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☁️Imagine A Rate Like That☁️ - The Ariana Grande Rate: a double winner makes it a hat-trick!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by savilizabeths, Jan 27, 2020.


What's your favourite Ariana Grande album?

  1. Yours Truly

  2. My Everything

  3. Dangerous Woman

  4. Sweetener

  5. thank u, next

  6. positions

  1. You should see some of the stuff we talk about haha.

    Now, I didn't realize how slutty the lyrics to Wit It This Christmas are. Guess the production was too distracting. If I had, I would've bumped up my score a bit, cause I'm a big fan of slutty lyrics myself. Still, I'm happy it's out, cause that leaves the two 10s I gave to the Christmas songs, so I'm very happy. Also:
    I've been having some very steamy Snapchat sessions with this guy for a while now, and he seems to be really into me, so who knows. Maybe I'll get to be slutty in December.
    Speaking of slightly slutty lyrics, I was expecting Bang Bang to leave soon, so it didn't hurt much. I know it's not terribly loved here, but I've always gotten my life to it. It never not goes off for me. The production goes hard, and I love the handclaps of course, and the lyrics are low-key iconic. I mean, "You got a very big - shhhhhh - if you don't say a thing"? Queen. And Nicki's verse goes ALL the way off. It's a banger for me.
    R.E.M. is cute. I like the production and how it kinda just bops a long. The breathing doesn't bother me as much as it does others apparently. I love the melodies throughout as well. I think I might have underscored it a bit to be honest. It's at least a solid 9. I think I cut it down to 8.5 cause of the panting, but listening to it now, apart from that, the whole song kinda goes off but not really? And the way it ends where the panting cuts out is great cause it's gone for a little bit at least. I like how it ends without a climax too - like yes queen, give us musical blue balls! Yeah I definitely underscored this one, and I'm a little upset with myself.
    Damn, I was hoping boyfriend would stick around. I really don't hear the similarities to thank u, next. The production bops in a different way for me. I love the melodies in the pre-chorus and chorus - they're just so smooth and catchy as hell. The first guy's "I don't care about this" vocals are a tad ugh, and something I didn't pay attention to, but the second guy seemed to put a little more effort and slight passion into his verse, so that's a plus. And the final chorus goes off, especially with her ad-libs, and the muffled vocals. And the music video is legit amazing.
    Looking at the top 60, I think I would like these out next:
    YOURS TRULY (9/12)
    Right There (ft. Big Sean)
    MY EVERYTHING (12/17)
    Only 1

    SWEETNER (8/15)
    Raindrops (An Angel Cried)
    EXTRAS (6/16)
    Dance to This (with Troye Sivan)
    I'm sure none of these will go but oh well.
    But let me celebrate that we have the perfect 9 track thank u, next left. Add make up (which is cute enough) and you get an amazing 10-track album. Taste everyone!
    Also reading back some of my commentary...I really went there and overshared with y'all. And there's so many typos.
  2. A title track falls...




    Average: 7.017

    I've cried enough tears to see my own reflection in them
    And then it was clear
    I can't deny, I really miss him
    To think that I was wrong
    I guess you don't know what you got 'til it's gone
    Pain is just a consequence of love
    I'm saying sorry for the sake of us

    High: 10x9 (@Dijah. @Vitamin @Espeon @Ugly Beauty @RUNAWAY @Slice of Life @138Prince @blaze_dave @superultra) 9x (@chrismoyer @myblood @TwistedInnocence @Music Is Life @Blond) 8.5x2 (@SophiaSophia @BreatheBox)
    Low: 2x1 (@Ana Raquel) 3x2 (@WhatKindOfKylie? @Hurricane Drunk) 4x6 (@daninternational @Milotic @Wired Life @Petty Mayonnaise @sapnu puas @OspreyQueen)
    Total Points: 512.25
    My Score: 8/10

    My Everything loses it's title track today as tracks from the album finally begin to fall. This song is incredibly special. Not only for being the albums namesake but Ariana dedicated this song to her grandfather after he passed away whilst she was on the Honeymoon Tour. Her relationship with her grandfather was incredibly close. Fans of Ari got to know him via social media and it was easy to tell how tight their bond was. I will have a video linked at the end of this post of Ariana crying while performing this song. It's definitely special to her. You will also find the chilling One Love Manchester performance with the choir in case you feel like balling your eyes out today.

    Now, I said in the last post that this isn't actually a ballad I stan. I don't fucking understand my own brain. Something about this has just never connected for me in the way I want it to. I usually come back to songs like this over and over. I usually work them into my repertoire and belt them over and over. I just never did that with 'My Everything'. Perhaps this post will inspire a new love. Some of you will be squinting at me like...but you gave it an 8????? And yeah, I did. I'm not deaf. I can appreciate how emotive and beautiful this song is. I know it's an absolutely perfect closer. Plus, I have to support the ballads, right?

    This song is so simple. The only traditional instrumentation is an echo-y piano but this is far from a dull piano ballad. As she often does, Ariana uses her harmonies to fill the track. She is backed by a choir of her own vocals and it gives me chills to listen to, especially when I hone in on them. There is so much detail within these harmonies. They sound like fireflies floating around her as she sings. I can't even begin to find the words to describe them. Why can't I find an instrumental with just the harmonies? I would play the absolute shit out of that! Sometimes they're lower and anchor the track while sometimes they're airy and delicate, floating beautifully above the main vocal. Songs that use harmonies as instruments basically stand above all others as far as I'm concerned and it turns this piano ballad into something really detailed and special. We also can't forget to talk about her vocal delivery in general. She's soft, she's restrained. There is so much emotion in each word she sings. Even though this song was recorded before her grandfather died there is still so much emotive presence here. God, she just sounds so beautiful. And can we also shine a spotlight on that 'you are, you are, you are' moment towards the end. Literal goosebumps!

    The lyrics are also stunning. It's not a lengthy song, only two verses long but those two verses carry their weight. There are so many lines here that hit me hard. "I've cried enough tears to see my own reflection in them," "Pain is just a consequence of love." Such beautiful sentiments. It definitely sounds like the song is talking about a boy and a breakup if you focus on the words. But that's just the initial meaning and while that's very powerful, the song has taken on a completely new life. It's about loss. It's about wishing you could have fully appreciated what you had. It's about missing those you loved. It's a song that celebrates those who have passed and let's us mourn them in song for a moment. The different live versions she has done over time have just cemented the meaning. From singing it to her grandfather, to singing it to mourn those lost in Manchester, to singing it acoustic during quarentine. This song is truly an Ariana classic in it's own right and has really earned it's legacy.

    I'm well aware I'm struggling to string together words today. I'm tired. So let's hear from the small group of you who commented. @Crisp X (8) simply says: "Lovely ballad." I mean, can't argue with that. @TwistedInnocence (9) also has simple commentary: "I love this song - so beautiful!" It really is. I think writing this post has given me a newfound appreciation. The lovely @chrismoyer (9) is getting emotional: "A beautiful closer to the album and just so emotional to listen to, knowing it’s dedicated to her grandfather. Super underrated and one of her best songs! So gorgeous." He also told me that this reminded him of his grandma, so I'm sending him a million virtual hugs. @daninternational (4) is harsh but also kinda made me laugh: "Only Ariana wuld name the album after the weakest song." The weakest song on My Everything? No???

    @Milotic (4) will be happy about this one: "Oop, this one bored me to death a bit." Whatever you say. I'll just be over here happily drowning in the gorgeous harmonies. @RUNAWAY (10) loves the delicate vocals: "This song is such perfection. I love that she keeps her vocals understated here, and honestly that fact makes it so much more moving and beautiful." You're completely right! Two of you mentioned One Love Manchester. @blaze_dave (10) connects to this now: "This connected with me when she did the One Love Manchester gig, so special." That version makes me cry. It also makes @Dijah. (10) cry: "This song has always made me emotional but the One Love Manchester version with the kid choir makes me cry all the time. Her vocals are perfect." What can I even say? It's so gorgeous! And finally, @superultra (10) needs a hug: "The amount of tears I’ve shed to this song over the years could drown someone." I love that this is kinda a call back to the first lyric.

    Goodbye 'My Everything'. What song from that album will leave next? And when? Expect tomorrows post to be shorter...*wink*. For now, I love you all and stay safe!

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  3. One of my favorite Ariana songs ever, and I picked it as my song choice for the Ultimate Popstar rate last year.

    Goodbye My Everything, you did well.
  4. My Everything deserved so much better!
  5. We all have songs we feel like we're 'supposed to love' and just can't find the place to stan for them, make sense @savilizabeths!

    Never been a favorite. Sometimes I used to end my plays of the standard edition before it started. Oop.
  6. My Everything is a gorgeous song. Those harmonies are truly perfection. I gave it a 9, cause I feel like it's missing something, but it's a wonderful title-track, and a great standard album closer.
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  7. I am a little late to your wonderful write-up about representation @savilizabeths but now I’ve read it - I feel you’ve said it perfectly! Even more so, your conversational tone and style give clearer perspective to a lot of us who have come to English as a second language. Thank you xxx
  8. Went exploring on YouTube and ended up in a Paramore mashup hole, and...these kinda slap:

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  9. Something like this would only happen in an Ariana rate.



    ☁️ INTRO ☁️

    Average: 7.037

    I'll give you all I have
    And nothing less I promise
    Love me and don't look back
    I want you with me on this road to the sky
    We'll be shining every night
    I promise you

    High: 10x10 (@Espeon @Mushroom @CorgiCorgiCorgi @aux @Crisp X @138Prince @reputation. @Petty Mayonnaise @japanbonustrack @Blond) 9.5x1 (@Laura Vanderbooben) 9x9 (@chrismoyer @junkos @BreatheBox @Vitamin @slaybellz @Slice of Life @sapnu puas @Music Is Life @Sail On) 8.75x1 (@pop3blow2) 8.5x2 (@Ugly Beauty @aaronhansome)
    Low: 2x3 (@citoig @WhatKindOfKylie? @2014) 3x1 (@Milotic) 4x7 (@Vixen @SophiaSophia @Hurricane Drunk @Serg. @happiestgirl @Dangerous Maknae @RMK)
    Total Points: 513.75
    My Score: 8/10

    The second of three intros falls. I can't believe I debated whether or not to include them based on how far this and 'Raindrops' have come. Intros can feel so inessential in an artists discography, but never with Ariana. The vocals she provides are enough to stop your heart, and clearly enough to secure My Everything's opening moment a space in the Top 60. Goddamn impressive!

    Of course this post isn't exactly going to be long. The track clocks in at a little over a minute and consists of a single verse of lyrics. Besides, I wouldn't say there's anything at all negative to say. I just didn't feel as if I could give full marks to an intro, though it is fully deserving of them. So let's start with the songs meaning and lyrics. The original title 'I Promise' represents exactly what this song is. It's a promise to her fans. A gift to thank them for being with her so far and continuing on with her as she grows. She promises us that she will pour her heart and soul into everything she creates. Ariana has always had such a close bond with her fans. In the earlier days she would make YouTube videos, answer questions on ask.fm, do livestreams. Even now Ariana fans feel like her friends. She loves talking to them on Twitter. She's a tease who likes to drop hints and sucks at keeping secrets about upcoming music. She is an artist that never alienates her audience and this song is for them, for us. It's a special moment.

    And god, those vocals! Almost the entire song is created by her voice alone. You can tell how much time and care was put into this tiny little song. It sounds like a dream, like something I would put on my lullaby playlist. The harmonies are so detailed and beautiful. I love the little floaty riffs she does at the beginning. This is actually a song I find myself singing a lot, which seems a little odd. I just get the little melodies scattered throughout it stuck in my head and find myself quietly singing. This song has such a special place in my heart and it always will for any Ariana Grande fan. What more can I even say about it? It's actual perfection.

    Since I'm struggling to find words, we'll hear from you guys. @pop3blow2 (8.75) is a little disappointed: "Pretty… but wish it lasted a bit longer. It is an intro, though, I guess." I can understand that. And you're definitely not the only one who thinks that. See, @RUNAWAY (8) is with you: "So SO brilliant. I only wish that it was a full song." And @Blond (10) is holding a grudge: "I don’t think I’ll ever forgive Ariana for not making this a real, three-minute song. It would have been one of her best. This is just gorgeous." While I do agree with you all that it would have made a beautiful full song, I almost think it's more special as it is. A little gift. @fatyoshi (7) drags 'Problem': "A nice intro. Too bad about the racket it fades into." Ouch but fair. Buuuut @TwistedInnocence (8) doesn't share that opinion: "The intro is so nice and leads into Problem so bloody well!" Does it? I don't know...

    It seems @Holly Something (6) isn't invested: "Not enough of a song to score it any higher." It's angelic but you do you. @daninternational (5) is similarly whelmed: "Cute but I rarely return to intros." Nor do I but this one hits different! @superultra (7.5) is passionate, but not passionate enough to give this full marks: "I don’t give a fuck if it isn’t much of a song; it’s gorgeous, and it has really pleasant production flourishes. However, because it’s merely an introduction, I really can’t give this the same weight as the album’s full-lngth tracks, y’know?" I understand. That's kinda how I felt. I think @chrismoyer (9) will be pleased this made it so far: "A beautiful, underrated start to the album!" @BreatheBox (9) also likes it: "So cute, heartfelt. We stan." We really do!

    Now let's hear from our most negative commenter. @Milotic (3) explains: "Like, there's nothing actively bad about this, but I'm not keen on intros/outros/interludes in general." Look! This one is special, okay?!?! And now, some real stans. @Crisp X (10) simply says: "Yes, I hear you." @138Prince (10) is a mood: "I’m obsessed with this Intro, sometimes it’s all I want to listen for a couple of days." Hot take: the intro is better than a lot of the actual [email protected] (10) also drags the album: "So beautiful. This is what I imagine I’d hear at the gates of heaven. I still find it funny how it’s followed by fucking Problem. This album’s tracklist is truly terrible." Yeah, look. That album makes no sense. And finally, my favourite comment comes from former host @Laura Vanderbooben (9.5): "First dance at my wedding. I don't even think I'm joking." My heart would melt!

    Thank you all for your patience when I vanished for another few days. A wild year full of changes this has been. I love you all for your continued support and enthusiasm. If you ever have any feedback then please let me know! Tomorrow I lose a 10, and I also plan to do a second elimination. For now, stay safe and I love you.

  10. Dddd I do love how negative my commentary has been recently.

    It'll get better once most of My Everything is out of the way.
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  11. I'm not loving the Problem and My Everything at-large shade in the commentary, y'all can choke for that. Hot take rebuttal: I gave it a 7 and it is better than most of an album of hers, but it's not this one.
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. A couple of songs I won't miss at all there. Hardly listen to My Everything (the song).
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  14. Intro is a gorgeous little song and wonderful album opener. She sounds amazing and I love harmonies throughout. The melody is really nice, and I love the piano especially. It makes no sense going into Problem, but we know she's bad at that kinda stuff anyway ddd. Surprised it made top 60, but not mad about it.
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  15. This is so much nicer than raindrops and I do not understand why that's still here, it's so unpleasant.
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  16. Is did-i-lie.mp4 responsible for making Raindrops go so absurdly far? Dd
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  17. Intro does more in 1.20 than most do in their entire careers.
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  18. Happy?



    ☁️ LOVIN' IT ☁️

    Average: 7.071

    Hold up, wait
    Shut up and kiss me baby
    I just wanna get a little taste
    I just wanna get a little taste before you go

    High: 10x6 (@RUNAWAY @Espeon @BreatheBox @lemonsqueezyy @savilizabeths @chrismoyer) 9.5x1 (@slaybellz) 9x1 (@Music Is Life) 8.5x6 (@Aester @pop3blow2 @Vitamin @Laura Vanderbooben @aaronhansome @sapnu puas) 8.25x1 (@SophiaSophia)
    Low: 5x6 (@blaze_dave @Serg. @daninternational @maikos87 @2014 @Sprockrooster) 5.5x3 (@RMK @boombazookajoe @elektroxx)
    Total Points: 516.25
    My Score: 10/10

    Is this the beginning of a Yours Truly cull? We'll have to see. Send prayers. Today we lose 'Lovin' It' and god, I'm sad to say goodbye. To her credit, she is the song with the highest lowest score so far, so I'll take that as a win. Besides, I expected the bulk of Yours Truly to be done really dirty here, so this underrated bop making it into the Top 60 is something I'll celebrate. Thank you all for having taste! 'Lovin' It' is a cute little album track about being in love. It's produced by The Rascals, who did a lot of Ariana's early material and it also samples Mary J Blige's 'Real Love'.

    This is not a song I fell instantly for. I've grown this love over seven years with this album. I don't know what it is but this bouncy lovestruck bop wormed it's way into my heart and has refused to leave since. How can you not smile? There's something so youthful about this, and of course the album as a whole. It screams young love. Perhaps naive, but so adorably sincere. This song is so joyful. And the lyrics are sweet as fuck! Sure, the chorus may be a little repetitive but also not so much that it's bothersome, at least for me. But it's the verses, pre-chorus and bridge where this song shines. The lyrics are basking in this new love and reassuring her partner that she really does love him and that he has nothing to worry about. She loves him and only him. It's so high school love...says the girl who never dated in high school but you get what I mean. There's that innocence about it. Then again I think every couple feels this in the early days. Or, if you're lucky, way beyond that. I remember how overwhelmed by love I felt in the beginning of my relationship, but I also know that I still feel that way now. Four years in and I can still relate to the lyrics of this song, it's really special actually. Oh, and "you give me chills every time we chill" is a silly line but that's part of it's charm.

    The Rascals definitely did a good job here even though I'm not actually that enamoured by the production. It's just not the focus of the song to me. It's super cute though. The bouncy energy matches the themes perfectly. It sounds like how you feel when you're walking home from seeing the person you like or how you feel after they've left. You're so overjoyed and basking in the glow of your strong emotions. I felt this so strongly one day after seeing a movie with a guy I liked. We weren't dating and the movie wasn't a date but I was so proud of myself for getting the courage to spend time with him that I was on some sort of euphoric high as I walked through the city to get home. I felt like I was flying and the production definitely works to represent that. I absolutely love the way the music drops out for a moment when she says "shut up and kiss me, babe" in the second verse. I don't know. I'm sure there's plenty more to talk about but the production just isn't something I hone in on here. I'm too busy getting swept up in everything else.

    Like the melody and vocals! Ari sounds great here! The falsetto 'ahh' adlibs over the introduction sound almost like letting out small, stifled breaths because of how nervous someone makes you feel. Her verse vocals are so effortless and really cute and the way she lets her breath in when the pre-chorus hits and sort of sighs the lyrics...I love it! There are so many little background vocal details that I love listening for too. Especially once you get into the second verse. If you listen closely you can hear little almost staccato 'ooh's' and a harmonised 'my man' after the main vocal sings it. The second pre-chorus is one of my favourite parts. It just builds on the first one by adding some quiet 'ooh's' travelling up and down notes and her gorgeous higher harmony over the main vocal! Ugh! I also adore her chorus adlibs in this song. Both the beltier and more falsetto ones. They're gorgeous. But what is my favourite vocal part you might be asking but probably aren't. THE EUPHORIA THAT IS THE END OF THE BRIDGE! Those airy high falsetto vocals harmonising and building with each other to a gorgeous climax. I don't actually think I can find words to describe what that moment does to me. I get actual chills every time (we chill).

    Oof, I'm rambling. Are there negatives? Yeah, I suppose so. The fact that the production could engage me more could be classed as a negative but I genuinely think that's just my problem. I'm not too fond of the occassional hype background men. But really that's all I can think of. I understand people who gloss over this song or don't find it memorable. I felt that way at first but this song is special and that is a hill I'm willing to die on.

    Anyway...on to you! @pop3blow2 (8.5) falls out of favour with me momentarily: "This kinda bops in the moment, but also isn’t incredibly memorable." I refuse to hear this! If it's not memorable then why has it been living rent free in my brain for seven years? @Crisp X (7.5) is into it: "I feel like I'm listening to a long lost Fantasia / Keyshia Cole track and it slaps." I always love your musical comparisons. I'll just have to take your word for this one. @TwistedInnocence (8) is also favourable: "A solid score for this one - great song!" Solid taste you have there! It seems @Milotic (7) wound up disappointed: "I was originally going to score this higher... then the chorus started. The verses and the intro/outro are great, but the chorus does nothing for me." Okay, I can see where you're coming from with this one. I'll accept that.

    @daninternational (5) loves it, but not enough: "Sampling It's All Gravy? We love it. But Romeo did it better sorry." I just had to do some googling to decode this sample chain. It seems Romeo sampled Mary J Blige and so did Ariana. Love that for them! [email protected]_dave (5) just confuses me: "Sounds very christmassy again. Not a big fan of Christmas tunes." Does it????? I literally don't hear it at all. As usual @chrismoyer (10) is enthusiastic and tasteful: "I LOVE this one! Catchy as hell, and just an adorable, fun song! It’s so addicting and I could play it over and over and not get of sick of it honestly. It has that charm that a lot of the old Yours Truly songs have of course, and it’s really just a fun classic, i wish she would perform this again! Ashamed some people don’t feel the same way about it like I do!" Addicting really is the best way to describe this one! And finally, @RUNAWAY (10) is STANNING: "Incredible. I fucking love this song. One of her best album tracks for me, along with You'll Never Know. The production here is still so solid, and hasn't aged at all. This should be one of those tracks that is still performed on tour because it's so fucking good." Oh my god I love you! Can you please go into detail about what you love about the production so I can appreciate it more? Thank you!

    And uh, that's it. Not a whole lot of commentary for this one. I'll be mourning...but not for long because you can expect an elimination a little later. A very...short one. I'll see you then.

  19. What a run this one had!




    Average: 7.078

    When raindrops fell down from the sky
    The day you left me, an angel cried
    Oh, she cried, an angel cried
    She cried

    High: 10x8 (@Sprockrooster @lemonsqueezyy @Espeon @TwistedInnocence @Crisp X @Wired Life @reputation. @Petty Mayonnaise) 9.5x2 (@daninternational @dylanaber) 9x7 (@pop3blow2 @Vitamin @Ugly Beauty @CorgiCorgiCorgi @Vixen @ysev @Music Is Life)
    Low: 1x1 (@Hurricane Drunk ) 2x1 (@citoig) 3x4 (@soratami @GimmeWork @happiestgirl @Sail On) 5x9 (@Laurence @slaybellz @138Prince @VitaminBee @Serg. @aux @myblood @Aester @DJHazey)
    Total Points: 516.75
    My Score: 8/10

    Today we lose our final intro track in the rate. This is 'Raindrops (An Angel Cried)', the acapella introduction to Sweetener. It is a small snippet of a cover of the song 'An Angel Cried' by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons and was one of the final tracks recorded for the album. This song even comes with a cute story as it was written by Ariana's late grandfathers best friend but she didn't find that out until after the song was recorded. This makes this moment even more special to her.

    Obviously we can't expect this post to be lengthy. What can I say? This is goddamn angelic. Sure, it's 37 seconds but it still remains a highlight of Sweetener. I believe this was recorded in one take and is one of her most effortlessly gorgeous vocal moments of her career. It gives me chills every time and I will never skip it. The echo-y effect on her voice makes it sound like she's singing in a giant empty room and it's just perfection. Plus, I love an acapella moment.

    I just couldn't give it full marks. It's so short and while incredible, there are plenty of songs here that needed more help. I'm so proud of how far it's come though, even though I wish it hadn't beaten some of the tracks that it did. It's sweet to see how beloved such a short track is on the forum.

    You guys had things to say, so we'll use the rest of the post to hear from you. We all know @pop3blow2 (9) stans this album: "Just a powerful, beautiful, & perfect intro to this masterpiece of an album." You confuse me. @superultra (7) is judging Ariana's tracklisting skills: "The juxtaposition of this song next to “blazed” is super jarring. Despite the gorgeousness of the vocals, it really could’ve been left off the album." Sure, it could have been but I'm glad it's here. It's superior to plenty of songs on the main album. @Sprockrooster (10) doesn't like the tracklist either: "The perfect intro to be honest. To bad it takes 4 tracks to get to a great track again. In my playlist it is followed by No Tears Left To Cry. Well. That is clearly the case for me then." Ooh, I bet that sounds incredible! @blaze_dave (6) keeps it simple: "That vocal." INDEED!

    @RUNAWAY (7.5) says: "Great vocals, beautiful vocals." Love your use of the meme. @daninternational (9.5) is very complimentary: "Very occasionally I have time for an intro :p" It's easy to have time for 37 seconds I suppose. @Holly Something (7) is into the vocals: "Only an intro but she sounds so stunning here." Yes, she does. And @Milotic (7) can't argue with talent; "I still don't care for intros/etc... but this is short and sweet, and she sounds phenomenal. Can't really fault it too much." A win for intros! @Dijah. (8) forces me to YouTube search: "The Ebony Jenkins jumped out." OH THAT'S WHERE THIS MEME COMES FROM! @chrismoyer (8) owes me a cover video: "A gorgeous acapella intro that I always love singing." All true! Poor @DJHazey (5) doesn't understand y'all: "It's beautifully delivered, but like I always say, it would have to be a pretty damn special 38 seconds for me to be stanning for a song so short. This isn't that special. I'll never understand how people can give full marks to intro/interlude type songs either, but do you." They did do them, and got this song so very far.

    And all of our 10 commenters. @TwistedInnocence (10) begins with this: "This is so beautiful. After everything Ari went through, it's just such a perfect opener. So beautifully haunting and stunning vocal." Yessss. @Crisp X (10) is melting: "Yes, melt me with just a few lines." Honestly though! And finally, I can just hear @reputation. (10) clapping: "I can hear god. That’s how you start an album ladies." Shame it's one of her weakest albums I guess.

    That's all folks. Goodbye to 'Raindrops' and I hope nobody is too sad. We continue down a path I don't like with the next elimination. I'll see you then. For now, stay safe and I love you all!

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