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☁️Imagine A Rate Like That☁️ - The Ariana Grande Rate: a double winner makes it a hat-trick!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by savilizabeths, Jan 27, 2020.


What's your favourite Ariana Grande album?

  1. Yours Truly

  2. My Everything

  3. Dangerous Woman

  4. Sweetener

  5. thank u, next

  6. positions

  1. "Let Me Love You" is such a vibe and I regret not giving it a 10 now.
  2. Let Me Love You is a real highlight from Dangerous Woman.
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  3. Let Me Dislike This Elimination
  4. Should've been Be Alright honestly. I'm afraid for Problem at this point (I could see someone being problematic with a 0 for it.)
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  5. I see our tastes are aligning again. Hm.
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  6. If you gave Problem the 10 it deserves, but I swear you said something about not liking it yourself.
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  7. It's still way too soon to be discussing Be Alright
  8. Be Alright is one of the few tracks on Dangerous Woman I couldn't even come up with commentary for. I gave it an 8 but it's kind of just there.
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  9. Be Alright is fantastic. It deserves to be top 30 at least.
  10. THIS. Feel good empowering bop.
  11. Oop I must have been lazy that day because I didn't specify the Nelly song I have in mind everytime that stuttered vocal effect comes in.

    Sometimes, I feel like my brain makes really random connections between random songs, but about this one it's more particularly those synths on the chorus. To hear Ari's voice used in a similar way is so... cool, for the lack of a more academic word. The things she can do with it, the versatility has jumped out!

  12. And you were right to be.



    ☁️ PROBLEM
    (FT. BIG SEAN)

    Average: 7.657

    Every time you touch me
    And say you love me
    I get a little bit breathless
    I shouldn't want it, but it's you

    High: 10x12 (@DJHazey @WhatKindOfKylie? @RMK @junkos @CorgiCorgiCorgi @ufint @Hurricane Drunk @Wired Life @Remorque @Laurence @Cutlery @Music Is Life) 9.5x1 (@Ana Raquel) 9x9 (@dylanaber @soratami @GimmeWork @Aester @aux @Laura Vanderbooben @Slice of Life @SophiaSophia @japanbonustrack)
    Low: 3x1 (@Robsolete) 4x3 (@superultra @Petty Mayonnaise @Ugly Beauty) 5x5 (@sapnu puas @138Prince @Sanctuary @VitaminBee @fatyoshi) 6x8 (@AllGagaLike @boombazookajoe @lemonsqueezyy @BreatheBox @Espeon @slaybellz @reputation. @Mirwais Ahmadzaï)
    Total Points: 559
    My Score: 8.5/10

    It's time for another giant single to fall. 'Problem' was Ariana's big entry into the mainstream, her introduction in the eyes of many. Who was this tiny girl with the giant voice and where did she come from? 'The Way' had seen mild success the year before but it was nothing compared to what 2014 saw for Ariana, and it all began with this song.

    When I think of music in 2014, I think of Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea, for better and for worse. 'Fancy' was a massive hit for Iggy, even hitting number 4 on the Year End Hot 100 so she was already huge in the mind of the public before the release of 'Problem'. Apparently Nicki Minaj was asked to feature initially but she passed. I'm sure the trend and relevancy of Iggy helped boost the track though so there was no real loss. I just feel like 'Problem' is such a representation of the year in music. It was loud, it was in your face, it was fun. Looking through the hit songs of that year so much of it just seems so big. 'Shake It Off', 'Talk Dirty', 'Chandelier', 'Anaconda'. Things felt so much larger than life (I mean, songs like 'Let Her Go', 'Say Something' and 'All Of Me' were big that year too so do what you want with that). 'Problem' feels like that. It's boisterous, up-tempo, dance-y. Though I don't feel as if it's aged too well, listening to it does feel like I've been transported back in time, so that's sorta fun.

    I actually don't know what it is about this that has aged so poorly. I suppose it's the very fact that it sounds like 2014 and now it's 2020. It's so very of it's time. Of course there is also the Iggy Azalea guest verse, which would date any song it was attached to. Listening to it now though, the production isn't all that bad. Those horns instantly pull you in, Ariana's little laugh is adorable and, love it or hate it, "It's Iggy Igg's" will forever be lodged in our brains. There's such a funky energy about this song that is super infectious when you're listening to it. The beats are bouncy and I do sort of miss the excessive use of horns from that year. And of course Ari is belting for the heavens. She's giving it everything she has and making it impossible to ignore her anymore, which worked because the public began eating up every new release from her.

    Perhaps the most interesting stylistic choice here is the way typical musical dynamics are flipped. I've talked about how songs build and correct use of vocal dynamics before. You should never play all of your cards too early, instead showcasing more as you go, taking the audience on a journey and such. They flipped the script here. Ariana bursts out with that intense belt right away. The verses are all go, full volume until that final high note of the pre-chorus...then everything drops. The beats become more muted and minimal and we hear Big Sean's (uncredited) hushed hook. Usually the chorus is where everything lets loose, but they did something unique here and I definitely give them credit for that. The contrast of the dramatic horns and the whispered vocals in the second half of the chorus is really interesting as well. That pre-chorus is also pretty iconic, you can't argue with that!

    I don't think there's that much to say about the lyrics. The verses are short, simple.Nothing much to write home about. It's about knowing you shouldn't like someone but you can't help yourself and keep going back to them anyway. I'm sure that's a pretty relatable sentiment. Not for me but my romantic experience is confined to a nearly four year long and healthy relationship so I'm not exactly an expert. We have another repetitive chorus. At least songs like this teach us that anybody can write a chorus for a hit song if they have even one braincell. It's fun though, I can't complain too much. What I can complain about is the feature. Do I know every word to Iggy's rap? Yes. I can say the same thing about the rap in 'Baby' by Justin Bieber though. Doesn't mean it's good. Perhaps the feature should bother me more than it does. I'm just so used to it at this point that the song would sound weird without it. Iggy is terrible, but I'll bop anyway.

    I should probably also mention the music video. It's cheap but cute enough. Ariana looks good, Sean looks good. Iggy looks...I don't know, I'm not into her hair. The choreography is lowkey iconic too. I remember trying to learn it but failing because I'm genuinely a terrible dancer. A fact that makes me sad now that I'm a Kpop fan and can't join in on Random Dance Play's in my city.

    Alright, enough from me. Let's hear from you! @chrismoyer (7.5) does a pretty good summary of my post: "One of her weaker singles for sure, ifs it on it’s still a bop and a fun time, and I can appreciate how much this song helped her become MEGA famous. That said, Iggy definitely dates the song a lot, like right when I hear it, i’m immediately brought back to 2014, it didn’t age very well. Still a bop though." I know you're probably pretty happy this is gone based on our conversations. @TwistedInnocence (7) shows respect: "It's the song that propelled her into a new phase in her career so should be respected for that BUT its not up there as one of her best, in my opinion." I am of the same opinion, yeah. A lot of us talk about how it didn't age well. @OspreyQueen (8) says: "It’s kinda aged like milk ddd." It's just very of it's time I guess. @RUNAWAY (7.5) agrees: "The chorus really hasn't aged well, but the verses and pre-chorus are still amazing. Iggy's rap is very…of it's time." It's wild to me how long ago 2014 actually was. Wow. @Crisp X (7.5) makes me giggle: "Invented ASMR. It has aged a bit poorly compared to the rest of the album though." Big Sean should make an ASMR channel. Our wonderful former host doesn't agree with you all though. @Laura Vanderbooben (9) argued: "People say this has aged like milk. They're wrong!!!!!!!" Calling out @OspreyQueen! Love it!

    There is a bit of hate bopping going on. @Dijah. (7) shouts: "IT’S EGGY EGGS. I hate this song but it still kind of bops." Now I want eggs. @138Prince (5) has fallen out of love: "I loved it at first but now I kinda hate bop to it." Valid. @daninternational (8) unlocks a forgotten memory: "The chorus could be stronger, but it was good at the time before we all hated Igloo Australia." I forgot we used to call her that! Amazing. @Milotic (7.5) has me missing the club: "This isn't my favorite Ariana song, and I've never been the biggest Iggy fan, but I had to take into account how I act when this song comes on in the club. It sure does slap when I'm drunk." This just reminds me of how my favourite gay bar owner used to call me Ariana Grande back in 2014. Good times. @Butterfly (7.5) is also remembering the good times: "Not quite as fun as when it was first released, but I associate it with the good memories of the era. I remember waking up and seeing this had broken those iTunes records and being so ecstatic she had hit the big time." Awww, that feels so long ago! @superultra (4) is not a fan:
    "I used to bop to this in high school, but this is literally my least favorite Ariana single of all time. It really grates on me these days." Wait...high school?? Now I feel old.

    Alright, this song has some stans. @RMK (10) agrees with some things I said above: "This, next to Fancy, defines 2014. She has better songs to her credit, but this will always be a ten." I love when I read the commentary after writing my posts only to find people said the same things!! @Laurence (10) and I need to rap the Iggy part together: "This made me discover her, and I even know the rap from heart too after listening so many times. What a bop?! Loves it." Or maybe I'll just sing Ari's parts...I'm a very bad rapper. Hopefully @DJHazey (10) accepts my above average score: "The song that made me notice Ariana as a popstar. All the horn instrumentals, the whispered effects, and Iggy are all things that I shouldn't personally stan for in a pop song, but this will always remain that bop for me." I'm sorry your worries were warranted! @Cutlery (10) is rather into Big Sean: "Big Sean's whispers are so sultry, sexy, bothering... oh yeah onto the rest of the track. The sax screams smash hit out of the gate, Ariana does her thing with some impressive attitude, Iggy does her job really well. Was the quality of the lead indicative of the album that would follow? Frankly, no." Honestly...I'm with you on the Sean part...Finally, @Music Is Life (10) is also making me feel old: "Jeez, I can still remember when this came out and she was suddenly everywhere. It was in April, and it was the end of 8th grade for me. I wasn’t prepared for the world takeover back then, and it was just beginning. This is kinda iconic though, huh? Pretty sure this was also one of the first songs that started the “horn” trend that quickly became overdone. And I remember everyone constantly saying “I got 99 problems but you won’t be one” about literally anything at the time. Overall, a classic, a 10, even if it’s not my favorite lead single from her." I never knew anyone who said that but I love it. Amazing!

    So, that's a big one gone! It's nice to see that the 'single bias' isn't too strong here. Tomorrow we cut another single. Take your guess. I love you all and stay safe!

  13. The Iggy shade! I kid, it's just a copy error, or rather you are counting it as Ariana & Iggy I guess??

    Anyway, y'all are wrong for this. Problem is easily better than Break Your Heart Right Back and One Last Time
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  14. [​IMG]

    Also the fact Problem was basically a copy of this in some parts....Ari was clearly taking notes.

    Stream Namie Amuro xx
    I'm still mad they removed her full music videos from her channel
  15. Ah, to experience this again...

  16. It was literally an accident but I’m gonna leave it for now bc I’m living for the Iggy erasure.
  17. This is interesting, considering what frequent collaborators they'd end up becoming.
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  18. She's done bigger and better songs since Problem, but it's still a mega bop and the song that made me aware of Ariana Grande, so can't help but enjoy it. It's made to think that it was 6 years ago now!
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  19. FIN-UH-LLY someone said it.
    Problem could have at least made top 30 for me based off of nostalgia.
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  20. It's funny how Problem was the song that introduced Ari to me and made me a fan but now I find nothing of her personality/artistry in it and it's one of her few songs that I never go back to.
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