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☁️Imagine A Rate Like That☁️ - The Ariana Grande Rate: a double winner makes it a hat-trick!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by savilizabeths, Jan 27, 2020.


What's your favourite Ariana Grande album?

  1. Yours Truly

  2. My Everything

  3. Dangerous Woman

  4. Sweetener

  5. thank u, next

  6. positions

  1. NOT when half of Sweetener and the majority of Yours Truly/My Everything exist!
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  2. All of which are better then those two songs.
  3. The Light Is Coming better than these two generic, but fun bops? That's just... objectively wrong.
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  4. That's exactly what the light is coming is: a fun bop. At least it isn't problematic in any way.
  5. My ears beg to differ.
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  6. The real tea is that 7 rings, break up with your girlfriend and the light is coming are all great. Thank you.
  7. Sweetener is really going to be done dirty. Thanks, I hate it.
  8. I actually don’t mind break up with your girlfriend but 7 rings needs fo evacuate soon.
  9. Not if my scores have any say in the matter!
  10. I'm in this same boat. "break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored" is a low-key bop that I probably overrated because I really like its title, whereas "7 rings" is trash.
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  11. Elimination coming today! Sorry for the slight delay! Thank you all for baring with me
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  12. On this day we sadly say goodbye to our first 11.



    (ft. Nicki Minaj)

    Average: 5.691

    Know-it-all (know-it-all)
    Give you a box of chances, every time you blow it all (blow it all)
    As if it were shade, you would just throw it all (throw it all)
    It's like you're trying not to glow at all (glow at all)
    Know-it-all (know-it-all)

    High: 11x1 (@aux) 10x6 (@Wired Life @slaybellz @Sanctuary @Milotic @daninternational @pop3blow2) 9x3 (@soratami @Remorque @ysev)
    Low: 0x3 (@Laurence @elektroxx @Espeon) 1x4 (@Ugly Beauty @Serg. @Slice of Life @sapnu puas) 2x2 (@superultra @SlowGinFizzzz)
    Total Points: 415.5
    My Score: 5/10

    Well, this one is divisve. I hope all of you who have been calling for it's head are happy at least, because poor @aux has to say goodbye to his 11 before we're even ten eliminations in. Sorry we let you down! This is 'The Light is Coming', taken from Ariana's album Sweetener, features Nicki Minaj and was produced by Pharrell. It was released as a promo single following 'No Tears Left to Cry' and it was definitely a change. 'The Light is Coming' was our first taste of the Pharrell side of Sweetener which is weirder, more experimental and can often sound a little clunky and awkward with some strange production choices. And let's just say, it seems people REALLY weren't down with Pharrell on Sweetener. This song won't be the first time you see negative emotions expressed towards him in the commentary section.

    'The Light is Coming' sounds frantic, glitchy and abrasive with that CNN sample consistently in the background. It literally feels like sensory overload for me, which is something I struggle with a lot when my anxiety is high and I'm out of the house. I think I like what they were going for with the sample but after a bit it just winds up giving me a physical headache and making me anxious, so I don't listen to it much. I think the standout heer is the lyrics and message. The centerpiece of the song is the line "The light is coming to give back everything the darkness stole," and it's a beautiful sentiment. Definitely something to hope for in the current times we're living in. I almost wish the line had more melody to it than it does with Ariana's almost nursery rhyme-esque spoken delivery. There are plenty of other great lyrics here, including the ones I highlighed at the top of the post. As well as,

    What did she say? What did he say?
    You don't listen 'cause you know everything
    You don't even need dreams
    Tellin' everybody, "Stay woke, don't sleep"

    I just feel like this song describes so many people that I know. People who think they know everything and don't want to learn and grow and admit that nobody has all the answers. Talking to these people often feels like you're talking to a brick wall and can be as frustrating as the sample in the background of this song, so honestly it makes sense if you think about it. This is another song that feels especially appropriate right now. These types of people are currently running their mouths all over social media with conflicting information and ridiculous opinions, refusing to listen to what we've been told by people who know what they're talking about. But the main hook provides hope. Let's hope the light really is coming sooner rather than later. Until then, I'm just a PM away.

    It is also worth noting that Nicki delivers a stellar section here. I'd argue that she makes the song. She really did that! The music video is also cute. I wonder if watching Ariana run with her tiny little legs is what it looks like when people watch me run....I'll have to ask Dani.

    Now that my messy thoughts are over, let's hear what you guys think. @RMK (6.5) doesn't even mention Ari: "Nicki killed it. Pharrell ruined it." A fact. @RUNAWAY (4) has a bone to pick with Ariana: "What the fuck was she thinking with this song? That irritating CNN clip, Pharrell’s shit production, the pointless chorus….the utter floppage of this song was completely deserved." I understand why all the actual singles released weren't Pharrell productions tbh. @Dijah. (6.5) has a favourite part: "Mess… but the second verse still bumps." Whether you like or hate this song, 'mess' is definitely still the only real way to describe it. Seems @DJHazey has a worse memory than me: "Okay so that chorus is a hell of alot more catchy than I ever remember it being. I only know a few of her songs but I'm thinking it reminds me of something that someone like M.I.A. would roll with, Kind of mesmerizing." I don't think I've heard anything by her but I'll take your word for it. Why am I out here exposing myself as the next @Music Is Life only even less cultured? Yikes.

    Everyone seemed to really hate that damn sample. @Espeon (0) is disappointed: "This could have been interesting but that background noise ruins the whole thing and it’s just a mess." I definitely agree with this. It's a song I would come back to a ton more without that one aspect. @Holly Something (7), however, can hear the interesting even through the sample: "The samples are irritating as fuck but still an interesting sound." Such similar commentary, such different scores. @elektroxx hates this: "I have an irrational hatred for this song. It’s probably that sample of that politician." It's the songs biggest problem, so yeah, probably. @AbCF15 (5) shares almost everyones sentiment it seems: "Has potential to be a really decent song but the spoken monologue in the background going constantly totally ruins it." What more is there to say at this point? @Laurence (0) will continue to pop up in the lowest scorers list, stay tuned: "This is just annoying, I hate the sample and I hate Pharrel most of the time. So hope this is out first." Is 6th good enough for you? @superultra (2) keeps it pretty simple: "Fuck the sample in this song."

    I like that @CorgiCorgiCorgi (5) is looking for a positive inside of the mess: "I'll give it this, the sample does a very good job at replicating how it feels to get bombarded by intrusive thoughts." This commentary really got me thinking and inspired some of the earlier paragraphs in this post actually. @Petit nain des Îles (5) just expected more: "
    The beat itself goes off at first, but it doesn't have enough variation. The sample quickly becomes annoying too. Judging from the initial snippets, I expected something better than a glorified demo. A missed opportunity." Why is 'a glorified demo' such a good way to describe this? Because I totally hear it! On the more positive side, @daninternational (10) isn't here for the negativity: "I understand the dislike for this, but I don't subscribe to it." Love that for you! @Milotic (10) is highkey stanning: "Ya'll... I love this mess of a song. I loved it when I first saw the Wango Tango performance and I'm still bopping to it today. I find the lyrics hella relatable and Nicki is a welcome presence as always." Love that for you x2!! Nicki gets a couple more shoutouts, beginning with @Cutlery (5) who has made a decision: "I've decided this ain't that bad. The sample is a moment of political awareness or whatever, if only that one endlessly-repeated line wasn't so... grating. Also Nicki has the best part here." It's all true, you speak nothing but truth! @The Hot Rock (5) agrees with that last line of commentary too: "Enjoy Nicki in this much more than I do Ariana to be honest." Nicki killed it!

    @chrismoyer (5) prefers the live version: "A choice! It has to grow on you honestly! In concert it sounds so much better!" Honestly, I don't like the live versions I've heard but I bet that instrumental goes OFF in an actual arena! @Slice of Life unnie (1) has confirmed his distaste: "Yep, still unlistenable." A little harsh but I get it. @138Prince (8) is here to support the despised duo: "I’ve come to appreciate this and I know people will trash it so I’m repping Pharelliana." We need more people like you in this cruel cruel world. @reputation. (6) gets it: "Hated it at first but it kinda slaps when I’m in the right mood dd." I'm very rarely in that mood but when I am, I get it. @OspreyQueen (8.5) makes some interesting points: "I know it’s just my contrarian ass talking but I’ve honestly come to appreciate this song so much more since it’s release. The fact that there’s an easy hit in here but it’s had its commercial appeal utterly DEMOLISHED by the bizarre structure and that sample...it’s so fascinating to me." I love when you guys give me commentary that really makes me think about the song. Speaking of, @Wired Life (10) has got me in my feels: "This song came out the morning after I found out that someone very close to me had died, and I guess I appreciate it for that reason. It gave me something to focus on besides grief. It was, in a sense, the light that came in the midst of darkness." I'm so sorry to hear that and this commentary warmed my heart. Music really is that wonderful. Even a song as divisve as this can mean so much to someone.

    Before we hear from our highest scorer, this is my favourite piece of commentary. It comes from @pop3blow2 (10) and I think he's just convinced me that this song is genius: "I don’t care. I fucking love this song. It’s almost punk rock in its IDGAF attitude. I love that Pharrell loops that abrasive audio clip through the whole song. You’re literally not supposed to do that... so it's brilliant. It adds such an anxious rhythm to the song. I love that she put out as a promo single after ‘no tears’. I was like, 'this woman's brain is wired so weird!' It might have been the moment I became an Ariana Grande fan, to be honest. I screamed. Her mind." I swear I think that about Ariana all the time. Her mind is fucking nuts. Basically though, I love this commentary.

    Let's last hear from @aux (11) who only has this to say...
    "And what about it?.gif"
    What indeed?

    Who's 11 will leave next? Only time (quite a bit of time) will tell. Will it be yours? Do you wish this had lasted longer? Are you mad '7 Rings' is still here? Sound off below. For now, I'll pass the mic to my ridiculously negative girlfriend.

    "Oh GOD this nightmare again. This honestly gives me a headache, it's awful. Why would you layer this bullshit, it makes it sound like a fucking mess. It's not "cool" or "interesting" it literally gives me a headache and it's stupid. Everything about this sucks. -10/10 tbh. "
    And I thought @Laurence's comment was negative. Jesus Christ!

  13. aux


    The Light Is Coming is the Western version of Zimzalabim post reply
  14. Zimzalabim is better though.
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  15. Didn't expect it to be out quite as early. But so it should be anyway.
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  16. I am so glad that we've finally gotten rid of "the light is coming."
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  17. The Light Is Coming has one of the worst uses of a sample I think I’ve ever heard. It’d be a bop without it.
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  18. I mean I think the hate 'the light is coming' gets is way overblown and it's a good song, but Zimzalabim, sweetie...
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  19. aux


    Right... as the reactions come in, I should probably post my full commentary.

    This is such a divisive song, and I understand why some don't like it, but for some reason, it's my most listened to Ariana track. Ariana has an exquisite discography, 10s everywhere, so the search for an 11 was difficult. Every single one of her albums housed at least one 11 contender, so I had to go with my most listened to Ariana track. I don't think The Light Is Coming (feat. Nicki Minaj) is Ariana's best song, but it is my favourite Ariana song. This racket of a song always has me shouting the lyrics - including the reductive sample. Yes, I agree, the sample is annoying. My brain has been rewired to ignore it now, I'm on a second plain of existence and taste now.
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