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☁️Imagine A Rate Like That☁️ - The Ariana Grande Rate: a double winner makes it a hat-trick!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by savilizabeths, Jan 27, 2020.


What's your favourite Ariana Grande album?

  1. Yours Truly

  2. My Everything

  3. Dangerous Woman

  4. Sweetener

  5. thank u, next

  6. positions

  1. My taste in films is not as iconic as my taste in music except for the Marvel Cinematic Universe of course.

    Anything from Christmas and Chill to go.
  2. Hm, maybe I should finish watching all the Marvel films that I haven't yet. I don't think I have many to go until I've seen them all.

    As for Christmas & Chill. You're wrong. Just wrong.
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  3. Seriously I type way too slow at least it wasn’t Santa Tell Me I would have kicked names and take ass if that went.
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  4. It's... whatever, really. One of those songs that I listen to and five minutes later I can't even remember how it goes.
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  5. Watch Shadowhunters!!! The first season is kinda shit in an entertaining way, but it approves much more with seasons 2 and 3. Read the books too.
    Not surprised this is gone, and not terribly upset but I really would like at least one of my low scores out soon.
    And @DJHazey did you give her 11 a 0? Cause I will have to kill you if so.
  6. I don't even remember this one. Wouldn't be mad if the rest of the 1st Xmas EP left as well.
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  7. Watch The Bold Type!

  8. Seconds! This is the cuddliest show I've had in my life in forever <3
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  9. Love Is Everything is cute and I love it. But, it also feels ok for it to be leaving early too. Christmas material and everything.
  10. [​IMG]

    You'll find out. (If I had known it was her 11 before sending in my ballot I would have bumped it up a tad.)
  11. Sorry for vanishing. Eliminations incoming!
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  12. Some of you are going to be THRILLED about this.



    ☁️ POPULAR SONG ☁️

    Average: 5.859

    My problem, I never was a model,
    I never was a scholar,
    But you were always popular,
    You were singing, all the songs I don't know
    Now you're in the front row
    'Cause my song is popular

    High: 10x5 (@Sprockrooster @GimmeWork @Sanctuary @Laurence @Music Is Life) 9.5x2 (@Holly Something @AllGagaLike) 9x5 (@Milotic @Laura Vanderbooben @Slice of Life @reputation. @citoig)
    Low: 0x3 (@lemonsqueezyy @aux @Petty Mayonnaise) 1x2 (@Wired Life @slaybellz) 2x3 (@2014 @RUNAWAY @Mirwais Ahmadzaï) 3x7 (@OspreyQueen @sapnu puas @Petit nain des Îles @Serg. @Espeon @The Hot Rock @Aester)
    Total Points: 427.75
    My Score: 7/10

    I can hear a large percentage of you cheering from here. 'Popular Song', Ariana's collaboration with MIKA, has had y'all begging for it's exit since the rate first opened. While you may not be satisifed that it lasted until our 11th elimination, but it's time to lay it to rest now. The song is a slice of bubbly pop with a musical theatre twist. It incorperates the song 'Popular' from the overwhelmingly successful musical Wicked. The lyrics revolve around themes of popularity, bullying and a sort of revenge fantasy scenario where your life turns out a lot better than the lives of your tormenters. A very different iteration of the track was originally released on MIKA's thired album, The Origin of Love. It's got more of a raw, rough sound and the vocals are less melodic. The vibe is a lot more offbeat than the more polished version Ari features on. Apparently MIKA decided to switch things up for the single release, aiming to make something more in the vein of his signature hit 'Grace Kelly' (a song I unapologetically love). That's where Ariana comes in, and what we're going to be discussing today.

    I do actually love this song. I've loved it since before Yours Truly was released. My sister and I used to duet it a lot, with me always singing Ariana's part because a) we share a similar vocal range and b) I'm me. It's such a goddamn fun song to belt out, whether it's in the car, in your room or at karaoke. When it came to rating it, however, I had to take a step back and look at it more critically. Outside of singing it, I don't come back to it often, if ever. I usually don't even want to listen to it in the context of Yours Truly because it just ruins the flow. It doesn't fit on that album at all. I remember the tracklisting coming out and being so annoyed that she included this instead of giving us an extra new song. The album embodies R&B, throwback sounds. It's more lush, sweeter and more interesting than this simple pop song is.

    Is there anything truly wrong with it? I suppose if you don't want a big bucket of cheese with some major Glee vibes then this won't be for you. Actually, I'm shocked that they never covered this on that show. I don't even have to fact check that because I have seen all six seasons of it multiple times, including once last year when Dani and I binged it in the space of two months. Yes, it's a terrible show and yes, I enjoyed myself. I just feel like it's gotten tired. It's a cute track and I love cheese but I just don't adore this like I once did. The production is nice, very clean and poppy. It balances the line between traditional pop and more theatre leaning pop quite well. I could definitely hear this in any musical movie or TV show, not just Glee. It tells a story, even if it's a bit of an overdone one. Personally, I don't really relate to the sentiment of the lyrics. Hoping that the people who made your life hell have a terrible future doesn't sit well with me. I want them to learn from their mistakes and grow as people. Besides, there is an air of superiority revolving around class and money here. As if you're fame makes you better than somebody who works in a movie theatre. It's not relatable, nor particularly likeable. Then again, for people listening to this, it's more of a fantasy future anyway. And perhaps I'm looking too much into it.

    I suppose we also have to mention Wicked if we're going to discuss this song in detail. I've seen the show, though the only songs I could actually sing to you from memory would be 'Popular' and 'Defying Gravity'. While I enjoyed it, I was never inspired to dive deeper and listen to the cast album or anything like that. I adore musical theatre. I could sing you every line in Les Miserables and I got into Dear Evan Hansen before it took off and became as insanely popular as it did. 'My Shot' from Hamilton came on the other day and I found out I could still rap the entire thing word for word without messing up. I guess Wicked felt a little overhyped for me. Though I did always want to play Glinda, so there's that. As a result, 'Popular Song' does sample my favourite Wicked song. 'Popular' is such a fun look into the way Glinda is and it's so bubbly and funny. I honestly love it. Ariana was the perfect choice for this release because we all know how much of a theatre nerd she is. She started on Broadway after all and you can find plenty of videos on the internet of her getting her life to or performing songs from musicals. Perhaps the musical theatre twist is my favourite and the most interesting part of the song.

    Now that I'm done rambling, I think it's time to hear from our panel of commenters. @Laurence (10) continues his new high scorer streak and has this to say: "I like it, cute." I hope you're not too disappointed. Don't worry, you'll return to the bottom scorers rank very [email protected] (8) comments on Ariana's tendency to collaborate: "Ariana serving quirky girl vibes from the get go. There has always been a certain IDGAF attitude to her in certain way. She just collabs with whoever she wants, regardless of genre or sound. It’s oddly rebellious." Yaaass, we love a rebellious badass! God, how many collaborations has she done at this point? @AbCF15 (7) worries, correctly, that people will trash this song: "I fear this one will get slated and I know its not amazing but I do enjoy it." Well, it made it further than I expected, so that's something. @Cutlery (6) didn't want to slice his album average: "Well shit. I had a couple lines ready on how this ain't that bad and how I wouldn't necessarily press skip, but then it dawned upon me how nauseatingly identical it is to the entirety of Supervision (2020). Lemme overscore nonetheless just so I don't hurt my album average." Okay, I just did some quick skimming of songs from that album and wow, I totally hear it. It's so sonically similiar. Good ear! I also hope you liked my second terrible pun about your username. @Sprockrooster (10) is here for this: "A simple but effective BOP." Well, I can't argue with that.

    Seems @Ugly Beauty (7.5) agrees with me: "Fun but unnecessary and ruins the album's vibe." The album flows together so well and then you hit this song and you're like.....wait, huh??? She couldn't have given us something else? ANYTHING ELSE? Instead of writing anything, @Petty Mayonnaise (0) just submitted this:

    Yikes. @blaze_dave (6) clearly doesn't stan hard enough: "Didn't know she dueted with MIKA." Well, now you're one fact smarter. @Blond (8.5) clearly enjoys Wicked more than I do: "Yes I am a Wicked gay and I make no apologies for it." When I think of Wicked gays, I think of Kurt Hummel in Glee so do with that what you will. I'm sure you're way cooler and less annoying though! Another theatre kid, @GimmeWork (10) says: "The theatre geek in me loves the theatre geek in Ari." Long live theatre geeks! @Butterfly (6) doesn't agree with me: "I always found this to be underrated, I think it fits the album pretty well." While I think that, yes, the song is a little underrated, it also doesn't fit with the album at all?

    Dammit, @DJHazey (8) is testing my patience again with the Yours Truly slander. "Cheesy as hell, but oh so fun; unlike the rest of this album. Definitely something I overlooked as being too messy in years past. Or I probably disregarded it for the male vocals, but honestly he only adds to the song. It's like a Same Difference track, which is a big compliment." Of course THIS is your favourite song on that album. Why are you like this? @Petit nain des Îles (3) can't with MIKA: "Yeah… I endured enough endless radio and TV plays of Mika from 2007-2012. No thanks." I've noticed a lot of people don't like him very much. Has he done something problematic or is he just, you know, annoying? Here with a contrasting opinion, @The Hot Rock (3) is on Team MIKA: "Wanted to enjoy this more than I did because I like MIKA a bit but I can't. Keep it." While I've heard very few MIKA songs (this, 'Grace Kelly' and 'Happy Ending'), I've liked them all. @reputation. (9) is hopefully at least a little pleased with this result: "A fucking BOP! I’m sure this will be one of the first songs to get the boot. Still unashamedly like it!" How's the 11th song to leave? It definitely lasted longer than I thought it would. Justice for all cheese loving theatre gays! @chrismoyer (4) comes for MIKA's vocals: "Different! Especially if you listen to it in the whole album, it just sounds totally different which makes sense since it’s a Mika song and not Ariana’s. I actually think it’s catchy, but it’s a little too cheesy, and his voice kiii." I actually like his voice, though this isn't his best vocal performance I've ever heard. @daninternational (7) had a good minute: "
    This was weird and uneccessary, but it's still fun for a minute." I myself am weird and uneccesary. If you get that reference then you get a cookie. @VitaminBee (7.5) says: "It’s a cute song/semi cover of a song." Seems the word cute is coming up a lot in these comments.

    Let's hear from my favourite cheery optimist @Music Is Life (10), who is becoming a musical theatre kid himself: "This is such a fun poppy song. I’ve always really liked this. Sure, it makes no sense on this album at all, but it’s such a fluffy little pop song, and as someone who was very un-popular in high school, I find the lyrics hilarious and relatable. When the production drops out for the final chorus and it has the handclaps…a moment to be honest. And the music video is hilarious and amazing. Plus, as a budding musical theater nerd, the Wicked interpolation is fun for me now. So yeah, it’ll tank hard, but I’ll always enjoy it." You do love your handclaps. We need to talk about musicals more though! @RUNAWAY (2) stans Wicked but not this song: "This song fucking sucks. Wicked is iconic, but this song has aged so poorly. It was cute for a second, but this song is GARBAGE." Oof. @Milotic (9) is thrilled to have found this again: "I actually forgot about this one, but man, what a fun bop. I love both of their voices together. Glad i rediscovered this!" I love when we discover/rediscover songs we love in rates! It's a great feeling! @lemonsqueezyy (0) hates both MIKA AND Glee: "I understand the reasons behind why this song exists, but it just shouldn’t. No hate to any artist “making it” at any point in their life, but MIKA represents a horrifying niche in pop music (see GLEE, etc) that I’m glad was left in the past." Both the song and the show are fun though.....even if they're, perhaps, objectively terrible. Especially the show. That show is awful, problematic insanity. How did half of it even air?

    I'm giving you two negative comments last, because I can. @OspreyQueen (3) definitely made some harsh but fair points: "...Well it’s interesting to know her slight classism isn’t entirely a recent development." Yiiiiikes. And lastly, @aux (0) drops a bomb on all theatre lovers: "Wicked remains shit." Yikes x2, I definitely wouldn't go that far. But we love messy opinions here!

    So, we're done. The devil has been defeated and all that. I'd like to apologise for how lengthy and rambling this post is. Blame the fact that I actually got good sleep last night and have had coffee. Plus, you guys submitted a large amount of commentary for this. Because the post is so long, and her commentary is also bound to be, we won't be hearing from Dani until a bit later. She's a big stan for this one though, so be prepared for that.


    If you actually read it, just know that I love you a lot.
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  14. Well at least it made it out of the bottom 10
    And I love Popular but the best song from Wicked is clearly What Is This Feeling? which are actually the only two songs I know oop.
  15. Damn ya'll had A LOT to say about this song...
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  16. Nn most theatre lovers don't like Wicked. It's definitely considered a...GP musical, like Phantom.

    That being said I hope she's in the movie. Snatch an Oscar queen!!!
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  17. Me sitting down to write the post: tbh I have no fucking idea what to write
    Me after finishing: o h
    I hope she is too! I know she's said previously that she wants to play Glinda but if she's in it, they'll probably cast her as Elphaba. Which I'm okay with.

    I guess the only reason I feel weird not loving Wicked is because every. single. theatre loving friend I have is obsessed with it. I just sit there quietly and wonder if I'll ever love it as much as they do. I'm not that into Phantom either.

    Les Mis was always my show. Not the movie though. That was a......mess.
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  18. aux


    As an ex-theatre kid, I can attest to this.
  19. Popular is definitely the best song from Wicked, but it didn't really need a rework/cover.
    But the best musical I've seen (I've seen 4 :p) is Muriel's Wedding The Musical.
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  20. Literally because of this elimination I've been back on my bullshit, belting out songs all day. Sorry to my roommates!
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