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☁️Imagine A Rate Like That☁️ - The Ariana Grande Rate: a double winner makes it a hat-trick!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by savilizabeths, Jan 27, 2020.


What's your favourite Ariana Grande album?

  1. Yours Truly

  2. My Everything

  3. Dangerous Woman

  4. Sweetener

  5. thank u, next

  6. positions

  1. The correct choice.
  2. I hope that "Santa Tell Me" will be eliminated at No. 50.

    This is the antithesis of my mood, tbh.

  3. The best thing about the song for me

    I like him too! For different reasons...
  4. Santa Tell Me, is a true modern day Christmas classic. Hope it can carry on.
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  5. Yes yes, a million times yes.
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  6. Based on my initial scoring, it looks like these are the next 10 songs I'm most willing to let go seeing just how much I love the other 40.

    All My Love
    Knew Better Part Two
    Break Your Heart Right Back (featuring Childish Gambino)
    Bad Decisions
    Right There (featuring Big Sean)
    You’ll Never Know
    Knew Better / Forever Boy
    Adore (with Cashmere Cat)
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  7. Excuse u?
  8. These 10 would be good picks for me:

    Right There
    You'll Never Know
    Why Try
    One Last Time
    Break Your Heart Right Back
    Get Well Soon
    Dance to This
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  9. And that's a wrap on...





    Average: 7.428

    They say my system is overloaded
    (Girl, what's wrong with you? Come back down)
    I'm too much in my head, did you notice, mmm?
    (Girl, what's wrong with you? Come back down)
    My body's here on Earth, but I'm floating
    (Girl, what's wrong with you? Come back down)
    (Oh, b) Disconnected, so sometimes, I feel frozen and alone (And alone)

    High: 10x10 (@Music Is Life @superultra @reputation. @Crisp X @Sanctuary @aaronhansome @maikos87 @WhatKindOfKylie? @savilizabeths @chrismoyer) 9.75x1 (@daninternational) 9.5x3 (@Ugly Beauty @pop3blow2 @Dijah.) 9x4 (@dylanaber @CorgiCorgiCorgi @RUNAWAY @japanbonustrack)
    Low: 3x2 (@Hurricane Drunk @Mushroom) 3.5x1 (@Aester) 4x3 (@138Prince @DJHazey @GimmeWork) 5x3 (@blaze_dave @happiestgirl @fatyoshi) 5.5x1 (@RMK)
    Total Points: 542.25
    My Score: 10/10

    This was the correct choice for the final Pharrell elimination. This song is their crowning collaborative achievement. Today we send off 'Get Well Soon', the closing track off of Sweetener and one of the album highlights for me. It's the longest song on the album and the length matches the date of the Manchest Arena bombing in 2017. The final 40 seconds are silent as a tribute to those lost that night. It's sweet and absolutely heartbreaking at the same time. This was the perfect song to dedicate as it's a true message of hope and comfort.

    In a year of tragedy, 'Get Well Soon' feels more relevant than ever. There is so much fear and so much pain clouding 2020. I don't think anybody could have seen this coming. When I looked ahead on the first day of this year I, like most I'm sure, hoped for it to be better than the last. We always do. There's a sense of purpose to a new year. A renewed feeling of possibility. A fresh start. Now we're over halfway through and looking back at the last seven months makes my chest tight. To think of those we've lost, the fights we've fought...and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. All we can do is hold onto hope and be there for one another. I don't just toss out the 'I love you all, stay safe' bit in my final elimination paragraph lightly. There is so much behind that phrase for me and I find it so incredibly important to add. I really do love you all. I love the support you've given me and one another. I love this community we're apart of. I love your kindness, your banter, your wild opinions. This rate has been a joy in a difficult year and all of you are a huge part of that. And I really do wish you safety. My heart goes out to every one of you in a more difficult situation than I. Though my country has retreated back into lockdown, there are some who have never had the break from COVID where everything felt normal that I had. I think of all of you every day.

    'Get Well Soon' feels like healing. As somebody who has struggled with mental health issues for most of her life, this song connected with me instantly. I was lying in my bed and began to cry less than a verse in. It felt like something I needed, and it still does. When I'm exhausted, tired of fighting, so broken that I can't breathe, this song is something I can turn to. Listening to it gives me 5 minutes and 22 seconds to calm down and to remember that I'm not alone. Her vocals and harmonies feel like a blanket of safety wrapping around you and bringing you back down to earth. I can feel my steady breath returning to me, my heart slowing down and I begins to feel as if I'm melting into the song. It's gorgeous and it's something I wish I'd had long before it's release. It's a song that carries me through my dark periods. It holds my hand and walks me back towards the light. After everything this year has hit me with, it's something I need now more than ever.

    I honestly don't feel like dissecting it too much. What I will say is that I love the simplicity in the production. Perhaps that's the reason it's Pharrell's best contribution. His track is just to support Ariana's cascade of harmonies. It's not just one Ari singing to you and holding you, it sounds like hundreds. I remember reading that they added harmonies until the program wouldn't let them add anything more. The sheer amount of them makes sure you feel even less alone. It sounds like taking the negative voices in your head and replacing them with positive ones. You can't possibly hear your own inner monologue when you listen to this. It's drowned out by love and comfort. The song also doesn't take itself too seriously. There are still little moments of Ariana's signature 'yuh's' and 'yee's' and the "unfollow fear and just say you are blocked," line makes me smile every time. There's also a tiny giggle around the 3:11 mark. It's just sweet and perfect. What more can I say?

    So I urge you to give this another listen in one of your hard times. I've been knocked down so many times this year, from a friends passing to my father separating with my stepmother to overwhelming depressive episodes. This song has gotten me through all of it. It's a safe place to come back to. It also sounds absolutely glorious when you're high but that's a completely different conversation.

    Onto you guys! We only had a few more negative comments so we'll get them out of the way first. Starting with @DJHazey (4) who better begin preparing for some fights from me: "It definitely gets much better as it goes along and the song finds its feet but most of the time this is a task to listen to." I can't think of anything to say other than no. @Holly Something (6) keeps it short: "I don't really care for this and it's overlong." This is another song that doesn't feel long for me despite being lengthy. I guess I just get lost in it. And @Milotic (7) isn't completely negative but isn't exactly a fan either: "I enjoy the lyrics, and the minimalist production, but it's not something I want to listen to often." At least you find something to appreciate.

    The rest of our panel are here for this. @RUNAWAY (9) is head shaking at Pharrell's failures: "Finally something produced by Pharrell that’s not a complete flop...and it took the ENTIRE album to get there...HOW?!" Yay for Pharrell I guess. @Dijah. (9.5) is not here for the haters: "Y’all hate to see it (because y’all seem to hate whenever Ariana does R&B), but this song is still good. The “here’s one thing you can trust” verses are especially good. The way her vocals hug the instrumental is perfect, and the extended length for the victims and survivors of the Manchester attack is a really sweet touch." Absolutely gorgeous descriptions here, thank you! The lovely @daninternational (9.75) sums it up beautifully: "As she says, this is for everybody." It truly is, especially right now. @Crisp X (10) loves it because, you know, taste: "I love everything about it. The ringing bell, the chord progressions change for the bridge, the harmonies…" And I love everything about you! Especially your commentaries!

    Pharrell gets thrown a bone by @reputation. (10): "Great song with a great message. The only Pharrell song I truly love here. The ‘here’s one thing you can trust’ part is really gorgeous." That really is a lovely part. @pop3blow2 (9.5) and his nerdiness is something I live for: "
    A very apt & stunning closer to complete modern masterpiece. The 40 seconds of silence to make the song 5:22 is simply one of most beautiful artistic gestures in recent memory. She is messy sometimes, but I think she has a really big heart.

    Also, just throwing this out there because I’m nerd, but I wonder if the actual length of silence here is 38 seconds. I think final remnants of the bell completely fade at 4:44 (like the track length would 4:44 with out the added silence). Why do I bring this up? Well, it that’s the case the the length of silence at 38 seconds would match the length of Raindrops( An Angel Cried). I just feel there is some symmetry there. Just something I’ve thought about."
    I...love that idea! Beautiful! I'm looking forward to sharing more of your longer commentary pieces. I always love your thoughts.

    And our last two comments completely understand what this song means to me. We'll start with @chrismoyer (10): "My healing anthem! This song means so fucking much to me, and has helped me and my mental health. I think it’s powerful and so kind knowing she’s here for us. Like think how amazing of a person you have to be to make a song and something so beautiful like that damn wow. I was lucky to see her perform it twice live on the SWT, and WOW what a MAGICAL experience. It's one of those songs like I said with Only 1, that when you see it or if you ever did, you will always remember it forever... no words wow. It’s helped me through more shit than any people have! Also, the 40 seconds at the end that is dedicated to the Manchester victims and is deep/powerful and a peaceful way to end the album. I know some people might not like it as much as others, because it’s different, longer, or sometimes think it's a bore. I think it's none of that, it's so so beautiful and emotional for me. Especially with my life more than ever right now, this song helps me and keeps me going every day." I love you! What more can I say? I'm glad this rate gave me your friendship! Lastly, @superultra (10) says everything I said in my post in a few sentences: "The amount of times I’ve broken down to this song is unbelievable. This is one of my favorite things from her ever. It’s gotten me through so much shit since its release." I completely relate!

    So that's it. This is goodbye to both 'Get Well Soon' and Pharrell's production. I'm happy about only one of those things. What I really want to say here though is how important being there for each other is. I really mean it when I say that my messages are open for you if you ever need to talk about anything. Even if we've never spoken before. You're not alone. I honestly love you all and please stay safe. Tomorrow's elimination will be a lot less sappy.


  10. So.... I guess it's ok to say.....


    Ok. I probably need to go to sleep. I am not pleased this song left, though.
  11. It should’ve been higher, what a powerful song with a powerful message and the silence at the end....nothing but respect.
  12. Oh my god I love you! Thank you for exisiting! I'm laugh crying!
  13. @savilizabeths That was such a lovely write up, you’ve made me wish I’d given it a 10!
  14. That was such a beautiful, positive write-up. So kind of you to offer anyone help as a way of closure from the write-up of this song, as (mental) health has its ups and downs and can change any time or becuase of anything. We all know here on PJ how hard society can be (on us), as we connect because lots of things during our shared experiences with music, life in general and often our sexuality. I am so happy to be part of such a community. Thank you.
  15. My average for the remaining Sweetener tracks is 9.9 so they better remain untouched until the top 30 at least.
  16. Yes a beautiful write-up and sentiment. I think part of the reason we're all here is that we are the type of people who find comfort in music to a level that goes beyond the average person.
    It doesn't have to be the same songs, but we can all understand why songs take on a special meaning and give such strength in the darker times.
    The contrast between the light of pop music and the darkness life sometime throws is, for me, never jarring but an example of why music is so special to me.
  17. Get Well Soon deserved so much better.
  18. There's at least 4-5 better songs from that same album.

    Ariana has 5 studio albums, including the flawless Dangerous Woman and Thank U Next.

    LOVE Everytime, but it's just math.
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  19. Get Well Soon is out roughly 30 spots too late.
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  20. One of our albums loses it's last song today.




    Average: 7.537

    When December comes, I bet you want to
    Wrap me all up and take me home with you
    See what I look like under them lights
    We'll keep it quiet, whatever we do

    High: 10x9 (@lemonsqueezyy @junkos @BreatheBox @TwistedInnocence @RUNAWAY @Wired Life @138Prince @Music Is Life @Butterfly) 9.5x2 (@savilizabeths @chrismoyer) 9x14 (@dylanaber @soratami @Dijah. @DJHazey @happiestgirl @Vitamin @Ugly Beauty @Hurricane Drunk @elektroxx @Sanctuary @slaybellz @reputation. @Petty Mayonnaise @superultra)
    Low: 1x1 (@Espeon) 4x5 (@Sail On @Ana Raquel @aux @daninternational @2014) 5x3 (@blaze_dave @andrewdarwitan @Dangerous Maknae)
    Total Points: 550.25
    My Score: 9.5/10

    Today we present the crown for #1 Christmas & Chill track and runner up Ariana Grande Christmas song. Congratulations 'December', please collect your trophy! I believe it's a worthy winner and judging by the lack of low scores, I'm sure you guys are too. Except @Espeon of course. 'December' is absolutely lovely and I feel it represents it's parent album well. It's sultry, it's quotable, it's got minimalist R&B production to back it up. If this song doesn't make you want to do innapropriate shit with the object of your affections then I don't know what to tell you. Apparently it was also the first song written for the EP. She really hit the ground running.

    I actually don't think I realised how much I love this song until it came time to rate. I always just took it's brilliance for granted I suppose and paid more attention to tracks like 'Winter Things' and 'Wit It This Christmas'. This one is softer in it's approach than 'Wit It' is. It's a little more coy. There's a sweetness to the sluttiness, you know? I love the lyrics so damn much! Endlessly quotable and memorable. They just make me feel sexy and empowered, especially as a giver. The "Whatever's on your list, I'll do it," lyric sits with me. Let's just say I like making people happy one way or another. I'm just really glad that this rate helped me to stop and look at the beauty of this particular Christmas track. It's also funny how I know that she means hanging lights in the first verse but all I can think of is Christmas light bondage. That is all.

    Anywayyyyy, let's talk about the mood and the production a bit. I know I have had mixed thoughts on the production throughout the EP, but I think this is one of the good ones. It's simple, never doing too much. I love that about it. It matches the sweet, sultry lyrical content. The song sounds like hinting and teasing while you're with other people. Like, you know what you're going to get up to when you get home and there's this unspoken, coy tension between you and your partner. There are often only a few production elements going on underneath the vocals. It's not cluttered and gives the song a lot of space to breathe. It makes it sound classy in a way. Kinda like how 'Love Me Harder' sounds like a classy sex jam. There's also a warmth to it that screams winter, which makes sense but isn't relatable for where I live. Nobody needs my help staying warm around Christmas in New Zealand after all.

    As far as specifics, the pre-chorus might be the best thing here. The way the instrumental feels like it falls away and melts into her silky harmonies is gorgeous. I love how they don't build the production layers back up for the chorus either, they keep it soft and minimal until the second half where things come back in and make it feel bouncier, but it still isn't too much. The way it sounds like there's two of her singing on the verses but they're not harmonising, they're just singing together is fantastic too. It sounds so echo-y and interesting. Is the chorus a little repetitive? Yeah, it is but not in a way that grates on me like I would expect it to. Plus, it's lyrics are iconic so why not repeat them?

    Perhaps this deserved full marks, but I was being a bit stingy with the festive tracks in the hope that they wouldn't outlast too many favourites of mine from other albums. And maybe I wish it was the tiniest bit longer. She could have added a cute bridge or something. I am pleased this managed to crack the top 50 though, it's very deserving. Now, onto you lot.

    Our local grinch @Milotic (5) has a question: "I have to ask, who told her to release this EP?" All of us Christmas thots did, of course! In fact, I'd take a Christmas & Chill: Part II (Quarentine Edition) if she has it in her. Great minds think alike with me and @pop3blow2 (8.25): "Catchy & fun. I imagine her decked out in ‘Thank U Next’ video garb while listening to this." Oh my god I imagine that too. I'm a little upset that I wasted that outfit on the 'Wit It This Christmas' album cover. Oops. @Crisp X (7) has insightful thoughts as usual: "I love the various instruments and samples, as well as the verses. The chorus could have used more work though, and it’s way too short. It feels a bit constrained to the EP concept. It could have been much better had it been properly reworked for a main album." I guess I could see the chorus seeming under-cooked but it doesn't bother me much. @daninternational (4) can't tell songs apart: "I find it hard to differentiate these vibey Xmas songs." Hm, I guess I understand that if you're not overly familiar.

    We love some big words from @fatyoshi (8): "A minor classic on an EP of Christmas music? It's more likely than you think…" I agree with this wholeheartedly! @superultra (9) shares a favourite part: "The pre-chorus of this makes the song for me." Honestly, I'm with you. That's a fantastic part! @DJHazey (9) wants more: "Her best Christmas song. I actually forgot how much of a bop it is. If this was like 3 and 1/2 minutes long, it'd be a 10 for sure." I'd be into that, yeah. I also feel like I sometimes forget how fantastic it is until I listen again. @chrismoyer (9.5) has seen every Ari song live, I swear: "Her second best Christmas song! It’s very fun with the “Merry Christmas, here I am!” It’s simple, but very effective. If only it was longer, It was also really fun live. And so addicting!" I mean, taste! And the rate agrees that it's her second best! And before our 10 givers, @Dijah. (9) is a mood: "This turned me into a thot for Christmas." You and me both.

    Only three full markers commented so we'll hear from them now. @BreatheBox (10) is vibing: "The chorus switch up yesssssss!!" I love when commentary feels like a stream of conciousness. @RUNAWAY (10) is having feelings: "Amazing. That chorus does things to me." Yes! Stan that chorus! And finally, @Music Is Life (10) made a discovery with this: "Holy fuck at this bop! The production is great, and the melody is so fucking catchy. I wasn’t prepared for this." I love when you have taste xo

    Now we're left with only one Christmas song...'Santa Tell Me'. How long until it leaves? You're also going to get two eliminations from me today but I'm really REALLY upset about the next one. Expect a longer post. I love you all and stay safe! See you soon!

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