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☁️Imagine A Rate Like That☁️ - The Ariana Grande Rate: a double winner makes it a hat-trick!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by savilizabeths, Jan 27, 2020.


What's your favourite Ariana Grande album?

  1. Yours Truly

  2. My Everything

  3. Dangerous Woman

  4. Sweetener

  5. thank u, next

  6. positions

  1. Y'all just hate fun x2, except I'm WAY more upset this time!




    Average: 5.821

    Make it pop like pink champagne
    In the purple rain
    We're gonna paint paint paint the city
    We're gonna show off all our pretty.

    Pretty in pink champagne
    Let 'em know our names.
    Screamin' so loud
    They'll hear us in LA

    High: 10x2 (@DJHazey @WhatKindOfKylie? ) 9.5x1 (@savilizabeths) 9x3 (@Music Is Life @Laurence @chrismoyer) 8.25x1 (@BreatheBox) 8x5 (@japanbonustrack @AbCF15 @livefrommelbs @Laura Vanderbooben @happiestgirl)
    Low: 0x1 (@lemonsqueezyy) 1x1 (@Dangerous Maknae) 2x3 (@superultra @Serg. @daninternational) 3x6 (@Espeon @Holly Something @maikos87 @Robsolete @slaybellz @Petty Mayonnaise)
    Total Points: 425
    My Score: 9.5/10

    Today we (at least the high scorers and I) mourn the loss of the unreleased Ariana Grande classic that is 'Pink Champagne'. For us long term stans, this was part of the beginning. Ariana in her lower ponyrail, poofy dresses and heels dancing around outdoor stages performing a set of almost entirely unreleased songs. Before 'The Way', before the overwhelming fame and popularity. Ariana felt more real somehow. A normal (though privelleged) sweet, bubbly, healthy girl that her fans could relate to. She was always live streaming, answering her fans questions on Twitter and ask.fm (ew!!). Times were simpler. 'Pink Champagne' was a fan favourite song before it was ever properly released. Concert videos and snippets Ari had played in streams were devoured by her dedicated followers. In the end, in typical Ariana fashion, she leaked it as a gift to her fanbase. It's obvious why this was ultimately left off her debut, Yours Truly. It represents the original album concept. Younger, poppier, fresher, less soulful. It, like previously eliminated 'Put Your Hearts Up', sounds a little more Cat Valentine than Ariana Grande. A little more Nickelodean than Mariah. However, unlike 'Put Your Hearts Up' it just...works. It's joyful, it's more authentic, Likely, because Ari actually had a hand in writing and creating this one and she definitely sounds like she's having fun singing it.

    And while we're talking about singing, I absolutely ADORE her vocals on this. Ariana sounds exuberant and the happiness is contagious. The damn RANGE on this one is impressive, especially as she recorded this when she was seventeen. She is belting absolute fuck out of it was so much enthusiasm. Admittedly, her vocals towards the top of her register here are a tad strained sounding. They don't sound as effortless as they likely would now that she's older. It's definitely a vocal technique thing and an incredibly minor nitpick that doesn't even bother me. It's just something I notice as someone who pays a lot of attention to vocals after majoring in them. The harmonies really add a touch of signature Ariana. We know how much she loves adding as many harmonies as humanly possible! I love the delicate harmonised 'ooh's' in the pre-chorus. I love the sweet multiple layered vocals that take the places of the bridge. I LIVE FOR THE DAMN KEY CHANGE! Guys, strings and key changes are my weaknesses! This is such a euphoric moment in the song. It's like an exclaimation of fun and excitment, especially with her belted harmony over the top. She really goes for it and it fucking soars!

    How can this not make you want to dance? How did so many of you give this scores under a five? Is it the kinda garbage quality? Is it the slightly cheesy goodness? Do you have a toothache? Are you just too jaded to enjoy it? DO YOU ACTUALLY HATE FUN? 'Pink Champagne' deserved better, it really did. Did I think it was going to get better? You know what, I did! This charted below songs you lot have been calling for. Below 'Popular Song', below '7 GODDAMN RINGS'. Make it make sense, you guys. Make it make sense! I would like to welcome @Laurence to the high scorer section for once. It's nice to know you don't actually hate happiness, you just hate 'They Don't Know'. And @Espeon, I see you frequenting the low scorers tier. I trust you're enjoying the results so far.

    Since I'm specifically calling out members, I suppose it's time to move to commentary. I'll hand the mic first to @Holly Something (3) who just says: "Nope." Sigh. @Milotic (5) manages to make me think and make me hungry at the same time: It might just be the potato quality of the youtube video, but this wasn't that great. "It's weird, but she sounds like Demi Lovato in the verses to me." I actually.....kind of hear it. Damn. It's also been too long since I had any potato. Yum. @daninternational (2) makes a comparison to an artist I don't really like, so that's offensive: "Can tell it's old school. Trashy in a Katy Perry (aka bad) way." The main Katy song I think of when you say that is the horrific 'This is How We Do'. Poor Ariana. At least this song is actually fun. For once showing taste, @DJHazey (10) really loves a good Disney-like pop bop: "Blew me away when I heard it for the first time at the concert I went to in 2015. Spotify, wake up and add this please! Should've been on Yours Truly, so I could show you all she CAN hit the right spot for me in that era." I do not appreciate the Yours Truly drag. I take back the comment about you having taste.

    Moving on to @Petit nain des Îles (7) who is the second person to make a Cher Lloyd comparison in this rate: "Doesn't really sound like it would fit her albums, and more like something blasted on the radio a decade ago somehow. I like it, even if it's more Cher Lloyd than Ariana." While I understand this comparison more than comparing 'Put Your Hearts Up' to Cher, I still don't get it? What am I missing? This still feels too girly and wholesome for her. Someone explain! @RUNAWAY (6.5) remembers the good old days: "So completely dated. This was cute when we only had like 5 songs to listen to, but it’s not really something I’ll ever go back to nowadays." It's still cute. An underrated artifact from a simpler time. @chrismoyer is feeling nostalgic: "A lost classic! I wish this was released on all music platforms! This song is one of those nostalgic Ariana Grande songs that I (and a lot of people) just remember even from the title. I have so many memories with this being performed on the Honeymoon Tour, the nostalgia is unreal. And fun fact: Kesha wrote this song!" I am so jealous at how many times you've seen Ariana live, and I love you dropping some fun facts. The stan jumped out!

    Our last two comments. Lowest scorer @lemonsqueezyy (0) only has three words for us: "Useless, baseless, and faceless." Oof, harsh. You take that back! And I'll end on @pop3blow2 (7.75) who seems to have an issue with pink: "This video is so pink. It hurts my eyes. Oh, the song... yeah, it's fine. I think I'll remember the video burning my retinas more, though." This would probably be your reaction to me if we met up in real life. I have been known to dress head to toe in pink. Often. Most days. I have an aesthetic, oKAY?

    This is my first big loss of the rate and even though it couldn't have saved it, I wish I'd given it a 10 after writing all that so passionately. Goodbye 'Pink Champagne'. I will always love you. And apparently, for once, Dani stans too!

    @Dani: "
    Ohh this is that song. Okay. I like it, it's so cute and bubbly (yes, like pink champagne, shut up). It reminds me of like baby Ari and Cat Valentine and my gf and it's just a good bop. "
    SHE LIKES A SONG! She knows this literally because apparently I sing it a lot without realising. It makes me smile to see that it reminds her of me. Cute!

    See you next time when another Christmas song falls.

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  2. They Don't Know deserved MUCH better! Such a fun little bop!
  3. These last couple of cuts have been harmless to me. There's some evil looming around the rate and yet these get thrown out.
  4. My first real big loss so far! Pink Champagne, never fails to make me happy whenever I put it on. It really does just exude happiness.

  5. is actually better than I remembered. I'd score it higher. I was probably rushing when finishing this and got my PTST triggered by the Trolls soundtrack cover. So there's that...

    It's pretty much kinda Pink Champagne stuff.
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  6. High scorers for the last few tracks:


    Low scorers for the last few tracks:

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  7. [​IMG]
  8. Pink Champagne is rather saccharine but ultimately harmless considering there are some songs that are overstaying their welcome.
  9. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

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  10. Also let’s celebrate this being the first piece of album art I’ve made without a template. Not my best but it’s been awhile.
  11. Yeah see, I've never heard 'Pink Champagne' as some kind of 'Disney-lite/Nick bop' thing or even as so much of outlier for Ariana as everyone else seems to hear. It seriously sounds like any other moment where she is showing off her talents, not something she's 'wasting her talents on' like so many people think Disney-pop stuff tends do or something...but whatever it's a massive bop and I don't care if I'm one of the few that love it to the moon and back, you can all rot for this placement though.
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  12. I love when our taste actually matches up! I stan this post and I stan you!
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  13. The only good thing about Pink Champagne's existence is this choreo mess.

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  14. Why is Pink Champagne suddenly reminding me of this

    What have you done, Charli?
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  15. @savilizabeths you've got me genuinely curious what your 11 is now. The anticipation!
  16. I know what it is and because of my score I am torn between wanting it revealed soon and not wanting it revealed for fear of what she will do to me in the post.
  17. No elimination today, lovelies!! I spent a good large chunk of the day making album art for the upcoming results. As well as working on listening to the songs for the Red Velvet rate.

    How are you all? Are you staying safe? How's quarentine been? Any show/movie/music recommendations for my free time in lockdown? What are you guys using this time to do? I keep sleeping a little too late but I've been going on walks and listening to music and also spending time on this rate and other PJ things. As well as spending time with Dani, since we're lucky enough to be quarentined together.

    I love you all xo
  18. Tiger King, Sex Education, Pose, Cheer, Queer Eye, Tales of the City, - all on Netflix.

    I'm still working so time is a bit occupied. Go on online cards of humanity or drwaing with scribbl.io is nice.
  19. Turns out, despite the frequent low scores, @Laurence is the only one of you I trust. Give me the entertainment recommendations, you lot!

    In other news, an elimination is coming your way soon. It's the next Christmas song. Any thoughts?
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  20. I'm not too phased about this one, honestly.




    Average: 5.839

    The truth is,
    Your heart is the biggest gift you can give anyone,
    I know we can do it
    'Cause when I look around, there's enough for everyone.

    High: 10x2 (@WhatKindOfKylie? @BreatheBox) 9.25x1 (@pop3blow2) 9x (@Music Is Life @Laurence @myblood) 8x4 (@stoicist @Robsolete @SophiaSophia @OspreyQueen)
    Low: 1x1 (@Espeon) 2x1 (@superultra) 2.5x1 (@lemonsqueezyy) 3x6 (@andrewdarwitan @happiestgirl @Mushroom @Hurricane Drunk @AbCF15 @blaze_dave)
    Total Points 426.25
    My Score: 4/10

    Christmas Kisses takes another hit as we eliminate with the joyful 'Love is Everything'. This wound up a bit higher than it was when the first ten ballots were entered but ultimately, we've deemed it her weakest (full length) original Christmas song. Considering previous eliminations, that isn't exactly surprising. It seems Ariana's girlier, cuter moments aren't everyones cup of tea. So, 'Love is Everything', with it's inspiring if mildly cheesy lyrics, children repeating lines back at Ari, and sweet, uplifting production didn't stand much of a chance against her other Christmas material.

    Speaking of her other Christmas material, Ari's Christmas releases really are like night and day.
    Christmas Kisses represents the happy, celebratory, love filled feelings around the holiday while Christmas & Chill is moodier, sexier, and much sluttier. If you've figured anything out about me from reading these posts (and other posts around the forum), you would probably expect me to lean towards the bubblier, more cutesy vibes of the first EP. After all, I'm over here stanning 'They Don't Know' and 'Pink Champagne', right? Well, no actually. It falls quite flat for me, 'Love is Everything' especially. Maybe I'm just too much of a whore to resist Ariana's more sultry efforts. Whatever it is, this song doesn't click much with me and never really has. I want to like it, but it's never made it's way into my holdiay rotation. I feel the lyrics in my soul, because giving love is super important to me. I do my best to be the most loving, caring and supportive person I can be (which is why, if you ever need anything, please pop into my PMs. Even if we don't talk.) I guess maybe it's the choir type, call and response parts? I think it reminds me too much of a) my primary school days and b) my church attending days. Neither of these are particularly fond memories to return to, so perhaps that's the problem.

    Regardless, it's nice. Very Christmas-y. The festive bells in the background definitely leave me hoping we get to celebrate the holidays properly this year. Ariana sounds gorgeous too. I love her breathy delivery in places and her crystal clear, soaring ad-libs, especially in the final chorus. A lot of you said this is one of her most Mariah-esque moments. I suppose it's time to expose myself again for my lack of music knowledge because, honestly, I wouldn't know. I've only heard a handful of Mariah songs (though I do like them). I think her discography is a bit intimdating for me to tackle. So I'll take your word for it. We all know Mariah is the saving grace of Christmas, so it sounds like some high praise.

    Speaking of your comments, let's begin sharing them. Beginning with those who mentioned queen Mariah herself. @Petit nain des Îles (7) hears a vocal doppelganger: "I swear, I could mistake her for Mariah this time." I really can hear that, especially in the pre-chorus vocals. @BreatheBox (10) exclaims: "Also a classik. Mariah is proud." Maybe, but something tells me this song has never even been on her radar. @pop3blow2 (9.25) is a sucker for this kind of thing: "Marching drums, call & response vocals, & sleigh bells. Sign me up." Your enthusiasm is infectious. I love you! @daninternational (7) wins the award for commentary that made me giggle the most: "This is new to me and I quite like it in a Coca Cola ad way." It really does sound like something that would be used in a holiday ad. By which I mean.....pretty generic holiday music. @chrismoyer (6) references other fans opinions before his own: "Many will call this her worst Christmas song, it can be seen as a corny kids show song, but yet again I kinda like it haha!" I guess we called it one of her worst, considering the placement in this rate.

    Our commentor with the lowest score is @AbCF15 (3) who tries to find something to like: "This song is just not that great to me. The choir in the background is nice but it doesn't help improve the song that much for me." The choir definitely doesn't improve it for me, but that's literally just a past religious trauma thing....idk. @DJHazey (7) scored THIS higher than my 11. The audacity!: "Charming and specifically "the truth is, your heart is the biggest gift you could give anyone" hits that sweet spot." That is probably the best part though. She sounds gorgeous. My favourite optimistic boy @Music Is Life (9) is at it again: "
    Good God is this cheesy, but it’s really cute too and the production slaps." It's cheesy and cute, just like you (and me). @RUNAWAY (5) is making some points: "These kind of sappy songs really do nothing for me. The sentiment is cute, but it’s just not the kind of Christmas song I like." Normally I'm a sucker for sappy songs, so the first sentence isn't something I agree with but the second one does. This isn't the type of Christmas song I enjoy either. @Milotic (5) tries to be generous: "It's not offensive to my ears, but that's about it." I'm glad your ears didn't get destroyed by this then.

    Lastly, a second high score falls for @Laurence (9) who has decided to be positive now: "I love this. Such a happy moment. Very holiday spirit of course." Happy to see you've vacated the lowest scorers list into the highest scorers list. Spoiler alert: You'll be there next elimination too. Watch out.

    So that's a wrap for this one. A highly divisive single falls next. Will it be one you're hoping for? Stay tuned. We'll hear from the girlfriend later. I have a feeling she won't be too into this, but she might surprise me.

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