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☁️Imagine A Rate Like That☁️ - The Ariana Grande Rate: a double winner makes it a hat-trick!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by savilizabeths, Jan 27, 2020.


What's your favourite Ariana Grande album?

  1. Yours Truly

  2. My Everything

  3. Dangerous Woman

  4. Sweetener

  5. thank u, next

  6. positions

  1. Hopefully, it'll be yet another track from Christmas Kisses.
  2. Eartha Kitt > Kylie > Ariana Grande

    That is all.
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  3. Any rendition of Santa Baby will be getting a low score from me, I just don’t like that song.

    Also I love how we’re all dragging @savilizabeths for her lack of Kylie knowledge I used to be like that before I joined the forum oop and yeah I suggest starting with her latest compilation Step Back in Time then listen to her albums because it’s an experience, conveniently there’s a Kylie rate going right now maybe you would join?
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  4. I agree with many that Santa Baby is just a bit of a yawn fest by any act-even Kylie. So it's early elimination isn't too surprising or heartbreaking it's out either. As for Put Your Hearts Up, if it was meant to be her debut single in 1998, it could have worked. So, that's something.
  5. Thank goodness I'm at least losing my lowest scores to offset having a favorite ripped from cold dead hands.

    Next Christmas song needs to be 'Not Just on Christmas'.
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  6. Almost is Never Enough going first does not bode well for my rankings in this thing...
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  7. Yeah @savilizabeths as far as Kylie goes, you need to get on that.
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  8. It's also amazing how unrecognisable she sounds on Put Your Hearts up at times I think.
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  9. There is most likely to be no elimination today guys. Finishing PJSC and dealing with mental health issues is just taking up too much of my day. I'll try to get two out tomorrow to make up for it though xo
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  10. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Don't worry unnie. We can wait ♡
  11. In the meantime, stream these albums (and vote for them in this months charts) for clearer skin (and you know, something to do while stuck inside).

  12. @savilizabeths You do what is best for you and go at a pace you feel comfortable with. These are understandably mentally draining times at the moment and I think looking after ourself has never been so important.
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  13. Take good care of yourself! x
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  14. And we're back, and I'm losing my lowest score so thanks guys!



    ☁️ MONOPOLY ☁️
    (ft. Victoria Monet)

    Average: 5.517

    Bad vibes, get off of me
    Outta here with that fuckery
    Treat my goals like property
    Collect them like Monopoly

    High: 10x2 (@Sanctuary @slaybellz) 9x3 (@ysev @Remorque @RUNAWAY) 8.5x5 (@dylanaber @pop3blow2 @Holly Something @Ugly Beauty)
    Low: 0x4 (@Laurence @aux @RMK @savilizabeths) 1x2 (@elektroxx @reputation.) 2x4 (@sapnu puas @Robsolete @Hurricane Drunk @Serg.)
    Total Points: 402.75
    My Score: 0/10

    Now it's time to say goodbye to 'MONOPOLY', my lowest score in the rate and one of the few scores of 0 I've ever given out. This song features Ariana's best friend and frequent collaborator, Victoria Monet. Victoria has been working with Ari as early as her Yours Truly days, and has contributed writing and production on every single album since then. Some notable tracks she's had a hand in include 'Honeymoon Avenue', 'thank u, next', 'ghostin'', 'Knew Better / Forever Boy' and '7 rings'. 'MONOPOLY' reached #69 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and is certified Gold. In comparison, the song has not fared well here.

    'MONOPOLY' is a short little slice of trap/pop that is basically just two friends having fun together just making music. It also features a line referencing Victoria's bisexuality, which is cute as fuck. The off the cuff conversation at the end is also very sweet and you can tell these two were just having the best time, which was definitely nice to hear after the personal dramas Ariana had been going through. So why don't I like it? Well, perhaps 0 was a harsh score, especially after revisiting it today. The thing is, it's the only Ariana song I can never find a single reason to listen to. It's not my style, songs with trap influences never have been. Yes, they're having a ton of fun and that makes me happy to hear but I'm just not having fun along with them. It reminds me somewahat of '7/11' by Beyonce and that is not at all a compliment.

    I am aware, however, that it's not exactly a song meant to be taken seriously. It was released on April Fools Day after all. This is just not for me, though I wish it were. It's a cute little best friends track but it's just not good, and this seems like the right place for it to vacate.

    Let's turn things over to you guys, though you all seem to be pretty unimpressed too. @daninternational (4) isn't amused: Well she had fun at least. Shame we're not. @superultra (7) has had a change of heart: I roasted this song when it first came out, but I’ve grown to appreciate it. It’s very much her “7/11” moment. It’s cute, and I’m glad she finally put some respect on Miss Victoria Monet’s name. Well, that's part of the prolbem for me. I don't like '7/11'....like, at all. @Petit nain des Îles (5) is definitely whelmed: Yeah this exists. It certainly does. In our Twitter DMs @chrismoyer (3.5) perfectly guessed this would be the next eliminated. Impressive: It’s not great. I actually bop to this a little, and it’s all in fun as it was released on April’s Fool’s Day and they were just having fun with it. But still, as a song it’s clearly not good at all. It’s just MEH. At least you can bop a bit, good for you!

    Let's get the real negativity out of the way. @RMK (0) can't hear anything to redeem this: The song really speaks for itself. No good qualities. I feel like if they wanted to release this, maybe it should have just been dropped for free on SoundCloud? That might have made more sense for something like this. That might have excused it a bit. Seems @aux (0) is dragging the game itself a bitsy: The game of Monopoly is more exciting than this rubbish. My sister is obsessed with Monopoly (she's a total nerd) and I tend to have fun for about an hour before I leave her and my girlfriend to finish playing by themselves. So I suppose I agree with you. Last of our 0 givers @Laurence sums it up pretty damn well: This is just girls flexing on a bad track and there's nothing redeemable. What more can I say? That's basically it.

    Now that our bitterness has been covered, let's hear from the stans. @DJHazey is over here suddenly stanning: Uhhh, so yeah this kind of goes awf a bitsy all of the sudden? Don't ask me. I won't lose it over its likely early exit but sometimes fresh ears do wonders. Good thing you're not going to be too upset, you've already had to suffer through the 'Put Your Hearts Up' elimination. @Milotic (7) points out my favourite part of the song: Not gonna lie, the Cleetus bit at the end made me kii a bit. Friendship is sweet. Recently @pop3blow2 (8.5) referred to us as taste twins, guess we're not as in sync as we thought: I don't know. This one works for me. It feels oddly intimate & full of in-jokes... almost like a skit, but a skit to a beat. I think it's creative... and might even grow into 9+ at some point. You do make some points though. @RUNAWAY (9) might not be too happy about our overall distaste: I kind of live for this song. Particularly love that line about giving up the royalties from 7 rings. Also LOVE their rap at the end of the song about their friendship. Everything will have at least some stans, so I'm pleased to know that this song has you.

    And that's it. I'm happy to have avoided any true disappointments so far, but trust me when I say that is going to change. Let's give Dani the mic for a moment to get her first impression of my 0.

    Dani: ""
    F R I E N D S H I P LIKE H O M E D E P O T ?!" What the everloving fuck? I have to cleanse myself with good music now because that was trash. And not even rememberable trash, imma forget I even listened to it by the time Kill This Love is over (Blackpink cleanses my soul). Monopoly is just background noise. Like come on, Ari. Youre better than that."
    Trust her to manage to bring up queens BLACKPINK in commentary somewhere. She did soften a tiny bit when I explained that the song wasn't meant to be taken too seriously.

  15. What the fuck...?
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  16. It's... not exactly a discography highlight, but I don't think it deserved any 0s. Oh well.
  17. Who scored this lower than the light Is coming?!!?

  18. I'm not normally a super negative person so I actually feel bad for giving it one now....oof.


    Don't hate me xo
  19. [​IMG]
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