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☁️Imagine A Rate Like That☁️ - The Ariana Grande Rate: a double winner makes it a hat-trick!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by savilizabeths, Jan 27, 2020.


What's your favourite Ariana Grande album?

  1. Yours Truly

  2. My Everything

  3. Dangerous Woman

  4. Sweetener

  5. thank u, next

  6. positions

  1. Break Your Heart Right Back, still has it. Loved it then and still do so now, one of the best from My Everything.
  2. All this R&Bphobia is so upsetting.
  3. Every time I get notified that I've been mentioned in this thread, I'm terrified that my 11 has been eliminated. Thankfully, that hasn't happened yet.
  4. I didn't get into Ariana until the My Everything era, and this album track was an early favorite. Expert sampling.
  5. Do people really think Break Free is worthy of still being here lmao
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  6. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

  7. Ahh yes, Problem made me listen to what she had to say and Break Free had me write it down and call it the bible.
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  8. That sample in Break Your Heart Right Back is delicious.
  9. Apologies for the absence yesterday. I had to take Dani to the doctors for tonsilitis and the wait was hours long. I saved someone from losing their eleven for one day more.

    That's right, an 11 falls today.
  10. It truly is!
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  11. To the person losing their 11, you survive one more day. I had back to back things come up. I’ve been completely booked all day but I’ll be updating the rest of the week! Sorry for the hold up!
  12. I am hoping to get a result out later tonight my time. I've been to doctors two days in a row and also had to work very hard on something I'm actually getting paid for which is awesome seeing as I don't have a job. That work will be over by tonight so hopefully I have the energy to commit to finishing the write up. Thank you all for your patience!

    Anyone think it's their 11 that will fall?
  13. To be honest I'm mainly enjoying this thread for the life updates, so keep them coming.
    Ariana we can deal with whenever :)
  14. Oh my god I actually laughed out loud at this. I'm glad my mess is somewhat entertaining. Here, have a few more updates.

    - I got my meds changed yesterday and I'm hopeful that my mental health is going to start to improve soon.
    - My sister and I are getting paid to make a couple of videos to cheer people up for some sort of mental health awareness project. We filmed a blindfoded makeup challenge and a ridiculous (and very fun) comedy video which we titled Ten Ways to Cheer Yourself Up During COVID. A lot of work but it's been a lot of fun.
    - There's a possibility that we might get to meet Jacinda Arden, which my sister is especially excited about because she is incredibly inspired by her.
    - I had my second thr**some the day after my birthday and it was incredibly eventful and a lot of fun. Apparently this is my year of sluttiness, which is perfect considering this rate!
    - I will be back tomorrow unless something else major comes up, but I doubt it will.

  15. Q u e e n !
  16. Dear the person losing their 11, your time has come...



    ☁️ PIANO

    Average: 7.821

    But I rather make a song they can play on the radio
    That makes you wanna dance, don't it make you wanna dance?
    But I rather make a song they can play on the radio
    That makes you wanna grab your lover's hand

    High: 11x1 (@boombazookajoe) 10x13 (@dylanaber @GimmeWork @WhatKindOfKylie? @pop3blow2 @BreatheBox @happiestgirl @Espeon @livefrommelbs @Sanctuary @Vixen @Petty Mayonnaise @sapnu puas @Music Is Life) 9.5x2 (@Hurricane Drunk @junkos)
    Low: 4x2 (@maikos87 @Wired Life) 5x5 (@Dijah. @Serg. @Milotic @elektroxx @Cutlery) 5.5x2 (@ysev @Sail On) 6x6 (@DJHazey @RMK @lemonsqueezyy @superultra @Mirwais Ahmadzaï @OspreyQueen)
    Total Points: 571.5
    My Score: 7.5/10

    Yours Truly gets knocked down once again as today we eliminate 'Piano', which has surprised me by being a fan favourite album track here. Why is this surprising to me? Because this is one of the songs on this album that I just don't return to that often. Yes, I am aware that 7.5 is a low score for somebody who sings Yours Truly's praises but I just don't know. Like the previous elimination, I can't really explain to you what about this doesn't click. Honestly, I like this one better than 'Break Your Heart Right Back' and would switch their scores if I could. But it still doesn't have the same place in my heart that most of the songs from her debut do.

    Despite my reservations, this song is so goddamn fun. I may not listen to it much but when I do my mood instantly lifts. How can you not smile while listening to this? You'll see in the commentary that several people pointed out how much this feels like a song she might have sung on Victorious and that's absolutely true. At least she would have sung something like this if they ever let her sing. Ariana's voice was wasted on only TWO DUETS and a few lines in other songs! Like, I know we've got to make Victoria Justice feel like she's the most talented in the cast since she's the main character and all but...a Waste! Anyway, yeah. It's a very Disney/Nickelodeon type bop. Bouncy, piano led, sweet lyrics, easy to sing along to. It's one of those songs on the debut that feels the most like it would fit on the same album as 'Put Your Hearts Up'. I mean, that's an exaggeration but do you get what I mean? I like that the title makes you feel like you're about to get an emotional piano ballad but the second you hit play you are greeted to a bright piano chord and some cheerful male 'ohh's'. I love!

    I suppose we'll start with the production, which is honestly pretty simple. That's a part of it's charm. The entire thing is built around a few key elements. Piano loop, head claps and low beats. The main piano melody is catchy and cute as fuck. I love how uplifting it sounds. I have a fun memory of listening to this in my best friends bedroom (she's moved back to the states now, I miss her a lot) and her getting really excited, running over to her piano and playing along with it. It's infectious, as is the song in general. The handclaps are constant and make you want to clap along with it. I really enjoying some of the smaller elements in the mix too, particularly that funky sound that pans from earphone to earphone in places. I don't know how to describe it but it's really cool. What even is there to say besides it's just a fun ride? The bridge is lovely. It pulls most things away, leaving us with that thumping beat building back to the chorus.

    And god, Ariana sounds lovely! There is such a bright and youthful tone to her performance on this song and I love it! She is giving her all to this little number and I am once again crying at how much her vocals were wasted on Victorious. Imagine the power Cat could have had! Tragedy. Anyway. There are so many gorgeous little vocal moments that I love. Little runs and adlibs that make me smile whenever I hear them. Her soft falsetto adlibs in the final chorus, her "it's not hard" run in the second verse, the enterity of the bridge! A Radio Disney icon!
    The lyrics are adorable as well. Ariana sings about how she could write a song about her pain and heartbreak but she would rather write something that would make people happy! A truly sweet message, isn't it? Using your music to bring other people joy is such a special thing that any artist can do. And I think this song achieves what it sets out to. It does make me want to dance and grab my lovers hand, which I did just now randomly in Starbucks. She kissed it. It was sweet. And gay.

    I really don't know what else to say. I can't find anything negative at all to say and am now ashamed that my score is so low. It was purely based on gut feelings but...I don't know what I was thinking and am sorry to all of those who are disappointed in me. So enough about me, let's hear from you!

    The song did not work out for @Milotic (5): "Meh. This doesn't make me want to dance or grab my lover's hand. Sorry, Ari. That said, it isn't atrocious." I...how???? How do you not want to bop along to this? @Cutlery (5) is only saying postiive things as far as I'm concerned: "This shit is SO theater kid, like, you can practically hear Cat Valentine ha red extensions breathing through the track." And??? Haha. I literally loved Cat so much that I dyed my hair bright fucking red. An Ariel inspired icon she was! @RUNAWAY (7.5) makes me laugh out loud: "Mozart found ROTTING. This bop still is soooooo good." Facts! @Holly Something (8.5) keeps it simple: "A bop!" Undoubtably. @Crisp X (8) gets it: "Not me suddenly realizing this sounds totally right out of Victorious dd. I can imagine her belting it out with Leon as the latter pretends to play the piano." I picture it happening at one of the night time outdoor parties their school had where Tori and Andre performed. Just replace Tori with Cat and we're golden.

    Some other artists with the same title get shout outs. @daninternational (9) says: "Songs about Piano are always great (see also: Nicki Minaj, Kiesza)." I'm going to admit I've only heard one of these. Speaking of the one I haven't heard, @fatyoshi (9) says: "Not my favorite song with this title from a pop artist (Stream Kiesza's Piano today) but it's a close second." Guess I'll be looking this song up! I think @chrismoyer (9) will be happy with how far this got: "An absolute god damn bop! Catchy as hell and a classic! It's way too underrated, so nostalgic and is pure old Ari." Well, it's one of the highest rated debut album songs here, so yay it! Someone else who made me laugh? @GimmeWork (10): "I adult bop to this kidz bop all the time. No Shame." As we all should, especially me since I haven't appreciated this enough. @pop3blow2 (10) reveals something I didn't know about him: "This was always fave on this album. It’s just a wonderfully innocent, effortless sounding great little pop song. Could’ve been a 1960’s ‘Brill Building’ kinda pop hit. Look, maybe because I’m a pianist this song totally panders to my soul, too, but I don’t care." You're a pianist? I love that!!!!

    And finally, poor @boombazookajoe (11) loses his eleven: "Of all the songs in the world that make me want to stomp down the street like a fagguette who is going to take over the world, it’s this. I know not a single soul will give Piano their 11 but me, but I don’t care. I’ve been read for it for years, but no Ari song makes me feel better." I absolutely love that you love this so much. Every song deserves it's love and 'Piano' getting an 11 is such a fun surprise for this rate. I like more unexpected songs getting the extra point, it makes a rate more interesting. Your commentary made me smile, thank you!

    I hate to tell you that this is the point where the 11s start dropping like flies. Tomorrow someone else loses theirs and it's a song that I feel very deeply in my soul. It also means we're giving the earlier albums a momentary break. Any guesses? Thank you for your patience while I was a little busier than usual this week. This time it wasn't even my mental health holding me back. Also thank you to anyone liking my update posts. My life has been crazy this year and I'm enjoying sharing that with all of you. Even if some of it is a little NSFW, hehe. I love you all and stay safe!!

  17. Poor Piano! Ok, this is still a great peak for it, but still would have liked it to have gone on further.
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  18. Imagine thinking any song was ever going to overtake Freak the Freak Out from Victorious era. Couldn't be me.
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  19. It's crazy how so many average songs on thank u, next are cruising into the Top 30 at the expense of her earlier tracks, whether I'm a fan of all of them or not. The receny bias really jumped out in yet another rate.
  20. Goodbye Piano. We hardly knew yee. :’(

    Thanks for the lovely write up though!!!
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