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☁️Imagine A Rate Like That☁️ - The Ariana Grande Rate: a double winner makes it a hat-trick!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by savilizabeths, Jan 27, 2020.


What's your favourite Ariana Grande album?

  1. Yours Truly

  2. My Everything

  3. Dangerous Woman

  4. Sweetener

  5. thank u, next

  6. positions

  1. We lost "December" before "Santa Tell Me"?! I should've been harsher with my score for "Santa Tell Me" and given "December" a 10.
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  2. [​IMG]


    49. December (7.537)
    60. Wit It This Christmas (6.897)
    62. True Love (6.873)

    73. Winter Things (6.606)
    91. Not Just On Christmas (5.948)
    98. Intro (5.667)
  3. This is the hardest elimination I'll ever have to write.




    Average: 7.602

    Wrap me in your jacket, my baby
    And lay me in your bed
    And kiss me, underneath the moonlight
    Darling, let me trace the lines on your tattooed heart

    High: 11x2 (@savlizabeths @Holly Something) 10x9 (@Sail On @Music Is Life @reputation. @Wired Life @Slice of Life @Espeon @Vitamin @BreatheBox @WhatKindOfKylie? @chrismoyer) 9.5x3 (@boombazookajoe @myblood @sapnu puas) 9x11 (@Blond @Butterfly @japanbonustrack @Cutlery @Petty Mayonnaise @Sanctuary @maikos87 @Dangerous Maknae @pop3blow2 @Aester @Sprockrooster)
    Low: 3x1 (@DJHazey) 4x4 (@GimmeWork @daninternational @blaze_dave @citoig) 4.5x2 (@lemonsqueezyy @elektroxx) 5x3 (@RMK @Ana Raquel @Crisp X) 5.5x2 (@Robsolete @slaybellz)
    Total Points: 555
    My Score: 11/10

    My favourite song of all time.

    This song has stood with me for the past seven years.

    Through bad days, through big life moments.

    I don't think I will ever love a song more than I do this one.

    Today we say goodbye to 'Tattooed Heart'

    As an eighteen year old I stood in my bedroom and belted like never before. Hearing Yours Truly made me want to improve even more vocally. I practiced her highest notes, not realising how unhealthy my technique was at the time. But this song, this one felt like it was made for me. I could soar through it effortlessly, and I did. Frequently. I don't think it would be possible to count the number of times I have sung this song. Soon it felt like it became mine. If you would ask me to sing, this is what you would hear. I think everybody in my life has heard my rendition at least once in their time of knowing me and if not, I'm sure they will. This is my performance piece, my vocal showcase and it means the world to me.

    November 2016. A couple of years of feeling completely lost led me to a decision. My best friend had been attending a performing arts school for the past year. A few therapy sessions gave me the courage to realise that I could do the same, right? I saw the way her vocals had improved while studying there. At the time I had been suffering from stage fright. My throat would close up when singing in front of crowds and I would deliver mediocre performances that I wasn't proud of at all. I wanted to improve that, but I was terrified that I would mess up the audition. We had to choose two songs, and 'Tattooed Heart' was an easy pick. I wanted to prove that I could do it, that I was talented enough. The day came and my anxiety was making me feel physically sick. I walked into the audition room with my mother, my sister (who was also auditioning) and my best friend. I stammered my way through the interview and then headed to the stage. A proper stage. There were lights and I was high above the ground. This was too real. I was sure my stage fright was about to ruin everything.

    Then the opening of this song played.

    For the first time in a long time I melted into the performance. It was as if I was performing in my bedroom for nobody. It felt like flying. I don't know if you've ever felt that. When you're singing and your technique is perfect and everything feels so effortless. You feel euphoric, like you're floating through the song on a cloud. I especially feel that when the key changes. It's like I take a running jump off a cliff and instead of falling to my death, I begin to fly. It's an incredible feeling, and one I began to feel more the next year as my vocal skills improved. Because, yes, I got a text a few days later to tell me I had been accepted. That year at performing arts school was full of ups and downs (particularly considering it was also a religious school with a homophobic principal, god do I have some stories!) But it gave me so much. I learnt I could do things with my voice I had never dreamed of. I realised that I was good enough, I overcame my stage fright and I was chosen as a featured soloist at our graduation. It was all very special.

    And this song helped me get there.

    Let's talk about the song itself. The way it builds is so stunning. We begin so softly. Delicate snaps, soft piano and absolutely angelic airy vocals. I absolutely love Ariana songs that are rooted in her harmonies, but you all know that by now. This is a perfect example. The backup vocals are doo-woop goodness and they anchor the track. They are the primary instrument. They're so cushion-y, if that makes any sense. Like the song is lying on a bed of sweet 'bum's', 'sha la's' and 'oooh's', especially in the verses. The actual instrumentation is so simple because we get everything we need from Ariana herself. Just listen closely to them, there's so much to hear besides the main vocal line. I love how Ariana often acts as her own choir with so many intricate layers.

    The way she uses vocal dynamics is so gorgeous here, and adds to the build I mentioned before. By the end of the first verse, her voice becomes fuller and less breathy before she bursts into the chorus. The piano line speeds up and the backup vocals grow more intense. It's actually not much of a chorus lyrically. The focus is on the euphoria of love. You know, sometimes when you're in love with somebody you're speechless, just basking in them. That's how this chorus feels. The Ariana choir continues but all Ariana herself can do is sing notes with no lyrics. These vocal bits get softer as we go through the chorus until she exclaims the first lyric to the second verse. Every single verse to this song is better than the last. It's like she can't keep her emotions inside. God, her belting here sounds absolutely fantastic and I love how she pulls it back to the airy delivery every now and then for "'cause we're way past that, yeah," and "and I'll show you." Like I said, the dynamics are gorgeous. It adds interest to a vocal performance when you play with around instead of singing the entire thing straight.

    We also have to mention that there are strings in this goddamn song! AND A KEY CHANGE! Basically, I think this song was made specifically to destroy me but that's just a theory. The way the strings swell as she jumps into the bridge key change gives me chills every single time. It sounds like magic to me. It's a soaring moment and this bridge might be my favourite thing she's ever done. The way she belts it. The absolutely gorgeous strings. The LYRICS! They sound suggestive yet innocent at the same time and very romantic. It paints such a beautiful, clear picture in my head whenever I hear it and I almost wish I could make my own music video for the song so I could create what I see. Dim lights, a fire, a big bed, Ariana wrapped in this boys jacket as strings play. I don't know, it's just gorgeous to me. Some of my favourite lyrics from her and they just paint a beautiful picture.

    Oooh god and the way everything is so intense until it starts to fall away right at the end until it's just her alone singing the last words. Chills, shivers. A perfect ending to a perfect song. 60s inspired doo-wop goodness.

    The lyrical message is beautiful too. It almost reminds me of 'Wildest Dreams' by Taylor Swift in it's sentiment. Even if this doesn't last forever, I hope you at least remember me and I'm special to you. She's so lovestruck throughout the song while still being a tiny bit real with herself that this might not be a forever love, but she doesn't want to ever be forgotten by him. I can understand that. The feeling of wanting to be special to somebody even after losing them. If, god forbid, Dani and I ever broke up I would want to remain good in their memory. It's like, you want to be the one that got away for them almost. She loves him no matter what, and she wants their love to last forever one way or another. And a tattoo on his heart is forever.

    I suppose it's time to hear from somebody who isn't me. Just know I could go on for another ten paragraphs about this song, but I shall spare you. Instead, I'm going to shame the low scorers. @daninternational (4) hears....Christmas?: "I'm not onto the Christmas songs yet but already feels like it." I don't....what?? It sounds more Disney to me if we're going to compare it to anything. But he's not alone, @blaze_dave (4) hears it too: "Sounds like it wants to be a Christmas song, it was wasn't it?" Interesting take, guys. @Crisp X (5) hears the Disney though: "It's… totally forgettable and too Disney for me." Normally I love your commentary but this gets a thumbs down. @Milotic (6) doesn't get it: "She sounds gorgeous, but overall the song feels short because not much is being said, and a lot is being repeated throughout. Not my favorite, but not bad." I feel like we're hearing different songs. So much is said to me while still keeping it simple. @TwistedInnocence (6) keeps it real: "Okay I know I'll probably get hate for giving this such an average score but its just a song that has never really clicked with me. I get that most fans love it and it isn't necessarily a bad song, its just not for me." I guess I can't argue with it not clicking for you. I have plenty of songs like that, including some that are fan favourites. You'll find out later.

    And here is my enemy for life @DJHazey (3) who knows damn well that he's on my shit list: "Oh no, I hope to God this isn't your 11 because I would feel sick if I was tanking it but I've honestly never had time for this ballad." But we're not going to fight, because this commentary is really sweet. I appreciate how kind and apologetic you always are when it comes to tanking my faves, so I love you tons! @RUNAWAY's (7.5) love has faded over the years: "Meh, I was really into this song more when the album came out, but now it doesn't do much for me. Her vocal performance is the best thing about this track." 'Meh' is not a word anyone is allowed to associate with this song, thank you very much! @138Prince (7) shares a memory: "Remember the AMAs performance when everyone was shook?" I sure do! @Cutlery (9) saw the light: "I used to lowkey hate this, because it's one of the few times in the debut where I thought the old-school R&B aesthetic fell into full-on dated, pastiche territory. I was wrong, it is a bittersweet, dreamy midtempo with an impressive performance from Grande that more than earns its spot in the tracklist." Welcome to the club. You get cookies and hugs and are awarded the Most Improved Taste award! @pop3blow2 (9) also has taste: "This is a good one. Best vocal on the album so far. I remember thinking, ‘put her voice around more production like this people...& less like some of this other racket.’." I would LOVE more 60s doo-wop Ari. Let's speak that into existence! Now before our stans, @Dijah. (8) simply says: "A vocalist." A fact.

    The wonderful @reputation. (10) also wants to speak more of this into existence: "Where do I start? This was THE song that made me fall in love with her. This usually gets my 11 in Ariana rates but I wanted a change this time. The AMAs performance still gives me chills. I also remember the fag inside of me LIVING for Gaga jumping out of her seat to give a standing ovation dd. Anyways, I really need an album full of this @Ariana @AG6." I wish you'd joined the 11 club with us, but I appreciate your love of this so much. @BreatheBox (10) hands it an award: "Best track of the album. I love it when she does 60s influenced tracks." I love it when you're right! Of course @Music Is Life (10) knows my 11: "Our wonderful host’s 11, and for good reason cause it’s a beautiful, dreamy vocally gorgeous, cute, strong, melodic R&B retro-ish ballad that just makes me wanna belt right along with her. The production is so fucking good, I can’t take it." A gorgeous description from an amazing human! Yay!

    And now, my fellow 11 club members. Go for it! @Holly Something (11) has this to say: "The ultimate one for me. I just love the old school girl group vibe, it's such a lovely, sweet song." You're perfect, never change. Now, @chrismoyer (10) has an essay for us: "This one wow. So motherfucking beautiful. Holy fuck. This song gives me chills everywhere everytime. From the second it starts, I get butterflies, you know? It has this charm that just doesn’t exist anymore in her newer songs. I love her new stuff too, but there's this old school-beautiful charm to this song that is so nostalgic. Much like Honeymoon Ave, it’s so warm and just gorgeous. After all the timeless Ariana songs, this one still holds up and always will. It just represents what she used to be like when she first started her career, it makes me emotional in a way, can’t explain it, it’s just so pretty wow. She has so many ballads and classics that she performed back on stuff like the Honeymoon Tour and this one still the best. Tugs at the heartstrings, makes me cry because it's so fucking beautiful. This song is so damn underrated and ya'll will let this flop, a damn shame fr. This song is one I want to sing to my future girlfriend, because I really just connect with this song, yet it feels so sad that I feel like I relate it to other stuff too. This song makes my heart race, and I wish I got to experience this live, kind of like other perfect songs like Only 1, Honeymoon Ave, you will always remember her performing it under the moon for the rest of your life, and remember how perfect and beautiful it was. A highlight and best song all these years later, and not sounding dated, weird, or bad at all, it just sounds so timeless. This song is one I want to sing to my future girlfriend, because I really just connect with this song, yet it feels so sad that I feel like I relate it to other stuff too. Like I always think of my grandma now to this too, (same with Honeymoon Ave) because I started listening to it when she was getting sicker and now listening to it, no words just speechless. I can kind of picture her and my grandpa's love story kind of being like the song too, maybe that's why. This song makes my heart race, and it is so so special, for me, my good friend I made through this rate, and to Ariana too. It will always remain a beautiful, timeless classic forever." Oh my god, that was perfect! Beautiful commentary!

    If you read this post, thank you! I know it's lengthy. I know it's rambling, but it's passionate. This song is tattooed on my heart forever. So, this elimination is the hardest I've ever had to post, but I'm so happy I was able to celebrate it with you all. I love and appreciate you all so much. Stay safe and give this song a listen today for me. I'll see you next time for a song we love, but Ariana hates.

    PS. Once my voice is fully healed, I will be sharing a cover of this one for anybody who is interested. Love you all!

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    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Nawt fucking Tattooed Heart eliminated at fucking #48???????????? This is homophobic. I am so sorry @savilizabeths! Taste lost today.
  5. Not ‘Tattooed Heart’ leaving two rates in the same week! Tragic.

    I loved your words in both cases though, @savilizabeths (including all your geeky music theory thoughts. Queen!)... and enjoyed reading the thoughts of other fans here, too. It really should have stuck around longer.
  6. I enjoyed the write-up! *shuffles away quietly*
  7. Fantastic write up and trust me - this isn't my only takeaway from it - but deciding to run a performing arts school when you're homophobic?

  8. Tattooed Heart, is rather lovely and a perfect retro ballad.
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  9. I could write a goddamn book of stories of my year at that school. Fucking insanity!
  10. Before I write this following elimination, I'm coming in to tell you all that I made a mistake with the Tattooed Heart post. Before voting ending @chrismoyer changed his 11 to a different song and I forgot to record it in the spreadsheet. It doesn't change the songs placement at all, but that was my mistake.

    Thankfully everything else has been smooth sailing.
  11. Could y'all stop cutting my favourite My Everything tracks?



    ☁️ WHY TRY

    Average: 7.636

    I'm loving the pain
    I never wanna live without it
    So why do I try?
    You drive me insane
    Now we're screaming just to see who's louder
    So why do I try?

    High: 10x9 (@Sprockrooster @savilizabeths @GimmeWork @DJHazey @junkos @Espeon @Serg. @RUNAWAY @Music Is Life) 9.5x4 (@Butterfly @Slice of Life @daninternational @myblood) 9x8 (@dylanaber @WhatKindOfKylie? @Ugly Beauty @livefrommelbs @SophiaSophia @Vixen @SlowGinFizzzz @reputation.)
    Low: 4x2 (@Cutlery @Aester) 4.5x1 (@lemonsqueezyy) 5x5 (@citoig @superultra @blaze_dave @138Prince @VitaminBee) 5.5x1 (@Dangerous Maknae) 6x6 (@Blond @OspreyQueen @ysev @Wired Life @Ana Raquel @elektroxx)
    Total Points: 557.5
    My Score: 10/10

    After eliminating my favourite song of all time yesterday, y'all really aren't giving me a break. Today we cut the pop perfection that is My Everything's 'Why Try', a Ryan Tedder produced/written track. Surprising to anybody? No? Cool. Honestly, this is one of my favourite things he's ever done. Our girl Ariana, however, does not agree. She has called this the most boring song in her discography and questions why we love it so much. How can someone so talented have so little taste? I will never understand. This is a bombastic slice of pop heaven with absolutely soaring vocals that talks about a toxic relationship that she doesn't want to let go of, despite knowing that it isn't healthy.

    I have never had an easy time picking a favourite song from My Everything. I've gone back and forth for years but it always seems to come back to this one. So it is today that I state in writing that 'Why Try' is my top pick from this album, and you can quote me on that. This song just soars. I don't know why but I always picture New York City when I hear it, or just any big city skyline. Not at night, during a slightly cloudy day. It just sounds big like that. Everything comes together to just create a massive synth-pop moment and it never gets old. I swear, it hasn't aged a day. The opening verse production is so simple with just the synths, the drums and the delay on Ariana's vocals before the moment where everything falls away and she belts her way into the gigantic chorus! It's absolutely anthemic! Like I said, it soars. Her vocals are especially notable. She sounds absolutely gorgeous. Her belt is so full and angelic sounding and the hook is catchy as hell. This might be one of her best choruses for me.

    So, I just stopped to rewatch the video of Ariana, Benny Blanco and Ryan Tedder recording this in the studio. Turns out my image of a large city checks out. Ryan said that walking through big cities is a large inspiration for what he does with his music, which makes a lot of sense when you listen to almost anything he's ever created. I also love Ariana talking about how annoying she is with harmonies, and how she never wants to stop stacking them onto each other. Considering how often I talk about her harmonies being a key element in her music, yeah...I feel like without the extra elements, particularly in the vocals here, this song could be incredibly simple. But little things like the echo-y vocal delays, the harmonies and the adlibs all come together to make it something special. I love whenever she adds a higher harmony to her second verses because she always sounds so sweet and angelic. And that bridge! It should feel repetitive, but it doesn't. It builds. Listen closely and you can hear the little vocal moments. Instead of floating, this time I feel like the harmonies sound like they're fluttering. They're like birds flitting around the melody. It's such a lovely effect. I honestly wish I could hear a version of the bridge without the main vocal so I could really appreciate the details here. Of course this is all just a lead up to the absolutely unreal belt into the final chorus. I genuinely don't think there are words to describe how I feel when the music almost entirely falls away, leaving just an echo-y atmosphere only for Ariana's heartstopping vocals to fly us back into the music agian. The adlibs! The bombast! The payoff of this final chorus is gorgeous and I love it so goddamn much.

    I honestly don't know if any of this post makes sense. Regardless, now we're going to talk about the lyrics a little. I adore them! It's one of those songs that gives me a ton of inspiration for characters to create for writing purposes. I always appreicate songs with an interesting narrative. This song centers on a complicated relationship between two people who don't really see eye to eye. Half of their time together is spent fighting, but they're also madly in love. They don't want to let each other go because they love the way they feel together, even if it's painful. Kinda like being addicted to something that's not good for you. They're opposing forces but they still somehow can't get away from each other. It's a really interesting dynamic to explore, and certainly not something I have any experience with. The lyrics here are so simple yet poetic. I love the angels and devils imagery. Some of my other favourite lyrics are "Now we're screaming just to see who's louder," "You and I redefine being lovesick," "Even when you're yelling at me, I still think you're beautiful," and "I'm loving the pain, I never want to live without it." I can't really explain what it is about these lyrics that I love, except that they paint enough of a picture to inspire my creativity. Time to bounce ideas off of Dani, who is my favourite writing partner.

    This one got a fair amount of commentary, especially postitive stuff so we'll hear from our negative users first. The last line of @superultra's (5) commentary made me giggle: "I’ve never cared much for this one. LIZ did this melody more justice in “Could U Love Me,” and that’s the chamomile tea." I'm having a listen now and this is quite a fantastic song, thanks for the discovery! Luckily @138Prince (5) was feeling generous: "I gave this a 5 just because of the Honeymoon Tour in Amsterdam ad-libs… otherwise I would’ve tanked it." Boo! Those ad-libs were gorgeous though! Oh...well that's literally all of the more negative leaning commentary so I guess we'll just hear from the rest of you. @TwistedInnocence (7) is throwing it back: "Remember the gloves on tour?!" Yes!!!!!!!! I'm living for @pop3blow2 (8) and his sarcasm: "Ryan Tedder wrote this? No way! *sarcasm …ddd* Seriously, it’s actually not a bad little song. Kinda forgettable, though. Sounds a bit phoned-in by all parties." Yeah, he definitely has a style, but when it works it works. @Milotic (8) settles on enjoying this: "Whew, I forgot how much she belts in the chorus for this one. Kind of took me by surprise when the first one started. But yeah, I like it." Then you have taste!

    I love that @Crisp X (8.5) references the video I discussed earlier: "The video showcasing the production helped me connect more with this one over the years. This has a soundtrack-y feel for some reason." It's a fantastic video. I love anything that gives me insight on the writing/recording process of any song. @chrismoyer (8.5) is astonished at Ariana's bad opinions: "One of her most underrated songs for sure! I can’t believe she thinks this song is boring lmao. It's so beautiful. Her vocals on it are incredible and i've always liked the angels and demons line for some reason haha. The song is nostalgic too for the old 2014 Ariana, I kind of miss those days lowkey." Throwback to the cat ears that influenced my aesthetic to this day! @reputation. (9.5) thinks this deserved the single treatment: "Amazing song and the smash that got away. I’m still lowkey pressed this wasn’t a single didn’t get a huge performance." I would have loved this to be a single as well! @DJHazey (10) is with us: ""I'M LOVING THE PAIN!" Damn did this one scream "I'm a single too" but the era was just too loaded and we didn't need to make all the other pop singers retire." I'm still mad at you for tanking 'Tattooed Heart' but also...yeah, points. @Butterfly (9.5) and I are "in the same boat" on this one: "Gorgeous. This has been *the one* for me ever since that sampler EP was released a week or so early." Literally same!

    @daninternational (9.5) questions himself: "Wondering why I don't listen to this more. Still v fresh all these years later." I hope you're listening to it more now. @RUNAWAY (10) wants another collab: "The good sis needs to work with Ryan Tedder again, because this song is a work of art. Her voice is INSANE on this song." If it's as good as this then I'll take it! @GimmeWork (10) has correct opinions: "Gorgeous and one of her most underrated in my opinion." You're 100% right. @Sprockrooster (10) is soaring: "That chorus adlib is another dimension." You're all just right, what is there to say? And lastly, @Music Is Life (10) has feelings: "I fucking love the production on this. It’s pop perfection, okay? Okay, glad we agree. And also, this is extremely catchy and really sad." We do agree! We really do!

    Well, that cut stung a bit, and I'm not going to be overly happy tomorrow either...at least, not for one of them. Tomorrow we are eliminating another tie...and one of them is a big one. Any guesses? For now, stay safe and I love you all very much!


    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    That song was my 11 in the previous rate, so I'm glad to see my current 11 out-perform it. This song finishing at 47(?!) is completely baffling to me though....
  13. What the fuck
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  14. Another song that deserved better.
  15. Why Try is officially out way too low.
  16. Grammy Heart out before boring try we- what the fuck, Tattooed Heart deserved top 5 let's be fucking real here.
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  17. Tattooed Heart still lasted waay too long ddd, I am excited to hear your rendition though @savilizabeths! Amazing personal write up for it too!
  18. Now THIS is a write up worthy of an 11. I am honoured to share this song with you @savilizabeths! x

    I love to belt it out too but I'm not a singer so pray for my poor neighbours ddd.
  19. It's time for our second tie for the rate!



    ☁️ LET ME LOVE YOU ☁️

    Average: 7.657

    I just broke up with my ex
    Now I'm out here single, I don't really know what's next
    But I ain't even trippin', I'ma chill and sit back
    And I know they will be comin' from the right and the left, left, left

    High: 10x7 (@soratami @WhatKindOfKylie? @lemonsqueezyy @andrewdarwitan @Sanctuary @superultra @citoig) 9.5x3 (@daninternational @savilizabeths @chrismoyer) 9x9 (@dylanaber @DJHazey @boombazookajoe @Vitamin @elektroxx @TwistedInnocence @Wired Life @Music Is Life @Butterfly) 8.75x1 (@138Prince)
    Low: 0x1 (@Espeon) 4x1 (@Robsolete) 5x1 (@sapnu puas) 6x8 (@Sail On @livefrommelbs @aux @happiestgirl @junkos @fatyoshi @2014 @Sprockrooster)
    Total Points: 559
    My Score: 9.5/10

    The first half of our tie is a sexy slice of R&B Ari, as well as a Dangerous Woman promotional single, complete with a video and everything. 'Let Me Love You', it's your time to leave. Personally I think this should have outlasted it's partner in tie but I'm not surprised that it didn't. I'm also not too surprised that y'all don't love this. Be honest, would you like it more if there was an actual bridge instead of a rap verse from Lil Wayne? I'm sure the answer is yes for a large percentage of the voters.

    Well, I love this! Always have! It's creates such a perfect, moody atmosphere. It's dark, it's gritty, it's sexy, which makes it the perfect song for Dangerous Woman. Trust me, if you don't have this in your playlist for doing dirty things then you should add it because it sets the perfect mood. It's a nice break from the bombast of the album, while still fitting within the themes. It's more understated and definitely a more mature sound than a lot of what she'd produced up to that point. Ari pulls it off perfectly too. Her performance is softer, more restrained. It feels intimate, which fits the subject matter and imagery of the track. She has such a command of this sort of style and the execution is flawless.

    It's been a minute since we talked about octave unison, hasn't it? But god do I love the use of it in the verses here. The contrast of her breathy, whispery feeling vocals with her so often overlooked lower register is gorgeous. The hushed vocals really add to that intimate feeling the song gives, painting the picture of quietly whispering to each other in the darkness. I love to hear that lower part of her voice as well. A lot of her vocal performances are either belty or soft and light but this part is low and strong, which is a lovely contrast like I said. Of course the harmonies are perfect. I don't know if saying that they sound dark makes any sense but they do. There's a sort of eerie aspect to them, and the song in general, that I really love. The chorus is another example of a repetitive chorus that works for me. I guess I could see how some people would be turned off by the stuttered vocal effect but it works perfectly with the soundscape here. The whole thing is incredibly sultry. The production is really nice too. It's a beautiful trap-lite, R&B mood piece. Nothing is ever too much and that deep bass is everything! Somehow it feels smooth yet stuttery at the same time? I love the beats on this song so much. Wow, I'm so good at describing things. Let's just move on.

    The lyrical content is great here too. Ariana sings about having only just broken up with her ex and she's already lying on a new guy's chest looking for a little love and attention. I get the feeling that this guy is a little dangerous and maybe she's looking for this in the wrong places, which feels supported by the darkness of the song. But she's a mess and she is perhaps feeling a little self destructive and unhinged post breakup. All she wants is to feel someone and hook up to take her mind off things. A great little hook-up, one night stand track. I suppose this is where we should talk about Lil Wayne as well. While I'm sure plenty of you aren't a fan of his verse, I'm a little surprised nobody actually mentioned it in their commentary. I am definitely not a fan of the guy. In fact he's made some songs that I outright despise but he's done some guest verses I enjoy (3LW's 'Neva Get Enuf' for example, if you want a throwback). This is one of them. Is he sleazy? Yes, but that works. He lays the role of the male in this song and supports the narrative for me. Plus, I kinda like his flow and delivery here. And for once I can actually understand what he's saying, so that's a bonus. "Grinding on this grande," is ridiculous but I can't help but love it? They both seem to be having a fun time in the music video as well, so it's a pretty good rap collaboration for me, and definitely fits the songs vibes.

    So, what did you guys have to say? @Milotic (7) doesn't like the verses: "I like this, but it isn't in the upper echelon of the album for me. The verses aren't my favorite." That's so interesting to me because the verses are my favourite part. @pop3blow2 (7.5) simply says: "What a weird little song." I can't exactly argue with you. @reputation. (7) has come around on it a bit: "Hated this a lot back in 2016 but I kinda tolerate it now. It’s not bad but the rest of the album is much better." I can honestly understand why some people hate it, even though I don't relate at all. Something doesn't sit right with @RUNAWAY (7.5): "This song was a real mood moment when she released it as a promo single with the video, but in the album it kind of falls short for me. Idk it just doesn’t seem like...it fits? Especially not immediately after Side to Side." I don't actually mind the sequencing, though I do think we should have had more than one lowkey song before bursting back in with 'Greedy'.

    @Crisp X (8) is into the chorus: "I especially like the chopped vocals in the chorus, which add the the early Nelly Furtado vibes of the song." I'll try and find a Nelly song to include at the bottom of this post. You always give me something to add to the videos, so thank you! I always love @Dijah.'s (8.5) simple commentary: "Moody bop." Indeed. I love seeing @DJHazey (9) have similar taste to me at times: "This was a massive bop to me even before I eventually let the stuttering effects become an essential part of the adventure." Accurate! I guess now is as good a time as any to hear from the first 0 we've had in awhile, @Espeon (0): "Truly the worst song, I forgot how bad it was and I kept thinking I could hear my fire alarm going off?!?" All I really have to say is thank you for throwing in a 0, it's been ages since we had one and I love the discourse! Fun fact: our next and final 0 of the entire rate comes right after this tie, stay tuned!

    I completely agree with @daninternational (9.5) here: "Grabs you from the first line and doesn't let up... a breather in this album that would be a moment on any of her others." Exactly! As usual, @chrismoyer has a lot to say: "Love the R&B vibes in this song! This is one of Ariana’s best songs to date really and is super underrated when it comes to her best. It deserved so much more compared to her other songs. I like The Weeknd esque vibe in this one, and the atmosphere is so mysterious, I love it! I also like how sexy this song is haha, can’t deny it. The song is just fire especially Wayne’s verse. He killed it on this one and he really took this song to the next level. Definitely one of the chilliest and dopest songs she’s made. Being a huge hip-hop, rap and R&B fan myself, you just can’t go wrong with an excellent R&B song with two excellent artists. She grindin’ on this Grande is also still a legendary line." It's honestly nice to have the perspective of someone who is more into R&B/hip-hop than a lot of us, so thank you. Speaking of, @superultra (10) is a little shady: "I’m going to give this the score that it deserves because this site is notoriously R&B-phobic and laden with “rent-a-rapper” rhetoric. R&B is just as good as pop, if not more amazing at times. I said what I said." I love this for you!

    Goodbye to another track gone too soon. I don't have the mental energy to do the other half of the tie today so I'll do my best to eliminate it tomorrow. Trust me, it's a big one so please share your guesses in the thread! I also forgot to mention how much I love the music video for this song and how perfect it goes with the vibes, as well as Ariana's curly hair being gorgeous. So there's that. Anyway, I love you all and stay safe! Byeeee!

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