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☁️Imagine A Rate Like That☁️ - The Ariana Grande Rate: a double winner makes it a hat-trick!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by savilizabeths, Jan 27, 2020.


What's your favourite Ariana Grande album?

  1. Yours Truly

  2. My Everything

  3. Dangerous Woman

  4. Sweetener

  5. thank u, next

  6. positions

  1. Next from My Everything...



    ☁️ YOU DON'T KNOW ME ☁️

    Average: 6.609

    The girl you see in photographs is only
    A part of the one I am, don't judge me
    'Cause that's not reality and all I can be
    Is in love with who I'm becoming

    High: 10x5 (@DJHazey @Sanctuary @Crisp X @Wired Life @OspreyQueen) 9.5x1 (@lemonsqueezyy) 9x6 (@soratami @Dijah. @Ugly Beauty @RUNAWAY @slaybellz @SlowGinFizzzz) 8.5x2 (@Music Is Life @superultra) 8x3 (@dylanaber @boombazookajoe @happiestgirl)
    Low: 2x1 (@Serg.) 3x3 (@Cutlery @TwistedInnocence @WhatKindOfKylie?) 4x3 (@Aester @daninternational @reputation.) 4.5x2 (@citoig @Hurricane Drunk) 4.75x1 (@andrewdarwitan)
    Total Points: 482.5
    My Score: 7/10

    We continue throwing out the My Everything bonus tracks as we cut 'You Don't Know Me' today. I actually completely agree on the order we've eliminated these in, so yay us. This little bop is a return to R&B Ariana and features some choppy production, breathy falsettos and a fantastic, true message. The lyrics are both relatable for the famous folk but also for the rest of us. What a bonus track!

    2014 was the year Miss Ariana Grande absolutely blew up. 'Problem', 'Bang Bang', 'Break Free', 'Love Me Harder'...the hits kept coming. Suddenly everyone knew who this tiny girl with the big voice was. She was no longer just ours, she was the publics. This resulted in the rumour mill beginning to churn things out. Diva accusations were plenty. She only likes one side of her face to be photographed, she gets carried around like a baby. Things like that. It was endless. As is typical with celebrities, everyone thought they knew her. We take the information we have and fill in the blanks to form an opinion of somebody we've never met. This song speaks to that beautifully. She tells everyone listening that she's not perfect and that they don't know her. It's a very classy hit back at those who have tried to control her narrative.

    This song actually has a special place in my heart. When the album came out I kinda paid it dust. I liked it but not enough to keep it in rotation. I didn't even know the lyrics very well, which is unlike me. Then something happened. I have a rocky relationship with both sides of my family. My fathers side especially. Because my relationship with my dad isn't very good, they tend to judge me for it. When my parents were together he was emotionally abusive, though he refuses to acknowledge the fact. A lot of my mental illness and issues that I have were caused by him and I'm still battling with them every day. However, his family thinks he's the most wonderful man ever and they villianize my sister and I for keeping our distance. So much so that my grandmother wrote a poem about it that she posted publically on Facebook. They never speak to us when they have a problem with us and instead talk behind our backs or share passive aggressive Facebook posts. Nobody makes an effort to know us, and instead make judgements and decide who we are based on one sided information. It hurts. A lot. One year when this was particularly bad I found myself with this song on repeat. It helped me so much to belt the lyrics with Ari because I felt those words. Until they've walked in my shoes and experienced what I did then they don't know me at all. And that's that on that.

    Apologies for the personal nature of the above paragraph.

    Onto production and vocals. Ariana sounds absolutely gorgeous here. She basically floats through the notes effortlessly. I love her performance. I especially enjoy the way she works with dynamics. The first verse stays softer and then in the second verse she lets her voice soar. The song sounds like a release. The production is something I both love and don't love. I like that it sounds kind of dark. I love the delayed vocal echoes. There's just something a little messy and overbearing about it that doesn't click as much with me. I don't know how to describe it but I guess it's what prevented me from giving it a higher score.

    Since I'm struggling with words, we'll move on to you guys. Beginning with @daninternational (4) and his shade: "She's right, I don't know her." This made me laugh a little. Similarly @reputation. (4) says: "I Don’t Know You, indeed." I might be missing something based on the capitals? Is this a song reference or am I just dumb? @OspreyQueen (10) made a discovery: "Never heard this before and it’s amazing wtf." Aww, I'm glad you loved it! I hope you've been returning to it. @TwistedInnocence (3) isn't feeling it: "This one just doesn't really do much for me." That's how I felt at first too, so I get it. @chrismoyer (5) likes her voice: "Ariana goes a little R&B on this one! It’s pretty good, it fits her voice." I look forward to hearing your thoughts on my write up as usual! @BreatheBox (6) was underwhelmed: "Was very excited for it when she previewed it on that live stream but then the song just drags…." I remember that live stream! I was actually not into it from the clip and liked it a lot better in full! @pop3blow2 (7) drags the production: "Meh, kinda messy & unfocused as a production." Yeah, I think those are my issues with the production too.

    @RUNAWAY (9) prefers our previously eliminated bonus tracks: "This song is cute and all, but the Target tracks should have made the album instead of these two." That's an...opinion. A couple of you are living for the R&B vibes. @Dijah. (9) says: "R&Biana is superb. Defiant queen." YES! And @superultra (8.5) loves it too: "That R&Biana reign just won’t let up." Truth! We love this for her! @Crisp X (10) has high praises: "The hit that never was. How did this not make it to the main album? Easily one of her best songs." I agree that this should have made the main album but I don't think it has hit potential sadly. @Milotic (7) successfully expresses how I feel with this commentary: "I do like this, but there's just something holding it back for me. I think it's the very disjointed production. There are parts that sound great, but they don't last long enough." THIS THIS THIS! THANK YOU!And finally @DJHazey (10) probably got nervous from getting tagged at the start of the post: "This snuck up on me the first time around because it was relatively new to me since I had paid the bonus tracks dust for some time, but not this time. A highlight in her discography, certainly one of the best productions for sure." Don't worry, 'Just a Little Bit of Your Heart' lives another day. But how many more days does it have left?

    And that's that. Only one (haha, get it!) My Everything bonus track left. Prepare for your next elimination coming either later today or tomorrow. And let's celebrate today because it's the anniversary of the day I came out! So yay that! Stay safe everyone and I love you.

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  2. I didn't see this coming... at all. And to think it didn't even reach a 7 average? Some of you did it dirty and I'm taking notes.

  3. Wait, no! That's one of the better ones WTF?
  4. Very forgettable this one for me.
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  5. Ugh, I was so focused (get that out too) on Just a Little Bit of Your Heart that I was definitely blind-sided but losing You Don't Know Me. What everyone seems to think is 'disjointed' in the production, to me has gone all the way off since day one.
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  6. You Dont Know Me is literally one of the best songs on My Everything wtf
  7. The last time it got in some thread talk when voting was open. Most of the times that rallies up the trolls to do the most.

    This time it did not happen. I need Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart to pull of stunt. Let it climb in ranking despite the growth in quantity.
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  8. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    I can't remember how this goes and totally forgot I even gave it a 10 but aww
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  9. Surprise! Today we eliminate another Christmas song...




    Average: 6.647

    Just make it snow in California
    I'll even settle for rain
    Don't want him to go tomorrow morning
    Give me something to make him stay

    High: 10x4 (@boombazookajoe @BreatheBox @RUNAWAY @Sanctuary) 9x6 (@soratami @savilizabeths @Ugly Beauty @Laurence @Music Is Life @Blond) 8.5x5 (@Crisp X @Laura Vanderbooben @ufint @stoicist @pop3blow2) 8x8 (@chrismoyer @Dijah. @Aester @lemonsqueezyy @myblood @happiestgirl @Robsolete @OspreyQueen)
    Low: 2x2 (@Hurricane Drunk @daninternational) 3x2 (@Espeon @Sail On) 4x2 (@citoig @andrewdarwitan) 4.5x2 (@Dangerous Maknae @Mushroom)
    Total Points: 485.25
    My Score: 9/10

    A soft Christmas ballad almost reaching the top 70? I certainly didn't expect that. Today we lose the second to last song from Christmas Kisses, leaving only the iconic 'Santa Tell Me' to fight for the crown of Best Ariana Grande Christmas Song. I also think our ranking of this EP is perfect. 'Snow in California' really is a moment and I'm really happy a lot of you appreciated it. It's such a soft, warm ballad with gorgeous atmosphere, delicate vocals and heartwarming lyrics. A perfect slow song for the holidays.

    From the second the bells start the track I feel as if I've been pulled into a beautiful Christmas snow globe. There is so much warmth in the instrumentation. The background vocals and twinkling bells sound like soft falling snow while the muted percussion, piano and guitar feel like a blanket keeping me warm. I adore how delicate Ariana keeps her vocals until the end of the bridge where you get to hear that beautiful belt. I'm struggling to find words to explain the beauty that is this song. It just feels like winter with the ground covered in a blanket of snow and you walking hand in hand with someone you love, all bundled up in jackets and beanies. And no, I have never experienced anything like this but this song makes me feel like I have.

    Another thing I love is that this is a Christmas song that doesn't scream "CHRISTMAS" in your face. It's a love song set in the holidays and those are definitely favourites of mine. The focus is on winter, romance, longing. As someone points out in their commentary, this actually stands beside 'Winter Things' very well. They're both different takes on a song about how it doesn't snow we're she's from. 'Winter Things' is fun and cute, while 'Snow in California' is bittersweet and hopeful. I actually like that they were eliminated so close together, and in this order because it feels as if 'Winter Things' leads into 'Snow in California' beautifully. The former is about all of the fun they had together while he was in town for the holidays and 'Snow in California' is what follows when he has to leave. Gorgeous. Stunning. I love it. This maybe deserved a 10 from me. Sigh.

    God, listening to this is making me want to do a cover of it really bad, especially as it's winter here right now. If I do then I'll drop it in the thread.

    Let's hear from you guys! The lovely @Milotic (7.5) stans: "Oop, this one took me by surprise. I really like this." Yes! You have taste! @reputation. (6) doesn't: "It’s a cute Christmas song I guess." I guess? Sigh. @Cutlery (7) is appreciative: "Silky smooth R&B. Does it amount to a lot? Not really, but the sentiment, the ambience is appreciated." The ambience really is gorgeous. @TwistedInnocence (6) mentions 'Winter Things': "This is a nice little song. Nothing spectacular and almost like the predecessor to Winter Things. Nice though." They really make a lovely pair, don't they? @chrismoyer (8) predicted this would leave early, I wonder if the placement surprised him: "Very pretty and her most underrated Christmas song! It’s a great Christmas song, This won’t do the greatest probably, so let’s at least appreciate this." Well, clearly it has it's share of fans here and fought hard. I'm proud of this little song. @Crisp X (8.5) references Toni Braxton who is someone I should be more familiar with: "Come through, Ariana Braxton." I'm sure this is a big compliment.

    The wonderful @pop3blow2 (8.5) knows his weaknesses: "Ariana going for the double-kryptonite for me, here. Songs about California are a weakness… and a Christmas song at that. It’s cute." It's more than cute. It's lush and warm and gorgeous. But I get your point. @Music Is Life (9) shouts out her vocals: "She sounds amazing of course and I love the production. The lyrics are cute." Cute seems to be a common word here. @Laurence (9) makes me smile: "I've grown to love this too. Sweet, dreaming of that boy that I need to make mine." Is this boy yours now? Hehe. @BreatheBox (10) has taste: "Her early works are impeccable pleaseeee." YES TO THIS! God, I miss early Ari sometimes. And finally, @RUNAWAY (10) who loves a good winter song: "Gorgeous. I really love this song, where it’s more of a winter song than Christmas. It reminds me of Count the Days by Girls Aloud with the whole, not wanting ur BF to go kind of storyline." I totally agree with you. It's so wintery and gorgeous!

    So that's it. Goodbye to this beautiful winter moment. Only a handful of Christmas songs are left as we hit the Top 70. Which one will leave next and will it be soon? Our next cut will be a single. Place your guesses. I love you all and stay safe. Thank you for sticking with me on this ride so far.

  10. Snow In California is one of her best Christmas song, and I do agree with you @savilizabeths it doesn't sound all that Christmassy which makes me like it more.

    Santa Tell Me is the right choice for the longest lasting Christmas song though.
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  11. Oh my god thank you!!
  12. Waddaya think? Is any boy ever mine? Nah... But I am dating a gorgeous zaddy again.
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  13. It's ok, just the truth xo
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  14. Any of the 1,000 renditions of that song need to perish though.
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  15. Y'all are making me real sad with some of these early eliminations. I love Snow In California snow much.
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  16. Why are songs from the first Christmas EP even still in? You Don't Know Me stung though.
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  17. I'm hoping some of my lowest scores go before the Top 60:

    Baby I
    Right There
    Tattooed Heart
    You'll Never Know
    Bang Bang
    Better Off
    Get Well Soon
    My Favourite Part (Seriously?!?!? I gave this a 1)
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  18. How dare you?
  19. I'm brave.
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