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☁️Imagine A Rate Like That☁️ - The Ariana Grande Rate: a double winner makes it a hat-trick!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by savilizabeths, Jan 27, 2020.


What's your favourite Ariana Grande album?

  1. Yours Truly

  2. My Everything

  3. Dangerous Woman

  4. Sweetener

  5. thank u, next

  6. positions

  1. @savilizabeths seeing some of my posts and feeling obliged to like them.

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  2. If I see someone mention Dance To This in a slanderous way one more time...

  3. You make my life difficult.
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  4. Popular Song is awful and I have something embarrassing to say in my comment for it
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  5. Popular Song is cute! Y’all do too much.
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  6. There are, like... *checks list* 79 other songs that deserve to go before Dance To This.
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  7. How quickly we forget I was one of the first ballots in, looong before the floodgates opened.
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  8. You got a like just for this, because queen JoJo, but I also love Popular Song.

    It's one of many 10s on the album though, so @DJHazey is still in the wrong here.
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  9. I'm a certified Troye hater, and even I love Dance To This. There's quite a bit that should exit first, and I'm a bit surprised to see people calling for it this early.
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  10. But Honeymoon Avenue is right there and it’s Top 5 Ari for me.
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  11. "I feel like my heart is stuck in bumper to bumper, traffic, I'm under pressure 'cause I can't have you"...whew a fucking moment.
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  12. Second highest score on the album for me. Objectively a beautiful song and gets scores for its merits in that category but personally doesn't make me terribly excited or any other emotions when listening to it, more of a "that was nice" kind of deal.
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  13. It was.

    Seven years ago.
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  14. Actually I might agree with that.
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  15. Elimination incoming. But for now, here is the girlfriends review of 'Put Your Hearts Up' that I was missing in the last post.

    "Definitely not a fan, I could barely get through the damn song. Actually, I didn't get through it all. I skipped it halfway through. It's trying to hard and it's too prissy."

    Guess she liked it about as much as most of you. Though I haven't heard the word prissy since I was a kid so that made me laugh.
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  16. I’m probably going to sound even more like a boomer but nothing can be too prissy in my eyes. The song is cheesy for sure but I undeniably love cheesy music.
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  17. Don't worry, I'm with you there. Cheese is great both in music and food (most of the time for both those things). Then again, Dani doesn't like cheese in food either. Hm....
  18. #yestoDani #notocheese
  19. A RED FLAG.
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  20. Aaaaand the most unpopular Ariana Christmas song is.......



    ☁️ SANTA BABY ☁️
    (ft. Liz Gillies)

    Average: 5.133

    Santa baby, slip a sable under the tree
    For me
    I've been an awful good girl
    Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight

    High: 8.5x2 (@Butterfly @Music Is Life) 8x6 (@GimmeWork @Vitamin @Holly Something @maikos87 @ufint @Laurence) 7.5x(@Dijah. @stoicist)
    Low: 0x1 (@daninternational) 1x5 (@Cutlery @Hurricane Drunk @Espeon @lemonsqueezyy @DJHazey) 2x2 (@Robsolete @WhatKindOfKylie?)
    Total Points: 374.75
    My Score: 4/10

    Seems despite all the calls for it to vacate, it's not time for 'Popular Song' to leave yet. Instead we say goodbye to Ari's cover of 'Santa Baby' with her close friend Liz Gillies. The song was featured on her first Christmas EP, Christmas Kisses. This is also our first elimination to receive no 10s or even 9s. Guess this doesn't inspire much joy. I actually haven't managed to find a version of 'Santa Baby' that I entirely enjoy. Unless you count my delight in listening to Michael Buble's ridiculous version every year, because who doesn't need a good laugh around Christmas?

    This version though....it's cute. I was probably a bit harsh with my score actually because there's nothing actively wrong with it besides definitely being the weakest Christmas offering here. Originally a different Christmas track was losing the entire rate, but a lot of late support bumped it quite a lot of places. Any guesses? The way things are now makes a lot more sense to me though. Especially since this is Ariana's only straight up Christmas cover. I'm sure we'd all rather hear something new than something we've heard a million different musicians (and non-professionals) sing a hundred times. Even if it's being sung obviously well, like it is here.

    Ariana and Liz have always sang beautifully together. You can tell they've been doing it for years. Liz's huskier, fuller tone mixes gorgeously with Ari's lighter, airier vocals. They also have the perfect ranges to harmonise together which always makes for spectacular performances. I would really love to hear them sing together again because it's a truly special combination. I do actually prefer their cover of 'The Christmas Song' that they uploaded to Ariana's YouTube channel in 2011, which I'll link below. 'Santa Baby' is still a cute girl though. Their version is quite jazzy and sultry with the girls provided some silky, playful vocals. They definitely lean into a softer, sensual almost teasing interpretation of the song and I think they definitely pull it off. It just kinda happens though. It doesn't stick in my memory. I enjoy it while I'm listening because I'm genuinely drawn in by their vocal performances and the atmosphere but it's not something I have much of a desire to come back to, even at Christmas.

    Seems like all of you were either whelmed or outright hated it. It definitely didn't have many fans clamouring to provide commentary. One of our highest scorers @Music Is Life (8.5) rightfully prefers 'Give it Up': "Love the throwbacky production on this, and Liz is still one of those girls I wish actually pursued a music career. I love her voice so much. Not my favorite collab from them (Give It Up anyone?) but it’s a cute cover." I love that this is the longest piece of commentary but you only say about one sentence about the actual song. Amazing. I agree with you about Liz though, I'd love to hear an album from her! @chrismoyer (6) also references 'Give it Up': "It’s alright, there are better versions of Santa Baby, and theirs could be considered lame. Give It Up Outsold!" What are these better versions of 'Santa Baby' though? Do tell! @BreatheBox (7) gives a pretty generous score but doesn't seem all that invested: "Cute but whatever." Well, you're not wrong.

    Some of you just don't like the song being covered in the first place. @DJHazey (1) gets to lose a low score this time: "Every rendition of this song, Kylie's included, is like nails on the chalkboard to me." Yeah, so I'm going to out myself as not having heard Kylie's version.....or much Kylie at all. Oop. @pop3blow2 (6.5) isn't into it either: "Just not a holiday fave. Pass." Yeah, if she really wanted to do a full on cover (because 'Last Christmas' doesn't REALLY count) then couldn't she have picked a different song? @RUNAWAY (4) acknowledges the vocals: "I hate this fucking song so much. Liz and Ari killed it on the vocals, but...ugh...it’s just such a cliche choice for a Christmas album." It really is a basic choice. Then again, so is 'Last Christmas' but at least she did something new with it. Our lowest scorer @daninternational (0) forces me to do some googling: "I've hated this song since Rosie Ribbons sang it in Pop Idol." Well, that was an interesting watch....

    @AbCF15 isn't here for it either: "It's an okay cover but not exactly amazing to me. Ari and Liz's voices compliment each other well though." You're right, that is a big positive. @Cutlery (1) isn't one to mince words: "This is revolting. It's way too obvious it's from her Nick days cause like... I can't make it past a couple listens." This was released after Yours Truly though, so not exactly her Nick days, even though she was still on Sam & Cat at the time. Speaking of Nickelodeon, @Petit nain des Îles (6) is struggling with memory issues: "Did they sing this in Victorious? I can't remember all of a sudden." No, they didn't. But it would have been cute if they did. @Milotic (4) makes some points: "What happened here? Why do I feel like I'm at a 1920's Circus?" Well, shit. I hear it.

    Let's end with the first piece of commentary from your former host @Laura Vanderbooben (4) who doesn't actually have anything to say about the song itself: "Can she do something else with Liz please, they both have such amazing voices!" I really hope so. They're a perfect vocal match and it's been too long since we properly heard them together. Though their recent performance of 'Give it Up' at Ari's tour was a true moment!

    So, goodbye 'Santa Baby'. Which Christmas song do you think will/want to leave next? Sound off below. As for Dani...I think she enjoys this a bit more than I do.

    Dani: "It's such a cute and fun little cover. Obviously it's not the best because it was during their Victorious days, but their voices compliment each other so well! I wish they had done more together, I love Liz sooo much. This is harmless and cute, but Give It Up kicks its ass."
    How does this comment somehow perfectly sum up everything said in this post? Perhaps Dani is all of us.

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