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☁️Imagine A Rate Like That☁️ - The Ariana Grande Rate: a double winner makes it a hat-trick!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by savilizabeths, Jan 27, 2020.


What's your favourite Ariana Grande album?

  1. Yours Truly

  2. My Everything

  3. Dangerous Woman

  4. Sweetener

  5. thank u, next

  6. positions

  1. One of my favourites from Dangerous Woman that.
  2. It's one of the songs I asked for to go and has a lower score than [REDACTED], so I'm happy with it.
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  3. I consider Dangerous Woman to be almost her very own Daydream album. Yep, it's THAT good I think. Perfect crossover album.
  4. Leave her alone.
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  5. Shame. Not Just On Christmas has some sublime melodies. I can't help feeling nostalgic when I listen to it.
  6. Hmmmmmm...no
    It's still like an 8 dddd.
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  7. Four of these got 9+ scores from me dd
  8. My kill list (the ones in red are the ones I really want to go, the rest are all 6s):

    Last Christmas
    Santa Tell Me

    Just a Little Bit of Your Heart

    Winter Things

    Step on Up

    Raindrops (An Angel Cried)
    Pete Davidson

    Get Well Soon

    How I Look On You
    Knew Better (Part Two)
    My Favourite Part (with Mac Miller)
  9. @Music Is Life himself probably gave half of them 9+ scores too.
  10. Why was the exact same thing I thought when I read that.
  11. [​IMG]

    I'm not ready for that yet.
  12. Y'ALL. Really? I'm not gonna call for my nines yet. These are all 0s, 6s, 7s and 8s. I'm not even mad at the assumption though ddddd.
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  13. [​IMG]

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  14. Same here! Beautiful ballad.
  15. These are the songs I’m waiting to see eliminated next.​

  16. Wanting "My Favorite Part" eliminated is antiblack. Yes, I know they're both white, but it's a neo-soul song, so it's antiblack!!!

  17. #90


    ☁️ STEP ON UP ☁️

    Average: 6.037

    Hey, I'm classy but I don't mind if you get at me
    Its okay to get nasty, just the way that you like
    You say I'm sexy, so bad, they should arrest me
    You can't forget me, gave you the time of your life.

    High: 9.5x1 (@Sprockrooster) 9x3 (@Petit nain des Îles @Ugly Beauty @pop3blow2) 8.5x2 (@stoicist @Dijah.) 8x10 (@GimmeWork @DJHazey @WhatKindOfKylie? @Milotic @livefrommelbs @Ana Raquel @Slice of Life @ysev @OspreyQueen @citoig)
    Low: 3x9 (@Blond @Cutlery @reputation. @Wired Life @Robsolete @Hurricane Drunk @Mushroom @Espeon @chrismoyer) 4x6 (@2014 @happiestgirl @138Prince @Petty Mayonnaise @superultra @Sail On) 4.75x1 (@andrewdarwitan)
    Total Points: 440.75
    My Score: 5.5/10

    Ariana's best album (don't fight me, the poll results speak for themselves) Dangerous Woman takes it's first hit with 'Step On Up'. Here's a fun fact. This song is the only song in the entire rate with no 10s AND no 0s. I suppose that makes it the perfect candidate for Most Average Song in Ariana's Discography. Congratulations!

    It's unsurprising that 'Step On Up' recieved bonus track status for this very reason. It's perfectly servicable. Even good. But it's not enough to land a place on an actual full length project, let alone a project as strong as Dangerous Woman. I just did a YouTube search to see if anyone had mashed this up with 'Focus' and they have. Which makes sense because the second this starts, I get 'Focus' vibes. "Focus but give it a chorus" if you will. It's got a funky feeling to it. The production is very focussed on the percussion, which feels very....high school movie pep rally. All I can see is a marching band and cheerleaders with the entire school cheering in the stands. Perhaps that's why people, both here and in comments on YouTube, have said this song feels High School Musical-esque. It really does. There's such a performerative, theatrical aspect to it. It's perfect to get people amped up and excited. The lyrics aren't substantial in any way. I literally barely pay them any mind. They're just there to give Ari something to belt. The only real job the song has is to deliver some good campy fun!

    But do we really need this song? Perhaps it's because it's not on Spotify but I just don't use it. I can get similar but a million times better vibes from 'Greedy' or even 'Focus'. While 'Step On Up' is nowhere near a bad song, it doesn't nothing to evoke interest in me. I do think Ariana sounds absolutely gorgeous. The melody really compliments the sweet spot in her voice. Her airy run when she sings "what you need, babe" is absolutely gorgeous and my favourite part of the song. Other than that, it's just there. Nice to listen to when it's on but far from a discography highlight. The epitome of average.

    I did once listen to this while getting ready to go to my favourite gay bar and I felt like a confident bad bitch, so that's something!

    A big thing to shine a light on is the iconic fanmade 'Blackout Remix' version. FrenchFriMashups put the 'Step On Up' vocals over Britney Spears' 'Gimme More' and it blew the fuck up! The video has almost 5 million views on YouTube and it seems unanimously agreed on that it is by far the superior version. Now why is that? Easy. It's new, it's different. It isn't a 'Focus' retread. It isn't uninteresting. It's fresh! The production, despite being older, is much cleaner and fits the song perfectly. It's a gorgeous electronic, dance banger. It sounds sexier, which the lyrics support. It's moody, it's dramatic and it elevates the song from cute to gorgeous. And, as we all know, gorgeous will always devour cute.

    It's time to hear from you guys! Quite a few of you hadn't heard it or managed to completely forget it. @daninternational (7) is the one to mention High School Musical: "Didn't remember it, it sounds like the opening scene of a high school musical film more than a song." If it had different lyrics, it could 100% replace 'What Time is It?' or 'Now or Never' in opening a HSM film. @AbCF15 (6) gave a safe average: "This was the first time I had ever heard this one and I'm not entirely sure yet! I'll give it average for now but will probably listen to it again afterwards." Did you relisten? How do you feel now? Do share! @Milotic (8) seems to have made a good discovery: "Ooo, I've actually never heard this! It's funky in a good way." What is funky in a bad way? OH WAIT, the 'Funk' episode of Glee season one. Fuck, I gotta stop making Glee references or no one will take me seriously ever again.

    Poor @DJHazey (8) is annoyed at Spotify's continued stupidity: "Hmm, I remember casting this one aside pretty early on but I think I'm regretting that choice now. Too bad Spotify doesn't have it so remedying the situation probably won't happen now." Normally I'd jump in to say Apple Music is better but it's not on there either so what's the point? @Petit nain des Îles (9) (rightfully) drags good sis Jessie J: "What is this campy mess? Okay, she has to bring this on her own Moulin Rouge movie. I just need to think of two other singers to share it with (and no, Jessie J isn’t allowed xx)" Who doesn't love a good campy mess? We stan. @pop3blow2 (9) does not understand Ariana's choices at all: "This is a bonus track? I mean, ok... I guess. Ariana be taking the piss out of everyone." Personally I think (most of the time) she chooses the right bonus tracks. Including this one. @RUNAWAY (6.5) agrees with me: "This is the definition of bonus track...honestly she could have just left this one unreleased. It doesn’t do anything new or special." Yes. Though I suppose there was no harm in releasing it. It's cute.

    Because we're all tasteful here, the rest of you all shouted out the Blackout remix. @chrismoyer (3) told me the other day that he thinks this might be his least favourite Ariana song: "The Blackout Remix really makes this song great, but that’s a totally different story, the original Step On Up song is not good really. It aged poorly." Message me what your score would be if we were rating the other version. I'm curious. @Wired Life (3) has been ruined: "The unofficial Gimme More remix ended any chance of liking this version, let's be honest." Yeah, okay that's fair. @138Prince (4) agrees with the majority: "The melody is amazing but the production? No thanks. The Blackout version is the definitive version." I feel like the production of the main version just sounds so....undercooked and low quality. Petition to put the Blackout Remix on streaming services. Lastly, @superultra (4) says: "There’s a mashup of this and “Gimme More” by Britney Spears that outsold this version of the song, and I listen to it at least once a week. I can’t help that the production of the Britney song suits this better than whatever this is. Oops." These are all just facts. Tasteful facts.

    From now on, every single song in this rate will have at least one 10. Ariana really did that with her discography. Iconic! The next elimination is an Extra, a collaboration and a song that I included because of a specific forum user request. Hm...

  18. I personally enjoy Step On Up but I agree it seems a bit undercooked. Now that you all mentioned it I can see it being a High School Musical number kii.
  19. Sorry @soratami xo



    ☁️ RULE THE WORLD ☁️
    (W/ 2 CHAINZ)

    Average: 6.089

    Your skin's smooth, your eyes brown and you're far from basic
    Then we go to different places with no suitcases (wow)
    But when we come back, we got suitcases (yeah)
    Right now I use love for a medication (love)

    High: 10x4 (@soratami @chrismoyer @Petit nain des Îles @ysev) 9.5x2 (@Music Is Life @BreatheBox) 8.75x1 (@Dijah.) 8.5x3 (@Petty Mayonnaise @RUNAWAY @lemonsqueezyy) 8x5 (@CorgiCorgiCorgi @Robsolete @slaybellz @japanbonustrack @Mirwais Ahmadzaï)
    Low: 1x1 (@Espeon) 2x4 (@reputation. @Hurricane Drunk @daninternational @WhatKindOfKylie?) 3x4 (@GimmeWork @Aester @Laurence @sapnu puas) 4x3 (@VitaminBee @AbCF15 @DJHazey) 4.5x2 (@2014 @Endothelium)
    Total Points: 444.5
    My Score: 5.5/10

    When I was drafting up the song list, I posted in the rate queue thread to get opinions. Before then I wasn't planning on including this track based on the fact that I felt as if Ari didn't have a large enough percentage of the song. It's the same reason songs like 'Research' and 'Bed' weren't included. However, @soratami spoke up and specifically requested this be here. Direct quote:
    It had a good run despite almost not being included, but now it's time to say goodbye to 'Rule the World'.

    Released by rapper 2 Chainz for his album Rap or Go to the League, 'Rule the World' is an R&B/rap track that was released as a single in March of last year. The collaboration was born out of controversy. Ariana's music video for '7 rings' was scrutinized for stealing 2 Chainz's "pink trap" aesthetic. When the two met in person to talk things through they wound collaborating. He appeared on the '7 rings' remix and she provided vocals for the song we're discussing today. A pretty mature ending to a 'celebrity beef'. We love to see it!

    As for the song itself, it's actually really nice. Despite being a huge fan of Ariana, sometimes I lose track of her insane number of collaborations and this is one that slipped through the cracks for me. Maybe I read '2 Chainz' and decided I didn't much care. When I finally did listen, I found myself impressed but not enough to add it to my heavy rotation. This is jsut not my style most of the time. The world of rap music is just something I've barely dipped my toes into. There are definitely some songs within it that I like a lot, but it's not something I'm drawn to. Repeated listens for this rate really have endeared this to me though. It's quite gorgeous. Soft spoken rap with fucking opulence to it's production. The string flourishes and the twinkling piano are nothing short of beautiful. Ariana's constant air-y ad-libs add to the vibe as well. It's so soothing and expensive sounding. I love it! Obviously the sampling of Amerie's 'Why Don't We Fall in Love' can be thanked for a lot of this. It just fits so well and really makes this song something special.

    Yes, this is me once again regretting a score. Maybe I'm stupid. While writing this post, I find myself continuing to play this and I'm regretting not taking more time to truly appreciate during the voting period. It really does feel just as much Ariana's as it does 2 Chainz's. They blend so well together and I genuinely don't think the song would be the same without both of them at the wheel. It's not perfect. Like the last elimination, the lyrics don't stand out to me here. I get too swept up in the majestic production and vocals that they just go right over my head. They're not bad, but everything else about the song is so strong that they just don't hold much weight. It's a small problem though, because it doesn't feel important in the grand scheme of things. If I'd raised my score to an 8.5, which is probably what I would score it now, then it would have overtaken our next elimination. And it definitely would have deserved it. Sigh.

    Let's forget about my clownery and hear from our commentary panel. It seems you guys didn't have a lot to say. @Milotic (6) isn't really about it: "This wasn't bad. She sounded good but... eh." She does sound beautiful. But when doesn't she? @japanbonustrack (8) is heart eyes for the sample: "The Amerie sample <3" YES THOUGH! It works so well! @reputation. (2) will not be giving this repeat listens unless forced: "This was my 3rd time listening to the song and most likely the last....until another rate I guess." When I first read this comment I was like "MOOD" and now I don't agree at all sooo. @RUNAWAY (8.5) stans the chorus: "I love Ari’s chorus here. It’s a really good chorus. She really sells it, and I love this." The chorus is a major standout, yeah.

    We'll next hear from @daninternational (2) who says 'No Men Allowed': "If we have to have rappers, can't they be female." Considering there's a lot of male rappers in this rate, apparently not. But sometimes. @Laurence (3) keeps the negativity succinct as usual, saying: "Not special." I actually think it's quite special, but considering I only developed this opinion in the last hour, feel free to ignore me. @BreatheBox (8.5) is begging: "I need an album like this please." Soft R&B hip-hop vibes with gorgeous production? Yeah, I'd 100% be here for that actually. And our last commentors are big fans. So let's hear from @Petit nain des Îles (10) first, who is impressed by 2 Chainz: "Incredibly smooth beat. First time listening to 2 Chainz after almost a decade since first seeing his name, so that's one more hip-hop discography to delve into. His flow in the second verse sounds off in a good way? Ariana slays her parts too." I've never listened to much of him outside of features but this song literally makes me interested in giving him a chance. So well done to him. I also love the second verse flow you're talking about. It sounds really cool. Lastly, @chrismoyer (10) is probably very disappointed: "What a brilliant song! The R&B in this one is fantastic, her voice flourishes so well on these kinds of songs. Wish she would do this style more often. The production is very late 90’s/early 00’s gangsta rap, I love it so much. This song is so underappreciated, her vocals are beautiful and 2 Chainz’s is smooth and snapped on this one. Fire song!" You nailed it, as usual. I know you're a big rap fan. Do you listen to much 2 Chainz? Any recommendations?

    Are we dreaming? Did Sav really get out two eliminations in one day? The productivity! Goodbye 'Rule the World', I now see that you left too soon and will regret my score for the next little while. Expect a big bulk Dani post soon, and stay safe! I love you all!

  20. Glad it's gone, not one of her best collaborations personally.
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