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☁️Imagine A Rate Like That☁️ - The Ariana Grande Rate: a double winner makes it a hat-trick!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by savilizabeths, Jan 27, 2020.


What's your favourite Ariana Grande album?

  1. Yours Truly

  2. My Everything

  3. Dangerous Woman

  4. Sweetener

  5. thank u, next

  6. positions

  1. Good choice if so.
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  2. Wow, people sure get passionate about that when the rest of the main album is literally a Himalayan mountain range built around it and I Don't Care. Also @savilizabeths, I'll always read your 'ramblings' and enjoy them!
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  3. Y’all do way too much over Leave Me Lonely. @savilizabeths has it right, it’s the drama of it all! On such a killer album, it’s not quite a highlight, but there’s a lot left in this rate that could’ve gone before it.
  4. I really don't wanna HEAR IT from Leave Me Lonely stans when Sweetener has lost Blazed, Borderline, Pete Davidson, and the goddamn title track AND Dangerous Woman lost the superior I Don't Care! EAT MY BUTT!!!
  5. Wonderful write-up for this!

    I mean, I guess I can understand it being a bit divisive, but it all just works pretty well for me. It's not a collab I would've come up with in a million years, but based on Ariana's overall brand of chaos, maybe it makes more sense than I realize.
  6. Leave Me Lonely leaving is....laughable. Like what
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  7. sweetener didn't deserve this. It's a fun little bop, she sounds gorgeous, and the melody on the chorus is perfection. The production is pretty damn quirky. Especially when those video game beeps come in. i like what Pharrell did with it, and his interjections don't annoy me. The post-chorus is so sassy, and also manages to be sexy and dorky at the same time. Queen. And the chorus is just so sweet and never fails to put a smile on my face while I sing it, and it makes me wanna swing my arms and walk in the sun. Y'all suck.
    Cadillac Song is a cute little throw back moment of whatever. The melody is catchy, she sounds great, and the production bops. I just don't return to it much, and there's nothing there for me to really grab on to.
    Y'all are fucking tasteless for kicking out Leave Me Lonely.
    I laughed so hard at this, thank you for that.
  8. Sorry for the lack of elimination today. I had some social plans and didn’t wind up having time. Don’t worry, we’ll be back on track tomorrow with a big elimination!
  9. Please let it be 7 rings.
  10. Is that still around? How is that still around?
  11. I can’t believe Leave Me Lonely actually made it this far... I love Dangerous Woman that song is hot garbage. Good riddance.
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  12. It’s posts like this that make me want to resist the hosts obligation to like every thread reply.
  13. Focus please! Or Bang Bang!
  14. They should've been the first two cuts. Come on, let's start a hate campaign!

  15. It's time.



    ☁️ 7 RINGS ☁️

    Average: 6.530

    Wearing a ring, but ain't gon' be no "Mrs."
    Bought matching diamonds for six of my bitches
    I'd rather spoil all my friends with my riches
    Think retail therapy my new addiction

    High: 10x9 (@SlowGinFizzzz @Vixen @Wired Life @SophiaSophia @slaybellz @Sanctuary @maikos87 @Dangerous Maknae @WhatKindOfKylie?) 9.5x4 (@chrismoyer @junkos @Laura Vanderbooben @Butterfly) 9.25x1 (@andrewdarwitan) 9x6 (@soratami @DJHazey @Holly Something @Milotic @Hurricane Drunk @reputation.) 8.5x3 (@daninternational @BreatheBox @Dijah.) 8x5 (@stoicist @Vitamin @aux @TwistedInnocence @ysev)
    Low: 0x4 (@Music Is Life @Robsolete @happiestgirl @fatyoshi) 1x3 (@lemonsqueezyy @Ugly Beauty @Slice of Life) 2x2 (@VitaminBee @2014) 2.5x1 (@elektroxx) 3x3 (@Blond @CorgiCorgiCorgi @savilizabeths) 4x5 (@pop3blow2 @Crisp X @Cutlery @superultra @japanbonustrack)
    Total Points: 475.75
    My Score: 3/10

    Have I been putting off this write up? Yeah, a little bit. But the wait is over. It's time to eliminate '7 rings'.

    This is Ariana Grande's biggest song to date. It broke records. It topped charts. It was meme'd. It inspired debate. It was massive. It samples the melody of 'My Favourite Things' from The Sound of Music as well as interpolating 'Gimme the Loot' by The Notorious B.I.G in the bridge. Basically it is a just under three minute song of Ariana singing/rapping about having heaps of money and spending it over some trap/hip-hop production.

    You can't argue the iconic status of '7 rings'. It's extremely quotable, especially by white girls in their Instagram captions. The production is crisp and honestly quite wonderful. And damn if that bridge isn't a moment. This should be epic, but it's not. The lyrics are vapid, a little tone deaf and unrelatable, the music video....happened, and quite honestly all of the cultural appropriation shit leaves a really bad taste in my mouth. Especially right now.

    As a white person I don't feel it's my place to delve into the controversies surrounding this, but I urge anyone who can to educate or share your feelings below. I'm just going to keep this post shorter because I honestly don't have the mental energy to deal with this mess of a song. Does it bop? Yeah, it kinda fucking does but not enough.

    I seriously apologise for not doing this one a proper write up. I hope you guys understand. I'm just going to post the commentary below and I'll respond to anything y'all have to say in the thread. I love you all!

    @Dijah (8.5) - Not Miss Appropriana Grande ripping my entire aesthetic as a black girl and me bopping to it anyway!

    @DJHazey (8) - I understand all the flack about the lyrics, but I'm not going to lie they are part of what made me lose my mind when I first played the song. I was blown away because everything sounded so fresh in the scope of 'music from Ariana Grande', so I wanted it and got it.

    @RUNAWAY (7) - This song is like..pretty much trash...but whatever.

    @Music Is Life (0) - Okay look. I overscored this in the BPG rate, mostly cause I bopped to it. But in the space of like, two motnhs, I can’t even do that anymore. I’m just extremely bored by it now. Add everything surrounding the song (the lyrics, which are just too…”I’m rich so who cares if shitty stuff happens to me?” for me to enjoy, as well as the blatant cultural appropriation) I just can’t deal with this song anymore.

    @superultra (4) - Okay, I bop to this song on a regular basis, but I never stream it due to the controversy surrounding it. I’m not going to forget my black womanhood just because this song slaps. If you want to know more on how I feel about this song, literally search my posts in the “thank u, next” thread and you’ll find dissertations of me dragging her for all the bullshittery surrounding this.

    @reputation. (9) - I remember being so confused after my first listen. I didn’t care about it for a few days, then gave it another chance and.....You like, my hair? Gee thanks, just lost it! Also that bridge was a cultural reset.

    @blaze_dave (6) - The lyrics are terrible and let's it down for me, the tune works.

    @Crisp X (4) - Another interpolation, but this just feels thrown together at the last minute, and knowing the context feels like a career low. Pass.

    @daninternational (8.5) - I don't love samples of old songs like this, and Big Brovaz already have the seminal version. But it does have lots of good memories attached to it.

    @TwistedInnocence (8) - I love this song but I think its ability to become a meme made me love it more than the song itself!

    @Holly Something (9) - Burn the video but I can't but find this catchy.

    @Slice of Life (1) - girl, this song........... it's so infuriating that this has become ariana's biggest song. poor thank u, next.

    @Ana Raquel (7) - This song ddddddd I thought I'd totally hate it with all my passion after it's started playing in a telenovela every. single. day. (which it was what happened to Adele's Someone Like You). Surprisingly enough, I didn't? Congrats I guess

    @Milotic (9) - All controversy aside, I bop my life away every time this comes on, so…

    @Robsolete (0) - Genuinely hideous. The worst song she's ever done. Obnoxious and embarrassing. I don't enjoy a single thing about it.

    @pop3blow2 (4) - Oh boy. This one. It's a mess. I think I know what she was trying to do here, but it doesn't land for me. I think the sample cheapens this song. Had she wrote a completely original song hammering on some the same themes & ideas she wanted to, maybe it would've worked better for me. As it is, it's a just a messy misstep that dampened my enthusiasm for the campaign quite a bit.

    @fatyoshi (0) - I really can't back any of this. It's all rancid. Sorry.

    At least its in the back of the album so you can ignore it without throwing off the flow too badly.

    @chrismoyer (9.5) - "While this song is definitely not for everyone and I totally understand why, I still love it. I love the production and the bridge is a huge highlight, the song is catchy af and I just dig the hip-hop, trap vibes. Banger!"

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  16. [​IMG]
    I don't know why, but seeing @Music Is Life award a zero makes me smile.
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  17. The amount of 0s ddd. Ya'll were desperate!
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  18. Wow, that's quite a big loss relatively early on I think. One of her signature songs.
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  19. The fact that this is leaving before Focus is ridiculous but not surprising at all, considering this theme of trashing her most interesting songs in favor of her early average "bops" that has been running throughout this rate.
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  20. I think I was generous to it. Byeeee
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