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☁️Imagine A Rate Like That☁️ - The Ariana Grande Rate: a double winner makes it a hat-trick!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by savilizabeths, Jan 27, 2020.


What's your favourite Ariana Grande album?

  1. Yours Truly

  2. My Everything

  3. Dangerous Woman

  4. Sweetener

  5. thank u, next

  6. positions

  1. The average climbing an entire point compared to the big pop girl rate. Wow Arianators wow.

    It was a cultural setback.
  2. Considering the kind of songs that are still in, this seems ridiculous, but oh well...
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  3. [​IMG]
  4. Some of you hating half of Sweetener but will defend 7 Shades of Fake Tan... make it make sense.
  5. Now let's get rid of the other evil: Bang Bang.
  6. About damn time. Even if you think it bops I truly can’t understand anyone giving that a 10 considering the bullshit and cultural appropriation surrounding it.
  7. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    7 Rings is her worst single. Rotted.
  8. Focus and Bang Bang better come soon after.

    I feel like I have absolutely no right to be upset over 7 Rings leaving because of how it upsets alot of people for real reasons, so I'm not but I can't help but bop mindlessly to the mess and always will.
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  9. Back to our regularly scheduled programming.



    ☁️ HOW I LOOK ON YOU ☁️

    Average: 6.571

    Cover on a magazine in just two weeks
    "Boy to watch", ain't he just, just too sweet?
    Now he ain't even got time for me
    I only see him on the big screen

    High: 10x2 (@fatyoshi @Wired Life) 9x4 (@Dangerous Maknae @chrismoyer @Vitamin @Music Is Life) 8.5x6 (@Petty Mayonnaise @138Prince @Sanctuary @RUNAWAY @aux @junkos) 8.25x1 (@pop3blow2) 8x9 (@RMK @BreatheBox @happiestgirl @CorgiCorgiCorgi @maikos87 @elektroxx @reputation. @ysev @OspreyQueen)
    Low: 2x3 (@Laurence @Espeon @WhatKindOfKylie?) 4x5 (@Sprockrooster @daninternational @VitaminBee @SophiaSophia @sapnu puas) 4.5x1 (@Aester)
    Total Points: 479.75
    My Score: 5.5/10

    It's been awhile since we cut an extra, hasn't it? Today that changes as we say goodbye to Ariana's Charlie's Angels solo, 'How I Look On You'. We're really cutting down those soundtrack songs fast. This one is a short slice of electro-pop/trap in which Ariana sings about a guy using her for the fame being with her brings him. Ariana said this was her favourite song to write for the soundtrack.

    Despite my scores saying otherwise, I think this might be the strongest of the Charlie's Angels songs. I rated 'Bad to You' higher than this and that one is pretty bland in comparison. 'How I Look On You' is dark, moody and is definitely serving some less problematic 'Break Up With Your Girlfriend' vibes in places. This has got a grittiness to it that absolutely stands out. I love how heavy it sounds. The opening guitar actually reminds me of something on the first Twilight soundtrack, which may sound like a bad thing but those soundtracks were pretty fantastic. I want to listen to this on headphones to feel the bass in my chest and really hear that ongoing guitar part. Something about the production sounds almost dystopian to me while still fitting in an electro-pop landscape. I definitely think this one fits the film it was made for, though admittedly I haven't seen the movie so what do I know?

    And those lyrics! I love what she's saying here. Of course this is a danger of celebrity. People can and will use you for their own personal gain because being attached to your name can do amazing things for their own profile. How many of us had no idea who Pete Davidson was before they started dating? But once they were his comments dominated tabloid cycles and Twitter conversations. Now I'm not saying this is about Pete, though I wouldn't be the only one to suggest that, but someone like him definitely did benefit from the relationship, at least in the beginning. Someone might not have even gone in with the intentions to get anything out of the relationship but could have easily gotten swept up in the attention. In this song Ariana calls this boy the fuck out. The lyrics are strong and punchy and I'm really drawn in by them. My favourite part, as is often true, is the highlighted lyric at the top of this post. This is both a favourite for me lyrically and melodically. I adore the melody switch up from the previous verse. The intensity of the narrative rises with the shift as the boy begins to betray her trust and the way the melody changes almost sounds like it represents her frustration. As usual, I'm rambling but I love it so much!

    Of course I have once again talked really positively about a song I gave a relatively low score to. I'm learning that really sitting down with a song to write about it can shift perspective a lot. I don't think this song is perfect though. While I love the production, melody and lyrics I also think the production overpowers everything else a bit. Like it's just a little too much or too loud. It's also a little short, which isn't exactly a bad thing but I think it's the reason I forget about this a lot. Maybe this post will inspire me to add this to my rotation more.

    The commentary was a bit sparse with this one, so let's just get into it. @daninternational (4) is short and direct: "Meh." I won't argue with you because yeah, that's fair. @Milotic (7) finds something to love: "Not bad! I love the pulsating bass." YES! The exact reason I want to listen on some good headphones. @Cutlery (7.5) sums up a lot of my thoughts without rambling like I tend to: "This is a tad nothingy, but I'm jamming? Like something about the instrumental is so rock-lite, interesting and so is the switch up between verses." Rock-lite is actually a good description, I love it! @Crisp X (5) can't really get on board: "It's not clicking with me. I think the production and the melodies clash with each others. It'd sound much better if it had a more traditionally neo soul style." I agree with the clashing part a lot but I do like the style they were going for.

    Some of you shouted out other songs. @chrismoyer (9) is majorly into this: "The better, older sister version of Break Up With Your Girlfriend. Easily the best Charlie’s Angels song, and up there in her discog overall. The trainiston to the chorus when she says boy is so good. It’s metal into pop!" I think I'm actually definitely with you on it being the best from that soundtrack and I'm sorry for the low score. Another best friend of mine @Music Is Life (9) mentions the same song: "Love the guitar in the production on this. This is a bit of a bop, but very reminiscent of “break up…” musically speaking. Still, really enjoyable and catchy, and automatically better than that song for obvious reasons." It's like the less basic bop version of 'Break Up', which I love even though I gave the other song a better score. @138Prince (8.5) mentions a different bop entirely: "The boyfriend sequel I needed." Yaass! @RUNAWAY (8.5) stans the end of the song: "The choral part at the very end of the song is really cool." I love a good choral moment in pop music. And lastly, the number one stan is @fatyoshi (10): "I had a feeling a gem would be hidden somewhere on that soundtrack. Kinda makes up for the rest a bit." Honestly truer words were never spoken.

    Only one Charlie's Angel song left with us. When will it leave? Thank you all for being okay with how I did my last post. Things are back to normal now. I hope you're all doing well and staying safe. Another thing is that you'll all be getting a bulk update of thoughts from Dani in case you're curious. Our next elimination is actually one she really loved. I'll see you tomorrow!

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  10. "How I Look On You" is probably the best song on the Charlie's Angels soundtrack. I don't know if that's a compliment to the song and a critique on how bad the soundtrack is.

    Also, how is "Don't Call Me Angel" still around?
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  11. How I Look On You is great....these results are very questionable ddd
  12. Yep, can deal with this going.
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  13. I think I underscored this one a bit, but alas.
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  14. Another Christmas song falls today. Guesses?
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  15. I don't know why I was surprised people like this so much...




    Average: 6.606

    It ain't even cold outside, not where I'm from
    Feeling like it's mid-July under the sun
    My jacket don't get no love, no hats and no gloves
    Not even a chance of rain
    But my baby's in town and we're gonna do some winter things

    High: 10x7 (@WhatKindOfKylie? @pop3blow2 @BreatheBox @TwistedInnocence @Sanctuary @Butterfly @Blond) 9.5x4 (@elektroxx @ufint @myblood @dylanaber) 9.25x1 (@Music Is Life) 9x4 (@138Prince @savilizabeths @chrismoyer @Sprockrooster) 8.5x2 (@reputation. @Petty Mayonnaise) 8x5 (@Slice of Life @Laura Vanderbooben @maikos87 @Espeon @fatyoshi)
    Low: 0.25x1 (@Serg.) 1x1 (@Hurricane Drunk) 2x2 (@Sail On @lemonsqueezyy) 3x1 (@Ana Raquel) 4x6 (@Aester @boombazookajoe @VitaminBee @Robsolete @ysev @sapnu puas)
    Total Points: 482.25
    My Score: 9/10

    For awhile this was the second highest charting Christmas song. While that isn't the case now, I'm proud of it for lastting this long. Today we lose 'Winter Things', the closing track from Christmas & Chill. What an adorable ukulele driven tune inspired by warm Christmases. A definite album standout for me, especially as someone whose Christmas falls in the summer.

    Yes, perhaps where I am geographically contributes to my adoration of this one. I have celebrated Christmas on the beach countless times. There is always barbeques, families playing sports together and getting accidentally sunburnt if you're as irresponsible as I am. You'll always catch me wearing cute summer dresses, playing guitar and eating ice cream. As someone in the Southern Hemisphere, you always grow up seeing the ideal Christmas on television. A fantasy Christmas of snow, hot drinks and bundling up by the fire. We listen to songs that don't represent our holiday experiences at all. Hell, we even sing them. 'Winter Wonderland' is a part of the set my sister and I sing each Christmas for performances. I remember when Colbie Caillat released her Christmas album which was themed around a warm, summer-y Christmas time. It felt like the first musical representation of where I come from. Hearing 'Winter Things' for the first time was a moment. It was nice to relate to a Christmas song. It can be hot as fuck here at Christmas time, but because we grow up seeing Christmas themed around winter, we're always drawn to want to replicate it. There are pop up ice skating rinks, we decorate our houses with fake snow and some people even suffer through ugly Christmas sweaters. This song really speaks to the way many people around me view the holiday season, and I love that about it.

    Was that too deep and introspective for an acoustic song about Christmas? Probably.

    There is a sweetness about this song that always makes me smile. It's simple, it's romantic. It feels so warm and fuzzy, somehow walking the line between feeling like a cool winter and a warm summer song at the same time. You could be singing this around the fire or on the beach. It's wonderful. I love Ariana's pop production a lot, but it is always nice to hear her stripped back with minimal bells and whistles. It allows us to focus on her voice, lyrics and gorgeous harmonies. I adore when her layered vocals feel like they're acting as an instrument themselves and that's definitely the case here. The song wouldn't be the same without them. It builds upon the simple ukulele instrumentation and makes this a little more special.

    I used to think that this didn't fit on Christmas & Chill. It's a very different soundscape. Less sensual, R&B and more acoustic cuteness. Now I actually think it fits perfectly. The EP explores the love, sex and romance of Christmas and this song is just the same themes with sonic differences. It really adds layers to the collection as a whole.

    Now that I've gone on for awhile, we'll start with you guys. Beginning with @DJHazey (7) who shouts out another warm country: "The 'Christmas in Hawaii' instrumentals drive this into a cute little bop." Cute little bop is a simple yet accurate description, yes. @Crisp X (6) seen stanning a 'white boy with acoustic guitar'?: "Jason Mraz <3" Don't tell anyone but my basic ass likes a few Jason Mraz songs. Apparently that's bad. @chrismoyer (9) loves to sing this one: "A very nice, peaceful closer to the album! I love this song, and always sing it, very chill and laid-back." I also always sing this one, it gets stuck in my head for days whenever I listen to it. So I'm prepared for that right now. @superultra (5) just says: "Great gowns, beautiful gowns." Well that's....a compliment I guess? @RUNAWAY (7) isn't here for it: "The lyrics are cute, but she could have left this one behind. I really don’t like this one very much." This song is necessary for me but I think I've explained why well enough.

    @pop3blow2 (10) is willing a project into existence: "So different & fun. I’d play the crap out of a Ari-Ukulele album." Oh you know we both would! That would be iconic. Unlikely but iconic. @Milotic (7) appreciates the simple things: "Imagine that the one I like the best from this mess has the most simple production? Kiii." At least xayou don't hate Christmas entirely. @fatyoshi (8) applauds the original music: "So glad this EP was filled with original material and not covers. This was another great one." Ugh me too! I'm so bored of Christmas covers at this point and I love that Ari steps up and delivers with the new material! @reputation. (8.5) is feeling inspired: "One of my xmas faves too! Makes me wanna do some winter things." It's actually one of my favourties as well. Something I play endlessly around Christmas. Our lowest scorer @Serg. (0.25) grumbles: "This is just so boring and annoying." Innacurate but we'll agree to disagree. @daninternational (7.5) was over the Christmas songs: "I was ready to give this a bonus point just for being the last Xmas song on the list, but it's actually super cute." I'm glad you were surprised!

    The sweetheart @Music Is Life (9.25) uses a word that always makes me giggle for some reason: "Love the guitar in the production on this. This is such a cute little ditty. So enjoyable." Hehe, a cute little ditty! True! @BreatheBox (10) simple gushes: "Adorbs." Facts only! @Sprockrooster (9) gives high praise: "Her best Christmas song after Santa Tell Me." Damn, I love how tasteful you are! And finally we hear from our user with the longest comment, @Blond (10): "I feel like I’ll have to justify my 10 here. First of all, it’s so nice to hear Ariana without the maximal pop production sometimes. Secondly, it’s completely different to everything else in her discography. And, more importantly, it’s been a Christmas staple of mine for the past few years. It’s distinctly NOT Christmassy in its sound, but the lyrics are dumb and cute enough to get me in the festive spirit." No justification needed but this is a perfect piece of commentary and I love you!

    So as my country comes into winter, we say goodbye to 'Winter Things'. Check back here tomorrow (or later today if I'm feeling fancy) for a My Everything loss, just to get you antis excited. What song do you think it will be? What song do you want it to be? As usual, stay safe and I love you all!

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  16. My baby’s in town and we’re gonna do some winter things

    I genuinely adored this little Christmas song!
  17. Because you're a tasteful icon.
  18. I love "Winter Things" in its Jason Mraz / Colbie Callet glory. I'm surprised that I didn't give this a 10.0.
  19. Ariana is so chaotic & random sometimes, a ukulele-led album might not be as insane as we think! ddd
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