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☁️Imagine A Rate Like That☁️ - The Ariana Grande Rate: a double winner makes it a hat-trick!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by savilizabeths, Jan 27, 2020.


What's your favourite Ariana Grande album?

  1. Yours Truly

  2. My Everything

  3. Dangerous Woman

  4. Sweetener

  5. thank u, next

  6. positions

  1. Another no elimination day. I can hardly focus on passively watching TV let alone constructing sentences
  2. We love you and send lots of good vibes from Melbourne and little teepee!

  3. Yessah, the worst score in the rate for me, even lower than anything on the album we need to start culling.
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  4. 4th day stuck in bed sick but I think I’m going to try to get the next one out today.
  5. I'm actually surprised this lasted so long.




    Average: 6.708

    See you here with somebody
    You sizing up my body
    Don't you know that I bite when the sun set, yeah
    So don’t you try come around me
    Might work with her but not me
    Don't you know that I bite when the sun set

    High: 10x9 (@Sprockrooster @soratami @DJHazey @WhatKindOfKylie? @ufint @aux @livefrommelbs @slaybellz @Music Is Life) 9.5x1 (@daninternational) 9x2 (@Serg. @OspreyQueen) 8.75x2 (@Remorque @Vixen) 8.5x1 (@Holly Something) 8x6 (@Wired Life @Slice of Life @TwistedInnocence @Espeon @stoicist @happiestgirl)
    Low: 1x1 (@Ana Raquel @superultra) 3x1 (@Blond) 3.5x1 (@sapnu puas) 4x1 (@ysev) 4.5x3 (@Hurricane Drunk @andrewdarwitan @boombazookajoe) 5x8 (@dylanaber @chrismoyer @savilizabeths @fatyoshi @BreatheBox @Robsolete @138Prince @Cutlery)
    Total Points: 489.75
    My Score: 5/10

    Well, this is a problematic trio, isn't it? Today we say goodbye to the first of two 'Ariana plus two other female pop icons' tracks. It's 'Don't Call Me Angel'. This pop/trap moment features Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey, was the lead single to the Charlie's Angel soundtrack and is also the final track from that soundtrack to fall in this rate. Clearly we were not too impressed. Now, I don't want to discuss Miley or Lana much in this post. Both have expressed opinions harmful to marginalised communities and I dno't have the patience for their bullshit. If you want to know more then I urge you to take a dive into their respective threads where you will find many well constructed thoughts from various users on this site. You might also check out @Music Is Life's Miley rate where her early (less problematic) years were covered. It's up to the top four and I'm rooting for 'See You Again'.

    So we're going to focus on the song itself. Considering the high profile artists involved, there was a lot of expectation. A bombastic girl power moment something akin to 'Lady Mamalade'. I know I was definitely curious. I mean, what a strange group they assembled. I think it was the inclusion of Lana that had my eyebrows raised. I guess I just didn't picture her aesthetic pairing with the other girls. Come release day, I pull up YouTube and turn on the song...and I'm left cold. It just felt so underwhelming. Nothing clicked. I was bored. It just happeend and then it was gone and I didn't care anymore, which is not how I want to feel from a release like this.

    Why? Maybe it's that the girls don't feel as if they're working together so much as bringing their own thing to the table and then falling flat. Each girls verse feels so very them but nothing flows together like it should. It actually feels more like an Ariana song with the other girls supplying guest verses because the chorus feels like Ari's. I don't know? I just wish it felt more united than it does. As for the individual verses, I actually think they get better and better as the song goes on, even if they kinda sound like completely seperate songs. I don't like Miley's verse. The flow feels a little off and I don't like her vocals. Ariana's is beautifully sung with some lovely harmonies and it feels very angelic in a sense. And then Lana's. It's a moment, let's just say that. Best part of the song! The chorus is nice enough and definitely gets stuck in my head but it also feels very...one note? I just needed more from this.

    On the positive side we have the fact that this is more melodic and sultry than 'Bang Bang' is. It's more coo and less shout, which is nice. Ariana and Lana really bring something and in a different world where Lana wasn't...ugh, I would love an actual collaboration with just them to see what it sounded like. I do think the song has grown on me some. I like the eerie atmosphere and production. The harmonies really build the song up as well, especially in Lana's verse and on the word 'heaven' in the chorus. Overall though, it's just doesn't hit as hard as I think it should and that's disappointing.

    God, I hope you can't tell how muddled my brain is by the quality of this post but let's be real, you totally can. So let's move along to you folks. @138Prince (5) agrees with me that the song feels more Ari's: "I wish the other girls would be more present in the track honestly." I wish Lana was more present and Miley was less present...oops. I suppose @Cutlery (5) will be sad this left before a certain other track: "...Well it's not her worst three-way female collab, let's say that!" I gave the other track a higher score out of nostalgia so...Thankfully @Dijah. (6) is with me in being anti-Miley here: "I still can’t believe how underwhelming this is and Miley manages to make it even worse." I feel like I need to figure out who I wish could replace her on the song. Hmm. @CorgiCorgiCorgi (6) also shares some of my thoughts: "I don't hate it, it's just disappointing. The production is really nice though!" Yes to this! @blaze_dave (6) is also 'meh': "It's OK but could have been so much better." What more can I say?

    A lot of you had thoughts on different song verses. @Milotic (7) has some interesting opinions: "I like Miley's verse the best here. The whole thing isn't terrible... I bop just a bit. (Lana honestly throws the whole thing off)." Lana throws the entire thing into being better, so. Thankfuly @reputation. (7.5) gets it: "I was sooooo let down by this song. It’s still a messy bop though. Lana’s bridge saves it." It really does. @RUNAWAY's (6) commentary feels very much as chaotic as my post: ugh. "This was not the tea. Miley’s part sucks, the whole rest of the song is garbage, but then Lana comes in and delivers something. This was such a disappointing collab tho." Thank you for having taste in verses. @Butterfly (7) likes both Miley AND Lana's verses: "The song itself is a bit bland but Miley and Lana really do add some character to it. It’s another case of the huge names attached increasing expectations and then not living up to it." You're right about everything except Miley's verse being good. Though it does add character so I guess I agree with you. @Sprockrooster (10) shotus out Lana as well: "Such a massive bop. This is a 10 though thanks to Lana doing her best part in a feature. Stargirl suddenly found rotting." She's so talented so why does she have to be such an awful person? A shame.

    @Laurence (6) is disappointed: "This got old fast... With these stars and the songs always turn out to be bad." Seriously...can we get a do over? @OspreyQueen (9) is stanning the movie: "I was a bit dismissing of this song on release, but the movie elevated it SO much for me. I adore it now." Hmm, this almost makes me want to see the movie. But not quite. @Holly Something (8.5) is basically every K-pop stan under a line distribution video: "I wish the vocals were more evenly spread but this isn't bad at all." #JusticeForViviUnnie (if you know, you know). @Ana Raquel (1) screams 'mess': "This is a MESS. And not even the so bad it's good or the iconic mess. It's just mess. And somehow bland as hell. I feel for whoever had high expectations on it." Thankfully my expectations weren't TOO high. I was mostly curious and let down. @pop3blow2 (7.5) isn't too impressed either: "This is a bit ponderous. Again, the sum of parts is way better than what we got." I always love your commentary tbh! @Crisp X (6.5) isn't stanning Lana's bridge: "I love the energy, and the eerie meets trap soundscape is such a cool idea, but in the end it feels like two or three different songs thrown together. Lana's part seems tacked on and is the worst offender. It's a missed opportunity as the chorus and the verses were so promising." I agree with like...a quarter of this.

    @chrismoyer (5) is lowkey bopping: "Most people hate or strongly dislike this song, I don’t mind it. Miley and Ariana’s parts are alright, Lana clearly saves the song and makes it from a ok to a good song, honestly. I do bop a little to this!" I hope you had enough time to recover from the loss of 'My Favourite Part' xo. Two of you mentioned 'Independent Women', starting with @daninternational (4): "Shame this wasn't as epic as Independent Woman pt II." A shame. And @superultra (1) adds: "“Independent Women” by Destiny’s Child remains unbothered and unconcerned." Yeah, it does. You're not wrong. And finally, @DJHazey (10) says more about collabs in general than the actual song: "You gotta love when pop queens come togetherr like this and envoke their 'power of three', we need more of this. Imagine a world where female pop stars were always calling each other up with new collaboration ideas...the wig industry found profiting." I'm totally into that as long as they're good!

    And there we have it! Goodbye to all of our Charlie's Angels tracks. Sorry for the delay in eliminations. I've literally been in bed sick for four days. I've finally had the energy to get up today and I'm feeling mostly better. So hopefully we'll go back to daily posts? Fingers crossed! At #67 I lose my second 10. Any guesses? I love you all and stay safe!

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  6. I don't necessarily think that "Don't Call Me Angel" is a bad song, but it's just whelming and a collaboration between Ariana, Lana and Miley shouldn't just be whelming.
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  7. Well at this point I'll take this long overdue elim and add to the prayer circle to see Bang Bang out!
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  8. Jessie J?? An icon???
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  9. Okay, I see your point.

    I’d like Bang Bang so much more if Jessie J wasn’t on it.
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  10. Does anyone go back and listen to Don’t Call Me Angel? It’s just so bland and forgettable and sounds like none of the gals enjoyed making it.
  11. You Don't Know Me is cute. The prduction is chaotic, and I like chaos usually, but it leans a little too close to messy for me. The lyrics are A+ though, so there's that.
    Ddddd I'm not even sure what the typo is.
    Also, I had no idea there was a solo version. Will be using that for the rest of my life now. THAT FINAL CHORUS THOUGH. Pissed but not surprised by this leaving by the way.
    My Favourite Part is really really cute. I love the production, and the lyrics make me want someone to hold. I did have to take off a point for Mac's voice though. I love the music video.
    I hate everything you said about Miley's verse here. You need to repent. Thanks for the promo though xx.
    Don't Call Me Angel is such a fun bop. The chorus constantly gets stuck in my head, I always wanna sing along with every single second. I didn't really have any expectations for the song, so I wasn't disappointed. I do agree that it's more a mish-mash of their styles then a true collab though - all the comments about Lana's verse sounding like it's from a different song remain a kii. I'm biased, but Miley's verse is the best part. It carries the agressiveness she has in Mother's Daughter and Unholy and I love that. If she had used the verse for a song that's all hers, I would love to hear it. Not surprised and to be honest, not too upset it's out, but I do have lower scores left (*cough "break up" cough*).
    And just for the record...
    At least Miley has acknowledged when she was wrong and said shitty things and apologized for it, and genuinely seems like she doesn't want to hurt people, whereas I'm pretty sure the same can't be said for Lana, and Ari hasn't really spoken up about her past (though I don't think she intends to hurt anyone with her actions either.)
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  12. No! I love this, much more so than the other songs from the soundtrack if I have to be really honest. Still, not 'classic Ari' either, so get why it is out fairly soon.
  13. This one has actually grown on me quite a lot since I rated it ddd. I still think it should've just been Ariana + Lana.
  14. Yes, it should have.
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  15. I actually don't mind Don't Call Me Angel but I understand why people wouldn't like it, it's certainly better than some other three way duet that is still here.
  16. Yeah why has Bang Bang still not been left knocking at the door? She's not invited.
  17. Miley's verse is bad. I will not repent!

    Also you are right about Miley. I appreciate that she has acknowledged it and don't put her on the same level as Lana, despite the fact that I personally was very hurt and offended by her words. But I am happy that she apologised for it because at least that's something, you know?
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  18. Bang Bang with Jessie J!??!?!1?!? beating this mega-bop just...hurts. How does nostalgia give it a pass, when Nicki's had her share of being problematic over the years and Jessie J is a serial ear-drum murderer.
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  19. Are y'all trying to make me mad? Cause it won't end well for you xx.
    Yeah. I of course would never try to excuse what she said, and obviously I wish she hadn't said it, cause it was very hurtful towards members of the queer female community - which she's a part of, so I still don't understand why she felt the need to say that - but it was ultimately a different situation than whatever the fuck Lana was doing.
    Oh, and to repent, you have to send me your ballot for the next rate I'm hosting before I even announce it. You know the one xx.

    Also, I gave Bang Bang a 10, but I do wish this had gone farther then that.
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  20. You know what, I might just do that. AND start the artwork early too!

    Even though I still refuse to repent because Miley's verse is bad. Just bad.
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