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☁️Imagine A Rate Like That☁️ - The Ariana Grande Rate: a double winner makes it a hat-trick!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by savilizabeths, Jan 27, 2020.


What's your favourite Ariana Grande album?

  1. Yours Truly

  2. My Everything

  3. Dangerous Woman

  4. Sweetener

  5. thank u, next

  6. positions

  1. I confuse me, too. So, we're on the same page!

    'raindrops' is lovely & I'd been happy if it stuck around longer, but I had no delusions that this wonderful intro would go much further than this.

    As much as I adore sweetener, I am in 100% agreement on the tracklisting being a mess choice.
  2. Like a lot of sweetener's album tracks, I'm more familiar with the OnlyFire parody than I am with the original.

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  3. Actually, I just realized this is the first post on a new page @savilizabeths, so technically we're not on the same page. ddd

  4. An intro sandwich! Nice that they had some legs, but not sad for either to go either
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  5. The best thing about Raindrops:
  6. My 11.
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  7. Raindrops is cute for what it is.
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  8. Yes @savilizabeths I am happy, with both eliminations. Oh jeez, did you give like everything from her debut full marks? I don't know songs like Lovin' It from Yours Truly are just non-entities for me. That kind of song from the era where it's just Ariana with her beautiful voice, but I need more than that. I'm a production and catchy melodies person first and foremost. I feel like the kind of producers she got as her career went on got more dynamic, better, bigger names, etc. so that's when I start stanning. Fair? Unfair? I don't know, but that's how I see it. So a lot of Yours Truly just isn't my bag in the end, so it's a lot of 5s, 6s, and 7s, with a terrible 3 thrown in because I'm a terrible human being ddd, but nothing personal.
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  9. Nah. The already eliminated songs got quite low scores from me. I guess the album is super special to me so I couldn't help but throw out more 10s than most would. Plus, I knew these songs would need all the help they could get in this rate.

    Alsooooo, guess who's back in Starbucks to write an elimination!! This girl!!
  10. Yes @DJHazey, I gave a lot of Yours Truly 10s...




    ☁️ DAYDREAMIN' ☁️

    Average: 7.184

    So I'm daydreamin’
    With my chin in the palm of my hands
    About you
    You and only you

    High: 10x3 (@chrismoyer @savilizabeths @Aester @japanbonustrack) 9x5 (@WhatKindOfKylie? @Music Is Life @andrewdarwitan @happiestgirl @Ugly Beauty) 8.75x1 (@ufint)
    Low: 3.5x1 (@Robsolete) 4x1 (@Laurence) 5x5 (@Slice of Life @Ana Raquel @elektroxx @daninternational @lemonsqueezyy)
    Total Points: 524.5
    My Score: 10/10

    Ah, the Yours Truly tracks are dropping now. I am heartbroken, especially as today we eliminate the gorgeous track 'Daydreamin'', originally the title of her debut album. It perfectly represents the themes and tone of this album with it's adorable lyrics and unique production choices. Honestly, I feel like this is underrated as hell so I'm proud that it managed to make it this far. Do I wish it had gone further? Yes but I'll take this one as a win.

    What are the themes of Yours Truly? Well, while her later albums quickly get sexier with their exploration of love, her debut is full of a youthful innocence. Sure, at times it strays from that but there's a ceratin wide eyed quality that you don't find as much in her post-debut material. Songs like 'Daydreamin'' fit this concept so well. I can completely understand why the album was originally titled after this one. It's a sweet, puppy love type song with a tiny whisper of something more. Is her 'tonight' their first date or something even more exciting? Who knows. It's the perfect centrepiece for the album both lyrically and musically.

    Lyrically it centres of the feeling of having a crush. It shares similarities with 'Lovin' It' in that it very much the early days of young love. The infatuation that you feel when someone walks in to the room and you're completely falling immediately. It's the butterflies that you feel when you think about them. It's the way you can't keep your mind off them no matter where you are. The lyrics are very simple and there isn't too much happening but I feel like it does a lot with that. The phrase "I'm daydreaming with my chin in the palm of my hand" is absolutely perfect and ties everything in the song together. It's youthful, it paints an image, it's innocent and sweet. I can't help but picutre her sitting in a school classroom daydreaming while she waits for the bell to ring. Yet the song doesn't feel juvenile. It's simply a reminder of how love felt when you were younger and unjaded. When giving your heart to someone else was easier and less terrifying. When you couldn't help but fall instantly in love with someone you barely knew. It's a schoolgirl crush, and it's just lovely.

    As for the production, it's stunning. The musical theme of the album is retro with a twist. This particular song is a combination of doo-wop and electronic moments to create something unique. 'Daydreamin'' is built on the piano it begins with. It's not a piano ballad sound, though it is simple and minimal to begin with. Single notes are played instead of chords. It gives it a rushed heartbeat sort of urgency. I love it. When everything kicks in, it feels like such a natural progression. I love the sway of the beat. I adore when her doo-wop backups arrive in the chorus. I LOVE the clipped electronic post-chorus. It sounds like it could be representing your heart skipping beats and your brain not thinking clearly. I don't know, I say random as hell shit in these posts. The way the original piano drops completely out of the second verse is so interesting! And the twinkling sounds mixed with the swell of strings leading back into the pre-chorus! Damn! And of course we can't forget her vocals. Her voice moves so smoothly between it's coo-ing and it's belting. Sometimes she's hushed and sometimes she can't keep from proclaiming her love. This is top tier as far as Yours Truly vocal performances go. I also love the choice to include the clip of her grandmother talking about meeting and falling for her grandfather at the end. It makes perfect sense in the context of the love at first sight feeling of the song. Especially since her grandparents met so young.

    'Daydreamin'' is the song equivalent of the heart eyes emoji and you can't convince me otherwise.

    So let's hear from our small panel of commenters. @daninternational (5) is uninterested: "It's fine, but nothing special." Clearly I don't agree based on this post. @RUNAWAY (6) doesn't understand Ariana: "Another meh. The fact that this was the title track originally baffles me." I hope I accurately explained why I think it makes sense as a title track for the album in this post. @TwistedInnocence (6) calls out a song I love: "Similar to Tattooed Heart, I know its a fan favourite and it is a nice song but it
    doesn't do it for me - but I'll still give it a decent score due to it not being a terrible song." Is it really a fan favourite though? That's the first I'm hearing of this. @Crisp X (5) refuses to apologise for their sins: "I'm not really here for the doo-wop influenced songs. Not sorry x" Well, you should be.

    @Milotic (8) stans the production twist: "Really like this one. Her vocals are gorgeous, and so is the melody. I like the little tidbits of more electronic production that occur after the chorus." It really is a lovely melody! @Music Is Life (9) also jumps in to discuss the production: "I don’t use this one much, I admit. But I love the piano that opens it and the way it builds in the production is just wonderful. Seriously the production is pretty amazing on this one." Use it more! It's so lovely! @reputation. (8) wanted just a little more: "I find this song very underrated. It’s cute but could have been better. The hook is very catchy." It is underrated. At least it made Top 60. Surprisingly @DJHazey (7) isn't one of our lowest commentary scorers: "
    I'll put this one up there with album's opener. Somewhere in that 'nice, I'd low-key bop' but not have on any of my playlists at the same time." I'll take it!

    And finally, @chrismoyer (10) always has taste: "Lovely song! An Old school Ari classic that is so underrated! It’s just gorgeous to listen to, and I love how in the clouds and simple it is. The ending is so special and beautiful with her grandparents telling the story of how they met, it reminds me of how my grandma and grandpa would talk about each other, so special." This reminds me that I have no idea how either set of my grandparents met. If we were closer I'd ask them. Maybe I still will.

    So it's over for 'Daydreamin''. We can only hope that another Yours Truly track doesn't exit for a little bit. Tomorrow I'm sad to be eliminating a goddamn gem that Ariana has tastefully spoken highly of. I'll see you then. Stay safe and I love you!

  11. I meant fan favourite as in I always see fans on the YouTube comments loving these songs.

    Not as in an Into You style fan favourite.

    Happy this bowed out around here. I don’t hate it but I don’t think it needs to be any higher either.
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  12. I don't think of "Daydreamin'" as a fan favorite either, at least not around here, because it always leaves too early when it's featured in rates! (I get what you're saying, though, @TwistedInnocence.) I actually first heard it while participating in a versus rate years ago (Ariana vs. Miley vs. Demi vs. Selena, I think?) and immediately fell in love with it. I had only known Ariana as "the girl who sounds like Mariah Carey" and this reminded me of Mariah's "Forever," another gorgeous, total swoon of a song. Of course, Ariana moved on to other sounds and I came to love those too, but this has remained one of my favorites and I almost gave it my 11. Your write-up was lovely, @savilizabeths, and did it justice.
  13. Daydreamin's, one of her best retro feeling bops. Hasn't done too shabby overall.
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  14. Adorable, we stan.

    Haha, of course it's Daydreamin', not like I'm mad about the elimination but every song left from Yours Truly carries a lower score from me except Honeymoon Avenue.
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  15. HELLO! Unbearable cramps and failing internet have kept me away from things but I'm back now and I'm going to try and double eliminate if I have the energy.

    A disappointing elimination is on it's way.
  16. Seriously...guys...come on!

    When I said eliminate tracks from My Everything I didn't mean THIS ONE!



    ☁️ ONLY 1

    Average: 7.205

    As I'm layin' down with you every night
    It still gets to me, that you remain by my side
    I ain't saying that I'm not deserving you
    But I was dreaming bigger than I ever knew

    High: 10x8 (@chrismoyer @savilizabeths @lemonsqueezyy @fatyoshi @happiestgirl @Vitamin @Wired Life @superultra) 9.75x1 (@BreatheBox) 9.5x1 (@Crisp X) 9x5 (@boombazookajoe @Sanctuary @Slice of Life @SlowGinFizzzz @Petty Mayonnaise)
    Low: 2x1 (@WhatKindOfKylie?) 3x1 (@2014) 4x4 (@Blond @citoig @Milotic @Serg.) 4.5x1 (@reputation.)
    Total Points: 526.5
    My Score: 10/10

    I should be celebrating a My Everything track falling, but instead I'm sad because today we lose the final bonus track, 'Only 1'. While I'm thrilled that we've deemed this the superior bonus track from that album, I'm also gutted because this song could have and should have gone further. 'Only 1' is a cute R&B track on which Ariana wonders whether she is the only one the boy she loves is seeing because she can't believe that somebody that wonderful could be hers alone. Apparently this was the first song recorded for the album and Ariana has stated that this is in her top 5 on My Everything. For once she has taste!

    God, what a sweet underrated little gem! This has always been my favourite bonus track. In fact, it's the only one I return to frequently and could perhaps classify as a favourite on the album as a whole. This song feels like a dreamy sigh in musical song. Everything from the lovely production to the stunning vocals and musing lyrics. It's so dream-like and floaty. Not too flashy but definitely memorable. Y'all were really wearing your nostalgia goggles when you let something like 'Problem' beat this, I'll just say it.

    I honestly don't know what to say about the production. Everything meshes together so beautifully to create the sweetest atmosphere. There are so many little flourishes that I can't even begin to describe with my limited vocabulary. It feels like every production piece is a star blinking and swirling around the vocals. Yet the song doesn't sound like night time. It sounds like a daydream. The sun behind fluffy clouds floating by, colourful skies and day time stars. None of this makes sense, I'm aware of that but there's just something special about this. I just love the way this makes me feel. So light and airy and happy despite the fact that the words should be sad. That's something else I love. The lyrics and the way they contrast with the vibe. Ariana sings about this guy she loves. She can't believe that he's only hers. It doesn't make sense to her how she could be the only girl in his life when he's this special. In fact, she doesn't believe it at all. Yet she doesn't sound sad. The song sounds wistful, thoughtful, sweet but not upset about the things she's thinking. It's so interesting to me.

    And. Those. Vocals! Could this be my favourite vocal from this album? Perhaps. The chorus is just so lovely! Ariana makes it sound effortless but trust me, it's not. The way she bounces up and down through notes before moving into that gorgeous run. It's undescribable. How can she do that? And god, her tone in the chorus as well. It's so soft and sweet. It floats along with the rest of the song. Her vocals are goddamn cotton candy and I'm just plain addicted to this chorus. She sounds pretty in the rest of the song too. The pre-chorus especially. I love the way it builds into the chorus so beautifully. I just...her vocals...I can't. Time for me to go practice that run again!

    I'm literally smiling typing this post because of how happy this song makes me feel. You lot did this dirty.

    So now it's time to hear from you. @pop3blow2 (8.5) also uses a word I overused in this post: "A nice little bop that kinda floats in & floats out with a great fade." I'm preparing to feel 'floaty' for the rest of the day. @RUNAWAY (7) will forever confuse me: "This song is kind of a fail for me. It just goes nowhere and meanders off into that pointless fadeout ending." It may fail for you but you didn't give it a failing grade so I'll take that. @daninternational (6.5) shouts out a song I...don't love: "Not sure I heard this before, it's alright (but no Be Alright)." I am ready to be dragged for that opinion. @TwistedInnocence (8) understands the fanbase: "I can see why this one was so demanded on the tour. A great song." Thank you for this correct opinion! @Crisp X (9.5) has high praise: "Lush and one of her most addicting chorus." It is though!

    @Milotic (4) is testing me: "I forgot this existed. The song just kind of came and went, for me. Easily one of my least favorites." Like...how? Whatever. Let's hear from the stans. @fatyoshi (10) shades some album tracks: "Much better than a couple of the album tracks. Ari has some solid bonus tracks on average through her discog." Name the tracks! @superultra (10) actually does name the songs: "I hate that this song got paid dust in bonus-track form while “Why Try” and “Just a Little BIt of Your Heart” made the standard edition. Pop injustice. This is the ‘90s-inspired R&B direction she should be going in. The runs in this song are godly." Okay, yes but I also...love those songs so shhh! And finally, @chrismoyer (10) almost gave this his 11 and has a lot to say:

    "Her most underrated, and most magical (tied with 2 others), beautiful track to date. I can’t explain in words of how much I love this song, I can’t explain how it makes me feel but it just sounds otherworldly. The production is gorgeous, the little twinkling sounds and almost space-like sounds in the second chorus and honestly just the whole atmosphere and vibe of this leaves me just... speechless. Her voice too makes it just nostalgic and unreal. Just perfect, I just love the curiosity and wonder of this one. So Pretty, makes me think of a far away place.

    This song is so massively underrated! It’s so beautiful and this song takes you back to years ago to a simpler time. I wish I got to see it live at the SWT show, she performed it in Europe at a lot of the shows and it looked just magical, and unexplainable, It just has that timeless, gorgeous feel to it that will make you remember her music forever and you’ll always remember he performing it for the rest of your life. It just looked amazing under the moon. Even though I won’t lie, I don’t pay attention at all to the lyrics lol, the way it sounds is just so amazing. The R&B sound, wow, what else is there to say? No wonder it’s one her favorites, you’ll always remember this."

    I love you. Thank you for your gorgeous commentary and your impeccable taste and passion.

    So that's that. Goodbye to all of the My Everything bonus tracks. Will we be eliminating more from that album soon? You'll have to wait. I'll see you next time for the answer to that question...I love you all, stay safe and go off in the thread!

  17. Only 1 going out before Problem, Why Try and Hands on Me, I....

    Who voted in this?
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  18. Did you just call for... Why Try?!
  19. I will not accept this Why Try slander!
  20. Another day, another elimination I can deal with. Phew.
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