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☁️Imagine A Rate Like That☁️ - The Ariana Grande Rate: a double winner makes it a hat-trick!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by savilizabeths, Jan 27, 2020.


What's your favourite Ariana Grande album?

  1. Yours Truly

  2. My Everything

  3. Dangerous Woman

  4. Sweetener

  5. thank u, next

  6. positions

  1. We need more Ariana × Cashmere Cat, tbh.
  2. Everything left on Dangerous Woman, Sweetener and Thank U Next is incredible tbh.
  3. Such a strong amount of songs on each of those albums, truly incredible.
  4. Obviously you meant 'meet your Top 40' and I did give Adore a 7 not an 8, so I'm happy it's gone now and Quit go right behind it.
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. Quit is going nowhere!
  7. I just hate Cashmere Cat. So glad he is out.
  8. He's not though. He still has two entries in this rate.
  9. EAUX. Well get them out then ddd.
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  10. All of his songs are lackadaisical.
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  11. We could now lose the first two albums in their entirety, tee bee aitch.
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  12. This sudden Cashmere Cat slander will NOT be tolerated in this house.

  13. Not really a fan ether too.
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  14. Piano outlasting Adore doesn’t sit right with my spirit.
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  15. Wait Piano is still here??? That's... bottom 3 in Yours Truly to me
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  16. Honestly same, but turns out it’s a bit of a fan favourite. Hm...
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  17. Not one, but two people lose their 11 today...




    Average: 7.804

    But if you woulda manned up, put your hand up, stand up
    Tell me how you really felt, then maybe it’d be different
    If you spoke, I would’ve listened
    But now, I’m with somebody else, and he loves me
    Too much for me to mess this up
    And it sucks to be all in your head
    Wondering where this thing could go, but...

    High: 11x2 (@RUNAWAY @Wired Life) 10x9 (@Music Is Life @Petty Mayonnaise @Vixen @138Prince @Crisp X @happiestgirl @BreatheBox @boombazookajoe @WhatKindOfKylie?) 9.5x4 (@savilizabeths @lemonsqueezyy @Vitamin @Ugly Beauty) 9x8 (@chrismoyer @RMK @junkos @stoicist @Hurricane Drunk @TwistedInnocence @slaybellz @OspreyQueen)
    Low: 5x6 (@citoig @Laurence @VitaminBee @maikos87 @Aester @DJHazey) 5.5x3 (@Serg. @Dangerous Maknae @2014) 5.75x1 (@Milotic) 6x6 (@Sail On @superultra @Endothelium @Ana Raquel @Holly Something @dylanaber) 6.25x1 (@andrewdarwitan) 6.5x1 (@Mirwais Ahmadzaï)
    Total Points: 569.75
    My Score: 9.5/10

    The fact that this song recieved two 11s really speaks to the underrated masterpiece that it is. Today we say goodbye to Yours Truly's 'You'll Never Know', leaving only four tracks remaining on the debut team. Two singles, two album tracks. I'm so torn with this elimination. On one hand, I'm thrilled that it lasted until the top 40 and was awarded two scores over 10, but I'm also sad it didn't hang on longer. Mostly I'm sad that it didn't outlast 'Piano', which just doesn't meet the brilliance of this one (or several other fallen tracks) for me. 'You'll Never Know' is a delightful slice of bubbly pop/R&B in which Ariana puts a boy in his place for only speaking up about his feelings once she was in a relationship with another guy. Special fun fact! Ariana originally wanted this to be a girl power duet with Demi Lovato. Thoughts?

    I'm thrilled that this got the appreciation it deserves as one of the strongest Yours Truly tracks and I truly regret not giving it the extra half a point, though that wouldn't have made a difference in it's placement. There's just something so addictive to this song. Every single time I listen to it it'll be in my head for the next three days, and that's an actual fact. It's possibly the albums catchiest moment for me. I adore how bubbly and sugary it is despite it's subject matter. I feel like that represents how happy Ariana is in her relationship that this boy is trying to get in between. So let's talk about musical aspects first. I don't even know how to describe it honestly. There's such a groove to the production elements, it's just so fun! The main musical hook that the instrumentation is based around is a damn earworm and I love how many different ways it's incorperated into the song. The production just sounds so bright and joyful. It's really good. Perhaps one of the strongest on the album. I'm so annoyed that I lack the vocabulary to probably talk about it! I can't stop myself from smiling while listening to it.

    A major shout out to the vocals and melodies as well. Like I said, I find myself singing this for days after I listen to it because those vocal lines are EVERYTHING! The flow is so bouncy and youthful. The way the bridge slows down and sounds more smooth and builds is just gorgeous as well. And Ariana's vocals!?!?! This song sits in such a lovely place in her range. There is such a sweetness to her delivery. She sounds like sugar. I love the moments where she lets the airiness into her voice, especially in the second to last line of the pre-chorus. She sounds so angelic! The background vocals are really fun as well and really add something to the chorus especially. God, and her little riffs and runs on this one are so smooth and lovely. A truly masterful performance for a debut album!

    'You'll Never Know' is also one of the strongest and most interesting lyrical moments on Yours Truly. In the song Ariana is being really honest with a boy who has confessed his feelings to her. She tells him that she had feelings for him too, but he never said anything or made a move. So now she's happy with another guy and she's annoyed that he's chosen now to share how he feels. She's completely blunt with him, saying that he should have manned up and that there isn't anything he can do and to "wipe that look off his face." It really is a girl power moment and a great example of her standing up and telling him how it is. Like, what does the boy think he's going to get out of telling her how he feels now? Does he expect her to break up with her boyfriend for him? Ariana is clear that she has no intention of doing that and if he really wanted her, he should have said something before because she is too good to wait around for some guy. I just really love the lyrics to this and the story they tell. And I really love how the bright production and melody contrast against the lowkey "fuck you" lyrics. A true gem!

    So what do you guys think? Like many people in 2013, @daninternational (7.5) mentions Mariah: "I can see why there were so many comparisons with Mariah... she's like Mariah on speed here." Okay, even I, who doesn't have a vast knowledge of Mariah's discography, has to agree with this. I can definitely hear the influences on this one. @Milotic (5.75) will probably be pleased to see this go: "I don't actively dislike this, but it kind of fades into the background compared to the rest." I must respectfully disagree because this stands out to me for sure! @Cutlery (7.5) has an interesting take: "Easy to write off as "unimportant" in the larger scheme of things, but for me I live for the bubbliness of the instrumental and how Ari demands some answers right now. Somehow it's not far off from the atrocious bonus tracks that plagued a couple of her later albums, but unlike those, here the execution is pretty good." I never really thought about it comparing to any of her bonus tracks but I think I hear what you mean? Except that this is excellent while some of those were mediocre.

    I love that @pop3blow2 (8.25) references one of the two Yours Truly album tracks left: "The album settles into a decent groove after Piano." What? Many album highlighst fall before 'Piano'??? No! @TwistedInnocence (9) got a good reminder: "The Sweetener Tour reminded me how good this song was!" I still love that she had the taste to perform this then! @chrismoyer (9) displays good taste: "One of the best, and catchiest classics from YT! When she performed this at SWT, I lost my shit. It’s just such a fun, bouncy track." God, it really is so catchy! @RMK (9) declares: "Best song on the album. You feel bad for whoever she's singing about while respecting that she's standing her ground." It's definitely an album highlight and deserved full marks from me. As usual, @Crisp X (10) makes references to other music: "Love the production on this one, especially on the final chorus which goes all out with horns! I also like how much it recalls Toni Braxton's 00's work, like it would sound perfect on Libra, next to "Sposed To Be" for example." The production really is fantastic, isn't it? @Music Is Life (10) thinks this had single potential: "
    A FUCKING BOP! This goes off honestly, I swear to God if it gets done wrong here, I’m gonna be pissed. That chorus alone is just perfection. But the verses are amazing as well. Just a randomly amazing deep-cut that in my opinion, should’ve been a single. You have no soul if you don’t wanna dance to this. I love the guitar in the production." You know what? This would have made a great single, you're right! It deserves to be more remembered than it is!

    Only one of our 11 givers had something to say, so to end the post, let's hear from @RUNAWAY (11): "Fuck it, I’ve been going back and forth with it, but I can’t deny it. This song is my 11, and giving it to Why Try last go-round was just...not right. I still love that song with all my heart, but I have to FOLLOW my heart this time. Just those opening 3 notes are enough to make me lose it. This song is the ultimate kiss-off, and I love how much she loves it, as she continues to play a 7 year old album track on tour. I have nothing but adoration for this song, this whole album honestly, but this song came out at a very challenging time in my young adulthood, so being able to turn to it to forget about all the shitty boys in my life really helped." Awww, I am so glad you followed your heart because this song deserved your extra point! Thank you for this fantastic commentary (and for all of your commentary honestly)!

    Thank you all for reading if you did! 'You'll Never Know' deserves your attention. I'm sorry to those who lost their 11 today. Tune in tomorrow when we eliminate one of the remaining My Everything tracks. But which one? I love you, stay safe and have a fantastic day!! I'm off to do boring house chores!


    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I can't believe I had just turned TWENTY FOUR when this song came out.....that's like....a completely different version of me. The shitty boys part is still true though....

    But honestly, WHAT A SONG. Those EIGHTEEN low scorers will just never understand, and that's their loss. I'm overjoyed that it made it this far. Thanks for giving it such a lovely tribute @savilizabeths~
  19. A true early years highlight this. A type of song I wish she would do more of too now as well.
  20. I'm surprised you aren't s Mariah stan, since you love Yours Truly so much.
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