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☁️Imagine A Rate Like That☁️ - The Ariana Grande Rate: a double winner makes it a hat-trick!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by savilizabeths, Jan 27, 2020.


What's your favourite Ariana Grande album?

  1. Yours Truly

  2. My Everything

  3. Dangerous Woman

  4. Sweetener

  5. thank u, next

  6. positions

  1. It's a fine first elimination from the album, but I gave lowers scores than this 7 to Needy, Fake Smile, and the title-track.
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  2. Tasteless.
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  3. No those are the ones calling for Just a Little Bit of Your Heart (and there's a lot of them)
  4. Okay I’m with you there.
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  5. Honestly I can’t remember how Make Up goes so it’s fine for first elimination from Thank U, Next.
  6. I want this one to hang on in there!
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  7. For all you My Everything antis...



    Average: 6.503

    Oh we shoulda been forever but fell apart
    Might have separated but you took my heart
    Always knew I wasn't really over us
    And sometimes I catch myself

    High: 10x2 (@RUNAWAY @Sanctuary) 9.75x1 (@BreatheBox) 9x3 (@Sprockrooster @happiestgirl @ysev) 8.5x4 (@Butterfly @Crisp X @Aester @Dijah.) 8x6 (@soratami @fatyoshi @stoicist @Holly Something @slaybellz @Music Is Life)
    Low: 3.5x2 (@reputation. @Hurricane Drunk) 4x4 (@chrismyer @Espeon @TwistedInnocence @Robsolete) 4.5x2 (@Laura Vanderbooben @andrewdarwitan)
    Total Points: 474.75
    My Score: 7/10

    To all of my conrads who have been calling for a My Everything cut, this one's for you. Today we're sending off 'Cadillac Song', a Target exclusive track that can also be found on the Australia/NZ Love Me Harder single on streaming platforms. The song is a chill, breezy throwback packed with gorgeous vocals and R&B vibes. It also samples 'How Love Hurts' by The Sylvers. Looks like we're really cutting down the My Everything bonus tracks first, huh? I wonder what will be the last one standing.

    This is another middling one, at least judging by the range of scores. Everyone seemed to settle on something not too high but not too low. No, zeros, ones or even twos but also barely anything above an 8.5. I understand this. It's a pretty song and I enjoy it when it's playing but rarely is that enough to earn it repeat listens. There's definitely nothing to actively dislike but is there anything to really grasp onto either? Besides, the Target exclusive status tends to work against songs, which is a shame but what can ya do?

    As usual though, I think it's more important to focus on the positive aspects so we can send this song off in celebration. So what do I like? I definitely think the song manages to capture the mood of it's lyrics perfectly. Listen to this and tell me you don't feel like you're driving around on a slightly breezy summer or autumn day reminiscing about someone you loved. It's so calm, managing to make me want to just close my eyes and sway, feeling the breeze on my skin and hearing the birds. It's lovely! The background harmonies sound like they're floating around, acting almost as a summertime soundscape. And of course, Ariana sounds magical. Her delivery is so understated and wistful. Nothing fancy, just her, harmonies, finger snaps and a relaxed R&B beat to back it all up. It's nice!

    The lyrics are definitely nothing new. There is some specificity to them I suppose, with the Cadillac detail but that's an unneccessary fact. It doesn't really tell you anything about the relationship itself which means there's very little to take from this lyrics wise also. My favourite part is probably the lyric highlighted at the top of this post. Not for the writing but for the way the harmonies wrap around the main vocal almost like a warm blanket or something. It sounds really beautiful, as well as the flow of melody there.

    Onto you lot! There was more commentary for this than I expected. @daninternational (5) shades all of the bonus tracks: "These bonus tracks aren't setting me on fire." How dare you insult 'Only 1' like that! @Cutlery (7) also slices into other bonus tracks: "The only of her bonus tracks that I like. It has a laid-back atmosphere that works, doesn't sound dated, and a nice vocal performance." Okay I do appreciate the comment about it not sounding dated because, despite it's retro feel, it doesn't. However, once again 'Only 1' is RIGHT THERE! @fatyoshi (8) gives a shout to her most underrated album: "Sounds a bit like it could've been slotted in on Yours Truly with some of the better tracks on that. Naturally I'm a fan." I guess? Kinda? Besides it having R&B vibes I don't entirely hear it. It does sound a bit like a bridge between that and My Everything in a sense though. @TwistedInnocence (5) doesn't care for it: "Not a favourite, to be honest." and @Milotic (5) feels similarly underwhelmed: "Don't hate it. Don't like it." Well, I can't argue with you guys.

    We love hearing @DJHazey (6) reflect on the previous rate: "Haven't listened to this song since the first rate (not on Spotify) and I'm surprised to find I haven't been missing much because I tend to think I scored it higher than this last time." I think my score changes depending on my mood, so I'm with you. @chrismoyer (4) is shady and I love him: "The definition of a bonus track. It’s nice." Honestly, it's one of her stronger bonus tracks to me but I'm still with you. Now we want to hear from more fans! @BreatheBox (9.75) almost scores a perfect ten: "Retro, cute, great vocals, great lyrics, LOVE! It’s just a bit short." See, I know it's technically short but it never really FEELS short when I listen to it. @Crisp X (8.5) always seems to have great pop music references: "A breezy bop that I wish was longer. Reminds me of Alicia Keys' early work for some reason." My best friend agrees with you! @Dijah. (8.5) is stanning: "Okay, but this is so cute. I could listen to her sing over gentle R&B beats all day." Fair. She sounds so lovely!

    Also lovely are @Sprockrooster's (9) compliments: "OOOH. I am loving the throwback feel this has. So beautifully calm, but not boring. Well done." Calm but not boring is a perfect description. @RUNAWAY (10) compares this to superior songs: "Perfection. The Honeymoon Avenue sequel/Moonlight prequel we needed. Should have made the standard album for sure." Honestly what should have happened is just that the standard album was trimmed the fuck down. This would have been a nice addition though. And finally, our longest commenter is @Butterfly (8.5) who wanted something different from My Everything: "I adore this song, along with the other 3 bonus tracks it always felt like it encapsulated what should have been the back-bone of this album with some radio-friendly bops sprinkled on top. I appreciate more now how pivotal this album was for her career, but I do think the original Yours Truly 2.0 sound would have resulted in a stronger project." YES PLEASE! That is the album I would have wanted instead of the (loveable) mess that we got.

    So that's it! Goodbye to 'Cadillac Song'. Now I have have to type the word Cadillac again which is nice because my spelling impaired ass is tired of it. Next time we eliminated a divisve song that is a favourite of mine but has definitely been called for. Are you ready? See you tomorrow and remember to stay safe!

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  8. I'll take that My Everything cut for sure and You Don't Know me is the bonus track we should all be stanning.
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  9. I see that elimination stirred so many feelings in you guys. To fuel the fire while I do the next write up, we'll be cutting a song from Dangerous Woman next.

    Any guesses?
  10. Nothing from Dangerous Woman should be leaving at this point in the rate to be honest, but knowing ya'll it's probably going to be "Leave Me Lonely".
  11. I'm MAD about this one you guys!




    Average: 6.506

    So when you walk out that door
    Don't you come back no more
    My heart has had enough of the give and take
    And as much as I want you to stay

    High: 10x6 (@Sprockrooster @savilizabeths @WhatKindOfKylie? @fatyoshi @Holly Something @Serg.) 9.5x1 (@Music Is Life) 9.25x1 (@pop3blow2) 9x2 (@Aester @Crisp X) 8.5x1 (@Butterfly) 8.25x1 (@ufint) 8x7 (@soratami @CorgiCorgiCorgi @maikos87 @livefrommelbs @TwistedInnocence @VitaminBee @slaybellz)
    Low: 0x1 (@Petty Mayonnaise) 2x2 (@lemonsqueezyy @Robsolete) 3x3 (@Mirwais Ahmadzaï @138Prince @Hurricane Drunk) 3.5x1 (@BreatheBox) 4x6 (@Blond @Slice of Life @RUNAWAY @Milotic @boombazookajoe @GimmeWork)
    Total Points: 475
    My Score: 10/10

    Today we mourn the loss of Dangerous Woman track, 'Leave Me Lonely'. We also mourn the loss of my respect of some of y'alls taste. This is the first 10 I've lost and for it to lose to some of the songs still here is just disgraceful. 'Leave Me Lonely' is a stirring, dramatic ballad featuring Grammy winning artist Macy Gray. A moody belter in which the women sing about a toxic relationship and letting it go. And what a fucking moment this is! Did I expect this kind of result? Yes, I know the forums taste. Am I disappointed? Definitely!

    Spoiler alert. A LOT of the commentary we recieved for this is negative, so it's a good thing I can share enough love for all of us. 'Leave Me Lonely' is a MOMENT! No simple piano balladry this time folks! It's all about the theatrics. From the opening string riff I am just hooked in for the journey. It sets such a tone for the haunting choir and Macy's raspy vocals to follow. The ringing piano notes sound aggressive, as if someone is slamming their fingers down onto the keys with such angry force. This is moody and dark! It's a small figure standing on a stage underneath a bright spotlight surrounded by blackness while the Phantom of the Opera plays piano or some shit. The song fleshes out it's instrumentation slowly and builds so beautifully. The muffled beats feel almost like stuttering heartbeats and the choir really sound so chilling, setting the mood for the entire song. They support the softer, creepier Macy parts and the powerful Ari belts perfectly. Speaking of those belts, DAMN! Our girl really delivers here. She sounds so passionate as she soars through the notes. I also love when she pulls back a little to sound a little softer, really using her dynamics to tell the story. You can convey so much with your vocal performance and I really hear that on this one.

    I also adore the lyrics! They lean into the theatrical nature of the production by embracing epic drama in the story. He's dangerous, he's no good for her. The vibes of the song heighten him from just being a shitty boyfriend to a full on villain in a Shakespeare level tragedy. "You turned me away like I'm begging for a dollar," is such an over the top lyric in the absolute best way. It's kind of beautiful. Ariana's parts sound like the things she's saying in their final argument, which makes her belts sound like her crying to be hear. Speaking as loud as she can to try and get him to listen to her. "When you walk out that door, don't you come back no more!" is such a perfect line for someone to scream during a huge fight. He's pushed her so far, tossed her aside so many times that she's finally taking her strength back. It's so theatric and I love theatre, okay? Let me have this!

    Seriously though, I've never actually seen Phantom but why do I always think of Phantom when I hear this?

    Does any of that make sense? Probably not but I hope at least some of you read my ramblings anyway. I suppose it's time to jump into our commentary panel. I guess we'll leave the positivity until last to end back on that note. @Milotic (4) respectfully states: "All respect for Ms. Gray, but I just don't like this song." At least you were polite. You know, unlike @RUNAWAY (4) who rants: ugh. "What a stain on her discography this is. Macy’s voice adds absolutely nothing to the song, and it sounds like it was a James Bond song that was rejected for being too fucking boring. I literally have this deleted from my music library because I hate it so much." Where did the four points come from then? I'm curious. I can...actually hear the Bond thing though. Our actual 0 giver @Petty Mayonnaise (0) says: "The way this manages to kill the momentum of the great opening run on Dangerous Woman would be impressive if it weren't so tragic. Extra points deducted for subjecting me to Macy Gray's three packs of Newport's and a gallon of whole milk vocals." I appreciate the descriptive nature of this comment. However, you're wrong. @Cutlery (6.5) is giving Macy a participation award: "It's a bit of a contest between Ari overdoing vocals and Macy Gray... participating. But I kinda like this still in the end." At least you kinda still have taste in the end. @superultra (6) references a user who references Pokemon: "I still can’t get over the user on here who said Macy Gray sounded like Geodude jskdjfskfjsdkfjsfksmfksdfjksf." After checking with Dani I now know what the fuck this means and it actually sent me! Iconic!

    It seems @reputation. (7) has been losing taste over time: "I used to be obsessed with this song when it first came out, but it didn’t age well for me dd. A bit underrated but I guess it gets lost within all the excellence on this album." It's actually still one of my favourites from the album but hey, at least you agree that it's underrated. @DJHazey (5) and I are on opposite sides yet again: "No matter what way you cut it, this is the one wet paper napkin on the main album. Macy Gray does alot of the heavy lifting as far making me magnetically opposed to the song, I'm just not a fan, but it's not exciting from any angle." HOW IS SOMETHING THIS DRAMATIC NOT EXCITING TO OTHER PEOPLE? AM I JUST INSANE? IS MY BALLAD STANNING BLINDING ME? @BreatheBox (3.5) has a version preference: "Album version UNLISTENABLE! Only live versions are good." Okay, I was lucky enough to hear this one live and it was stunning so you're right about one thing.

    Let's move into some positive vibes! Starting with someone who regrets his score. @chrismoyer (5.5) shares: "It’s an interesting song for sure, it’s good, their voices couldn’t be any more different. It’s good tho." Don't worry. Since you can't comment in the thread I will share that you think the song deserved way higher than you gave it despite it still not being one of your faves on Dangerous Woman. @daninternational (7.5) confuses me: "It will always make me think of the tweet. I'm happy it exists and nice to hear from Macy again." Someone help me! What tweet? Am I missing something? Am I going to feel dumb when someone tells me what this means? As usual, I love @pop3blow2 (9.25): "Macy Gray & Ariana work surprisingly well together. There’s a nice grit Macy brings to this song & it is sweetened by Ariana. They both have a lot of soul in this one, though." EXACTLY! Perfect description as usual. @Crisp X (9) experienced memory fail: "I don’t understand how I forgot about this feat? Oh wait, I actually do as I probably wasn’t in the mood for Rag’n’Bone-y pop soul at the time. But this is so good? Macy sounds fantastic too." Tasteful icon!

    Official Best Human Ever, @Music Is Life (9.5) gets it: "This is such a great belter of a song. I don’t understand the forum’s dislike/hatred towards. It’s just a great R&B mid-tempo. She sounds amazing on it, and while I understand how some could find her grating, I love Macy on it as well. Always been one of my faves." It's always been one of mine too. I love you! @Sprockrooster (10) says it: "Macy Gray is a queen. There I said it." Facts only. Legends only. I hope @Holly Something (10) is happy it at least got this far: "This will probably be one of the first out but I don't care, I love it." It deserved better but I suppose #76 out of #102 could be worse. @fatyoshi (10) is our last commentor and longtime stan: "Love the vocals from both Ari and Macy on this one. This was one of my first favorites on Dangerous Woman." Mine too! Thank goodness for you!

    Goodbye to my first 10. Fun fact. My next 10 leaves at number #68. Any guesses? I hope you have all been elevating black voices and doing everything you can to help in this current time. Share. Donate. Sign petitions. Listen to black voices instead of talking over them. Educate yourselves. Being an ally is more than posting a black square on Instagram. It's stepping up and giving your voice to those who should be being heard right now. You can help no matter where you are in the world. Black Lives Matter is more than just a hashtag. I love you all. Please stay safe!

    (Once I'm home I plan to add some links to ways you can help those who need it right now and this movement in general. If I've misspoken in any way, please don't hesitate to educate me!)
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  12. [​IMG]
  13. God. Did this actually perform significantly worse than the first time we did a discography rate? I think so. Disgusting.
  14. From the Manchester concert. I know there are people here who knew Martyn personally.
  15. I gave the score I did because I wanted to hear more of Macy than the few lines she got just repeated. I love the earthy grit quality to Macy’s soulful voice it’s a shame they don’t have any lines together because I love the juxtaposition of their voices.
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  16. NO! Without a doubt one of my all time favourites. Such an random and unexpected collaboration. Yet, one that I think works very well too.
  17. Nooooooo!
  18. HELP how do I unhear this???
  19. I have a feeling that Leave Me Lonely might be Ariana's personal favorite on Dangerous Woman.
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