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☁️Imagine A Rate Like That☁️ - The Ariana Grande Rate: a double winner makes it a hat-trick!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by savilizabeths, Jan 27, 2020.


What's your favourite Ariana Grande album?

  1. Yours Truly

  2. My Everything

  3. Dangerous Woman

  4. Sweetener

  5. thank u, next

  6. positions

  1. Hey at least it wasn't me posting a best of Yours Truly list.


  2. When is Bang Bang and Problem evacuating? x
  3. I love Sweetener, its harmless fun I think.
  4. Yes these are the only songs from Sweetener I use as well.

    And The Light Is Coming but that's been gone for a while.
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  5. You BETTER hide your disdain for Problem or we will have problems.
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  6. I can't believe some of y'all like Successful.
  7. I quite like "goodnight n go," but it's not a track that I revisit often.
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  8. There may or may not be an elimination today. I’m taking my sister out for a girls day because she’s having a crap time. So it’ll be tomorrow at the latest.
  9. Hope that you and your sister have a good day out today!
  10. Hope you have a good time xo
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  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I.......find myself bopping to Focus now. It's usable fluff.
  12. Turns out your host is a liar but hey, I had a very busy weekend and I promise you will get at least one elimination tomorrow and hopefully every day next week!
  13. Focus is still that bop that gives me life.
  14. thank u, next takes it's first loss.


    ☁️ MAKE UP ☁️

    Average: 6.469

    Promise me that when you kiss my lips, you'll make it stick
    That's the way to shut me up after an argument
    No eyeliner on, but looking at you is the fix
    Highlight of my life, just like that Fenty Beauty kit

    High: 10x2 (@Sanctuary @138Prince) 9x2 (@superultra @aux) 8.5x2 (@pop3blow2 @Milotic) 8x5 (@SlowGinFizzzz @slaybellz @TwistedInnocence @livefrommelbs @chrismoyer) 7.5x3 (@stoicist @ufint @Butterfly)
    Low: 2x1 (@reputation.) 2.5x1 (@lemonsqueezyy) 4x4 (@BreatheBox @Espeon @CorgiCorgiCorgi @Hurricane Drunk)
    Total Points: 472.25
    My Score: 7/10

    Ariana's most recent album, thank u, next, is our final section to lose it's first song (at least if you don't count 'MONOPOLY' since that song wasn't actually a bonus track so...). That song is 'Make Up', a cute little mid album moment that falls well under three minutes. This is another track that almost sounds video game inspired, which is the reason that I sometimes forget that it wasn't on Sweetener. Sonically it would fit so well on that record. Even better is the fact that it doesn't include Pharrell's yelping like songs like 'Sweetener' do. The lyrics are flirty and sexual as Ari sings about loving make up sex with her partner and features some fun wordplay. This actually made it further than I expected, but today is it's time to depart.

    Honestly, this is a predictable first cut for thank u, next. While there are songs on that album that people get more heated over, this was just given so many middling scores. Nobody loves it, nobody hates it so it just sort of drops off here. Personally there are songs that could have left before this. 'Make Up' is cute! The production is good, the lyrics are fun and the melodies are on point as well. I absolutely love the warped opening and the electric bass synths that constantly make me think my phone is buzzing or something. I love how the melody of the verses flows and almost bounces. I love how there's something off kilter here. It's a simple pop song but it's also not at all. It's a bit weird, which is why I think it would have fit perfectly on Sweetener. It's like the vibes of that album but elevated and without Pharrell. A dream. Also that bridge is iconic. Issa mood. Issa vibe. Yes it is!

    I really love the lyrics and themes here too. It really draws me in and gives me an intimate glimpse into this relationship. I get an idea of what their dynamic is like and it's interesting. It's not just 'I want to have sex with you'. Instead it's that kind of relationship that's so passionate. There's passion in your fighting and passion in your love at the same time. I've never had make up sex (as my partner and I really don't fight for more than half an hour) but I know it's reputation for being amazing. It's fun when songs explore that. Also, let's be real. I collect makeup. I love coating my eyes in duochrome shimmers and colourful powder, as well as covering my cheeks in highlight so that aspect of the song is fun. A Fenty Beauty shout out? We love to see it! Is Fenty my favourite high end makeup brand? It may be so!

    So why the 7 if I'm vibing so much with this? I guess it's the length. The song feels over before it begins which means sometimes I forget about it. I was also just being so pedantic with my scores so some things (as we've seen) definitely were done dirty by me. It is not the worst on thank u, next but I suppose I understand the 'meh' feelings people have towards it. Perhaps if they had drawn it out a bit longer and given it some sort of conclusion instead of just suddenly fading out? But this is the world we live in and it's still a mood AND a vibe so.

    Not many of you commented on this so let's just get started. @daninternational (5) keeps it simple: "Meh." Matching your commentary length to the song length I see. @Crisp X (6) isn't into it either: "It makes me kii to hear those beeps that feel right out of Sonic Advance games, but they’re not enough to make the song actually good. The vocal melodies are clunky too." I like the sort of clunky vocal melody. It's more bounce than clunk to my ears. My fave @Music Is Life (7) likes basically everything but not this cute bop?: "It’s fine. It’s a bop but not much else, and nothing I ever want to return to. The choppy production just doesn’t work for me on this." I know we gave this the same score but we all know a 7 is basically a 5 from you so...you suck. @chrismoyer (8) makes a correct prediction as usual: "This will 100% be ranked the lowest TUN song, but I still love this one. It’s a messy bop for sure, but I stan! It’s super fun and catchy, and I love the “Ahh, Ahh, Ahhs!”" Why do we (almost) always agree? Iconic!
    @Milotic (8.5) is convincing me to get some good headphones: "Well damn! I was vibing with this more than I thought I would. Didn't like this before, but maybe I wasn't listening on headphones? Cause those bassy synths went hard for me just now" Time to borrow Dani's! @RUNAWAY (7) calls out the music industry: "There’s not really a lot here to cling onto, as it’s so damn short and doesn’t even have a conclusion or anything. I honestly hate this trend in music where it’s assumed that no one has an attention span of longer than 2 minutes." I swear my sister is one of those people. She often skips the song after the bridge and it's infuriating to me! I thought I was the one with an attention disorder! Our lowest scorer @reputation. (2) likes this less than the more divisive tracks: "The only dud on an excellent album and the only track worth a <6 score. Trash." This is innacurate.​

    Let's end with some stans. @pop3blow2 (8.5) sums this up brilliantly as usual: "Creepy, broken music box, modulated keyboards. Yasss!" YES! That's probably the thing I love most about it! And @superultra (9) gets me excited for a minute: "I’m probably the only “make up” stan on this site, but fuck it. This is what Pharrell should have done with Petener." Okay, for a second I thought you meant that you stan actual makeup and I was hyped, but this is good too. We'll stan together!

    So farewell 'Make Up'. It actually isn't long until another thank u, next track falls. Which will it be? And what do you want to leave next? Sound off below! This week my best friend is coming to stay after being in the US for nine months and I'm so excited but she's a fellow music lover so talking about this rate with her will keep me motivated to attempt to post every day! I love you all and stay safe as usual. I know things in the world are pretty fucking shit right now. 2020 has not exactly been kind to us all. So just do all you can do and support those around you. I'm always here if you need to talk.

    And for a kiii. A classic.

  15. Another of my 10's gone? successful hate? sweetener out? goodnight n go not being revisited often? Let's cleanse the lack of taste displayed here with a My Everything elimination please.
  16. Yas! Break Free, your turn.
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  17. I know it probably has no effects on the results but I also gave a 10 to Make Up, ddd.
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  18. Make Up is cute but the absolute epitome of a 6/10 track.
  19. Sadly it doesn’t. I just didn’t use my eyes. I’ll edit it once I get home.
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  20. Quite surprised to see something go from thank u next so soon to be honest.
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