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☁️Imagine A Rate Like That☁️ - The Ariana Grande Rate: a double winner makes it a hat-trick!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by savilizabeths, Jan 27, 2020.


What's your favourite Ariana Grande album?

  1. Yours Truly

  2. My Everything

  3. Dangerous Woman

  4. Sweetener

  5. thank u, next

  6. positions

  1. Adding to my love 'the light is coming' will be now knowing it actually got an 11 her rate. @aux did that! I already always crack a grin listening to that song, now I certainly will.

    There's a certain chaos to that song I just adore. I love that I find the song to be the audible version of 'chaotic neutral' but so many others would seem to place it elsewhere. Add Ari breaking the 'Alignment System' to her many accomplishments.
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  3. I thought they 11'd The Light Is Coming, not Focus.
  4. Poor (uncredited) Jamie Foxx.
  6. there are some parts of the song that i actually really like but most of it is insufferable. i have other hated sweetener songs to defend
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  7. Break Free slander and praise for the light is coming? It really is the apocalypse.
  8. Choose to ascend with me in these trying times and stan both.
  9. You guys are so chaotic. I love it!
  10. I mean, Ariana is basically a modern goddess of chaos, so I suppose she inspires us!
  11. Yet another best friend collaboration falls.



    ☁️ GOT HER OWN ☁️
    (ft. Victoria Monet)

    Average: 5.715

    Me and all my girls keep it lit when we come through
    We can buy a table in the bar if we want to
    Don't be tryna front 'cause this ain't what you used to
    Ladies in the buildin', probably makin' more than you

    High: 8.5x1(@OspreyQueen) 8x6 (@SlowGinFizzzz @Wired Life @slaybellz @DJHazey @GimmeWork @soratami) 7.5x3 (@Dijah. @stoicist @Petty Mayonnaise)
    Low: 0x1 (@Laurence) 2x2 (@daninternational @VitaminBee) 3.5x2 (@Robsolete @RMK) 4x9 (@chrismoyer @Dangerous Maknae @Espeon @Ugly Beauty @Serg. @Ana Raquel @SophiaSophia @reputation. @superultra)
    Total Points: 417.25
    My Score: 5/10

    Today we say goodbye to another middling score from me. 'Got Her Own' once again features Ari's best friend Victoria Monet and is far less divisive than their previous effort 'MONOPOLY' which left at #99. Instead, unfortunately, it suffers from being rather forgettable. As in, until relistening to it now I couldn't remember what the heck it sounded like. The song was apparently considered for both Dangerous Woman and Sweetener but instead wound up on the Charlie's Angels movie soundtrack, which Ariana co-executive produced. Where will her other tracks from the soundtrack fall?

    What is there to say about 'Got Her Own' really? Apparently I care so little about it that I have accidentally written 'Get Her Own' all over this rate, including this damn graphic. Mess! It sort of just comes and goes. The empowerment message is nice and I love the little layered harmonies that float around throughout the track. I think my favourite part is the end when it begins to sound all echo-y and magical as the song fades out. The beat and the clinking, minimalistic breakdown are both uninteresting. The girls don't really bring anything to the table either. Not much in the way of presence or chemistry. At least with 'MONOPOLY' you can tell they're having fun. I don't think anyone is having fun here. Everyone just seems bored. And so am I.

    Get ready for a short elimination post because it doesn't seem like any of you cared about this either. @AbCF15 (6) calls this: "A tiny bop." I guess 'tiny bop' sums up me sitting writing this with the song playing, tapping my toes and nodding my head from time to time. @RUNAWAY (7) is keeping it real: "Kind of boring honestly." Yeah, I'm definitely bored. @daninternational (4) blames Victoria: "VM doesn't really bring out the best of her." I mean, she does when she's not actually featured. She's produced and co-written some damn BOPS for Ari. I've missed my bestie @Music Is Life (5) in the commentary section. Today he's here to prove that he doesn't love everything ever: "This is…fine I guess. More of the same from her at this point, and not the “good” same, but the middling/bad same." Matching scores! Love that! As for your comment, I pretty much agree with this. I don't enjoy her in this style that much and she keeps making tracks like it. Where are the VOCALS?? ARI???

    It seems @pop3blow2 (5.5) and I are back on the same page after a few glitches in our 'taste twin' system: "Umm, luckily this is short. A bit of racket that I forgot I was on when listening to this playlist." I swear it's such unnecesary filler that had no real need to be released. @Petit nain des Îles (5) references French hip-hop, a genre I've never explored: "Production wise, this sounds A LOT like French centric hip-hop songs of the last few years, which throws me a off a bit. It doesn't really go anywhere, and is another waste of a feature with Victoria." Maybe one day Ari will feature her on a song that is actually good. Maybe. It's looking unlikely though. @chrismoyer (4) managed to get Ashley Tisdale's icnoic bop 'It's Alright, It's Okay' in my head with his commentary: "One of the Charlie’s Angels songs that again is just alright. It’s just there, and people were waiting for this song 4 years before it came out, and then was honestly forgotten the second it dropped. It’s ok." Definitely not worth the wait. It's a no from @Milotic (5) too: "Yeah... I don't like this very much." It seems you're not alone.

    Let's end with a high scorer and a low scorer. To defend the song, we have @DJHazey who's taste I don't trust anyway: "MONOPOLY tricked me by having me go from apathetic to bopping in a hurry, so I'm going to give this a respectable score now and get ahead of the issue." Okay, well he doesn't exactly defend the song but hey, how're you feeling now? Did it have the 'MONOPOLY' effect on you? Are you obsessed? Do share. And to provide the closing argument about this song, in comes frequent low scorer @Laurence (0) who is going to stop enjoying the results so much soon: "This is bad. Very bad."

    Well, that's it. You guys didn't have much to say and neither did I. Sure, there are far worse songs still in, but uninteresting is sometimes a worse sin that outright horrible. So wave goodbye to 'Got Her Own' and discuss below whether you think my unprofessional ass will ever get around to fixing that graphic typo while we hear from usually negative Dani, who actually went on a little rant almost defending this song the other day. Basically she doesn't understand why it's leaving so early.

    @Dani: "Wow this song is bland. It's not bad, it's not good. It's just. Music. Great for background noise when you're working, and woud probably sound pretty chill in a cafè during a rain storm. But that's about it."
    I don't hear that at all sweetie. Was she listening to the right song? Oh well!

    Next we lose another Extra. Any guesses?

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  12. I live by this motto very often, and I think it more than applies for these bland Charlie's Angels songs.
  13. That... is Normani in that picture. Did she have a writing credit on Got Her Own?
  14. Oh my god, I fucked up so bad when I made that album art. Excuse me while I scream! Why the fuck did I do that while half asleep and then literally not look at it again?

    Thank you for giving me the benefit of the doubt though. My blind ass just wasn't paying attention and used the wrong picture while half asleep.
  15. Image has been fixed. I see what happened now. I accidentally made some cover art with the wrong picture then made one with the correct picture but uploaded the original one stupidly. This is what happens when you try and do things half asleep when you're classified as 'legally blind'. Dumbass!

    I will return with a more mature image.
  16. "Got Her Own" deserved better. There's still worse material on the Charlie's Angels soundtrack alone that is yet to be eliminated. I wonder if this would've performed better if it was an official album track instead of a soundtrack track.
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  17. Hmm, not worried about this one.
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  18. Not a loss it left, completely forgettable. don't worry @savilizabeths I thought it was called ''Get Her Own'' for a while too dddd.
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  19. Some choice eliminations, this included.
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  20. POPuLaR sOnG is still here huh
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