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☁️Imagine A Rate Like That☁️ - The Ariana Grande Rate: a double winner makes it a hat-trick!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by savilizabeths, Jan 27, 2020.


What's your favourite Ariana Grande album?

  1. Yours Truly

  2. My Everything

  3. Dangerous Woman

  4. Sweetener

  5. thank u, next

  6. positions

  1. Yay, glad you're back @savilizabeths & have a great birthday weekend!

    As far as these two eliminations: 'Right There' way overstayed its welcome for me. So, bye.

    'Dance To This' will just frustratingly be one of those songs I think I should like more.... and maybe even want to like more, but just can't. I don't hate it & even understand why some people love it, though.
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  2. How did this mess outlast Bop To This???
  3. Looking back, I was too harsh on my Right There comment, as I do like the song quite a bit!
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  4. And justice that is. And if it was not for those dumb singles from her latest era it would have been her worst possibly for me.

    Bye bitch. You will not be missed.
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  5. All the better songs these Yours Truly singles beat. Yuck.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Dance to This always makes me think of this, and I can't help but laugh. Wish it had stuck around longer for sure.

  7. The little song that could!




    Average: 7.712

    And I ain't even worried bout it this time
    I know he gon' be the one to treat me just right
    Never had a motherfucker this tight
    So baby, this is what your soulmate looks like
    I look good, right? Damn

    High: 10x9 (@dylanaber @chrismoyer @savilizabeths @Vitamin @ufint @TwistedInnocence @elektroxx @Sanctuary @Music Is Life) 9.5x1 (@Dijah.) 9x7 (@WhatKindOfKylie? @stoicist @Espeon @aaronhansome @138Prince @Cutlery @Blond)
    Low: 4x2 (@Laurence @Petty Mayonnaise) 5x3 (@daninternational @andrewdarwitan @fatyoshi) 5.5x1 (@Laura Vanderbooben)
    Total Points: 563
    My Score: 10/10

    I'm not going to lie. The inclusion of this song was for purely selfish reaons. The reason being that I absolutely adore it. There was no call for it's inclusion, but I'm so pleasantly surprised to see how many tracks it outlasted. 'Knew Better Part Two' is the sequel to the opening part of 'New Better/Forever Boy' from Dangerous Woman. Ariana extended the song to perform on the Dangerous Woman Tour and she posted it to SoundCloud in September of 2016.

    The second I heard this I was living for it. It felt like something a little different for her, particularly that small rap portion. The lyrics are so candid and personal. I really love the circumstances of this. While the original 'Knew Better' was geared towards her ex Big Sean, this version is geared towards the subject of it's partner song 'Forever Boy', Ricky Alvarez, who I believe we've briefly discussed here before. It's such an interesting parallel. While the first verse remains the same, including the reference to writing songs which is obviously aimed at Sean, the rest of the lyrics focus on her breakup with Ricky and beginning her relationship with the late Mac Miller. Who else remembers the period where Ari & Ricky broke up, Ariana got bangs and started seeing Mac? Because that was a iconic moment and this song captures that era perfectly. It almost seemed like Ariana felt a sense of freedom and this song was that release.

    Onto the song itself. Um, it bops? The production has a vibe that my illiterate ass can't quite describe. Like it's a vibe-y hip hop moment with house beats? It's a lot less hazey sounding than it's original version. The original production is definitely more lush. I had to hunt through a few muddy sounding versions of part two to find one that sounds as crisp as I would like. But that's more the fault of it being released through SoundCloud than the actual production. The vibes here are definitely less hazey. There's more of a backbeat to pair with the quicker flow. I love the more house leaning moments in the instrumental too. It really adds something and sets this version apart. I know a lot of people aren't really into the new production, and I honestly don't have a whole lot to say about it but it supports the vibes of the lyrics really well and I can't help bopping along every time.

    It's the lyrics and themes that win out here and make this special for me though. The main part of this song is the second verse which features incredibly open lyrics. She's spitting truths and throwing a big middle finger up at her ex. The melody is so catchy as well and Ariana's delivery is top notch. It seems like this breakup really empowered her and I feel like you could tell that just from watching her at the time. "I don't fuck with your energy" is such a good lyric and something that we should all take away into our own lives. It seems as if she was really unhappy in the relationship and that he was one of those people who drained all of her positive energy. We all know people like that and know how exhausting it can be even if you love them. Finally breaking away from that person can be such a relief, like you can suddenly breathe and just be who you are. I also feel like that "loving me like he used to" lyric sort of confirms the rumour that Ari and Mac hooked up back in the 'The Way' days, so that's an interesting detail.

    We must also talk about the rap section and just how much I love it! Her delivery and flow are so cute and endearing! You can literally hear the smile in her voice. It's so playful and just goddamn fun and it makes me break out into a grin every time I hear it. Plus, hearing her say 'mothefucker' was just damn enjoyable. The "This is what your soulmate looks like. I look good right," lyric is just fantastically iconic! I think the rap part perfectly encapsulates what this song is. Is it a diss track? Yeah, it is. You can't argue that. But unlike a lot of diss tracks, I don't feel like this comes from a place of hate or anger. It comes for a place of liberation. She's being honest but she isn't overly mean or aggressive. The whole thing is just a bit of fun. She sounds so confident and free and happy in this song and I think that's why I love it so much. It makes me feel those things too, which is ultimately why I elected to include it here.

    You'll see in the commentary that the main complaint towards this is that people either prefer 'Forever Boy' or don't think the song can stand on it's own. That's fair. I love 'Forever Boy' and I love the way the two work together. But I can't deny how happy this version makes me.

    Speaking of commentary...I'm just going to throw @Laurence (4) out first: "Should have stayed a song like it is, did not need a part 2." We shall agree to disagree. Continuing with lower scorers, @daninternational (5) says: "I'd rather have Forever Boy Part Two :p" I really don't know what more there is to say with that song though. I think a 'Knew Better' sequel made sense due to her breakup and it was a fun way to put things out there if that makes sense. @Milotic (6) also isn't a huge fan: "I dont mind this, but I think the Knew Better part was my least favorite between it and Forever Boy." I can't fault you for that. @RUNAWAY (7.5) uses a classic C word: "It’s just so obviously frankensteined together after they only had half a song done. It’s cute, but the album version into Forever Boy is so much better." Well it is cute, can't argue with that! @Butterfly (6) was disappointed: "This was a big let down for me at the time, the new production ruins it." I was living for it at the time and still am.

    Most of the negativity is out of the way now! As it's my birthday tomorrow, I want to feel positive! Starting with how I helped @Sprockrooster (8) find something new to like: "I had no idea this existed. A discovery." I'm glad you enjoyed it!!! @OspreyQueen (8) gives a high score with a negative(ish) comment: "It’s not the same without the Forever Boy segue." You must still like it though, based on that score? @blaze_dave (8) has a question: "Why was this left off Dangerous Woman, would work before Greedy!" Because the extended lyrics were written later on, but it would have been fun if it was included. @Crisp X (8) also has a question: "Was this initially part of the original song? It's interesting to hear it anyway." As you will likely have learned from my write up, no it wasn't. @pop3blow2 (8.75) hears his faves in this: "Kinda getting sweetener prequel vibes in places on this one... so yeah, I'm on board." I can hear that too. I think this is where her influences for that album started showing through, which is cute. A lot of the adlibs are very Sweetener like.

    My favourite line is quoted by @Dijah. (9.5): "“So baby this is what ya soulmate looks like!” This should’ve made it to the album." I think if it had been written in time it might have been a great interlude. And finally, our only top scorer to provide commentary is, of course, @chrismoyer (10): "LOVE THIS SONG. Just like in the original song, I like how sassy and not giving a fuck this song is. I know the entire rap and scream the whole thing. It’s in your face, badass, and fun as fuck." On point as always! I miss you. Twitter is really fucking me over.

    So that's goodbye to 'Knew Better Part Two', which leaves only three extras in the game. Will they leave soon or hold on a bit longer? Thank you all for reading my ramblings if you did. I don't think I'll be able to do a second elimination tonight due to that goddamn time of the month kicking my ass. So you'll see me again either next Monday or Tuesday my time. I will pop in if I can throughout my birthday stuff but I wish you all a fabulous weekend. Stay safe and I love you very very much!

    The next time we speak I will be twenty five!

  8. Knew Better Part 2 is incredible!

    I still listen to it weekly!
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  9. I am loving all these "that is still in?" eliminations in a row, keep it up!
  10. A nice write-up, you nailed the house and hip hop influences, I think. It's interesting that this feels like the thematic precedent for Thank U, Next in a sense.
  11. Yes, it really does I think.
  12. My goal with jumping back into the rate is transparency and continuing to communicate when you can expect things. As I suspected, today was a no go due to being hungover from birthday related things so results shall resume tomorrow! See you all then! I hope you've had a safe and happy weekend xx
  13. Not being able to do a thing when hungover, relatable queen x
  14. Gotta be honest and say I was whore-ing it up again this weekend so I'm just....exhausted. Iconic? Perhaps.
  15. I am no longer hungover! Let's celebrate with an elimination!



    ☁️ ADORE

    Average: 7.719

    After that, when you catch your breath
    You look at me and say:
    "Love, are you real?"
    Just don't pretend you're just a friend, babe

    High: 10x12 (@chrismoyer @Dijah. @junkos @Vitamin @elektroxx @RUNAWAY @Crisp X @Slice of Life @138Prince @Petty Mayonnaise @superultra @japanbonustrack) 9.5x2 (@Music Is Life @lemonsqueezyy) 9x11 (@savilizabeths @myblood @Ugly Beauty @CorgiCorgiCorgi @maikos87 @Serg. @Wired Life @Cutlery @Mirwais Ahmadzaï @Sail On @Blond)
    Low: 2x2 (@Hurricane Drunk @WhatKindOfKylie?) 3x3 (@daninternational @RMK @Dangerous Maknae) 4x1 (@Sprockrooster) 5x1 (@SophiaSophia)
    Total Points: 563.5
    My Score: 9/10

    What was I smoking when I gave 'Danve to This' a 10 but not 'Adore'? Anyway! After today's cut, we are down to our final two extras. Damn. 'Adore' is the first of three Cashmere Cat tracks to be eliminated, and was their second to be released following the song 'Be My Baby' from My Everything. Can we just say that these two are a dream pairing? They have struck gold with every collaboration and I would be thrilled if Cashmere Cat produced an entire album worth of material for Ari. This particular song is an electronic track with hints of R&B, lush production and breathtaking vocals in which Ariana sings about a friend with benefits and how much she adores him.

    Guys, this is gorgeous. It actually might be my favourite thing these two have made together. It often seems to fly under the radar and I don't hear many people talking about it so I'm thrilled with how far it got here. Cashmere Cat's production is fantastic, which is something I have noticed to be very consistent in his work. I'm not a fan of many featured producers but he has constantly impressed me with every song I've heard. The way the first verse sounds warped and muffled. The production elements feel as if they're moving around you somehow. I love the echo on Ariana's vocals. It fits into the astmosphere beautifully. It sounds so distant and muffled in a really effective way. The pre-chorus brings everything in to build to the chorus where it all falls away to shine the spotlight on Ariana's crystal belting vocals with only that off kilter warped instrumentation in the background. It's stunning! And when everything comes back in again! I know this is all rambling and makes no sense but there's such a journey to the production here. He really created a build and told a story with his work, which I adore! The production is clattering, the synths are wonky, I love the incorperation of acoustic elements at times (the slighly manipulated guitar in the second verse and the piano outro). There are just so many interesting elements here and every time I press play I find new things to latch onto. I love the detail put in!

    While there isn't a whole lot to say about the lyrics, they serve their purpose. They paint enough of a picture that I understand the story being told here. Ariana and her love interest are definitely in some sort of friends with benefits situation. They can't stop thinking about each other but they haven't put a label on it even though she definitely wants to but he keeps calling them friends. Of course there's definitely a more sexual element to the song. I'm sure I don't need to spell anything out. The eliminations continue to line up with my previous weekend activities I see. Inquire below for details on my thottery. I especially love the highlighted lyrics above. I feel as if they a) sound quite lovely and b) very clearly sum the story up. AND ARIANA'S DAMN VOCALS! Yes, her enunciation issues are extremely obvious here. So many of her words sort of slur together, but honestly I don't mind much. She sounds glorious! From her soft, breathy verses to her clear and gorgeous belted chorus! I think 'Adore' really plays to both artists strengths and the end result is pure magic.

    So I honestly don't know why I knocked it down to a nine? If I were to re-score, I would switch this with 'Dance to This' for sure. Sadly we can't go back and I'm stuck looking like a clown for not giving such a moment full marks! At least we have two more of their collabs in the game. But for how long?

    Turning to you guys! Almost everyone who left comments wree 8+ scorers so we'll hear from the two lower ones first. @Milotic (6) isn't too impressed: "It's not bad. Not something I'll be running back to, though." Whatever works for you my friend! Our lowest scoring voter who commented, @daninternational (3) says: "Never heard before, it's a bit pointless really." The point is talent, thank you very much! @DJHazey (7) has an idea for Ari and team: "I guess you could've actually bumped the title-track off My Everything for this." Hm...I actually wouldn't argue with this. @BreatheBox (8.5) is here to make points: "Her diction was the worst in 2015, especially in this and Jason’s Song." Yeahhhh....Just yeah. Yay! We hear again from my fave, @Music Is Life (9.5): "Once again, I must say I love Cashmere’s productions. This is another highlight of it, and the thing hitting a railing sound throughout – genius. The pre-chorus! Yes! The way it builds. I’m just so very here for it. And the chorus! She sounds amazing of course." Tasteful as (almost) always!

    And our 10 scorers? What do they have to say? @chrismoyer (10) screams: "UNDERRATED. One of her best songs! I adore (see what I did there hehe) Cashmere Cat’s production and her vocals on this are a WOW moment! I love how mysterious and beautiful this song sounds. I blast it anywhere and hearing on tour as an interlude was something else! WHEW!" Ooh, mysterious is actual a good description of this! A lot of us think they should work togther again. @Crisp X (10) says: "Gorgeous. I love the bridge with the arpeggio, and that build up to the final chorus! Ariana and Cashmere Cat should work together way more often." Please teach me more about music x1000. @Dijah. (10) also loves the dynamic duo: "Ariana and Cashmere Cat are so powerful for this. This is a jam and a half." YES! @138Prince (10) needs more: "Ari & Cashmere need to make a whole project together tbh. Be My Baby? Adore? Quit? A trinity." Give us more!!! And finally @RUNAWAY (10) adores it: "ICONIC. After Be My Baby I remember everyone was dying for another collab with the two of them, and this was EVERYTHING. It’s so damn good." Facts only, of course!

    Goodbye to this gem! Two extras left! Two Cashmere travks left! All of those are safe for our next elimination, which is another painful one for me...and someone who is losing their 11! Will it be you? I'll see you all tomorrow! I love you, stay safe and have a slutty week in honour of the fact that I'm 25 now! Byeee!

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  16. ☁️ MEET YOUR TOP 40! ☁️

    YOURS TRULY (5/12)

    Honeymoon Avenue
    Baby I
    The Way (ft. Mac Miller)
    You'll Never Know


    Santa Tell Me

    MY EVERYTHING (5/17)

    One Last Time
    Break Free (ft. Zedd)
    Be My Baby (ft. Cashmere Cat)
    Break Your Heart Right Back (ft. Childish Gambino)
    Love Me Harder (ft. The Weeknd)



    Dangerous Woman
    Be Alright
    Into You
    Side to Side (featuring Nicki Minaj)
    Everyday (featuring Future)
    Bad Decisions
    Touch It
    Knew Better / Forever Boy
    Thinking Bout You

    SWEETNER (6/15)

    God is a Woman
    No Tears Left to Cry
    Better Off
    Goodnight n Go

    THANK U, NEXT (9/13)

    Fake Smile
    Bad Idea
    In My Head
    Thank U, Next

    EXTRAS (2/16)

    All My Love
    Quit (with Cashmere Cat)
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  17. Probably not something to be proud of but I gave this a 3 too.
  18. That has been fixed! I just can't read apparently!
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  19. Dangerous Woman dominating....we love to see it.
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