    Imagine the power this song would have if it was a 3:30 solo version. Can I live in that timeline?

    Most of you were absolutely not here for it, so let's start the commentary with the first two 0s of this entire rate. First let's hear from @Hurricane Drunk (0) who is pretty blunt: "This is 5 and a half minutes long and it's absolutely dire from the very first second. I hate it." I don't know if I entirely agree with you, but I also completely understand. Our other lowest scorer, @DJHazey (0), has more to say: "Painstakingly boring and made worse by some Boys II Men style feature (like the worst kind of music on the planet, to my ears) Luckily this ballad isn't one that a lot of fans love, so I'll skirt the villain crown this time. Also, Demi's song "Heart to Heart" is the shining moment from the Mortals Instruments, which is a movie I used to defend as underrated but I can't even remember the plot anymore, oop." Oh wow, I forgot 'Heart By Heart' existed. Listening to it again, I think I actually agree with you. Shocking, I know! Though I do think they're both trying a little hard.

    Surprisingly to me, I got a couple of comments mentioning these former lovebirds other duet, 'Over and Over Again', which I decided to exclude from this rate. @BreatheBox (2) says: "Boring as shit on an otherwise perfect album. However, Over and Over again deserves an 8." @daninternational (2), agrees: "I love Over and Over Again, but never heard this before. I'll stick with OAOA :p" I don't use 'Over and Over Again' myself, but to each their own. From the sounds of it, most of you were just very bored. @Laurence (2) was over it by the end: "This is quite boring. Near the end it kept going so I deducted another point. Not sorry!" Don't apologise. That's a perfect valid reason to cut this songs score. @Butterfly (6) is positive for .5 seconds: "It’s ok but a bit of a snooze." Yeah, but how could anyone sleep with all of the yelping Nathan's doing? Poor @Wired Life (2) did not want to be doing this: "I have always disliked this song. It was a chore to revisit for the rate." Don't worry, now you can go back to pretending it doesn't exist. @blaze_dave (3) echos similar sentiments to those above: "This one just drags for me..." A mood if I've ever heard one.

    The song also inspired a lot of indifference, and even a little bit of positivity. @AbCF15 (5) is whelmed: "It's a cute song but thats about it for me with this one." Well, at least you gave it some credit. @Petit nain des Îles (5) is the definition of the shrug emoji: "This genre doesn't evoke anything but indifference to me. I just can't with this." Don't worry, seems that no one else can either. Our rate guest (who reached out to me on Twitter about wanting to take part despite the stupid forum registration. And who am I to say no to a fellow Ariana fan?) @chrismoyer (5) sums up my own thoughts pretty well: "I actually think this song is kind of pretty in a way, but the album version of this simply drags on for SO LONG. Like I feel like it never ends." It is pretty, which is why its issues are such a damn shame.

    A very common topic seems to be Nathan's vocals, and the consensus is definitely not positive. @RMK (4.5) actually made me laugh out loud: "Nathan’s vocals here didn’t get him the shoutout on “thank u, next”, did they?" She's probably too busy being messy to remember him though. Then again, who could forget those vocals? @138Prince (7) contemplates their trash taste: "Am I trash for liking this? maybeso.gif, but Idontcare.mp3. I wish Ari would sing the whole thing tho, Nathan's voice is not it." We're all trash here, at least I definitely am. @Milotic (7.5) references 'Honeymoon Avenue', a far superior song. "I do like this song, but it isn't my favorite of the ballads here. I can feel the length here, but not on Honeymoon Avenue for example. Also, Nathan isn't my favorite vocally." Sometimes I forget how long 'Honeymoon Avenue' actually is because it really doesn't feel like a slog to get through. Love that for it! A true veteran of taste @pop3blow2 (7.5) is not sure about the duet choice here: "I like Ariana in this this. This Wanted dude, I don’t know. Not sure they are a duet match, for me." Or most of us, I suppose. @Holly Something (8) is actually a bit of a fan, while still acknowledging the previously mentioned flaws: "Overlong and they're both doing too much (him specifically) but I still quite like it." Check out the live performance at the end of this post if you really want to see him doing too much.

    I hate being so negative in my first post, especially since I actually don't hate the song. If we were rating the soundtrack version, I would most likely give it an 8.5 or something. But let's pass the mike to the people who really love this because I think it's time to inject some positivity back into this rate. Starting with my bestie, @Music Is Life (10) who is very passionate about the franchise this is associated with if his commentary and Facebook feed are anything to go by: "Okay, I know this song is pretty hated on here. Besides being a long ballad with a male feature, I have no idea why. This is beautiful. And full disclosure: The first time I heard it was in connection to The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones movie, because the music video is a special feature on the DVD. I love the Shadowhunter Chronicles, and am actually currently reading them again, but anyway, I’ve always loved this song and I felt it fit the series really well, while also making sense in the context of her album. The chorus is really catchy too. I love the melody, and the piano throughout. So when this leaves in the bottom 10, y’all are tasteless." I don't know what other reasons you need, babe. Except maybe that the male vocalist is not exactly good. I love your enthusiasm though and you're really not going to be happy with this result. I want to end with @RUNAWAY (10) because his comment really made me wish I (as a fellow piano ballad stan) loved this like he does: "I don’t care if people come for me for this score, because I gave it the same score last time as well. The people should know that I am the ultimate piano ballad stan, and this is one of my favorite ballads of all time. The emotion of it all...it gets me every time. I legit get a little teary eyed when I hear this song. And their harmonies together...they kill me every time. This song is perfection to me." I'm glad somebody loves this song this much. Through all of the draggings, that's what music is about, right? We love it. That's why we're here.

    We're going to end with a comment from my girlfriend, Dani, who you may know from her wilding in the thread the last few days with her insane use of formatting and frequent Marvel gifs. She's actually rather unfamiliar with a large portion of Ariana's discography. I wanted to get her perspective on these tracks as someone who hasn't heard many of them. I also just wanted to find a way to feature her because she didn't vote yet helped so much with everything. I hope you enjoy her takes.

    Dani: "Almost really is never enough when it comes to this song. Nathan almost sounds good but in reality he is nasally and trying too hard to outshine Ari. Which, lbr, he cannot. The only time and place this song sounds good is in the credits of City of Bones. And I hate it because it brings up so much nostalgia and the song itself is really pretty, and I kinda just wanna watch the (shitty) movie again."
    We actually might do that sometime soon because who doesn't love watching kinda shitty movies (Sorry @Music Is Life....)

  14. Successful is that bop. It's Sweetener top 5 for me.
  15. Both of these are....opinions. Successful is cute in a not great but not bad kinda way.
  16. Of course it's "Almost Is Never Enough." Poor Nathan Sykes.
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  17. Bye! Glad it wasn't poor and sweet Put Your Hearts Up as the first cut.
  18. It was amusing to me because you guys threw out heaps of songs that could go first and none of you said this one, despite most of you giving it low scores.

    Any guesses for what's out next?
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  19. I was thinking that Almost Is Never Enough would be first out I gave it a 6.75, a 6 for Ariana because I love the quality of her vocals throughout and .75 for Nathan just for turning up.
  20. I was going to call it out, but I forgot the title, tbh.

    Hoping for "Popular Song" or "Put Your Hearts Up."
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