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☁️Imagine A Rate Like That☁️ - The Ariana Grande Rate: a double winner makes it a hat-trick!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by savilizabeths, Jan 27, 2020.


What's your favourite Ariana Grande album?

  1. Yours Truly

  2. My Everything

  3. Dangerous Woman

  4. Sweetener

  5. thank u, next

  6. positions

  1. Bop.
  2. Yes indeed!
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  3. Expect a small delay in eliminations because I can’t really predict how I’m going to feel. A friend of mine passed away super unexpectedly last night. I love you all.
  4. Thinking of you and sending love!
  5. SO sorry to hear this my dear! PM me anytime you need to chat! XXX
  6. I'm so sorry. My condolences, sis.
  7. So sorry to hear this.

    Don't worry about the rate, focus on yourself and get back to it whenever you feel ready.
  8. @savilizabeths , am thinking of you during your loss. Take your time and take good care.
  9. I think I’m a broken record at this point but I just want to say how grateful I am for all of you and this community. The love and kindness shown here is surprisingly rare on the internet and I’m so happy to know all of you. Thank you for being patient with me and for being such a caring group of people. This forum is a safe space for me and you’re all like a family and just...thank god for all of you!

    I love you all xo
  10. Sending you my condolences take all the time you need to process I’ll be here waiting in the meantime.
  11. It’s officially Dani’s birthday in our timezone so I’ve decided that results will officially start up again later this week. I’ve been taking time to process and grieve and I’m so grateful for the love and kindness (especially from you @aux)! I’m going to finish rates that are due and jump back into this and hopefully all will be well.

    But for now I’m going to celebrate my baby getting a year older by eating pizza and getting super drunk. Hyped! I love you all and stay safe!!
  12. Take all the time you need, don't feel bad for it, online rates can surely wait.
    My condolences and lots of love and e-hugs to you both
  13. Hi loves! So I had a thought, partially inspired by @berserkboi's Anime Song Contest, but not qutie the same. Would anybody be interested in an optional mini round of songs we didn't rate? Including unreleased tracks like (Voodoo Love, Boyfriend Material etc), collabs we missed (Bed, Research etc) and other random stuff (Give it Up, Stuck With You etc). If so, sound off below.

    Also let me know what format you'd like it to be in. I'd be thinking Song Contest/Eurovision style would be the best option as it's quicker and easier, especially if you're already familiar with her material. But a more traditional rate style (with non essay reveal posts) could work too if people were interested.

    People who didn't participate in the main rate would be completely welcome to join in the fun. It would be a great chance to celebrate her stellar material we didn't rate for various reasons. I love you all and I hope this sounds like a bit of fun to apologise for my absence.

    Stay safe angels xo
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  14. I like the idea of rating them traditionally, 1-10, kinda like @digitalkaiser did in the Charli rate and I'd be up for it
  15. Finally caught up in here! One down, too many to go.
    Um, yes! I'd prefer a traditional rate format, but whatever is easiest for you.
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  16. Well, it's certainly been awhile.


    Average: 6.345

    I hate that I remember
    I wish I could forget
    What you did last December
    You left my heart a mess (a mess)
    Boy, you blew it
    How could you do it?

    High: 10x4 (@WhatKindOfKylie? @BreatheBox @SlowGinFizzzz @Laurence) 9.5x2 (@Music Is Life @ufint) 9x3 (@stoicist @Sanctuary @OspreyQueen) 8.5x2 (@Ugly Beauty @myblood) 8.25x1 (@pop3blow2) 8x10 (@AllGagaLike @chrismoyer @Aester @Milotic @TwistedInnocence @RUNAWAY @138Prince @Vixen @reputation. @Cutlery)
    Low: 0x1 (@soratami) 1x1 (@Espeon) 3x4 (@Wired Life @elektroxx @GimmeWork @Sprockrooster) 3.5x2 (@2014 @Hurricane Drunk) 4x6 (@Blond @sapnu puas @ysev @daninternational @Mushroom @happiestgirl)
    Total Points: 463.25
    My Score: 7/10

    Today we celebrate the little song that could. Originally our losing track, 'Last Christmas' clawed it's way almost into the top 70. Good for her, and goodbye to her as she leaves us today in all of her cheesy Christmas glory. 'Last Christmas' is the first track off Ariana's debut Christmas EP
    Christmas Kisses, and now that it's gone only two tracks remain. It's a cute remake of a Christmas classic with an R&B twist, updated lyrics and production from The Rascals, frequent early collaborators of Ariana's due to her working with Leon Thomas III on Victorious.

    What can I say? She's cute and definitely didn't deserve to lose the entire rate, especially to even weaker Christmas efforts such as 'Santa Baby' and 'Love is Everything'. Is she perfect? No, but we'll get to that soon. I want to start by talking about the reworked lyrics, because that's probably my favourite part. Covers of Christmas classics really have to do something special to stand out these days. Every artist and their mother have recorded versions of 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas', 'The Christmas Song' and, of course, 'Last Christmas'. Of course I understand why but I must admit that I roll my eyes a little when the covers start pouring out in early December each year. I'm not going to put ten versions of the same song on my Christmas playlist, so there has to be something that grabs me about it, something special. Ariana makes a strong effort to do that here by completely altering the verses of the song both lyrically and melodically. Ariana isn't a big Christmas cover kind of girl and this was a great way to do one while bringing something new to the table. The verse melody is really sweet and is catchy enough to be quite memorable, at least for me. I also love how soft and airy she sounds on the bridge. I definitely think that if this was just a straight up version of 'Last Christmas' then I would have scored it much lower.

    There are negative things though and a lot of that is in the production. It starts off lovely with the bells and a softness that makes me think of a snowfall for some reason? Things are even going well when the chorus first starts. That background effect sounds kinda like a video game and there's not too much happening. Halfway through the chorus is when things go downhill for me. It gets cluttered and honestly starts sounding a little cheap. I love The Rascals and think they've done some great stuff with Ari ('Honeymoon Avenue' anyone?) but there's something really budget production sounding about this one. The thing I like the least is the male 'hey hey hey' chanting you can hear. I understand that they're going for a more R&B twist but that just doesn't fit the vibe at all. Things just sound a lot better when the production is pulled back to focus on Ariana's vocals. The key change doesn't even work for me here, and I LOVE a fucking key change.

    None of this is to say that I don't play this every Christmas, because I do. However, I think it deserves this placement.

    What about you guys? @chrismoyer (8) doesn't have a whole lot to say: "A good version of Last Christmas. It’s a good Christmas song, she has better ones though." Yeah, you sum it up well. Despite the high score I know from our conversations that you'll be happy about this result. @Petit nain des Îles (5) might have needed the holiday season to set the mood: "It's okay. I must not be in the mood to hear this song right now." Do you like it better around Christmas? Because I think I do. @Laurence (10) graces the high scorers section with his presence: "This is sweet." Your taste confuses me so much. I love it! Like me, @GimmeWork (3) isn't here for the production: "Covered so many times and the production just isn’t doing it for me." Literally who hasn't covered this? Imagine how tired we are! @BreatheBox (10) uses the C word: "A classikkk." I'm glad somebody thinks so.

    You all had a lot to say about different versions of the song. Let's begin with those who mentioned the original. @The Hot Rock (6) gives credit where credit is due: "The revamped lyrics were cute and I was glad it wasn't a straight cover but I'll stick with the original." At least we can appreciate the effort. @TwistedInnocence (8) thinks this is a great revamp: "It'll never be the original but Ari and The Rascals managed to give this a great update - the intro is everything!" The intro really is gorgeous. I'm with you there. @Cutlery (8) praises our queens ennunciation: "This is a take on the original that I can appreciate. The instrumental breathes some new life into it, it sounds like a continuation of Yours Truly's sonical aesthetic, while standing on its own. She also ennounciates rather clearly, so yay!" I can see where you're coming from in some aspects but the instrumental is my least favourite part so I guess we don't agree. @blaze_dave (3) keeps his critique simple: "Nah, the original is always going to win." (Almost) always true. @DJHazey (5) is...kinda complimentary: "Wham! obliterates any other version and poor Ari is no exception to that rule. Not terrible though." When you're right then you're right.

    Now let's address the iconic Carly Rae. @pop3blow2 (8.25) also thinks this is a bit cluttered: "It’s not Carly Rae, but this will do (even if it is a tad ‘busy’)" A perfect piece of commentary. @Music Is Life (9.5) is forever and always a Carly stan: "This is actually one of my favorite Christmas songs, even though it’s been covered by everyone. But I love the way she switches it up with some of the lyrics, and the production is kind of amazing. Carly’s is still my favorite though." I don't know what you're hearing because this production is not great. Carly's is though, so I respect that opinion. Thanks for finally catching up here btw!! @daninternational (4) doesn't even like Carly's: "This song never needs to be reworked. Even by CRJ. And the way she pronounces crizmiz reminds me of that vine."

    Amazing! Love that! And the last person to mention Carly also mentions fellow iconic Allie X. @OspreyQueen (9) says: "Not as good as Allie X’s version but better than Carly’s version so it’s got a lot to be proud of." The stans are not going to be happy. Allie's really is a masterpiece though, we can agree there.

    Now onto @Milotic (8) who doesn't actually share a favourite version, despite saying this one isn't it: "I mean, I'm just a sucker for Last Christmas I guess. This isn't my favorite version, but it was good." What is your favourite? I'm so curious! On the flip side @RUNAWAY (8) likes this one the best: "I love that she did something different with this classic. Her version is honestly my favorite rendition." I'm genuinely happy that this is someones definitive rendition. Good for it! @SlowGinFizzzz (10) refuses to let anyone shame him: "NO SHAME! I love this cover and the new twist she added to it." No need for any shame here! @Sprockrooster (3) drops some (non fact checked) facts: "I am not checking it, but this might be the only Ariana Christmas song that did not chart in the Christmas Rate. So that is saying a lot." If 'Love is Everything' and 'Santa Baby' were included then consider my eyebrows raised. This is definitely superior to those. And lastly our favourtie grinch @soratami (0): "I hate Christmas music and Last Christmas is legitimately one of my least favourite songs ever. Unfortunately Ariana's version doesn't really do anything to make it more tolerable for me." Go off I suppose xoxo.

    And that's that. Another one bites the dust. I sincerely apologise for the wait but I know you've all understood and been very patient. I'm easing back in because I do miss this. I'm sorry that this is not one of my better write ups but we'll get there. Thank you for everything and I'll be updating you about the extra round #soon. I love you all very much. Please stay safe!

  17. Awwww this could've made it a little farther for me. I really enjoy it.
    How anyone could not like Carly's 80s-soaked E•MO•TION-esque take is beyond me. Then again, I've never heard the original.
    And you're welcome! I'm really happy I did too.
    I would've laughed if anyone mentioned these renditions of the song:

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  19. Ddd let me do some editing now. I forgot that would happen.

    ALSO you totally should have!
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  20. I do prefer the Ashley version of Last Christmas (nostalgia is to blame since it’s the first one I heard even before the Wham! original) but Ariana’s might be one of the best covers of it AND we gotta give her kudos for re-writing some of the lyrics!
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