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☁️Imagine A Rate Like That☁️ - The Ariana Grande Rate: a double winner makes it a hat-trick!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by savilizabeths, Jan 27, 2020.


What's your favourite Ariana Grande album?

  1. Yours Truly

  2. My Everything

  3. Dangerous Woman

  4. Sweetener

  5. thank u, next

  6. positions

  1. RMK


    Borderline can go, it was my zero. I don't understand Bad To You going so soon, though?
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  2. Can we start again so my Disney-loving ass can give my 11 to this piece of perfection?

  3. The fact that y'all would cut anything from Dangerous Woman this early is the exact reason why I have trust issues.



    ☁️ I DON'T CARE ☁️

    Average: 6.253

    Used to cry 'bout some crazy shit before
    I used to feel so obligated to be so much more
    I used to let some people tell me how to live and what to be
    But if I can't be me, then what's the point?

    High: 10x2 (@Petit nain des Îles @Music Is Life) 9.5x1 (@BreatheBox) 9x3 (@Ugly Beauty @savilizabeths @chrismoyer) 8.75x1 (@pop3blow2) 8.5x1 (@aaronhansome) 8.25x1 (@Mirwais Ahmadzaï) 8x8 (@Dijah. @lemonsqueezyy @stoicist @Vitamin @Sanctuary @SophiaSophia @ysev @Butterfly)
    Low: 0x1 (@reputation.) 1x1 (@Robsolete) 2x2 (@Hurricane Drunk @daninternational) 3x1 (@Wired Life) 4x4 (@Cutlery @happiestgirl @Dangerous Maknae @Aester)
    Total Points: 456.5
    My Score: 9/10

    How have two tracks from the iconic masterpiece Dangerous Woman fallen already? Much to my dismay, it's time to say goodbye to the gorgeous 'I Don't Care'. This song was the last recorded for the album and when Ariana shared snippets on her Snapchat (you know, before Instagram stories) that it was very special to her. It's an absolutely stunning little ballad filled with lovely instrumental flourishes, harmonies and Ari telling the world that she no longer cares about what people think about her. Becoming comfortable with who you are isn't an easy road, especially being in the public eye and thsi song is Ariana sharing that she has finally come to that place. It's such a lowkey self love moment and I absolutely adore it.

    Am I surprised at this early exit? No. Am I disappointed? Yeah, definitely.

    So, why do I love 'I Don't Care' so much? Let's start with the goddamn production. I mean, the song starts with a cushiony string section, and do I need to repeat how I feel about strings? The track is built around finger snaps, atmospheric harmonies and Ariana's fluttery, ssoulful vocals. All wrapped up in rich brass, jazzy keyboards and even some funky guitar. It's such a gorgeous little R&B moment and I can't understand not loving it for the instrumentation alone. It sounds simple yet it's so complex and lush! It sounds like so much care was put into this song and every instrumental choice supports the overall atmosphere. It's sounds so laidback, with Ari just sounding like she's vibing and riffing off the cuff yet it still sounds so perfect. Our off forum rate guest @chrismoyer actually pointed out that this song shares some sonic vibes with the yet to be eliminated Christmas classic 'Wit It This Christmas', which I'd never considered but god, he's right. I'm never going to be able to unhear it. Go listen! They're like sisters.

    The next most important song aspect is the message in the lyrics. Ariana has dealt with scrutiny from a very young age. Part of being a celebrity is complete strangers judging everything you are and everything you do. People will have opinions, fill in the gaps of information they don't have and decide things about you based on their own perspective. Ariana has been too chubby, too skinny, too slutty, too naive, a diva, a homewrecker. And all of these things have been said by people who don't know her. Nobody knows the in's and out's of any of her relationships besides what she's chosen to share and assumptions audiences have made. We've all heared rumours of her diva-like behaviour with no proof outside of YouTube complations of her telling off sexist radio hosts, which were all completely justified. Not only all of this, but Ariana has also been told who to be by producers and directors. Let's not forget the 'Put Your Hearts Up' ordeal. This song sees her finally coming to a place where she doesn't care what anybody else has to say. She's going to live by hre own terms and be everything that she is. It's a beautiful message, not just for her but for everyone listening to it. I know it makes me want to embrace and love myself more.

    I'll also point out that everything about Ariana judgements in the previous paragraph does not apply to anything more recent. Every critique revolving around race, exploitive use of bisexuality, classism etc is completely valid, especially for the mariginalised groups affected. Those are not personality judgements. They are judgments of actions that affect different communities and people within those communities have every right to feel uncomfortable, hurt or offended. Nobody gets to tell them not to. Just a disclaimer.

    Anyway, I love this song guys! It's such a relaxing little track that may be short, but packs a punch for me. But what did our commentary section think? @RMK (6) seems to wish this wasn't on the album: "The only dud on an amazing pop album." I have to disagree. I don't really think there are any duds on that album, though I do have a least favourite that is actually a fan favourite. @BreatheBox (9.5) gushes: "So plushhhh…" It really is! I've had it on repeat all morning. So magical! @chrismoyer (9) relates to this personally: "I still love this song because I relate to it the most! People annoy me and upset me and I’ve had enough with their bullshit, I’ve learned to just not give a fuck anymore, and this is the song! I know this will be the lowest ranked song (or SOU, or JS GIA) for DW, but I love the vibe it has." Well, you were right about it falling early. I'm glad you're growing in yourself though!

    A couple of you made the obvious joke. @daninternational (2) simply says: "I don't care for it." and our lowest scorer @reputation. (0) really does not like it: "I Don’t Care about this. The worst song on the album. It drags on forever." It drags on? It's literally under three minutes? You really must hate this. @RUNAWAY (7) gives a pretty decent score but less than favourable commentary: "I always forget this song exists, ‘cause it just...goes nowhere. She just sings about not caring and the song ends, with no resolution, no middle-8, nothing. What’s even the point?" I don't know, I kinda love it's simplicity. Plus, I always find myself paying so much attention to the instrumentation, which elevates it so much. @Milotic (5) also likes the instrumental: "Idk, I just feel like I've already heard her sing this kind of ballad before. Nothing particulary exciting or memorable. I enjoyed a few of the instrumental choices, though." At least you liked something. @superultra (6.5) suggests how to make this better: "This honestly isn’t as bad as the forum makes it out to be, but I do think it would be better as an interlude instead of it’s own song. It meanders after a while. Her vocals and the vibe are great, though." It actually does feel quite interlude-ish. Not a bad idea. Maybe even if it was just called an interlude people would like it better?

    We'll end on our highest scorer who submitted commentary, the ever tasteful @Petit nain des Îles (10) who makes a comparison: "Oh wow, this smooth number is like a spiritual successor to Only 1 sonically. Instant 10." I can definitely hear it in the floating vocals and chill R&B rhythm! At least someone loved it!

    Farewell 'I Don't Care'! I'll miss you at least. Our next cut is a slightly more divisive one that I definitely wish had gone before this elimination, but hey, that doesn't mean I don't like it. I love you all! Stay safe and take care of yourselves. Thank you for all your support.

  4. I regret not giving it a ten out of like, spite to all of you and while I do adore it, I did not expect it long for this world, but what a lovely song.
  5. I can feel the hate flow through me. That was unexpected.
  6. Don’t worry, me too. The low scorers are on my hit list.
    You should have.
  7. The tasteful bunch, I love you all.
    The tasteless bunch, please get better taste.
  8. I Don’t Care did NOT deserve to leave at #86, the main tracklisting of Dangerous Woman should have remained untouched for another 40 odd songs the lack of taste is disconcerting.
  9. I do think that I Don't Care is a bit of an underwhelming moment on an album that has so many highlights (myself, I "only" gave it seven points), but handing out zeroes, ones and twos seems a bit... odd.
  10. Great album of course, but it still has duds and that's one of them. There's a few more to go.
  11. Well, not too many on Dangerous Woman I think....
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  12. Leave Me Lonely
    Jason's Song

    Those three are the other ones I care least for on the album. A 5, 2, and 6 respectively.
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  13. 2/3 of those, can happily stay for a very long time for me!
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  14. RMK


    Borderline isn't top tier and this rate justifies that.
  15. This. People can stop trying now pleaseeee.
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  16. I am disappointed that "borderline" is gone already when there's significantly worse tracks on sweetener that can leave ASAP.
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  17. I disagree, there's no song on sweetener that's worse, even the light is coming is better, borderline belongs on a 2007 album.
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  18. Lots of great albums came out in 2007.
  19. There's absolutely worse songs left on Sweetener.
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  20. Musical theatre Ari falls once more.




    Average: 6.273

    You acted like you bought me at a bargain sale
    You don't even care
    You focused your frustration on a small detail
    Blew it out of scale, like my ponytail

    High: 10x5 (@pop3blow2 @boombazookajoe @aaronhansome @RUNAWAY @Petit nain des Îles) 9x4 (@Music Is Life @138Prince @Sanctuary @AbCF15) 8.5x1 (@stoicist) 8x8 (@soratami @WhatKindOfKylie? @The Hot Rock @Vitamin @maikos87 @SophiaSophia @superultra @citoig)
    Low: 1.5x1 (@sapnu puas) 2x5 (@slaybellz @Robsolete @Hurricane Drunk @Mushroom @DJHazey) 3.5x2 (@reputation. @Petty Mayonnaise) 4x3 (@Milotic @lemonsqueezyy @GimmeWork) 4.5x2 (@daninternational @ysev)
    Total Points: 458
    My Score: 7.5/10

    Can y'all let Dangeorus Woman rest now, please? I'm begging. It's time to bid farewell to the second Target bonus track, 'Jason's Song (Gave It Away)'. One positive here is that this track fared significantly better here than in the previous rate. Last time it was eliminated fifth and this time eighteenth. That's an improvement. Well done tasteful queens!

    'Jason's Song' definitely has a rich, interesting history. The titular Jason is acclaimed musical theatre composer Jason Robert Brown, known for musicals such as The Last Five Years and 13. The two met in 2008 when Ariana made her Broadway debut (along with Liz Gillies) in 13 as Charlotte, one of the cheerleaders. The musical centres around a young cast of characters living through their teenage lives with divorce, relationships, popularity and all that good teenage shit being explored. It was also the first and only Broadway show to have a cast and band completely made up of teenagers. I'm going to take a second here to mention that The Last Five Years is definitely my favourite thing Jason Robert Brown has ever done. It tackles a failed marriage in a non-linear way and is a great character study of flawed people. Please watch the 2015 film starring Anna Kendrick and the love of my life Jeremy Jordan. You won't regret it! Anyway, Jason played a mentor role for Ari in her days on Broadway and definitely saw her potential early on. So, the two teamed up again years later to create this song. They wrote the lyrics together and Jason did arranged it, played piano and provided background vocals.

    The song definitely has a show tune flair with some jazz & funk elements to it. It features an intricate piano arragnement which is very classic for Jason Robert Brown (seriously, most musical theatre actors will recommend not picking one of his compositions for auditions to be fair on your accompianist, as the piano parts are very complex usually). Ariana's belts soar across this track, sounding so effortless despite the difficulty level of the piece. It sounds like something you'd hear performed in a jazz bar by a seasoned professional. It's incredibly unique, not just for Ariana but for pop music in general. I'd love to hear more from her in this vein, and in theatre in general. Come for the Wicked film Ari! All the production elements blend together so perfectly and theatrically, especially those theatrical strings and the finger snaps. The highlight, however, is definitely the piano solo. God damn! That man can fucking play! Out with guitar solos, because piano solos are where it's at now. It adds something so fresh to the song and I just love it. Let's also not forget the iconic 'ponytail' lyric, because that's a true moment!

    I'd say the biggest downfall of the song is Ariana's slurred delivery. Sometimes you just can't understand what she's saying. In theatre you've got to enunciate, Ari! The lyrics in musical theatre are the most important part as storytelling is the foundation of it all. But since this song is more focussed on the stellar arrangement and Ariana's high class vocal performance, I can let it slid. I'm kinda regretting scoring this at 7.5. My musical theatre nred is screaming at me. But hey, what can ya do?

    This song had a relatively small (for this rate) panel of commentors but they were definitely of varying opinions. @reputation. (3.5) throws the songs title back in it's face: "She should’ve gave this song away." No. Just no. @138Prince (9) says I_Don't_Care.mp3: "I know people hate this song but I don’t care." People hate this song because they hate quality and are allergic to good taste, so I'm with you. @daninternational (4.5) offers a completely acceptable critique: "Not my cup of tea musically." Now THAT is fair. I can get this not being it for some people. Especially if you don't like show tunes. @superultra (8) is both complimentary and wise: "One of Ariana Broadway’s best moments, and I don’t give a phuck what y’all heauxs got to say about it. However, I will say that it deserved its bonus-track status." Yeah, this is all true. It would have made no sense on the main album. At least it was released on Spotify. Poor 'Step On Up' stans.

    @BreatheBox (7) needs Ari to ENUNCIATE: "Love this but sis we can’t understand you." I had a good laugh when I read this comment. @chrismoyer (7) predicts floppage: "Highly underrated! I know this will flop, but it’s one of her most sonically interesting songs to date!" It really is so sonically interesting. It's sounds simple but it's so wonderfully complex. More like this! @Milotic (4) tacks a compliment onto the end: "Kiii at this coming in and destroying this album's average for me. This screams Bonus Track tbh and doesn't really fit in with the rest of the album. She sounds good though…" This is better than 'Step On Up'. Period!

    Now let's hear from three of our five 10 givers, who all provided some meatier commentary. @Petit nain des Îles (10) might want more Broadway Ari: "I can understand why both Step On Up and this were relegated to bonus tracks, as both don’t fit the album (or any other one?) at all. This also has a showtune-y feel, which could be an interesting direction to revisit at some point in her music… or theatre career perhaps." Ari could have a great theatre career. She was super endearing as Penny Pingleton in Hairspray Live! a few years ago and we all know she has the passion for it. MORE. LIKE. THIS! @RUNAWAY (10) screams 'ICONIC': "Okay. Stay with me here. This song is a MOMENT. The true Broadway queen came back and delivered. The fact that she reunited with Jason Robert Brown on a song about her ponytail is I-CON-IC. I. fucking. love. every. second. of. this. Song." The fact that you properly name dropped Jason means that you have taste and I respect you. Lastly, @pop3blow2 (10) drags all your faves: "What a brilliantly odd little song. I remember hearing this and being like ‘it sounds like it’s from a lost musical’. Sure enough, it kinda is in a way. Stuff like this is why Ariana is head & shoulders above most of her peers. They just don’t have the range." Tasteful as ever!

    It's the end of the road for 'Jason's Song', so can we lay off Dangerous Woman now? Why hasn't a single track off My Everything dropped yet? What is happening here? Now go listen to some showtunes! Go watch The Last Five Years! We'll be back for another elimination soon. I love you all! Stay safe!

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