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☁️Imagine A Rate Like That☁️ - The Ariana Grande Rate: a double winner makes it a hat-trick!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by savilizabeths, Jan 27, 2020.


What's your favourite Ariana Grande album?

  1. Yours Truly

  2. My Everything

  3. Dangerous Woman

  4. Sweetener

  5. thank u, next

  6. positions

  1. Same about Ashley's being the first one I heard, and how I fell in love with the song, but there's something about Carly's that really made me fall in love with it.
    I hadn't heard Ariana's until this rate, and I have to say it's probably tied for second with Ashley's for me now.
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  2. Ashley's version is my favorite.

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  3. I love that for you!!!
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  4. "Don't forget Ally Brooke, The Cheetah Girls, Cascada & over 100 other artists included in this exclusive made for Spotify offer!"

    Yes, I made this playlist when I was bored one xmas a couple years back. Sometimes I hate myself.
  5. Love her version of Last Christmas. She captured the spirit of the original, but manged to do something different with it too.
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  6. Yikes, my first 10 to go, I think. And my favourite Christmasiana song alongside Santa Tell Me. I just really love the vibe of this version.
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  7. Same here, it's bliss to listen too.
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  8. "Last Christmas" is just one of those classics that I feel shouldn't be covered and I can't say that I'm a fan of Ariana's take, so I'm glad to see it go.
  9. Imagine if that playlist was the catalyst for a Last Christmas rate.
  10. 1. Wham!

    666. Everyone else.
  11. Sorry.
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  12. Welcome back! Great return elimination!

    Great return shadiness of it all!
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  13. I just gave it a listen and honestly...
    1. Wham!

    666. Everyone else.
    667. Gwen Stefani.
    I wasn't a fan of the doo-wop arrangement.
  14. I-
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  15. [​IMG]
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  16. Elimination incoming. I would have liked to see this one go further.
  17. Come on guys. There's worse here.



    Average: 6.380

    And I swore that I would never say
    I miss you more every day
    But some things are better left unsaid

    High: 10x3 (@pop3blow2 @Espeon @Serg.) 9.5x1 (@ufint) 9x6 (@Sprockrooster @BreatheBox @Ugly Beauty @daninternational @japanbonustrack @OspreyQueen) 8.75x1 (@SophiaSophia) 8.5x1 (@Holly Something) 8x8 (@soratami @chrismoyer @happiestgirl @TwistedInnocence @Remorque @Cutlery @Music Is Life @Butterfly)
    Low: 1x1 (@Laurence) 1.5x1 (@Wired Life) 2.5x1 (@lemonsqueezyy) 3x (@Dangerous Maknae @maikos87 @Vixen) 4x5 (@DJHazey @boombazookajoe @Robsolete @Slice of Life @Blond) 4.5x4 (@sapnu puas @ysev @elektroxx @Aester)
    Total Points: 465.75
    My Score: 7.5/10

    The much debated Yours Truly takes another hit today as we lose the weird little gem that is 'Better Left Unsaid'. The song was originally called 'Tipsy' with the hook being "Don't blame me, I'm tipsy" instead of "Don't play me, just kiss me." Who else wants that version? 'Better Left Unsaid' starts as a piano ballad with some soaring belts from Ariana before it builds into an EDM breakdown featuring some random hype guy telling us to put our hands up if we want to party. It's definitely a strange one so it's natural that it has opinions on both sides of the spectrum. So either celebrate or mourn as we say our final goodbyes.

    The first time I heard 'Better Left Unsaid' I was in the car on the way to school. I remember my ballad stanning self immediately falling in love with it as the verse progressed only to find the shift in tone incredibly jarring. This is definitely a unique song. It's trying something and I commend it for that. Anyone can close an album with a piano ballad (AKA every single Kpop album in existence) so I kinda like that this one bait and switches us. That being said, I prefer the ballad side. The twinkling piano paired with Ariana's airy emotive vocals at the beginning. The absolute euphoria of her belts with the building drums behind them. God, it's stunning. You can hear the regret in her voice. She sounds like she's aching to say these things but knows it's hopeless. I'll never get tired of hearing it.

    I may prefer the ballad side, but I actually really enjoy the electronic chorus too. The stomping beat, the kinda scratchy glitchy production behind her, the lyrics! Something about the songs lyrics and structure actually paint a really clear image in my head, so stay with me here. The verse is Ariana on the way to a party where she's going to see her ex. She doesn't really want to go. She's still really sad and broken up about what happened with them and misses him like hell. The chorus thrusts us into the party. She's been drinking, she's tipsy and she's going to make reckless decisions. We all do dumb shit when we're drunk right? She's not going to say any of the things she was thinking in the verse though. After all, those things are better left unsaid. So she's going to say it through her actions and kiss him. Maybe in the second verse when things slow down again she's in the bathroom or something reflecting on what's happening between her and her ex before going back out and doing all the dumb shit again.

    So basically all of that to say I think too much and probably should have given this a higher score.

    What stopped me? That goddamn man shouting at me! Sure, it further adds to the songs party atomsphere and my little storyline above but at what cost??? Why are you chanting at me nameless man???? Who are you? What is your purpose here? Do you know any other phrases? Can you shut up? It's not even a credited rapper or something. Just some random person interrupting a good song. Go home. You're probably drunk and nobody likes you.

    Now that I'm done ranting, we'll hear from you lot. @Petit nain des Îles (5) shouts out everyones favourite(?) party animals from back in the day: "This sounds oddly dated even for 2013… what is this LMFAO chorus? The verses are lovely so it's a shame the rest of the song doesn't stay in that lane." You're right. The chorus production does sound dated, which is a shame because of how gorgeous the verses are. @RMK (6) shouts out early Ari performances: "Hearing this now, I only envision that choreo she did for this on the first tour (dd)." Oh my god! That's a throwback though! I just remember wanting all of her sparkly dresses she was wearing on that tour. @Milotic (7) shouts out an iconic single: "Almost sounds like "Break Free-lite" when it gets to the chorus. But I don't hate it. However, I don't think I'll go back to it often." I guess it's the EDM. I kinda hear it. @RUNAWAY (5) shouts out his own commentary: "^ see above (aka fuck this song) Completely unnecessary to the album when we could’ve just had a perfect, emotional closer with Almost is Never Enough." Ah, our poor losing song. @Cutlery (8) drags it with love: "Something about this has always screamed leftover demo that someone whipped out from a dusty mid 00s hard drive. But I'm not mad about it at all, it's a good basic bop." Okay, facts only. It does sound like something someone in the music production classes at my old performing arts school would make when they were trying to be unique too.

    Of course @DJHazey (4) is out here being anti-ballad again: "Still can't get over how this transitions from a dull ballad to an upbeat moment, which you'd think would improve things for me but it's not like that at all. The featuring 'hype guy' is a complete disaster." Leave ballads alone! @Ugly Beauty (9) is living for the change up: "I just love songs that start as a ballad then transform into a certified dancefloor banger (see also September's End of the Rainbow)." Okay, I just checked it out and it's kinda brilliant! Taste! @blaze_dave (6) docked points: "That guy boasting on this song ruined it for me, was originally a 7." I think my score would have been 8 or 9 without him tbh.

    Let's quickly get @Laurence (1) and his negativity out of the way before returning to some nice shit: "
    What is this even? Some kinda house pop what? I cannot stand it. And then the rapper (nothing against them) comes on. Just a mess." I guess at least you were nice to the rapper, unlike me. @Butterfly (8) uses that d word: "Probably the only moment the album feels a little dated, but it’s such a fun bop I overlook it." Mood. @chrismoyer (8) also drops the word: "I totally get why some people think this song is dated and weird as hell, but I actually dig this one! It sounds pretty in the prechourses and even though the chorus is random and out of nowhere, I honestly enjoy it haha." We're on the same page as usual. Love that for us! @BreatheBox (9) is calling out the haters: "This gets a lot of hate for no reason. It’s such a cute song. As is with the album, it’s her best album for me." At least someone has taste in albums. @TwistedInnocence (8) is pressing the repeat button: "This is a cute bop. Another one I wanted to replay." Yaass! Replay it, love it! @reputation. (7.5) is kinda living for the hype man: "A basic bop. The hype man in the background screaming 'IF YOU WANNA PARTY PUT YO HANDS UP' gets me everytime dd." He's really living his best life, isn't he? @OspreyQueen (9) is also living: "I LIVE for the cheapness and awkwardness of it all." Glad to hear we're all still alive.

    Finally, two last positive comments. @daninternational (9) made a discovery with this one: "This is new to me but I really like it... ballady and dancey at the same time? Yes please!" I hope you've revisited it. And the angel that is @pop3blow2 (10) is promo-ing The Halsey Rate: "What a weird little song to close your album with. It’s a bit manic… so, of course, I really like it." You're right, Manic is an album worth really liking dddd. Jokes aside, I completely agree with you.

    Goodbye to 'Better Left Unsaid' and all of it's messiness. Tune in next time because the next three eliminations are all from one album. Can you guess which? I love you all and stay safe angels!

  18. ☁️ MEET YOUR TOP 80! ☁️

    YOURS TRULY (9/12)
    Honeymoon Avenue
    Baby I
    Right There (ft. Big Sean)
    Tattooed Heart
    Lovin' It
    The Way (ft. Mac Miller)
    You'll Never Know

    Snow in California
    Santa Tell Me

    MY EVERYTHING (16/17)
    Problem (ft. Iggy Azalea)
    One Last Time
    Why Try
    Break Free (ft. Zedd)
    Best Mistake (ft. Big Sean)
    Be My Baby (ft. Cashmere Cat)
    Break Your Heart Right Back (ft. Childish Gambino)
    Love Me Harder (ft. The Weeknd)
    Just a Little Bit of Your Heart
    Hands on Me (ft. ASAP Ferg)
    My Everything
    Bang Bang (w/ Jessie J & Nicki Minaj)
    Only 1
    You Don't Know Me
    Cadillac Song

    Wit it This Christmas
    True Love
    Winter Things

    Dangerous Woman
    Be Alright
    Into You
    Side to Side (featuring Nicki Minaj)
    Let Me Love You (featuring Lil Wayne)
    Leave Me Lonely (featuring Macy Gray)
    Everyday (featuring Future)
    Bad Decisions
    Touch It
    Knew Better / Forever Boy
    Thinking Bout You

    SWEETNER (12/15)
    Raindrops (An Angel Cried)
    God is a Woman
    No Tears Left to Cry
    Better Off
    Goodnight n Go
    Pete Davidson
    Get Well Soon

    THANK U, NEXT (12/13)
    Fake Smile
    Bad Idea
    Make Up
    In My Head
    7 Rings
    Thank U, Next
    Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored

    EXTRAS (10/16)
    Adore (with Cashmere Cat)
    All My Love
    Boyfriend (with Social House)
    Dance to This (with Troye Sivan)
    Don’t Call Me Angel (with Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey)
    Get on Your Knees (with Nicki Minaj)
    How I Look On You
    Knew Better (Part Two)
    My Favourite Part (with Mac Miller)
    Quit (with Cashmere Cat)
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Honestly, it better be Sweetener.....
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  20. Pretty sure I forgot what this one even sounds like, oops.
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