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☁️Imagine A Rate Like That☁️ - The Ariana Grande Rate: a double winner makes it a hat-trick!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by savilizabeths, Jan 27, 2020.


What's your favourite Ariana Grande album?

  1. Yours Truly

  2. My Everything

  3. Dangerous Woman

  4. Sweetener

  5. thank u, next

  6. positions

  1. I've never been Problem's biggest fan, but I appreciate what it did for Ari's career. It got me to pay attention to her, lubing me up for Break Free to hit just right.
  2. Problem made me aware. But it was Break Free that made me a fan.
  3. Problem made me bop and adore her. Break Free, broke me and turned me into a crazed-stan during that era.
  4. Though I bopped to "Problem" and "Break Free" (and "Bang Bang"), I didn't become a fan until "Love Me Harder."
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  5. Love Me Harder is an absolute classic.
  6. Wew, these eliminations. I've caught up now and wonderful write-ups again @savilizabeths. I look forward to stories for top 10 tracks!
  7. Every time you all compliment my write ups I feel stronger and happier.

    Welcome to another "I'm sorry I vanished" post. We love consistent inconsistency, don't we? The only excuse I really have is depression. It's one of those instances where you think you're doing okay until you realise you're not. I realised I had tossed aside almost everything I love and was just exisiting, barely bothering with anything. So I've almost entirely hidden away from the forum. I think I've made a couple of posts in the Dreamcatcher Rate and that's it. I don't even know if I'm ready to come back yet, but I'm forcing myself to because I'm tired of being a disappointment.

    At least I've been kinda doing some creative stuff writing wise with my original characters. That's something. ALSO CHRIS, I know you're reading this. The reason I haven't responded to you is because I'm locked out of my Twitter right now. It's infuriating but hopefully will be resolved soon. I miss youuuu.

    Elimination soon perhaps?
  8. Nothing is further from the truth, my love! Every time we have you around, it lifts us up! <3
  9. The only disappointment is you thinking you're a disappointment!
  10. I'm so sorry for the wait.....


    ☁️ DANCE TO THIS ☁️

    Average: 7.664

    Dear beloved,
    Bring those 501s a bit closer, bit closer
    And dear, my lover,
    Do that thing we never do sober, sober

    High: 10x12 (@soratami @AllGagaLike @savilizabeths @WhatKindOfKylie? @lemonsqueezyy @happiestgirl @CorgiCorgiCorgi @ufint @daninternational @Ana Raquel @Crisp X @SlowGinFizzzz) 9.5x2 (@Aester @chrismoyer) 9x9 (@stoicist @Vitamin @Ugly Beauty @maikos87 @livefrommelbs @TwistedInnocence @superultra @Music Is Life @citoig)
    Low: 0x1 (@Laurence) 3x1 (@Cutlery) 5x2 (@Vixen @Serg.) 5.25x1 (@VitaminBee) 6x12 (@Sprockrooster @DJHazey @boombazookajoe @fatyoshi @myblood @Espeon @aux @Hurricane Drunk @SophiaSophia @blaze_dave @Sail On @Blond)
    Total Points: 559.5
    My Score: 10/10

    Another extra falls today as we cut Ariana's collaboration with Troye Sivan, 'Dance to This'. I'm aware that the general feeling for Troye is negative but I'm just not on that train. He's cute and he has some bops, okay? I actually saw him live a few years ago as well. You could find me near the back crying closeted religious kid tears to 'HEAVEN'. He and Ariana join together in a really slick, vibe-y track about just spending time with somebody you have feelings and a ton of sexual tension with. It's a little sweet, a little sultry and I love it!

    I will admit that this underwhelmed me at first. It didn't stand out in the way I wanted it to. Nothing grabbed me. Repeated listens really revealed it's charms however. There's something so calming about the echo-y beats and vocals. Troye sounds really lovely here. I've always liked his voice. It's nothing particularly groundbreaking or even overly impressive but it's got a gorgeous full tone and he really knows how to get the most out of it. I especially love his vocals in the pre-chorus. There's such a softness to his delivery. Obviously Miss Ari sounds goddamn angelic as well. Her vocals sound really thick and warm if that makes any sense to you. Their tones compliment each other really well and I'd even be interested in hearing another duet. They blend so beautifully. The entire vibe is very mellow and cozy.

    Honestly, vocals and things in that vein are the main thing I want to discuss here. While the production is really pretty, there isn't much that stands out to me besides that main riff that gets stuck in my head all the time. It's consistent, it's great but nothing that I feel I can find a lot of words to talk about. So we'll jump back to the vocals. OCTAVE UNISON! I should start counting how many times I bring up strings, harmonies and octave unison. The contrast of Troye's slightly breathy high part and his really strong grounded lower part in the first chorus is damn gorgeous and just reminds me why octave unison can be so effective! In the second chorus Ariana takes over the higher octave and it sounds even more beautiful when you combine their voices. I feel like the thing that disappointed me the most when I first heard this was the...lack of harmonisation between them? I never understand why some people duet and don't bother to utilize their dual power into some earth shattering harmonies. There are plenty of pretty harmonic moments here though. They're just layered behind the main vocals, but they're really lovely. Especially on the pre-chorus.

    I feel like things really get special once we hit the bridge. Those beats and the cute spoken parts! Troye sounds so deep and gravel-y, I love it! And Ari sounds so coy and playful. And it sounds so soft and magical as it transitions back into the pre-chorus with the piano chords and no percussion. The adlibs and harmonies are sweet and sound even prettier when you close your eyes lying in the dark like I am right now. Then Ariana's adlib carrying you back into the chorus is one of those musical euphoric moments. Except it's a little more relaxed and chill about it, which matches the mood of the song.

    The thing is...I don't know if this deserved a 10 from me. I love it, I really do but I just don't feel it has a place with my other full scores. It's perhaps a 9 or a 9.5 but 10 feels a little much. Overall though, I love the vibe and it's a song that will always make me smile and sway along. A win for both of them!
    What about you guys? @DJHazey (6) wanted a little more: "Most of this score comes from how interesting the post-chorus production is (which reminds me of "Wicked Games") and the song frankly needed more of it." The production there is really great and I will look up the song you are referring to! @pop3blow2 (7.75) isn't too impressed but throws Troye a compliment: "This is just kinda flat for the talent involved. Sounds kinda phoned in, to me." Nice to see someone else who considers Troye talented, haha! Just reading @fatyoshi's (6) comment makes me sleepy: "Fine but also gives the sensation of aural Nyquil?" Damn you! I'm running on very little sleep and trying to push through this elimination! Troye did not impress @Milotic (7): "Whew, this really wouldn't be much without Ariana's presence. She completely took over the song when she came in." See, I don't agree entirely but I definitely think she adds something important into the mix. @chrismoyer (9.5) makes a funny comparison: "A song that everyone slept on! Very chill and a vibing song. Better than Senorita!" Oh god, it really is better than that song, which ironically I heard playing today. @RUNAWAY (8.5) is just enjoying the vibes: "I love how laid back this song is. Her vocals really deliver here too." Both facts!

    This song did recieve one 0, which honestly made me laugh a little. I didn't think a song as...simple as this could inspire such hate. But here @Laurence (0) is: "I hate Troye and this sucks." To each their own. I love how straightfoward your commentary was. Now onto the stans! @superultra (9) speaks some truth: "I know y’all hate shit that’s mellow and ~vibey~ but I love this track." Well I love that sort of shit, and I love this track! @daninternational (10) found love eventually: "The kid version is just adorable. It was a slow burn but now I love it." I forgot that video existed! I really needed that! @Ana Raquel (10) got a bit of a surprise: "I'm not even a fan of Troye's music so this was a nice surprise when I first heard it." I'm glad you like it! @SlowGinFizzzz (10) gets it: "I know y'all hate Troye but I don't care, I think he sounds beautiful with Ari and I absolutely love the song." They sound so gorgeous together! I want more.

    Finally, @Crisp X (10) shares a really touching story: "This takes me back to Summer 2018, that I spent at a clinic, and in which I've met so many wonderful people, two of whom I've kept in touch with and I'm honored to call close friends now. Sometimes I miss that place, even though it was in some way an escape from my family, and that my life has gotten much much much better in the past two years. Without any internet access during the week, this would be one of the songs I'd listen to on a constant basis, while walking through the beautiful forests surrounding the place, or while playing board games with other patients, all in a surprisingly long-lasting sunny and hot weather… this felt surreal and even magical. I get emotional just reminiscing about that time, and those are the kind of memories I'll cherish forever." This commentary is so lovely and made me feel so emotional and warm and fuzzy. I'm so happy you're doing so well these days but also that you have such beautiful memories. You really made me feel like I was there and could see it, which made me smile. Thank you for sharing, angel!

    So that's that. Another extra down and tomorrow another single falls! As well as however many songs I can get out in a day because I am SO sorry about my absence. There's a lot I could say, and if you want to slide into my DMs and chat I'd love to hear some positive words but here I'll just leave it at this. I love you and I'm so grateful for your patience and support. I am okay, I am safe and I am committed to this rate. Things have been hard but I am strong so I'm fighting through and I'm back with a plan to get us through this at a good pace. Thank you all. I love you. Stay safe and support each other!!

  11. I don’t have particularly strong feelings for Troye (whether love or hate) but Dance To This is really lovely, a perfect blast-it-while-you’re-driving-at-a-highway-or-something song. shout out to the synth around 2:30 which reminds me of 80s pop songs.
  12. I'm feeling a little fragile today for... reasons and this lovely little song and write up from @Crisp X really vibes with me right now
  13. Me towards that elimination.


    *hugs for @Crisp X though*
  14. Low scorers... I see you. All of you.
  15. I absolutely adore Dance 2 This. It's such a chilled bop and I prefer it to some of sweetener as it happens...
  16. I remember this song caused a lot of conversation in another rate and a lot of people dragged it to hell and back, so I'm quite surprised and pleased how it flew under the radar in this rate.
  17. me to this song:
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  18. Seeing all of you jump back into the thread with your comments despite the break warms my heart. I have not been able to write multiple eliminations today but I am about to start one, will hopefully post one or two tomorrow. Then we'll be taking a break for two days as it's my birthday weekend so I'll be too busy celebrating turning 25!

    Next week we'll really kick things off again. I hope you're excited!!
  19. The poor singles keep falling...



    (FT. BIG SEAN)

    Average: 7.698

    And I get butterflies, just thinking
    About your boy, you're on my mind
    Sometimes I catch myself daydreaming
    Lost in your eyes and I lose all track of time

    High: 10x9 (@soratami @WhatKindOfKylie? @BreatheBox @RUNAWAY @Slice of Life @SophiaSophia @Wired Life @138Prince @superultra) 9.5x7 (@Butterfly @japanbonustrack @ysev @Sanctuary @aux @Vitamin @dylanaber) 9x5 (@chrismoyer @stoicist @Ugly Beauty @Hurricane Drunk @slaybellz)
    Low: 4x1 (@Espeon) 5x5 (@blaze_dave @Laurence @SlowGinFizzzz @DJHazey @Sprockrooster) 5.5s2 (@sapnu puas @pop3blow2) 5.75x2 (@Vixen @AllGagaLike)
    Total Points: 562
    My Score: 8.5/10

    The voters officially declare 'Right There' as the weakest single from Yours Truly and Big Sean takes his final bows today. I'm honestly quite pleased that this fell before 'Baby I', which I figured would get the boot first for some reason. That said, I do love this throwback R&B moment. Ariana has said this serves as a sort of sequel to 'The Way', which now that I know she's said that I can totally hear! It samples the jazz song 'Rain Dance' by The Jeff Lorber Fusion, which Lil Kim also sampled in 'Crush On You'.

    'Right There' is a lot of fun, but it definitely desrves to rank at the bottom of the three official Yours Truly singles. It doesn't own as much of my heart as 'Baby I' and 'The Way' do, so I agree with it's placement here. We'll start by talking about the things I like. The 90s production is really enjoyable. The beats are crisp and I can't help but bounce along to the groove of it. My favourite part is when the percussion halts for the pre-chorus and the instrumental sounds slightly distorted before jumping back into the energy of the chorus. Speaking of the chorus, I love the harmonies on it. They make it sound so full and strong, like a lot of people are singing at once. I love how the first half is grounded in the lower harmonies and the second half is filled with higher harmonies. It's a really fun shift and contrast. Her floaty airy harmonies on the second verse are lovely as well. I love the sighing quality of some of her high notes here. It's just a beautiful vocal performance overall. The way she introduces the song with that gorgeous falsetto! Amazing! Her adlibs in the final chorus! I love them so much!

    Remember how I said I really liked Big Sean on 'Best Mistake'? Well, I like him here too! A lot! There's just such a sweet quality to the verses he produces for Ari's music. He sounds so in awe of this girl and really in love. It's such a nice quality to have in a rap feature. Even the tiny bit of non-PG content he slips in isn't objectifying or anything like that. He says things like "Spent an hour in the bathroom, walk out looking like a model" and "I love and I like you" and it's just a really nice feature.

    Honestly, I'm not sure on the chorus...or the lyrics. Both things fall middle of the road for me. While I enjoy the harmonies on the chorus, as a whole it just falls a little flat to me. It sounds a bit droning, if that makes sense. I'm just not into the melody of it, which is a shame because I love the melodies throughout the rest of the song. The lyrics just aren't anything special either. The subject matter is incredibly cute. Ariana sings about loving this boy and how she's always going to be there for him. It's a sweet message. I honestly think that Sean's verses are the lyrical highlights of this song. So there's that.

    Does anybody remember that rant I went on during the 'Better Left Unsaid' write up? I really went off on that hype guy. There's a guy on this song telling me to put my hands up if I want to party as well, and while it's less obnoxious...I'm still not a fan. This sound would have been absolutely fine (even better) without it. I don't see it's function. This song is really fun but it's not exactly a raging party jam...or is that just a me thing? Sean's adlibs towards the end are also a bit flat. I feel as though he has quite a bit of energy during his verses but if you pay too much attention to his adlibs they're laughably monotone. I do like his little laugh before he says "carry on" though, it's cute. I'm also not really into the party like "hey" shouts in the verses but eh. Honestly, over all this song is really enjoyable but nothing too special at the same time. I love it but it's not one of my top Ariana singles.

    What about you lot? The usually quite positive @pop3blow2 (5.5) gives one of his lower scores: "Pass. The chorus is ok, but the rest of this a headache." I sorta feel that way about the chorus so it seems our opinions are unusually opposite. I think @daninternational (6.5) and I are on similar pages though: "Some bits of this are great and others weak, overall she threw a bit too much at it." I can't tell if I'm just in a mood today, but I really do think I might like this less without the nostalgia. @Cutlery (7.5) is confused: "How was this a single? Like, no shade, it don't sound much more than a cute 2003 album track." I mean, you're right. It was probably due to the high profile feature. Everyone sound off on what you think would have made a good single from this album! @Milotic (7.5) also enjoys Big Sean: "Honestly, I'm surprised how well the overall production of this album still sounds fresh. On topic, it's not a bad song, and I enjoy Big Sean's presence here." It sounds like a weird mixture of fresh and dated to me, if that makes sense. @TwistedInnocence (8) likes the lyrics: "The lyrics on this one are lovely and the performance on the Sweetener Tour reminded me how good it was." There is such a sweetness to this! @Crisp X (8.5) seems pleasently surprised: "I didn't realize how much R&B centric that album was? This features an essential chord progression heard in the genre, and just for that alone, I can only give it a high score." I love your vast music knowledge every time!

    A fair comment is made by @Butterfly (9.5): "Huge bop, although that missionary line still feels out of place given Ari’s image at the time." I don't know. I think it just came across as a cute wink moment. Not too much but just a fun little nod to something less innocent. @chrismoyer is a huge fan: "I LOVE RIGHT THERE! One of, if not her most underrated hit singles, and collabs! When she performed this at the Sweetener Tour, I almost lost my shit. The classic production, and Sean’s verse >>" I can't argue. It's definitely underrated. @138Prince (10) feels that the stars alligned: "The sample, Big Sean's verse, everything clicked here." I'm glad Sean's verse is getting the praise it deserves! And finally @RUNAWAY (10) is screaming about harmonies just like I do: "Seriously her singles run for this album was bulletproof. Sean's feature is actually great, and Ari's vocals here are sublime. The backing vocals and harmonies in the second verse fucking slay me every time. Her outro harmonies are ICONIC." We love to see a stan, especially of those outro harmonies.

    So when will the next Yours Truly single fall? We're nearing the Top 40! An underrated gem falls tomorrow. One that I'm thrilled has made it this far. Any guesses? Can we also take a moment to appreciate the dramatics of this music video? I love it! That's all from me. I'll see you tomorrow for a couple of eliminations before I take a break to celebrate my birthday over the weekend! We'll be back on Monday (NZ time) if I'm not too hungover. Tuesday at the latest! I love you all! Stay safe!!!

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