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☁️Imagine A Rate Like That☁️ - The Ariana Grande Rate: a double winner makes it a hat-trick!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by savilizabeths, Jan 27, 2020.


What's your favourite Ariana Grande album?

  1. Yours Truly

  2. My Everything

  3. Dangerous Woman

  4. Sweetener

  5. thank u, next

  6. positions

  1. Since I'm back on track and feeling better, expect a new elimination in the next hour or so. Writing it might take some time because I am VERY upset about this one.
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  2. I honestly can't wait to announce it, but I refuse to until the Miley rate is finished.
    Excited and nervous.
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  3. To be honest i'm an avid Miley hater but her verse is my favourite part. And the song is a bop. Lasted longer than I expected with you lot so i'm not that upset.
  4. And that's how you know it's good. Taste!
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  5. I'm sorry @DJHazey

    It's time.



    Average: 6.750

    I know I'm not your only, but at least I'm one
    I heard a little love is better than none

    High: 10x8 (@Sprockrooster @chrismoyer @savilizabeths @DJHazey @WhatKindOfKylie? @Espeon @Serg. @Vixen) 9.5x3 (@Music Is Life @daninternational @Holly Something) 9x4 (@Remorque @maikos87 @CorgiCorgiCorgi @GimmeWork) 8.75x1 (@pop3blow2) 8x10 (@AllGagaLike @myblood @stoicist @Vitamin @Ugly Beauty @livefrommelbs @Crisp X @Slice of Life @Laurence @Endothelium)
    Low: 0x1 (@Petty Mayonnaise) 1x1 (@superultra) 2x1 (@fatyoshi) 3x1 (@happiestgirl) 4x6 (@SophiaSophia @Ana Raquel @elektroxx @Mushroom @boombazookajoe @2014) 4.5x1 (@ysev) 5x8 (@Dangerous Maknae @BreatheBox @aux @Laura Vanderbooben @Sanctuary @138Prince @Cutlery @sapnu puas)
    Total Points: 492.75
    My Score: 10/10

    Based on all of your scores I have rearranged my list of members I trust and members I don't. Today we say goodbye to my second ten, and a song I'm incredibly attached to, 'Just a Little Bit of Your Heart'. We all know @DJHazey has been preparing himself for this exit and I stand with him in mourning as the day has finally come. To our voters credit, this did significantly better than in the previous rate, and for that I am eternally grateful. 'Just a Little Bit of Your Heart' is noteably co-written by Harry Styles, previously of One Direction fame. Ariana also reportedly cried when she heard it, so I applaud her taste for once.

    I'm going to start with my Harry Styles rambling so we can get it out of the way for you all. I have a lot of feelings about this man. Call me basic, call me tasteless but I have loved him since I was sixteen years old and I have no regrets. I always hated the ridiculous 'bad boy' image that fans of the group created for him back in the day, because he's literally nothing like that at all? Harry Styles, and I say this affectionately, is an idiot. Honestly, I have a lot more thoughts when it comes to him and the criticism he gets but now is not really the time. I will say that I do think he's incredibly talented. The songs he wrote for One Direction ('Where Do Broken Hearts Go', 'Olivia', 'If I Could Fly' etc) are some of my favourites. I adore the song 'I Love You' that he (allegedly) wrote for Alex & Sierra. His first solo album is incredibly special to me for reasons that I discussed in the Ultimate Albums of the Decade thread. Basically, I adore his writing so it's unsurprising that I like his contribution here. You know what I don't like? Annoying One Direction fans turning this into some sort of Larry Stylinson fanfiction. Hated that.

    Okay, let's actually talk about the song. At this point I think we're all aware how I feel about ballads. I adore them. They often get my 11's in rates and I have it out for all of the balladphobes on this forum. This is so simple, relying mostly on the backing of a piano and some gorgeous strings. And god, I am a sucker for that combination. It's not flashy, it's not showy but it owns my fucking heart. The way her vocals sound slightly echo-y as if she's singing in an empty room on her own. The 'ohhh' harmonised vocal motif throughout the song. The climax at the end with all of the different vocal parts and her belting adlibs over the top. I love the way she uses dynamics throughout this song. It starts so simple and soft. Her vocals are emotive and delicate. She sounds sad yet resigned. It builds up a little in the chorus but her performance is still simple. Things pick up in the second chorus when she brings the power into her voice and the harmonies kick in. Then everything pulls back for the bridge. It's such a soft moment. Such a sad moment. Then everything swells back in with her power belt and you get that gorgeous climax I talked about earlier. A song and vocal packs so much more of a punch if dynamics are used correctly and there is a build, which I know I've talked about before. It's just such a good way to play with the emotions and deliver a really engaging performance.

    Now the lyrics! They are also simple, but I find that so effective here. I always picture her singing the song in a dark apartment while she's waiting near the door for him to come home, knowing that he probably won't. It absolutely ruins me. Picture her hugging her knees and sitting in her feelings. She wants him so badly that she's willing to deal with the pain of knowing he's being unfaithful. She's completely resigned to all of this. It might hurt like hell but she sounds almost numb to it at this point. Everything she says is so simple and straightfoward. It's as if she's repeated these things to herself a million times. It's just the way things are and she's accepted that. She loves him enough that she'll take scraps just to keep him. This man has her on standby. She's his constant. He'll fuck around and knows she'll always be there. It's toxic, it's sad and it's a situation I know plenty of people have gone through. These lyrics say everything while saying very little. Also, as a writer, it gives me a lot of muse. So there's that.

    Honestly, I can't think of negatives. If you don't like ballads then yeah, you probably won't like this (unless you're Hazey) but just...I love it. It's perfect to me. So we'll move on to the people who do have more to say. Starting with @BreatheBox (5) who is critical of Ariana's Grammy song pick: "A pretty boring song to perform at the Grammys…" Okay, I'm actually not going to argue with you because I don't think this was entirely the right choice either, despite loving it. @TwistedInnocence (7) is whelmed but scores above average: "A cute song but not a highlight." I think we can all tell that I don't agree. @Dijah. (6) offends me: "Zzz…." Ouch. A few of you called this cheesy. @reputation. (7) doesn't get the haters: "A cheesy mess but I kind of like it? It’s very inoffensive, I don’t get the hate." Neither do I. @daninternational (9.5) shouldn't feel guilty: "Guilty pleasure of a cheesy ballad." You have taste. Embrace it!

    @Crisp X (8) drags early Ari: "Much better than her earlier ballads. This slightly reminds me of "Dead In The Water" by Ellie Goulding?" Better than 'Tattooed Heart'???? I think not! @Milotic (7) isn't feeling the chorus: "She sounds lovely here, but the chorus brings this one down for me. The verses and prechorus are gorgeous, so it's a shame that doesn't carry throughout the song." It is the weakest part of the song but it's still perfect sooo. Me and @Laurence (8) agree for once: "A fine track. Lovely ballad." Thank you! Taste! Icon @pop3blow2 (8.75) gets it: "Beautiful in its simplicity." Just like this comment tbh. @RUNAWAY (7.5) drags my fave: "Harry Styles really thought he did something when he said he wrote this song in 30 minutes...like….girl….we can tell. Ari’s enunciation is iconic in this song too...I never even hear the title anymore...all I hear is just a little biddy old whore~ ♡♡♡" I wrote one of my favourite songs I've ever written in thirty minutes actually. I only just remembered that. @superultra (1) simply says: "Burn it." So I simply say. No.

    Our lowest scorer is here to speak up, @Petty Mayonnaise (0) says: "Now I'm a sad gay and all, so I love a good ballad, but the ballads on My Everything are just not it. Emotionally empty, poorly written, and serving absolutely no purpose in her work as a whole, Just A Little Bitty Old Whore might be my least favorite song she's ever released. Pointless AND bad." I literally don't agree with this at all. And how is this worse than some of her other trash? At worst it's inoffensive. So we'll move to some stans. I hope @Sprockrooster (10) is pleased: "Done terribly wrong in the previous rate. Seriously what the fuck. And with more songs in this rate now I can only see it perform worse. Let me have low expectations for once. Maybe I will be positively surprised." Low expectations can pay off! @chrismoyer (10) is a fellow ballad stan!: "A very beautiful ballad that honestly is one of my favorite songs by her! I love ballads by any artist in any genre, and this one delivers so much. The piano, vocals, harmonies Ariana puts on this sound so angelic. And those lyrics! Damn! Chills. I will never understand the random hate this song gets too lmao, what exactly is bad about it? In short, this song leaves me speechless every time it’s over." Perfect commentary! And speaking of perfect commentary, let's finish with known stan @DJHazey (10): "The fact that this is the song that I've given my 11 to once before, still solidly among my favorite songs of hers ever, the whole thing, it's unexplainable. My very existence as a pop music fan, everything I've ever been known to stan for when it comes to the genre, all of it is put into question when people find out this is held in such high regard by me. If she had performed this live for me, it would've saved my life. Harry Styles is fucking genius for having written it. Simple piano ditty to many, but every goddamn key stroke is perfectly placed with a purpose, propelling each word towards that towering chorus of perfection. The last few piano keys right before the chorus destroy me everytime, the opening ones pull me back to consciousness of life if I had been living it in the background moments ago, the sighs as it transitions to another section, the heartfelt words and desperate calls for even one modicum of love in return. As you're probably wondering, how isn't this my 11, well in spirit it is, but I'm not losing it in the first 15 eliminations again, it's not happening. I'm swerving that mess this time." What more can I say? This commentary hit me hard. I love you, thank you for these gorgeous words!

    It hurts, but it's over. Goodbye to this underrated gem. Check back tomorrow when we cut a more recent album track. Any guesses? Stay safe all of you and I love you!!

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  6. Uh I don't know why I mentioned Dead In The Water when I meant I Know You Care. I slipped up!
  7. THAT MAKES MORE SENSE! I'll edit that. Also I love 'I Know You Care' a lot!
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  8. I completely forgot that I gave this a 4—I assumed that I'd have given it a lower score, tbh.
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  9. What a beautiful ballad this is.
  10. Finally.
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  11. Has the My Everything culling finally begun???
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  12. That was a gorgeous read this morning @savilizabeths! To those of you who tanked it, you can choke!
  13. I'm a lot less upset about this one.




    Average: 6.784

    This ain't nothin' ordinary for me (It's a surprise, surprise)
    We ain't goin' to your favorite place (It's a surprise, surprise) (Yeah, yeah)
    You keep asking, "What is so special?" (It's a surprise, surprise)
    You really wanna know? You'll have to wait (It's a surprise, surprise)

    High: 10x2 (@WhatKindOfKylie? @OspreyQueen) 9.5x3 (@Music Is Life @ysev @chrismoyer) 9.25x1 (@Remorque) 9x8 (@citoig @138Prince @Crisp X @Sanctuary @Milotic @boombazookajoe @DJHazey @soratami) 8.75x1 (@pop3blow2) 8.5x3 (@dylanaber @Robsolete @Petty Mayonnaise) 8x8 (@slaybellz @livefrommelbs @maikos87 @Mushroom @Vitamin @stoicist @BreatheBox @Sprockrooster)
    Low: 1x2 (@myblood @Blond) 2x1 (@Holly Something) 3x1 (@SlowGinFizzzz) 4x3 (@Aester @Wired Life @reputation.) 4.5x1 (@Cutlery) 5x11 (@superultra @Laurence @Slice of Life @Ana Raquel @RUNAWAY @VitaminBee @elektroxx @Laura Vanderbooben @Serg. @Espeon @fatyoshi)
    Total Points: 495.25
    My Score: 6/10

    We continue cutting Pharrell tracks as today we lose 'Successful'. I have seen plenty of calls in the thread for this to leave, so I hope you're all happy. I'm definitely not too fussed. 'Successful' is a funky little track in which Ariana celebrates her success and reminds her audience that they are also young, beautiful and successful. Pretty cute.

    We'll talk about production first. It's synth-y, it's funky, it's bright. It's bleep-y and makes me want to play around on GarageBand again. Is that shade? I don't know. I actually like the it quite a bit. It's an exmaple of Pharrell's production kinda working. It somehow feels messy yet cohesive at the same time. A chaotic little blend of production flourishes that meld together into something cute and bouncy. What doesn't work is the panting. Why does he have to do this? Nobody asked you to actually be on the songs Pharrell, especially if you're going to do weird shit like pant. Ariana sounds great though. Her voice sounds so full and resonant. The way she acts as her own backup singers after each line is also fun, though I kinda feel like these parts mixed with the production make everything sound a little cluttered in the end. It's still fun though.

    The lyrics are a mixed bag for me. The verses and the bridge feel pretty undercooked. The concept is nice but the actual words just don't flow that well for me. It feels as if very little thought was put into them. I suppose you could say the same about the chorus but it works better somehow. I think the thing I like most is the way she isn't only bathing in her own success but is lifting the listener up and celebrating them as well. I mean, I'm not successful at all but thank you for telling me I am, Ari! It's a really sweet message and is far less vapid than something like '7 Rings'. She sounds so confident but that confidence doesn't feel braggy. You shouldn't be ashamed to be proud of your own achievements and lift yourself up. This song makes me want to be more self assured and appreciate my own self worth, so that's a major plus for it.

    I suppose my main problem is just that something doesn't click right. I like most of the ideas individually but they don't work together as much as I want them to. The lyrics are undercooked, certain aspects of the production mixed with the vocals sounds messy, the panting is ridiculous. All of that together is why I don't return to this very much. If it comes on then I'll bop but I never really feel like seeking it out. I like it but I don't love it and I wish I did.

    Now that you've heard my messy thoughts (I haven't been awake for very long), let's hear from you! Most of the commentary I got is very positive so we'll start with the downers. @Cutlery (5) brings up Animal Crossing again: "At least three of my points are for the tepid but cute background music rehash of Animal Crossing's audio folder." All of this Animal Crossing talk just makes me so sad that I don't have a Switch. @RUNAWAY (5) doesn't care for it: "Next. This song is nothing special." It's not, you're right. @daninternational (7) is shady: "It feels a bit basic lyrically and musically." Actually, I think you're right. It's incredibly basic. And our final negative comment comes from @superultra (5) who sounds frustrated: "What is the surprise, Ariana? Is it being disappointed by another lackluster Garageband production? If so, keep it." Oof. I mean...

    Poor @DJHazey (9) is about to get another disappointment: "That funky ass production, yas! I haven't listened to this in too long. The chorus is just downright adorable too. Gotta love a queen who knows where she stands and makes sure the lessers are aware." I think that's why I like the chorus. Adorable is a good word for it. @Milotic (9) squeals: "Yee. I love this so much. The production and melody is very groovy and funky. Makes me want to stroll in NYC and pretend I'm rich." Time to have a Gossip Girl themed day out I think! @chrismoyer references Ariana concerts again: "What a feel good song! Very fun, and sassy. It should make anyone feel like a successful person. I can see again why some people don’t like it at all and it’s way too strange/weird. It has to grow again though. It slaps in concert!" I kinda wish I'd seen all of these underwhelming Sweetener songs in concert so that I might appreciate them more. At least we have k bye for now.

    Our other commenters had a lot to say. We'll start with @Music Is Life (9.5), who shades '7 Rings': "This is such a cute, fun little bop that makes me wanna dance. I guess I can see why it isn’t for everyone, but I still get my life to it. She sounds so happy, sassy and confident. I love it. It does what 7 rings tries to do lyrically but better, cause it focuses less on money and more on other stuff like love and fun. The panting can be a little off-putting for some, but it just makes me wanna laugh." I mean, you make a point there. @Crisp X (9) wants to know how you could not love this: "This is like late 70's / early 80's synth funk but make it modern, so how can you not love it? It feels like Pharrell is coming up with beeps and melodies, then hitting the random button on the instrument list… and I shamelessly stan even harder. Once again, it's quirky and just puts a bright smile on my face everytime." Your commentary puts a bright smile on my face everytime!

    And finally @pop3blow2 (8.75): "The sonics on this album are so underrated. ’Successful’ really highlights that, for me. While so much pop the last decade was reliant on a 80’s revival palette, Ariana & Pharrell went a whole different direction. It makes the album sound so original & fresh. Mix Pharrell’s quirky R&B/pop on his songs mixed with Max Martin’s epic scope on his songs & it gives this album such a unique tension. I think this tension creates how Ariana felt in a post-Manchester world. Without sounding too extra, I really think album is incredibly deep on that level... and I get to that in some other song commentary for this album. Some of that may be accidental on the album, but a fair amount of it really is a metaphor for how stuff as ’silly & frivolous’ as pop music help humans recover from serious trauma in our lives. I, of course, use the terms silly & frivolous sarcastically in that last sentence." Can you please teach me to write about music better? Your commentary is impeccable!

    There you have it! Only a couple of Pharrell tracks left. What will be the last one standing? As for tomorrow, I think plenty of you will be really excited about that elimination. Goodbye for now. Stay safe and I love you all!

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  14. People who don't like successful are obviously flops!
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2020
  15. And now we said it.
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  16. I've only listened to "successful" a handful of times and it hasn't left an impression on me. I've probably played the Only Fire parody more, tbh.

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  17. Mama this is art.
    I really don't have anything to say that wasn't said here, so just know that you haters all suck.

    For some reason I thought successful left already, so I'm okay with this. I'm very happy it beat 7 rings.
  18. @Petty Mayonnaise doing the absolute most for a song he knows certain people stan.


    I thought zeroes were only for offensive songs. As you stated several times. Guess there is an exception to the rule. My memory could be clouded though on that part.
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  19. Your memory certainly must be clouded about several things. The rules say to give a 0 you have to give commentary about why you dislike a song, which I have done. I wasn't even going to "do the most" and submit commentary at all for it otherwise. I have never liked this song, and I didn't score it highly in the first Ariana rate either. She's released her two best albums since then, and this song has only suffered because of it.

    But yeah I scored the discography of one of my favorite pop stars to try to dig at other posters. You need to keep your eyes on your own paper, sis.
  20. Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart is offensive. Offensively beige. I can't believe it outlasted so many better songs.
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